One Size Elite FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers – 6 pack

One Size Elite FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers – 6 pack

FuzziBunz® Elite FuzziBunz® One Size Elite diapers feature adjustable internal elastic in the legs and waist allowing them grow with your baby – from birth to potty training. Save money by not having to purchase multiple sized diapers as your baby grows, as this diaper fits most babies between 7-35 pounds. Easy adjustable internal leg and waist elastic allow for a customized fit for baby without the added bulk. Truly reusable and earth friendly, the One Size Elite’s Easy Replace Elastic System allows for easy and no-sew replacement if the elastic ever wears out. Features: Easily adjustable internal elastic in the legs and waist allow for endless customization Newly adjusted sizing now more generously to fit a larger range of babies. Easy Replace Elastic System eliminates the need to rip seams or throw away diaper to replace old or worn out elastic Stretchy internal elastic is comfortable for babies while still tough on containing messes Durable snaps will last wash after wash unlike hook-and-loop diapers How it works FuzziBunz One Size Elite are a breeze to use Adjust the elastic – Make the diaper smaller or larger by sliding slits in the elastic over button holes. Once you adjust the internal elastic for the first use, you generally won’t have to re-adjust until the baby grows to the next size – you will not have to adjust the elastic for every use. Stuff the Pocket – Slide an insert of your choice into the pocket opening. Customize the absorbency according to your baby’s needs. Two microfiber inserts are included with the FuzziBunz One Size Elite and it is important to note that most other brands of inserts/soakers will fit the wide pocket opening. Snap it on – Place the diaper on your baby as you would a regular diaper and snap the wings onto the front to secure. With many durable snaps on the front of the diaper, its easy to find the best fit your baby as they grow.

Main features

  • New 2013 Design! Wider crotch and pocket opening makes it easier to stuff and will fit a multitude of inserts
  • Includes 2 microfiber inserts for superior absorbency
  • Images do not reflect exact items that will be shipped. An assortment of diapers will be sent based on availability. A minimum of two different colors will be included.

Verified reviews



I have four children, and with the last I decided to give reusable diapers a try. Love them! I wish I had done this with the first three! I have tried and compared Real Nappies, Happy Heiny’s, gDiapers, QBaby, flip, and FuzziBunz. FuzziBunz wins! gDiapers have a tendency to cause a rash/red marks where the liner touches the skin, and the moment the hemp inserts get wet they bunch together leaving more liner exposed to the skin. You will spend entirely too much on gDiapers/Real Nappies buying the appropriate size as your child grows. If you are simply concerned about the effect on the environment, great. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to diaper children, true fit size or perfect size fit diapers aren’t that effective. Even the FuzziBunz perfect size diapers aren’t as nice. The Happy Heiny’s had a feature where the front tabs overlap and snap together. So great, until your child has grown to a size where the overlapping pieces don’t fit together properly. QBaby might have been an alright medium size diaper if it would go through a dryer, but don’t expect them to stand up to anything but a line dry, which isn’t helpful when you don’t have that option. The bulk between the legs on anything else wasn’t as ideal either. FuzziBunz one-size elite are perfect. I might have some other options that I need to look into to see if I can keep the inside whiter, but despite the discoloring on the inside, they continue to work great. I have been using them for almost a year now, and the same diapers I first bought are still working great. I have since purchased more, to replace the other brands that my son has outgrown, so that I can wash diapers less often. I use Earth Friendly Products ECOS 3x Liquid Laundry Detergent with Built-In Fabric Softener to wash them. I bought a Kanga Care wet bag as well, that does an amazing job of keeping moisture and smell in while holding around 15 of these diapers with double inserts without a problem. For anyone interested in cloth diapers, especially the faint at heart, I promise you these diapers beat disposables hands down, with nothing any ickier than taking out a garbage bag smelling like used dirty diapers. My house doesn’t smell like diapers, I don’t have to go spend money on diapers every few weeks or even monthly, and I am reducing my portion of the local landfill all at the same time.

Virgie Colfax, NC

They are ok

Great quality. I have many different kinds of cloth diapers and I like these but I dislike making them bigger. Also the pads have not been absorbant enough for my daughter. I would not get the one size if I was doing it again.

Jacklyn Big Pine Key, FL

So cute!

These FuzziBunz are so cute and soft, I also really love the colors! Wish I got to wear something so nice when I was a baby. They are easy enough to set up for the different sizes, I set mine up yesterday. I haven’t used them yet, have to wait for our baby to get here and then I will update my review.

Michell Shapleigh, ME

Left marks on baby’s legs

I like fuzzibunz sized so I though these would be great but they aren’t the new elite diapers first off. They are the old style elastic no numbers on elastic and didn’t come with any replacement elastic, but that didn’t matter much to us. I liked the idea of being able to size the diaper down to my newborns size however it has been difficult to get the right fit compared to the diapers with the snap adjustments,. I have found these leak more on my 9lb one month old because I cant get the legs to fit right with out leaving red marks on his legs. They work and the diaper its self works nice on an older child but I haven’t used these much because they are harder to get the right fit.

Araceli Center Point, TX

not the patented version, still work fine

So … these are SLIGHTLY different from the brand new ones that say "Patent XXXXX" on the tag. These ones say "Patent Pending" and the fit is just slightly different. It’s not a huge deal, and they work fine for me, but while my "new" Fuzzibunz is adjusted one way (e.g. 3rd button hole), these ones would have to adjusted slightly differently (e.g. 2nd button hole) to achieve the same fit.BTW, I do think they’ll start to leak after a while if you don’t strip them every now and again. Wash them with a tiny bit of liquid dishwashing detergent in super hot water, then do two wash cycles in super hot water with no detergent. Then they should work fine again.

Erin Fernwood, MS

Love these!

If you’re doing cloth diapers, I strongly recommend using these! They’re easy to adjust, and this one-time investment is WAY cheaper than buying disposable diapers every week. I empty them out in the toilet, and then wash them in a regular washer with vinegar (no soap or bleach), and they come out great. You do have to change your kid a bit more often, since they aren’t quite as absorbent as disposables, but two sets (12 diapers) lasts me about a day and a half with my 3 month old, and will last up to 2-3 days when the kids get older and pee a bit less often. I have my kids wear underpants over them, which holds them more firmly in place. It’s really not necessary, except my kids like to play with the buttons on the front.

Lucile North Powder, OR