Once Upon A Potty Plush Doll Set With Mini-Potty – Girl

Once Upon A Potty Plush Doll Set With Mini-Potty – Girl

Soft, cute doll sets coming directly from the classic, bestselling “Once Upon a Potty” books and videos. Your child will instantly recognize Joshua for his sweet face, curly hair, and other “nice and useful parts”. This doll provides great play value, before, during and long after toilet learning. Each doll comes complete with its own mini plastic potty, with a “Once Upon a Potty” label. Alongside Child Matters’ full size potty or while reading the book, this set makes potty learning fun, relaxed, and easy. Doll set is available in both BOY and GIRL versions. Actual potty gift boxes, books and DVD’s are also available separately.

Main features

  • Encourages potty readiness and responsibility, while providing great play value
  • Gently anatomically correct, with removable diaper and exclusive “Once Upon A Potty” label
  • Efficient card and polybag pak, with plastic mini potty seat included
  • Doll is surface washable and the set is also available in boy version

Verified reviews


Good for a laugh!

I bought this doll for my grandson. He had been “caring” for a musical bear and I thought he needed something more human. Since he will be potty training in the next few months, I thought this would do double duty. It is much smaller than I had thought (the size in the description is accurate, I’m just not a good judge) and is kind of funny looking. This isn’t where the laugh came from. As the description states, the doll is anatomically correct. It’s a soft doll, so his “parts” are not molded, rather, I guess you’d call it, shaped. It is interesting how they did it. My daughter-in-law was here when it arrived. She is not the mother of my grandson. We had the best laugh when we did the big reveal. I took it the next day when I went to stay with my grandson. He immediately recognized that the doll had a potty and proceeded to take it to the bathroom where his potty was. Whenever he’d have the doll, we’d ask him if the baby needed to potty and he’d take it back into the bathroom. I think it just might help with potty training, even though you can’t make it wet.

Lakisha Tipton, CA

More frustration during potty time.

I’m trying to get my kid to stay seated on the potty, and she’s busy trying to get Prudence to stay seated. It’s not weighted and won’t sit down unless it’s carefully balanced by an adult.Also, for my money, there should have been a little turd.

Cindy Ringgold, PA

Kind of a Waste of Money

I bought this doll because it was suggested for potty training in The Potty Bootcamp. On the bright side, it was very cheap compared to any other potty dolls I could find. However, it looks very cheap as well. You can clearly see that the boy and girl doll are EXACTLY the same, they just stitched on a couple braids. Looks horrible. It’s also a very small doll so my daughter wasn’t as interested in it as she has been in larger toys or dolls. It’s also pretty hard to position on the potty seat, so it’s nearly impossible for a toddler to do. Lastly, it’s very short-lived. Kids will lose interest quickly and once they grasp the idea of potty, its totally useless.

Celeste Palos Heights, IL

Great doll

Had to buy this doll because my daughter was such a fan of the book. She looks just like Prudence in the book and it will be great for my granddaughter to be able to hold her doll while learning to potty train.

Monique Patchogue, NY

should be bigger, should be able to stay seated on seat

cute doll. diminutive in size, wont sit on seat without being held of anchored somehow…im tempted to velcro her.with the book its cute, but also pricey.

Melissa Mount Aukum, CA

Did what I needed it to do

I was using the book Potty Training in Less Than a Day, and needed a doll to potty. I was seriously considering buying one of the more expensive ones, figuring if it worked, it would be worth it. When it was time to buy, however, the price was more than I was willing to buy for a doll that would probably never be used again. After reading some reviews, I figured I would try this much more affordable doll that seemed just as effective. I also bought the book, Once Upon a Potty, that this doll Joshua is associated with and read it to him before we started training. I believe I gave it to him the day before and told him that he would be teaching Joshua how to use the potty the next day. He was excited and actually slept with him that night. It worked the way I needed it to… which was my son taught Joshua how to potty and pull up and down his pants (see note below). He was excited Joshua had a little potty, also, and wanted to give him stickers when he went pee pee in the potty. For the pee pee, I used a medicine dropper/syringe that I had pre-filled with water and when my son was distracted, I put some in Joshua’s potty.The reason why I deducted a star was because Joshua only comes with a diaper. For use for potty training, I needed him to have big boy underwear. I would have paid an extra few dollars if he came with underwear, too. I am not a very creative person and I do not sew, but what I did was take an old ankle sock and cut it. Then I just put a few stitches in to make underwear. It was easy, only had to last the morning and fit perfectly.I will have to review the book, but my son (2 yrs, 8 mon), who was showing signs of being ready, was potty-trained within 24 hours and had his first accident at 6 weeks. If this doll contributed to that success, then I recommend it to anyone!

Serena Mount Freedom, NJ

Could be better..

Doll and potty are a little smaller than I expected, but that was OK. I wish the doll would actually stay in place on the potty. If you lean him against something, he sort of stays, Doll is cute though and is a nice pairing with the book. Anatomy is appropriate. Velcro on “diaper” came loose after a bit of use.

Kathie South Salem, OH