One Size Fit All- Diaper Covers for Prefolds or Regular Inserts PUL – BLUE

One Size Fit All- Diaper Covers for Prefolds or Regular Inserts PUL – BLUE

Package Includes: – 1 BubuBibi Baby Cloth Diaper Cover (BLUE Color)

Main features

  • One Size – Fits newborns all the way to toddlers, allowing parents to save money instead of having to get different sizes of diaper covers as baby grows.
  • Waterproof – Comes with soft PUL to ensure waterproof and to avoid leakage and keep wetness contained.
  • Front pocket – Comes with front pocket to ensure that diaper insert stays.
  • Adjustability – Comes with a lot of snaps on the waist to allow diaper to fit perfectly and the right size for all babies.
  • Back and Side Gusset – Allow flexibility of all sizes babies with the side and back gusset. ■Side lining – Includes a side lining all around to help cover withstand rough wear and tear.

Verified reviews


Bargain price but not very good quality

The PUL on these covers is thin and kind of stiff. Plus we’ve had some issues with loose stitching and snaps coming off. And when you fasten the diaper, the tabs curl back. They are bargain-priced for a reason. If you are looking for a cheap but high quality cover I would suggest a more reliable brand like the Bummis Super Lite, the Sweet Pea or the Econobum.

Lorna Hilo, HI

not my favorite

These have a tendency to feel damp when she really soaks her diaper. I would not rely on this diaper overnight. It was very cheap and definitly would not fit all. My daughter is on the small side but she is 7 months old and this just started fitting on the smallest setting. Also this blue is much darker in person.

Yolanda Bloomfield, MT

Great Product, good price!

There are so many diaper covers that are way too expensive! We’ve been using these for over a year since my son was a newborn, they haven’t worn out. We ordered roughly 12 of them and only one diaper has a broken snap. I recommend this brand to my friends because it’s a reasonable price and great quality for the price! I think cotton pre-folds + bububibi covers are the cheapest way to go and they don’t retain smells like the micro fiber cloth all in one diapers do. I tried those as well.The best way to keep cloth diapers clean in my opinion, buy a 5 gallon bucket with screw top lid (no risk of toddler drowning), fill it to the 5 gallon mark with cold water, add 1/3 to 1/4 cup of each 1. hydrogen peroxide (this is a bleaching agent and the active ingredient in all color safe bleaches) 2. isopropyl alcohol (disinfects and keeps it from smelling like a swamp of poopie death) 3. biodegradable cleaner of some sort, I use simple green (this also helps pre-wash and keep the smell down)Using this method we wash our diapers every day or every other day and they never ever smell or have stains, of course we drop the poo into the toilet not the bucket.

Francesca Rock Falls, WI


Like all this brands products I am impressed on how well they work and the quality of the product at a great price.

Opal Concrete, WA

It’s not a bad Diaper Cover, It’s just so big!

For my newborn it’s just too big, and my baby is 8 pounds 14 ounces and about three weeks old…and I have to put it to its smallest setting and still it’s hanging off of him in some areas, I wish I had chose something else even though it would have been a little more expensive, it would just be nice to have something that didn’t make my baby look like he has some type of a saggy behind lol but it is good quality, I mean like these are the only diaper covers I’ve ever used but I haven’t had one time where the pee messes up his clothes, and my baby is breastfed, he can really let go of a lot of pee if you know what I mean lol

Jewell New Windsor, MD