One Size Elite FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper

One Size Elite FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper

If you thought the FuzziBunz® One Size Diaper could not get any better-think again! FuzziBunz® has re-engineered their already popular One Size to be trimmer fitting, more comfortable, faster drying and easier to adjust than before! And best yet-with NO increase in PRICE! The FuzziBunz® One Size Elite gives you even more bang for your buck. Some features of the FuzziBunz® Elite are: Quick Dry Fleece: Baby feels dryer faster and fleece stays nicer longer Easy-Replace Elastic are all internal-no buttons next to baby’s skin Minky Inserts: 2 Minky Inserts adding the following benefits Less odor than microfiber Less staining Trimmer fitting diaper with same amount of absorbency Streamlined front panel and snap design provides better fit with less leaking

Main features

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  • Available in 14 Fun Colors!
  • NEW Elite One Size
  • Each One Size Elite Diaper comes with two Minky Inserts: One Small & One Large

Verified reviews


Trim & absorbent!

I’ve tried over a dozen different brands and have cloth diapered for almost 3 years now…I love how these are the trimmest diapers out there – unlike Rumparooz or others where you won’t be able to put your kid’s pants on! They do get bulkier if you need to use two inserts, but I find just one insert is enough as long as it’s not for bedtime. Adjusting them (when needed) will be more work than just unsnapping one row, but you’ll get a much more precise fit. Clever idea.

Stephanie Big Stone Gap, VA

Trim fitting, absorbent, and soft

I use a variety of diapers and this is one of my favorites. Trim fitting and easily adjustable. The minty inserts are a new development and a big improvement over the plain microfiber ones….they stay so soft wash after wash and do not get that microfiber smell. Never had leaks with this one. If I needed more diapers, I would order more of these. Might not Orkney for big babies but my 30 pound 2 year old still easily fits into these.

Anastasia Glenwood Springs, CO

One of the better one-size diapers for newborns

My daughter is now 6 weeks old, and I’ve been able to use these diapers since she was 2 weeks (she was on the big side at 8lb 9oz). Because of the trimness between the legs and the thin inserts, it was one of the few one-size diapers that I could fit on her as a newborn. She started leaking out of the newborn bungenius and fuzzibunz sizes within the first two weeks. I went out and purchased 3 more in addition to the 2 I had originally. Initially, I loved the minky insert since it was small and trim. However, I’ve already started having some leaks out the legs do to over-saturation. I’m not thrilled to have to double-up on the inserts before she even reaches 2 months, but the diaper is still trimmer than some of my other options. I also purchased some size small babykicks hemp inserts specifically for these diapers. The shape allows them to fit pretty well without too much bunching.One thing I noticed was that the inserts that I received with 1 of the newer ones was significantly wider than the ones that came with the other 3. I’m not sure if that was intentional by the manufacturer or not. It is a bit harder to get into the pocket, but I’m hoping it will add a bit of absorbency.

Annabelle Red Lake Falls, MN

pocket diapers

I am fine with the cloth diaper. Fine with the clean up. Fine with washing them…. for some reason I completely underestimated the time and difficulty to re-stuff the inserts. I would recommend buying a few different types ideally include an "all-in-one" diaper before you invest too much.

Rita Woods Cross Roads, VA

too small

I don’t understand how this could fit a 35lb child. That is impossible. It is a trim diaper but it’s not ONE size like it says. My child is only 21 lbs and this is almost at the limit of what the diaper can fit. I don’t understand how any parents could like this diaper. I love BumGenius but FuzziBunz is crap.

Bessie Centerville, TX

very absorbent but just so long

I had to weight until my daughter was 14lbs before we could attempt to put this on her. No snaps to adjust the height of the diaper means it is VERY long on a baby smaller than 14lbs or so.

Valeria Sims, AR

Absorbency Problems

Ack! I don’t know what happened with these–maybe we didn’t do the prewashing of the inserts right? But we never could get them to absorb as well as the other brands of cloth diapers. If I put her in one of these, I packed several extra outfits, because danger was coming…Also, the elastic system adjustment system around the legs and belly was annoying. It’s fine to adjust just one diaper, but when you’ve got a whole stack, your fingers get cramped, and your blind sleeplessness starts to make you really bitter because you are adjusting and readjusting elastic and stuffing diapers and wondering why you ever went down the cloth diaper road at all–which is silly, because there are easier brands to work with out there–Bum Genius and GroVia come to mind.

Lorna Oxbow, ME

Good product… runs small

I like these diapers but they’re too small for my 18 month old (he is over 25 lbs) The one-size bumgenius, on the other hand, fit him perfectly. Keeping them around to see if they are better suited to our newborn.

Mari Paisley, FL

Wonderful Diapers for a First-Timer

I had heard a lot about the benefits of cloth diapering, so I decided to do some research into top brands. My baby has a little tush, and I have found that FuzziBunz fit her the best. I am just now cloth diapering her at 15 months old. I LOVE how soft these diapers are. My little one seems to enjoy them as well. She stays content longer with them on. I am addicted. I got the disposable liners for dirty diapers, which make clean up much easier. The snaps are secure and fit her little waist and bottom perfectly. I have tried a variety of colors, and love them all! I’m only so-so about the buttercream color. It’s more yellowy, and I like the bolder colors better. However, that is a matter of opinion. The diapers function great. Here’s my synopsis:ProsNo diaper rashEasy clean-upMoney savingSoft, yet don’t leakDon’t stainDon’t stinkSnaps cannot be undone by baby…no ripping these off during the night!Cute colorsFit fine under leggings, tights, dresses, etc.Color choices. Yes, you CAN match diapers to outfits! Oh, the fun!ConsLaundry more often (I throw them in a rinse cycle immediately, then let them remain in the washer until I have enough for a small load)Have to buy special detergent or make your ownDaddys take awhile to get used to them :-)Going out or on vacation…well, use disposablesI think that’s about it. I have only bought a few so far to try them, but I will be buying more. I will update if I notice any more pros or cons. Good luck, fellow cloth diaperers!

Florence Dumas, AR

Is this an old model?

I have many new one size elite diapers and they seem trimmer than this one. Also, the elastic sizing on for the waist and legs on this diaper is not numbered. It leaves you guessing as to how big or small the diaper is compared to other fuzzibunz ordered from manufacturer. The insert for this was not the new minky insert (though an insert was included) and the diaper did not come with replacement elastic…both of which were included when I ordered the same diapers elsewhere for the same price.

Benita Woodbine, KY

Great diapers, but the blue ones are always wet the longest

I have no idea why, but I have 2 light it up fb’s and they are always damper longer than the other fb’s post washing and hang drying. The blur fabric side just stays damper, you can see it. There’s no problem w the absorption, they don’t leak any more than the others. Just bizarre.Anyways, that aside: love the fb. My husband is less of a fan, cuz it makes our sons bottom bubble out. Especially because I do a hemp joeybunz liner first and the mainly fb insert on top to increase absorb any and avoid leaks.On note- it took me forever to realize there were new “elite” fb’s vs the slightly older one sizes. Pretty equivalent but the new elites have hidden buttons and are just a tab smaller. You can utube the difference.Update: Upgraded to 5 star since these really are great. Our baby is now 8 months old, and has been using FBs since he was about 6 weeks, about 8 or 9 lbs. He’s now around 20lbs or so, and we’ve had to adjust the elastics along the way as expected. He’s past the buddha baby rolls, so actually we needed to tighten them a bit again at the waist. They often leak around the legs, but we’ve gotten used to it. When he poops, it contains it waaaay better than disposables, esp when he was having the breastmilk poop that was so liquidy.I’ve pretty much stopped using the inserts that came with the FBs, since the JoeyBunz hemp inserts are just better. I bought the premiums and separated the 2 parts. I use either 1 medium hemp, curled up in the front since he’s a boy (aka front wetter) OR 1 Thirstie hemp insert (takes forever to dry).At night we still use disposables (Bambo’s are the best!) since he’s now sleeping 6-10 hour stretches and I’d have to put in like 4 inserts to keep him dry enough for that.Dad has come around considerably and is a fan of the FBs. His hands are too big to stuff them, tho, so I do that.Washing them:1) cold rinse (heavy cycle since its an HE washer) with 2-3 squirts of Bac-Out odor eliminator, esp if there’s poop (love that my guy usually poops early am into the disposables, so smart!), often throw in a towel or floor matt with it to trick the washer into adding more water to dilute the urine.2) hot wash with Rockin Green (used to use Charlie’s Soap which worked well, but they were smelling a bit too ammonia-y still).

Madeline East Pittsburgh, PA

Wish I had known about these sooner

Fuzzi bunz are my new favorite thing. I worry more about disposable diapers leaking when we go places than I do about have a leak with these. I use them with a disposable liner to catch anything solid and washing is super easy.The only thing I am sorry about is that I did not know about them sooner. The one size fit my son now (15 months), and the perfect size large have some room, so we can use fuzzi bunz until we start using the potty.

Emilie New Auburn, WI

So far so good!

This is one of the few one size diapers that fits my newborn. So far I really like the design/absorption. She’s EBF so no issues with stink after washing and this washes/dries really well! Might add a few more to my stash after destashing some different brands/types of dipes.

Emilia Warthen, GA

Super Soft and Great Fit – Difficult to Stuff and Hassle to Adjust

The good – This pocket diaper is soooooo incredibly soft. It would be super comfortable for any baby. The adjustments are also wonderful in regards to how they are ultra customizable to give your baby the perfect fit. The downsides – while the adjustable elastic makes custom fit nearly perfect, it is much more of a hassle to adjust than the snaps. You have to pull and button three separate pieces of elastic to adjust. If you have more than one baby in diapers this would be an even bigger hassle because you probably would end up not being able to share diapers amongst them (if they’re different sizes). Another downside is that while the external material is nice and durable, the inside of it has a sticky texture. I’m sure they did this to keep the insert from sliding around, but it makes stuffing the diaper a headache because the insert is sticking the whole way through (not sliding in easily). So I suppose it’s got it’s good and it’s bad. It’s just up to you which features are most important for you and your needs.

Dana Ookala, HI

Great One-size Pocket Diaper

I am committed to using cloth diapers as much as possible. After some use, I have become a fan of Fuzzibunz.The adjustable elastic legs is awesome. It allows a much more customized fit than the snap-down rises commonly seen. The snaps are good, too. They are secure and it is not difficult to get the correct fit each time. These diapers contain newborn poop fantastically-I have not yet had a leak.Like any diaper, there are some downsides. To me, they are small enough to overlook, but I will address them anyway: It is not easy to stuff. The PUL on the inside is sticky and the pocket is rather narrow. I don’t mind this because it makes a trim diaper and the insert does not shift, but my husband curses whenever he has to stuff one himself. You won’t be able to use a prefold diaper to stuff this, either.According to the Fuzzibunz website, you are supposed to wash these with a minimal amount of "Cloth-Diaper Safe" detergent, and never use bleach. I say that’s hogwash, I’m washing poop and pee. I wash these with a normal amount of Tide, plus Borax. Maybe once a month, I add a 1/4 cup of bleach to the wash. No stink issues, no repelling issues, no leak issues.I will definitely continue to use these, and will recommend them to my friends who use cloth.

Renee Mc Coy, TX

we love fuzzibunz

I started with just one fuzzibunz in our stash, but I quickly ordered more. I love the trim fit of the one size elite, they fit my son at about 9 lbs, which was much sooner than most one size. THey come with extra adjustable elastics and the whole diaper is very high quality. I haven’t had any problems with staining in these and the minky inserts are my very favorite, I wish that more diapers would have these instead of microfiber! Love the green color too!

Erika Clearfield, UT

I don’t love the fit

There is nothing especially bad about these diapers, I just don’t love them. I have not had a leak, they seem to be made of quality materials, and clean up well, but:The fit isn’t great. It slips down in the back and because I am afraid of a leak, I don’t use this diaper often.It is also the bulkiest of the three I have tried. (FuzziBunz, Thirsties Duo All-in-one and Bumgenius 4.0.)I also find it annoying to adjust the elastic in the gusset.I have decided to go with the Bumgenius 4.0 (and just recently purchased the Flip diaper covers, which I believe are made by the same company.)

Erma Muncie, IN

Fuzzibunz user since 1999

We just had our 5th child and we have used Fuzzibunz since our first was born almost 13 years ago. Of course, Fuzzibunz has changed here and there over the years but every time we’ve had a baby, we end up using Fuzzibunz exclusively but only after trying out all the newest “it” cloth diapers out there at the time.PROS:-The new Elites are super trim! They are almost as trim as a disposable! The Elite would definitely fit a tiny newborn (6-8lbs)…way better than Fuzzibunz Perfect size XS or S (I have both). I cannot speak for the top size range of the diaper as my son is just 6 weeks old and 11+ lbs at the time of this review.-The minky inserts are buttery soft and way better than microfiber inserts.-The new fleece inside is less pilly as promised. There seems to be some inconsistency though. Out of the 24 Elites I own, some are ever so slightly pilly and others are not at all…they are super smooth to the touch. I think maybe it’s just expected inconsistency with fleece material (?)-Replacement elastics included-New awesome LIFETIME warranty! See for details.-GREAT customer service. I received a response within 24 hours!-Colors are bright and cheery!-GREAT price for a diaper that lasts!-They are NOT made in CHINA!CONS:-Adjusting all the elastics in my whole diaper stash is a pain in the butt…..especially if you have to tweak the size a few times in the first week of use trying to get the right fit and all! However, I prefer the adjustable elastics to the other one-size diapers out there that have a bunch of snaps on the front of the diaper. I just don’t like the look of that style at all.-Waist elastic size might not last through toddlerhood. My 11’lber is on setting #2 already and he’s not that chubby at all but I did read somewhere that you can use the replacement elastic (included) for the leg in the waist (just use a safety pin to change them out)! Or another thought is that babies slim down in their belly as they get bigger so maybe it won’t be an issue after all. We’ll see!-Minky inserts—as much as they are super buttery soft and better than microfiber, they just didn’t work for my heavy wetter baby and I ended up using Thirsties hemp inserts and Fuzzibunz organic cotton inserts (purchased separately) instead (just one insert at a time not together). With the minky inserts, my son’s first pee was leaking out the legs within 15-20 minutes of a diaper change…..but with the hemp inserts NO MORE LEAKS so far! I need to figure out if I’m washing my minky inserts wrong or if they just aren’t cutting it material-wise for my baby’s full force wetting. I wish Fuzzibunz offered a choice of inserts. This is the SOLE reason for my 4 star review.-A little tricky to stuff. Here’s a trick I learned– If you fold the insert in half and stick your hand in the middle (fingertips towards middle of folded insert)…then line it up with the back of the pocket and smooth the insert flat as you move your hand into the pocket, you should be good to go! Dads with huge hands- beware! All in all, it now takes me about 5 seconds to stuff the pocket now that I learned to fold the insert in half.-Not great for overnights/heavy wetters where you need to double up or triple up your inserts. Some might be able to get away with using both minky inserts for a heavy wetter which I have to say fits just fine in the pocket and is still really really trim even on my 6 week old. I highly recommend getting 2-4 Perfect size Fuzzibunz for overnights. There is a lot more room in the pocket to fit all kinds of inserts!I will update this review over time so stay tuned!UPDATE APRIL 2012:Turns out that the Minky inserts had build-up from the first washing! I stripped them with a squirt of Dawn dish detergent and rewashed using Tide Free & Gentle (which works well on all the Fuzzibunz pockets, Minky inserts and Thirsties hemp inserts) and NO MORE MINKY LEAKS! I still feel the Thirsties inserts are way more absorbent but I’m glad the minky aren’t leaking every single time anymore! I changed my review to 5 stars!UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2012Well, my son is 8 months old and weighing in at 21.4lbs. He’s huge! We are still using Fuzzibunz exclusively though over the summer I tried out some Flats and Flips which I like okay. I still prefer the Elites stuffed with Thirsties hemp. I NEVER have a leak! I change him every 1-3 hours depending on what we’re up to (and obviously I change him as soon as I notice he poops or pees). I did have to take out the waist elastic as it was leaving marks on his back but he’s super chunky! No issue whatsoever with poop leaking out without the back elastic in. He’s eating solids so his poop doesn’t escape at all!

Gretchen Manchester, OK

nice pocket diaper for people with small hands

I really love these diapers, and they work really, really well. Unfortunately, the waterproof material has a lot of drag, and the opening is quite small, which makes it a frustrating pocket to stuff sometimes.

Chrystal Trenton, GA

Large enough for my toddler but not for small babies.

This diaper fits my 30+lb toddler with some room to grow. I have a few other one size diapers that he is pushing the limits on. I like the adjustable legs especially since he is lengthening out and his body is changing a lot right now. I can adjust it as he changes.I would not recommend it for a newborn. My baby is 13lbs now and I still wouldn’t use it on her. When she was born could have wrapped her whole body in it.It is good quality.

Jeanine Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN

Bright Red

I love these diapers, the red ones stay red, they don’t bleed, they are tough and hold their color. I am huge fan of Fuzi Bunz and Bum Genius. Fuzi Bunz are great but the insert and diaper are separate, with Bum Genius the diaper and insert are one piece. Both are great though. I have about a dozen of each. If your kid craps as much as mine, you need about 2 dozen to start with. There are bulk diapers you can buy here and on eBay.

Patty New Limerick, ME