One Pack BPA Free Replacement Tubing for Medela Pump in Style and New Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

One Pack BPA Free Replacement Tubing for Medela Pump in Style and New Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

New replacement tubings that fit Medela’s pump-in-style breastpump released AFTER July 2006. Guranteed to fit this breastpump or your money back. Carefully packed and sealed with usage and cleaning instructions.

Main features

  • BPA FREE!Tubing materials (ABS PVC) are tested to meet EU food safety standard and are safe to your baby.Test report available upon request.
  • Contain two replacement tubings for Medela pump-in-style breastpump released AFTER July 2006. It will not fit pump-in-style prior to July 2006.
  • Designed to replace Medela tubing part #8007212, #87212, #8007156
  • This tubing has one pale yellow adapter and one soft end.
  • Every batch passes BPA-free test.

Verified reviews


Good product, should be cheaper

This product was what I needed to replace old tubing, and it works fine and arrived reasonable quickly in new condition. However, it just seems that for what you get it should be cheaper. Amazon had the cheapest price I could find though.

Althea Thomson, GA

Medela Replacement Tubing

The product works great – fits the Pump-N-Style Advanced perfectly. Maybe it’s just my mommy brain, but somehow I read “retail pack of 2” to mean two sets of tubes. Just in case anyone else also reads it wrong, please take note that this just means one set. If you are in need of two sets of tubing, make sure to buy two packages. Otherwise, these are great!

Casey Rosendale, MO

NOT for older models

I know this was in the description and I guess I should have read more carefully, but these do not fit older Medela pumps. You must have the new faceplate/design. It was too much of a hassle for me to return so I just cut my losses and tossed them. I’m out $9, which is okay.

Concepcion Earling, IA

Decent replacement

This fits the bill for a replacement but is not as sturdy as the orginal ones that came with my pump. After a month of pumping one of the connectors to the heads has snapped off. I will be looking into finding a different brand for a replacement.

Taylor Meherrin, VA

Looks cheap but works well

It does look a little cheap compare to the original tubing from Medela, but they fit perfectly, and works well. I had to change these tubing a few times in 5 months. The Medela ones cost $20 + shipping each, so this is definitely a great buy! I would recommend it!

Maureen Temple City, CA


The tubing for your pump should be replaced every few months because it builds up moisture (which I try to “bake out” in the sun, but you can’t get everything all the time) which encourages mold and yucky things to grow. These cheap replacement tubings fit the Medela pump n style perfectly and give me peace of mind.If you really want to save, you can get the plastic tubing and just clean and reuse the adapters that go to the bottle portion. I think the tubing is just 3/8″ clear plastic, but I’m not sure. This isn’t too expensive so I just go with these.

Dana Dunnegan, MO


I purchased this tubing after receiving defective tubing from another retailer. This tubing works just as well as the medela replacement tubing. I would recommend this product.

Lidia Moonachie, NJ

Works wonderfully

Works great for my Medela pump in style tote pump- I bought as a replacement for my original tubing which got milk in it. This is a great product to replace the original tubing

Gilda Forest Lake, MN

Works perfect

I bought this replacement tubing for my Medela Pump In Style breast pump after my cat chewed through one of my old tubes. These tubes fit perfect and work exactly as expected.

Hillary Oak Park, MN

Great for our used unit

When we were looking at using a previously used Medela unit my wife wanted to replace anything that we could to ensure the cleanliness of our milk supply. The tubing worked great and kept us from expensive replacement from Medela or buying a new unit. Make sure to match up the tubing with the right unit. A friend of ours ordered the wrong tubes and they cannot be returned once opened. Great buy!

Natasha O Brien, TX

Worked great

These tubes worked great with the Medela Pump in Style. Looked just like the original tubing that came with the pump. Had no problems with leaks or anything, fit on the pump itself and the cones just perfectly.

Alana Myton, UT

Works and a cheap alternative

Purchased these to use my my sister’s Pump in Style. They came quickly and worked well. Just make sure to let the pump run for a few minutes after you finish pumping to make sure all the moisture is out of the tubes.

Margot Horton, MO

Works Perfectly

Nothing to dislike here. This works as it says it will. I now have more suction with my pump, since my old tubes were from my older child and needed replacing pretty bad.

Rosario Bryant, AR


these tubes fit my medela pump in style advance on the go tote perfectly, i have had no problems at all. great item for a great price.

Debbie Clarksville, OH

Exactly what I needed

I’m using this for my Medela Pump N Style Advanced. It’s exactly what I expected. I sterilized it before use and it works well.

Antionette Allenport, PA

Great fit, does the trick!

The tubing was a match with my Medela breast pump. It was easy to install and functioned without a hitch.

Lorna Apalachin, NY

Works perfectly.

I’m so glad I ordered these for my Medela Pump in Style. It works very well. Than you for a reliable product.

Lacy Idalia, CO

Perfect replacement parts

I needed replacement tubing or my pump in style. These tubes were perfect. They re packaged and sets of two. They did not ave any strange smells or anything negative. Great purchase!

Johanna Canyon, TX

perfect replacement

great replacement, learned my lesson, run the pump for a few seconds after pumping to get condensation out to avoid mildew.

Clarissa Grand Ledge, MI

Perfect replacement for my medela pump in style

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong because they say milk isn’t supposed to get into the hose if you’re using it properly, but no matter what I do milk gets in my hoses and there’s just no way to get it out. I soak them in the sink to clean them, but after awhile I just felt they needed to be replaced for sanitary reasons. I couldn’t find the tubing anywhere locally and these were cheaper than any other I found online. Fit my medela perfectly.

Angel Kingdom City, MO

this was the exact replacement needed

Used for Medela pump in style advanced model, this is a perfect fit. No complaints it works as it should.

Lynn Adairsville, GA


This tubing fits perfectly in my Medela Pump in Style pump. The endings are a bit different (where you insert it into the bottle) but that does not affect its quality.

Johnnie Saint Elmo, AL

Perfect for replacement tubing

Great price on this product, as it is hard to find new tubing for the Medla breast pumps. It fit fine. Is clean and neatly packaged. Shipped quickly. It attached perfectly to my pump. A good buy.

Clara Donaldsonville, LA

Seals well, plastic not quite as clear

I had to get replacement tubing for my pump and this tubing works well. It fits tightly into the flange portion of the system, but also tightly into the actual pump. The only thing that I don’t like is the plastic isn’t quite as clear and it’s hard to tell if there is condensation in the tube or not, but it’s a minor complaint overall.

Ethel Lane, SD

If you have an electric pump you need this

These tubes arrived fast and are identical to the Medela tubing that came with my pump. I put these in the top rack of my dishwasher and also in my microwave sanitizer and they held up.

Elinor Okolona, AR

Works great

These work perfect for my medela pump in style! Only thing is moisture gets inside very easily so I’ve been replacing frequently.

Kimberley Mosherville, MI