Oh Katy One Size Pocket Diaper, Sage

Oh Katy One Size Pocket Diaper, Sage

Oh Katy one-size diapers are coveted for their trim fit, ease of use, and leak proof protection. Featuring a patented front-opening pocket design, ultra soft fleece, hip snaps for a sturdy fit on newborns and toddlers and gentle elastic to fit even the chubbiest thighs. No need for a waterproof bag, simply roll it up and use the crossover tabs to secure your neat bundle. Every Oh Katy diaper comes with two inserts: a full-size, adjustable insert and a newborn insert/doubler.

Main features

  • Patented front-opening pocket design
  • Infant side snaps to prevent wing-droop
  • Wrap and snap feature for clean storage
  • Ultra-soft microfiber fleece to keep baby feeling dry
  • Multiple inserts included

Verified reviews


*UPDATE* Diaper leaks after 6 months use

After 6 months of use I have decided to update my review of my Oh Katy diapers. I am very disappointed in these diapers. At first, they were great (see my original review below), but after a few month they started to leak. They leak every single time I use them. Like other reviewers, I have found I cannot use them for more than an hour or two at most without having a completely soaked baby. I have cared for these diapers perfectly, so I do not know why this is happening. Customer service was prompt in responding, but none of their suggestions worked for us. These are now the very last diapers I reach for. They are still lovely colors, but not absorbent enough for my nearly 8 month old.I have tried lots of different cloth diapers: BGs, Grovia, Bummis, AMP and Thirsties to name a few. These are my favorite pocket diapers.Pros:1. Fit – These diapers have several different options for fitting different sized babies. DD has skinny thighs and many other OS diapers did not fit her even at 10 lbs because thighs were too loose. The hip snaps on Oh Katy’s allow you to snug up the thighs for a skinny baby or not if you have a bigger baby. The elastic is snug, but not too tight and has never left red marks. There are also crossover snaps on the waist – another great feature for a skinny baby or newborn.2. Quality – Trumps the very popular Bum Genius in every respect. The waterproof outside shell is soft and flexible as is the fleece interior. I had no irregular stitching or snaps like I did on my BGs.3. Absorbent! – I have not had a leak in this diaper and this is the diaper I reach for when I know a big blowout is on the way. It is also my go to nighttime diaper when stuffed with the newborn insert/booster.4. Front pocket opening – this is one of my favorite features of this diaper. I hated pulling the inserts out of my BGs because if the diaper was poopy it would get on my hands (I sold those for this reason). Having the opening in the front makes it so much more pleasant to pull the inserts out.5. Lovely colors!Cons:1. No aplix option. I like snaps because they don’t wear out like velcro does and toddlers have a harder time ripping it off, but it can be difficult to get snaps on a wriggly baby. I like having a combo of diapers with aplix and snaps so these would never make up my whole stash.2. Although they are not the bulkiest diaper I have tried, they are not the trimmest either, especially when both inserts are used. Most OS diapers are bulky on smaller babies and these are no different. It is not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.

Yvonne Crane Lake, MN

Just okay, Katy

I have tried fuzzibunz, Charlie banana, bum genius, and now oh katy’s. I love the colors you can choose from with oh katy’s, but a pretty color can only take you so far. The inserts are nice and super soft, but the diaper itself seems very thin to me and I have had a leak almost every time my son wears it. Bum genius are far better when it comes to quality and leak control!

Debra Cascadia, OR

Fresh from the dryer? I grab Oh Katy’s!

Every good detail mentioned in other reviews is true. I researched OS pockets for a long time before deciding on Oh Katy’s. I’m absolutely pleased with my purchase. I’m fairly new to cloth diapering, and wanted something that really knocked my socks off and gave me a reason to switch from ‘easy’ disposables. I love love love these dipes. They are ultra soft, every detail seems the highest quality, down to the label on the inserts (which I love, so they don’t get confused with other brands when I’m stuffing pockets). The drying time is quick compared to some others. The inserts are velvety soft and thicker feeling than BG’s. Love that the inserts lay FLAT instead of bunching up, and they are very easy to stuff. You won’t be sorry with the value of the Oh Katy for the price.UPDATE:Still loving these diapers. I’ve learned a few more things about them along the way, I thought I would share:-They’re TPU instead of PUL waterproofing. The TPU process is much safer on factory workers creating the fabric, and it’s biodegradable.-Oh Katy’s are my nighttime cloth diaper solution. I stuff the pocket with the full-size Oh Katy insert, and then also with a newborn-sized Fuzzibunz microfiber insert (it seems just slightly thicker than the Oh Katy newborn insert). No nightime leaks yet for us with this method.-when doing laundry, the OhKaty’s lay so flat when stacked. I’m not usually picky, but my other pocket diapers fall all over the place when I try to stack them together. These are so trim, and the width of the crotch area makes it so easy to stuff these, compared to my other pocket diapers. I can’t tell you enough how nice it is that the insert lays flat and doesn’t bunch up. Great feature.-the rise is taller than that of Charlie Banana and fuzzibunz. I’m glad to know these will still fit when my 16 month-old is potty training. (I have tall boys)I started with this diaper, then built my stash around it. I’m feeling like I stumbled on a gem, and got lucky that the first brand I picked was a good one. Definitely worth the try 🙂

Carly Scotland, AR

No Katy

Gosh I am glad I only bought one! This diaper leaks something awful! I have used several pocket brands (Thirsties, Fuzzibunz, bumgenius, Rumparooz…) and these are the leakiest! The colors are beautiful and the fabric on the outside is soft. The fabric on the inside is also soft and the inserts are well made. This diaper would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that it is definitely leaky. And it doesn’t leak from the back or legs like some other diapers do. It leaks all over! Its almost like the waterproof layer isn’t there! I can feel it when I stuff the diaper but for whatever reason it doesn’t work! I thought that maybe the other reviewers just maybe needed to strip their diapers or maybe had it fitted wrong, but mine was leaking the very first time I used it. I experimented with it several times to be sure that I was using it correctly, and it leaks no matter what I do. I’m not buying anymore Oh Katys. I am so disappointed because I love the colors and the soft shiny fabric. Oh well. If you want a great, high quality pocket diaper try Rumparooz instead.

Jenifer Clements, CA

great quality + no leaks = 5 stars!

I have 3 of these diapers and the quality is outstanding compared to other mainstream pocket diapers. The waterproof outer somehow feels more soft and silky than Bum Genius, Rumparooz, Fuzzibunz, etc. They also size down really small and I can see how they would fit a newborn. I don’t use microfiber but these microfiber inserts are thick and plush. The pocket opening is in the front, so that takes a little bit of getting used to, but they are easy to stuff. Usually with poopy diapers I use the front part of the diaper to wipe the bulk off baby’s bum, but I can’t do that with these because I don’t want to get the pocket opening dirty. Not really a fault of the diaper, I just need to change my technique with these. 🙂 And best of all, they are extremely reliable- I have never had a leak! Great product!

Justina Hoopa, CA

First-Rate Diaper (and cute too)

These are definitely one of our top choices of all the brands in our stash. They are quite trim, and the elastic is gentle on my DD’s thighs without being too tight and leaving marks. I love all the color choices. The fit is great – my 2.5 year old is very comfortable in the biggest setting, and they fit her when she was smaller too. I haven’t tried these on a newborn yet, but they snap down to be VERY small so I have no doubt they will fit on smaller babies than most one-size diapers.The one thing I’m not crazy about is the front opening. I wish they had a back pocket option too. But it’s not a big deal. These are very dependable and very cute, and the price is good too. I love recommending these to everyone!

Jolene Oakland, NJ

Wonderful pocket diaper

We began cloth diapering for our son at 6 months and we tried almost every brand of pocket diaper to start: Oh Katy, BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Charlie Banana, Blueberry, and Happy Heiney. I’ll focus on the Oh Katy for this review -These are front loading pocket diapers with a micro fleece lining and 2 microfiber inserts, the rise sizing is done by snaps on the outside of the diaper. I liked this diaper alot and it ranked right up there with all of the other brands we tried. I will, however, say that we ended up liking the diapers with internal elastic sizing better than the ones with snaps on the outside as our baby is at that stage where you have about 4 seconds of him on his back before he flips over and if you pull up on the snap diapers too fast they come undone.The waist snaps on these are nice if you’re starting with a teeny tiny baby since they allow you to overlap the waist circumference.For full disclosure we did have one leak in these diapers – but it was most likely user error as it was just the once and we’ve had zero issues since.The only mildly negative comment I have is only about the fact that they’re front loading pockets and if you have a boy that’s where 90% of the wetness is so I think they might be better for girls so you’re not sticking your hand into a soaking wet pad every time you pull them out. Otherwise the diapers themselves have held everything my heavy wetter belly sleeper has put them through and Oh Katy definitely has the most beautiful color options (and isn’t that part of the fun?)

Vickie Kaunakakai, HI

*UPDATE* Diaper leaks after 3 months

*UPDATE* 3 of them have leaked so far; this is a new development this week. One was damp all over in the morning after using it overnight. So we decided not to use them overnight anymore. But 2 have leaked during the day at the legs. This just started happening this week. Changing my review from a 5 to a 2; I have to buy 7 more diapers in another brand to replace these now.I ordered just one of these when the price dipped on one of the colors here on Amazon. I wasn’t sure about it because of the mixed reviews. The fit is better than my BGs and FB on my long and thin baby (13 lbs, 25+ inches). I could see these diapers fitting a newborn really well because the newborn insert is smaller than other brands and the diaper has more adjustments (though I don’t know from personal experience because we just got this diaper a week ago). The snaps give a really nice fit and they seem better quality than the other diapers we have. I’m finding with many cloth diapers that the crotch is way too wide and my baby gets uncomfortable, and this diaper is the narrowest and best fitting on my baby. This month there is a promo so I ordered 6 more for an amazing price. Hopefully, I won’t have the leaking or absorption issues later that other reviewers have complained about.

Tamara West Stockholm, NY

nice if you like pocket diapers

I was trying to find a diaper my husband could easily use, but found this one a little difficult for me to use…didn’t even ask Dad to try. I love the idea that they can fold up and snap to contain mess just like I used to do with disposables. I expected them to be easier to use.

Alyson Railroad, PA

Smaller than Other Brands

I like that it is smaller, because I have smaller children. If you tend to have larger children, taller children, or chunky monkeys, it will not last until potty training. The rise will become too short for you. Even though I have a very slender toddler, I do see her outgrowing it soon. It does not have a middle snap for the rise adjustment, which I wish it did. The difference between the middle and longest rise adjustment is also fairly large. It doesn’t seem to adjust in equal segments. The shell is thick, but also very flexible. Maybe that’s a quality of TPU instead of PUL? The lining inside is super soft and I wash my diapers everyday. It comes with 2 inserts, newborn and long adjustable one. I personally do not like adjustable inserts, therefore I use different inserts, but the insert does work. It comes clean well (I use Charlie’s Soap) and have had no leaks. I change my toddler every 2 -3 hrs. Not that it matters, but I think the Oh Katy tag is super cute with the grasshopper. 🙂 It has a front pocket which doesn’t bother me any, but some people don’t like it that I have talked to. Yes, it will always be wet up there, but you never have to touch the poo, which is always a plus. The newborn snaps do a good job getting the diaper close enough for the small babies, but it creates this awkward look to the tabs.Overall, I do like this diaper and think it was worth my money. I would not make my entire stash out of this type of diaper however, especially because I can see many toddlers outgrowing the diaper.

Jayne Alston, GA

One of my favorite pocket diapers…

Price: At just under $18 each, the diapers run just about average for a OS Pocket. For the price you get the diaper (obviously!) and two microfiber inserts – one which is resizable (via snaps) and one which is the newborn/doubler size. I love the flexibility in absorbency that this gives.Ease of Use: Initially I thought I hated the snaps, and I do still think they’re not quite as easy to do with a squirmy baby as the aplix/velcro, but I’ve since changed my mind – at least partially. The snaps are sturdy and my son is unable to get them undone by kicking and squirming around. I wish they were a little easier to do while he’s twisting about, but I’ll take the slight difficulty in putting them on for the assurance that he can’t get them off as quickly as he can the aplix.Fit on the Geekling: They were not fitting so well at first, but now that he’s grown a bit (14 pounds as of the writing of this review) they’re fitting him nicely. So nicely, in fact, that I’m planning on ordering at least a half dozen more.General Thoughts: The inside of the diaper is SUPER soft and the Geekling seems to not mind it at all. The microfiber inserts are just as absorbent as any other microfiber insert (very) and stitched nicely. The outside of the diaper is also soft and the colors are gorgeous. Mine is “Twilight” and it’s really rich and pretty. The elastic seems fairly stretchy and nice and the rise is decent. The snap down sizing is nice and in general the snaps seem of high quality. I like it a lot and will be adding quite a few more to my stash.

Christa Glenshaw, PA

Leak without fail…

So originally I really liked these diapers, so much so that I ordered 6 more after 6 weeks of use. Now I’ve been using them for about 16 weeks and they leak without fail around the legs. It’s almost like the insert isn’t made wide enough to absorb in the correct areas. I have other diapers (bumgenius and fuzzi bunz) that I have had for the same amount of time and have yet to have any issue with. Don’t waste your time, go with the major brands!

Liz Browning, MO

We love these!

Our cloth diaper stash is mostly oh katy diapers with a couple g diapers. We love these diapers! We had some trouble at first with (we didn’t start using them until he was about 3 weeks or so) the diapers leaking, but the customer service is great and helped us figure it out (we used the larger insert buttoned down for extra absorbancy in front). Now, they only leak when they’ve been on for too long (as would most cloth diapers). These diapers can hold A TON of pee with no leaks, even when it’s been longer than 2-3 hours. Amazing. We’ve never had a blowout in these, but some poo may leak out the legs if he sits in it for a bit, but it isn’t crazy like disposables. I mean, there are just some diapers that I don’t think ANY kind of cloth diaper could contain for longer than 10 minutes, as is the nature of infant bowel movements. But the microfiber absorbs so much.So yes, they do leak sometimes and we can’t compare them with other pocket diapers, but 98% of the time when you use them as recommended, they work wonderfully. They are soft, trim, seem to wear well (our baby is 4 months old) and we love that they roll up and snap into themselves to throw in the diaper bag.So far the sizing has seemed to work well. We think our baby is in between the tightest and next tightest waist snap, but there aren’t snaps there, unfortunately. However, by loosening the hip snap, it seems to work fine. We keep trying it looser every few days and if it leaks, we know he’s not quite ready for the next size. They do sometimes leave leg marks, but it’s no different than anyone’s clothes, especially underwear, leaving marks on skin. It has never been worse than a slight indentation and he’s never seemed bothered by any of it (fit, marks, leaking, or even feeling wet).**UPDATE a year later**We still like these, although I prefer using g diapers as I think they fit him better. We definitely use these at night though, and have combated them leaking by using an empty shell snapped over it. It was a great (and free) solution to pee leaking out the top.

Alison Hansville, WA

Love the color but does seem to leak

I haven’t had the best luck with pockets. In fact, I am sort of sick of cloth diapering. But these fit my daughter fine. They still leak through if she wears them for over 2 hours, but that is alright. I still like them. I really like the colors.

Karla Banks, OR

Nice, but small

These were great when my son was new born, because they run kind of small. He’s only five months old now – about 15lbs – and they are already on the largest setting. I haven’t had much problem with leaking thuogh, and the felt lining is really soft. Also, they come with snaps on the outside to keep the dirty diaper closed, which is really nice when you are not at home and you have to put the diaper in the diaper bag. The colors they come in are really beautiful too. They have held up well. I would have given them five stars if not for the size issue.

Clare Clarence, LA

Fits my needs

I love that this pocket diaper came with an extra insert. I use it the most after swim lessons, when my 10-month old son inevitably swallows a bunch of water. I double up the insert and it doesn’t flood like my other diapers do. I haven’t had any leaking issues with this diaper and the fleece lining is still super soft after 3 months of regular use. The extra snaps on the sides to prevent wing droop are great – my kiddo has super slender legs so the side snaps help hold the diaper on well. And the best part – no touching wet inserts to get the diaper apart – they wiggle out in the wash, even with I put both in there.

Luz Vaughn, WA

Great OS diaper

I bought these when Amazon had a buy 4, get 1 free deal. I also have some BumGenius 4.0, Fuzzibunz Elite, and Happy Hineys in my stash, and the Oh Katys are the ones I reach for first for my chunky 9-week-old. Soft lining, trimmer fit, great colors. I like that the opening has a retaining flap like BGs (and unlike FB ad HH, which just have a simple opening). No problems at all with leaks so far. Very happy with them.

Marcella Grovetown, GA

These diapers are GREAT!

I have heard many stories of using cloth diapers over the years. Then I heard from others that OhKaty was the way to go! So far, I have loved them! Yes, at times our baby will wet through the diaper, but that’s simply because she has too much liquid coming out at that instant. They are easy to wash and dry. We use Rockin’Green laundry detergent and Rockin’Green ammonia buster to keep them scent free. We currently have a set of 17 diapers, which takes us through 2-3 days. We do, however, use overnight baby dry disposal diapers on her….to keep from leaking (though even the baby dry disposal diapers leak when too full)!

Shanna Thompson, PA

Works well for me.

I recommended this diaper to three friends. Two have other types that are their favorite. The other friend and I only have Oh Katy’s and like them just fine. Mine seem to leak the least amount. One friend said she liked her ones which have the inserts go in the rear because then her hand is not touching as much urine as the Oh Katy’s in the front. Her boy is still too young to be moving around a lot, so we’ll see if those inserts stay put. I have found that we need to pull the inserts out a bit because they will not agitate out with the flap folded down.My kid is 14 months old and wears over-night disposables for the night time because the Oh Katy’s were leaking and disrupting his sleep.I would buy more of these. I love the solid colors that can coordinate with many different outfits.

Priscilla Ephraim, UT


These would work ok for tinier babies but my little boy has thunder thighs and at four months he’s already wearing it incredibly loosely. Not going to fit him much longer. Also for some reason the soaker repels despite careful washing and having stripped it when I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I use a different soaker in it from one of my other pocket diapers. Glad I only bought one. About the only good thing is it’s cute and the cover seems to be pretty repellant.

Lorena Jamaica, VT

Would be perfect if they didn’t leak… revised!

I have stripped my oh katy diapers using dawn and several hot water washes with no soap and am now having a much better experience! I also fold the insert to the smallest snap setting and put the doubled part in the front, this seems to be working much better for our little girl. I still double up with extra insert or hemp insert for outings, but am able to now really use them! With all the great quality features of these diapers, and the fact that they now work, I am giving them 4 stars. I am only removing one because I think the inserts could be better absorbing. The softest best fitting diaper we have tried!After much research, and trying many diapers, we went with oh katy as our main cloth diaper brand. We started using them around 6 months for reference. I bought 2 to start with and liked them most of all in terms of feel (so soft and comfy looking) and the fleece seems softer inside than some other pocket cloth diapers I looked at, and seemed to facilitate easier removal of solids as well. I also loved the fact that you could roll the diaper up if soiled, and snap shut, pocket opening in front- very smart. The snaps and fit of the diaper are great, allowing for a great fit for our daughter. The color selection and shiny fabrics are some of the cutest I have seen as well.However… after using our 2 oh katys about a week, I invested in 10 more of them, deciding they were a favorite. Of course after that everything started going wrong. These would leak every time, and especially wick moisture onto onesies between legs. I am changing clothing every single time I use the diaper. (I aim to change every 1.5 to 2 hrs) I have tried many things- stripping, soaking, using both inserts, and am still having major leakage. I contacted Oh Katy customer service and must say the response was fast and very nice, but none of the suggestions have helped.I think one of the problems is how the fleece inner is sewn around the legs, no matter how tight you adjust, you will still have moisture wick out. The “waterproof outer” will leak through if your insert even gets half wet.I am going to try and use these doubled up with hemp inserts and see if it helps. Though I was not a fan of the look and feel, I have found Bumgenius all in ones or flip diapers to be much more successful in containing pee, and can even be trusted for out of the house trips. (only use oh katy’s in house because of clothing changes needed)

Josie Gibsonburg, OH


The diapers are cute and fit well. However, they ALWAYS leak. I use Bumgenius pocket diapers and absolutely love them. They have a coating on the interior that prevents leakage. I was curious about other pocket diaper options and purchased two Oh Katy diapers. I will not be using these again.

Josie Merrimack, NH


i am new to cloth diapering and a friend told me about Oh Katy, so i ordered two -i love them! i have two fuzzibunz and three oh katys ( i have more on the way) i love them they are amazing and they fit my son perfectly! cant wait for the rest to get here!

Louise Flint, TX

Just ok

This pocket diaper is fairly good. It is a bit more difficult to snap on than other diapers and they tend to leak overnight even with a doubler. I would probably go with a BumGenius or Charlie Banana over this diaper. However, I do like that there is no exposed PUL on the interior of the diaper since that can irritate my LO’s sensitive skin. These diapers run small too.

Tamika Olin, NC

waste of money

i purchased 4 of these diapers and was excited because of their trimness and colors. They worked great for the 1st 2-6 times, but after a half dozen times, they all leaked like crazy. NOt from the leg opening, or around seams, they simply soaked right through! I have diapers that have been used for 15 months, several times per week, that still don’t leak. Unacceptable.

Susana Raynham, MA

Oh Katy

Easy and great to use. Bought this for my brand new grand-daughter and my daughter is pleased with the quality of the diaper

Lavonne Tallassee, TN

Excellent Product

I got these because of the July sale but I am so glad I did (I just bought more)! My daughter is small (not even 9lbs) and quite skinny. I was impressed that these diapers fit her. We’ve not had any leaking problems and they wash up very well. The colors are vibrant and they diapers are easy to use. I like that they come with an extra insert and the fabric cover is soft and pliable. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to try cloth diapering.

Nadine White Lake, NY

Just ok

I really like the concept of this diaper, and I love the way it fit my daughter; however, it was not very absorbent and I ended up using a different liner just to make the diaper last longer… I also had problems with it leaking on the sides

Jimmie Salton City, CA


These are ADORABLE diapers! The colors are BEAUTIFUL! I love how the snaps match the color EXACTLY! The only thing I don’t like is how bulky they are, however, that being said I haven’t tried any other cloth diapers so maybe they are all just like that… I wish these came in sizes. I am ordering some FB size smalls to see how the bulkyness compares. My babe is really little at 3 months and only 9.5 pounds so these are just huge on her. However, I love EVERYTHING else about them and may buy more if the FB size smalls aren’t that much smaller, which I will find out soon. I love the colors of these and how soft they are inside and the inserts seem plenty thick. Basically I have NO complaints other than how bulky they are on my tiny baby. I would definitely recommend these to people who have bigger babies though and I’m still using them on my baby so I like them a lot! UPDATE: these diapers are so much better than fuzzi bunz, the fuzzi bunz smalls are too baggy in the crotch on my baby (and she’s within the size range) but the Oh Katy diapers fit GREAT! I am buying more Oh Katy diapers!!! buy them over the fuzzi bunz, you won’t be dissappointed!!

Hilda Livermore, IA

Trim fit for skinny babies!

This is a trimmer fit for my 2 month old. Shes 10lbs and 23 inches long. I have tried bumgenius & fuzzibunz neither are as trim. They are softer than the BG’s too. I havent had a leaking problem. But I always double with hemp or bamboo. My daughter is a very heavy wetter. Wish I had bought more! They also dont have the overstuffed feeling like the BGs.

Mattie Jenkins, KY