Odorless Diaper Pail by Safety 1st

Odorless Diaper Pail by Safety 1st

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and too-frequent trips to the trash bin. This convenient diaper pail from Safety 1st seals in soiled diapers and their odors in a simple yet effective disposal system. When a diaper is dropped in the pail, it goes into a sealed chamber that stays sealed, even when you open the top to drop in the next diaper. When the chamber is full, just twist the lid to seal the bag for disposal. Deodorizing compartment has locking tabs. Uses standard 13-gal. tall kitchen garbage bags and holds 18-24 soiled diapers before liner bag needs changing. No. 41681. Made in USA.

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Purchase an inexpensive pail such as Safety 1st

Initially my husband and I decided not to purchase a diaper pail because we wondered what was the point, diapers stink and no matter how much money one spends on a diaper pail it’s going to emit odors and smell bad. Then, when we were changing diapers ten times a day we decided it would probably be easier to have one, especially for the middle of the night diaper changes. Several of my friends disapproved of the Diaper Genie and recommended we purchase an inexpensive diaper pail that uses regular garbage bags. We took that advice and selected the Safety 1st diaper pail and we are pleased with the product. Odor-Less – No. We empty it as needed, usually once a week, and realize it’s a diaper pail – just as our garbage pail in the Kitchen needs to be emptied daily someday so will the diaper pail. I place an aroma jell in the little basket which helps with the odor.

Kathryn Oak Harbor, WA

No complaints

I got this because it used regular trash bags and you don’t have to worry about a huge long twisted snaky thing unraveling when you take it to the trash. I’ve been using it almost a year. I do use those cheap Bowl Fresh toilet deodorizers instead of ordering the disks. I clip the hanger off and break it in half (while it’s still in the plastic) and add half or both, just depends. The deodorizers last about 1-2 months and it’s cheap! I empty it about every 3 days and spray it down w/ Lysol before adding another bag. Not had any stinky problems and this is in my hallway right by the familyroom. I do take it outside every month and give it a good cleaning w/ bleach and a garden hose.

Candice Raymond, IA

OKAY diaper pail

This is an OKAY diaper pail for the money. It doesn’t TOTALLY eliminate the smell and the bags are hard to change. I don’t even try any more to ‘twist’ the bag, I just take the lid off. It is very easy to open and I wonder about my son getting in it as he gets older. If this is all you can afford, it’s not that bad.

Iva Camden, MI


Excuse me,…but this product is so far from being odorless. At first, it was (maybe a little less than a month), odorless then after that,…there was nothing to get rid of the scent. I even bought some odor discs but they didn’t work either. The only convenient thing about this is that you can put whatever garbage bag you want in it and even then, the bag can hold many diapers.

Susanne Bridgewater, NY

Not the best choice

My husband and I picked out this diaper pail when I was pregnant with my son because friends told us to get one that uses regular garbage bags. That turned out to be the only perk of this diaper pail. The springs have been popping off since about the first month. My son is now 10 months old and recently one of the springs broke, which completely gets rid of the supposed "odor-free" feature (which I found wasn’t exactly true either). Now that we are expecting baby #2 I am going to have to buy another diaper pail to replace this one. My advice: Don’t waste your money. It’s just as efficient to throw your diapers in a regular trash can.

Kendra Leigh, NE

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Yes, my spring broke as well… but looking on the brighter side: when my son is old enough to walk he won’t be able to accidently press the spring button to release the pail cover… it’s kind of an unexpected safety feature! And yes, you can still open it with one hand… your fingers are not glued to one another. Really, diapers will stink no matter what pail you use…. The covered pail is cheap and doesn’t require buying refill bags (especially since we use cloth diapers).

Tia Goodell, IA

Cheap and it works

We have used this pail for 3 years, and 2 kids. The advantage is that this pail doesn’t require any special bags. We change out the bag twice a week. You save a lot of money if you get sheap bags at Dollar Tree or Big Lots (works out to about 10-cents a bag). It does get stinky sometimes, but all garbage pails do and every child has an extra stinky diaper occasionally. Roll with it and save money when and where you can.

Vilma Watertown, WI

it’s ok

I’ve been using this pail for 2 months with my breastfed baby. It contains all of the odor from his moderatly stinky diapers. It doesn’t work exactly like it’s supposed to, the blue dome is supposed to push the diaper into the pail but the diaper usually gets stuck and I have to push it through but that’s no big deal. When I’m changing the garbage bag the lid won’t stay open and it falls hitting my hands, it’s really annoying.

Clarice Georgetown, PA

Works well with adult briefs too

Purchased this unit to hold adult size large briefs and have been pleasantly surprised. Holds approximately 8 soiled briefs with virtually no smell emitted (except when adding more to pail). I wish it held more but I’m so happy to have something that helps with this "unmentionable" problem that I really am not concerned by the small-ish volume. I’m having trouble finding replacement deodorizer disks though and may have to use a stick-on unit or something when a new one is required.

Tamera Cason, TX

This is a great diaper pail

I really like this diaper pail. It helps with odor control, but is certainly not odorless. As if anything can disguise the odor of a poopy diaper. I think that a diaper pail is a must in the nursery. There are just too many diapers to not have one and an open garbage can or even a regular one is just too stinky. This one has a lid that closes nicely to shut out odors. It has a nice little compartment for odor disks to help manage odor. It can be a bit of a hassle to empty and reload, but it only needs changing about every two days and since it fits regular kitchen bags, it is worth the money. It isn’t very expensive to begin with.

Octavia Saint Rose, LA