Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail

Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail

The 7 Gallon Odor-Free Diaper Pail is the most eco-friendly and best diaper pail on the market today. Made from recycled plastic, this line of diaper pails is ever growing in popularity with enviro-friendly mommies, daddies and babies everywhere! It is the only diaper pail on the market specifically designed to hold cloth diapers, because of it’s wide opening, durable lid that is secured by two side handles, and odor-free carbon filters, which eliminate odors.

Main features

  • Only pail specifically designed for cloth diapers
  • Carbon filter lets air in and keeps odors from escaping
  • Strong clamp closure. Made from recycled plastic and recyclable!
  • Dimensions: 11.38″L x 11.38″W x 14.25″H
  • Teddy Bear filter cage holds carbon filter and screws together through hole in the lid

Verified reviews


Nice Diaper Pail

My daughter registered for this diaper pail and it looks good and sturdy. I’m sure she will find it very convenient to use.

Teri Frankfort, IL

Best cloth diaper pail option

We have seen a drastic decrease in cloth diaper smells in the nursery after switching to this pail. Another review noted that when you open the pail it stinks a lot, and ours does too, but I think that’s simply because you have a lot of icky diapers in it. We’ve tried theRockin Green Shake it Up! Pail Freshener – Rage Against the Raspberriesin the Natural Baby scent, but haven’t noticed much of a difference when we open the pail.All in all, it keeps the smells in the pail. I’ve set it outside to air out a few times in between uses.We use it with the PlanetWise wet bags.Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner (Avocado)I think these work wonderfully together. We can get about 2 days worth of diapers in the pail.After trying the normal closed trash can option, this by far is our favorite choice for diaper pails.Also, we love the handle the clasps on so that our pets can’t go searching in the pail.Enjoy!

Chasity Sanborn, NY

Does the job

A diaper pail is the least glamorous item in a nursery, and one of the most necessary. I wanted to minimize the potential odor, and didn’t want to use a hanging wet bag. I have been mostly satisfied with this diaper pail. I use the Planet Wise pail liners, and manage to wash diapers every third day. In hindsight, I’m not crazy about the lid – it’s a pain to leave it on all the time and then have to bend down to take it off to throw in a dirty diaper. So we just leave it off; a pedal to open and close the lid would have been nice. Given that the pail’s selling point is the charcoal filter in the lid, I think I spent too much on this pail, but perhaps when my son has started solids and the diapers stink more I’ll use the lid.

Zelma Zapata, TX

VERY Small!

I was so excited to find a pail specifically for cloth diapers that I eagerly awaited it’s arrival and as soon as I opened the box my heart sunk I was so disappointed and wanted to return it. The bin is so small and I felt not at all worth the price. However, after realizing the $12 shipping cost to me would come out of my pocket, as well as the cost to send it back, it felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place-either pay $25 to return a $38 bucket or just keep it, so it’s now sitting in it’s box in a corner of the nursery.I looked for cloth diaper pails everythwere (online, that is) and couldn’t find another that was larger and sepcifically for cloth diapers. I would recommend someone get a simple plastic bin and stick the air fresheners/filters onto the inside of the lid, it would save significant $$ and I wish I had thought to do that instead.Currently, I have a nice big one from the gal who owns the diaper service we use (I didn’t realize she was providing a pail when we ordered this one) I asked where she got it and how much it costs. Found out it comes from Canada and she can get one for about $40. I’m not sure of the brand or how she orders them but if I find out I’ll add it to this review

Denise Beech Grove, IN

Very Effective Smell Containment with the right accessories

I bought this pail with the diaper rental service I was using. I was able to store 80OsoCozy Better Fit Unbleached Prefolds (Infant 4x8x4 Fits 6-16 lbs.) – Dozenin this container. Now that I wash my own diapers, I use considerably fewer and just wash every few days. Size-wise, this is a solid choice. To contain the smell I use bothCitrus Circles Diaper Pail Deodorizing Disks(makes smell tolerable when you lift the lid) andOdorless Cloth Diaper Pail Filters – 4 pack(allows the air to circulate out of the pail, without smelling up the whole room). The lid of this container has a compartment for each.The con? The lid has to be lifted with your hand-a pedal would be nice. But, as it is, maybe that is one less spring or feature to break. The lid is pretty heavy for that type of pail design.

Young Gardendale, AL

Ehh . . .

The lid on ours at least is nearly impossible to get closed (i.e., to get the locking handles to lock in place). The whole thing is also smaller than I expected, but the three stars are really for the difficult lid. Not a deal breaker, but I cannot love the product when I dread having to fight with it.

Jackie Millersburg, IA

A little bit pricey and it sure does it’s job. Traps odor and 14 gallon pail is roomy.

This diaper pail is excellent. Not so aesthetically pleasing but it’s sturdy and sure traps off odor. It does not have push down foot pedal that opens the lid for you… but this diaper pail really works. Odor is so trap inside, when you open it you’ll really smell the baby’s pee. I guess you can use Munchkin Arm and Hammer diaper pail deodorizer to get rid of the smell. I haven’t tried it but I will maybe have to. For the poopy diapers, I spray off the poops first and hang them dry before putting them in the pail. Don’t want my pail too wet inside. This diaper pail is big enough. I can get by not washing my diapers for maybe 3 to 4 days. It’s excellent. I also bought a liner for it. I bought the Planet Wise diaper pail liner. I like it too. They work fantastic together. Fits perfectly. I haven’t had any issue at all. Pail is not very cheap but I think it’s a good buy. I was first thinking of just buying cheap ones but if I don’t, baby’s diapers will get smellier and smellier as he gets older eating solid food. Don’t want smelly nursery room. I’m satisfied.

Marietta Magnolia, DE

Does the job…

Okay, let me just say that this pail does the job. I have a two month old in cloth diapers that goes through about 10 diapers a day, and this pail holds them with no leaking smells. That’s why I bought the pail, and for that it is successful.Now to the negatives. This pail is smaller than I expected, although I should have thought about that when I read 7 gallon. I’m not sure how full it will be for people with more than one child in diapers… you may want to consider a larger pail. The metal closures are great – they’re strong and will last forever, however, they are a pain in the butt to open and close all the time so I generally just put the top back on the pail and call it good since I’ll be opening it again in a couple hours. My husband is a little bit better about closing the metal thingies than I am, but baby poop bothers him a little more than it does me anyways. And if you want to transport this little pail from room to room (we use it downstairs during the day and upstairs at night), there’s really no easy way to carry it.Overall, I like it enough that it will get 4 stars, and we will continue to use it without looking for a replacement, at least until we decide to have baby #2.

Ora Fanrock, WV

Best container for dirty cloth diapers

Prior to purchasing this pail we had been using a large wet bag to put soiled diapers (for twins) in and washing daily. It seemed to be working until we noticed that the bag, after a few washes, wasn’t containing all of the liquid from the diapers. It also did not contain the odor AT ALL. That lead me on a google search and to finding this pail. At the recommendation of other reviewers I also purchased theCitrus Circles Diaper Pail Deodorizing Disksand theCarbon Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail Filters – 4 Packand a month later we are still going strong with all odors contained. We had initially avoided getting a diaper pail, as a lot of people use a wet method with pails that involve filling the pail with water (which presents a danger to children if they get into the pail). We don’t actually fill this pail with water, we just rinse the soiled diapers and then put completely soaked diapers/wipes inside this pail, and still- no odor! This Pail holds one days worth of soiled diapers and wipes for my twins. At the end of each day we empty the bin and rinse the inside with mild soap and water.

Casey Troy, SC

Great pail for cloth diapers!

We used this pail with a diaper pail liner & it worked great! Trapped the stinkies in it & held a lot of diapers!

Rosalinda Windthorst, TX

Works great

Seems to work great. It is more than large enough for my twin babies. They are 15 weeks old and we don’t go through nearly enough cloth diapers to fill this sucker, even after two days. I wish they could make this with a flip lid and a step-thing, though. My only complaint is that it can be hard to open and close while simultaneously holding a squirmy baby on the changing table and fending off the family dog who loves the smell of a dirty diaper (and will run away with one if given half a chance). On that note, another positive of this can is that it is tall enough that our waist-high dog can’t get in to steal diapers out, even though we rarely lock down the lid.

Shelly Waldorf, MD

Great product

Bought this diaper pail 4 months ago for the birth of my daughter, as we were planning to cloth diaper. It holds the perfect amount of dirty diapers – almost to full by the time I need to do a load. It keeps in the smell very well; there is no odor in my daughter’s room from dirty diapers. The latches work well, but I find that I hardly ever secure them in place and the pail still keeps in the smell just fine. It will be nice to use the latches though when my daughter is older and more mobile. I would buy this again and would recommend it to anyone.

Jodie Midland, SD

Does its job

This in fact does do its job. Little one is breastfed, no solids or formula, so her poop doesn’t smell much anyway. Good size even though it looks small, and just works fine.

Belinda Darwin, CA

may cover the mess, but makes diapers stink to high heaven

I thought the carbon filtered air hole would allow air to circulate in this bin but it doesn’t. Having cloth diapers in a closed container for 2 days causes a potent foul stench that the recommended orange discs cannot conceal. Wish I hadn’t spent so much on this.

Susanne Turpin, OK

best pail so far

I have tried all kinds of pails and trash cans and this one is the best. At first I was a little wary because even though the lid latches it didn’t seem like it was sealing all the way. However, it has passed the smell test! My daughter’s room no longer smells like ammonia cloth diapers. I like that the lid latches tightly so I never have to worry about a curious baby dumping soiled diapers on the floor!

Roberta Victor, NY


This pail has been perfect for our cloth diapers. It holds about 2 days worth of diapers for our son and there hasn’t been any odor at all. We don’t ever lock it and it still doesn’t make the room smell.

Natalie Gladeville, TN

gets the job done

Honestly, I think a bucket with lid would work just as well, but if you can afford to spring for it, this is easier to open and close and won’t get confused with any other buckets you might have lying around. 🙂

Shelia Bryant, IA

Shorter than Expected but Great

I was surprised when I received this pail. It’s a lot shorter than I expected it to be. In comparison to a Diaper Genie in height, it is shorter. It works well and never smell the diapers when it is closed. The only thing about it is that you have to use both hand to open it and throw the diaper in. The planet wise diaper liners fit perfectly into this pail!

Keisha Gentryville, IN

Works great for me

We use cloth diapers and this pail has served us well… I use a planetwise pail liner that fits it perfectly..but need to get another one for when the other one is being washed.i recommend it..keeps smell at bay

Vickie Ariel, WA

Works great!

I use this with a wet bag and it does exactly what the description promises. I can’t smell the diapers until I remove the lid.

Lori Sewickley, PA

Glorified Bucket

The only advantage to this pail is that it has a charcoal deodorizer in it that works pretty good. Other than that it is a glorified bucket.

Florence Glenbrook, NV

Great for Cloth Diapers

First time mom expecting twins and using cloth diapers. I needed a large pail made from non-caustic material, wouldn’t retain orders as plastic often does, heavy enough to hold up to tail wagging of large dogs or the occasional bump into. I did my research and this brand and size fit my needs with a bonus lid lock. After many empty years and Invetro we are expecting twins, one girl and one boy, so my standard requirements for baby items is pretty high. We plan to purchase a second pail exactly like this one.

Jaclyn Hooversville, PA

Great Product

I use cloth diapers, which my husband was nervous about due to the smells, but this pail with liners has been wonderful at keeping any diaper smell away.

Corinne Blanket, TX

Perfect pail!

The perfect pail for cloth diapers!! Great odor control! I was a little surprised by how small it was when I got it considering how pricey it is, but it is well worth the money! And the size ends up working out perfectly because by the time it is full I am all out of diapers and ready to do laundry (I do diapers every other day). I would recommend this pail to anyone using cloth diapers!

Eileen Brigantine, NJ

Works great for clothe diapers especially if you wash the diapers …

Works great for clothe diapers especially if you wash the diapers every other day and some detergent and water in there after rinsing out the diaper when they poo!

Maritza Monroe City, IN

REALLY Nice Sturdy Pail… only one downfall

Well this is a quality pail that will work perfect for our needs. We have not decided yet whether to use wet or dry pail method and this will work perfect for both.The only reason I didn’t give it a five star review is the same reason a lot of others have complained… the handles to open are REALLY tight – to the point the metal handles when closed are rubbing and wearing down the tough plastic lid! I wish the same seal and quality was achievable with an easier to open handle!If we do a dry pail I purchased a planet-wise liner (I thought by reading measurements it would be WAY too big for pail) and it fits surprisingly perfect in the pail. And if we choose to do a wet pail method this really seems sturdy enough and leak proof- I also like that it is not too big… A lot of people have complained that it is too small but I couldn’t imagine wanting to fit more than 2 days worth of diapers before washing, especially if you do a wet pail – I can’t imagine wanting something too big because it would get heavy!All in all I am willing to overlook that it is tough to open for perfect size and quality!

Nora Union, NJ

So far so good

I love this pail so far. I never need to lock it… yet, but the carbon filtering and the size are perfect for my PlanetWise Diaper bag, cloth wipes, and AMP cloth diapers. I only have 12 cloth diapers and do laundry at least every other day. This pail is plenty big for me. Would hold twice as much as I put in it. The lid is convenient to take off and on. I don’t recommend locking it unless you have little ones digging through everything.

Ester North Royalton, OH