One Size Fit All- Diaper Covers for Prefolds or Regular Inserts PUL – SILVER

One Size Fit All- Diaper Covers for Prefolds or Regular Inserts PUL – SILVER

Package Includes: – 1 BubuBibi Baby Cloth Diaper Cover (Silver Color)

Main features

  • One Size – Fits newborns all the way to toddlers, allowing parents to save money instead of having to get different sizes of diaper covers as baby grows.
  • Waterproof – Comes with soft PUL to ensure waterproof and to avoid leakage and keep wetness contained.
  • Front pocket – Comes with front pocket to ensure that diaper insert stays.
  • Adjustability – Comes with a lot of snaps on the waist to allow diaper to fit perfectly and the right size for all babies.
  • Back and Side Gusset – Allow flexibility of all sizes babies with the side and back gusset. ■Side lining – Includes a side lining all around to help cover withstand rough wear and tear.

Verified reviews


Fit well

We haven’t used this cover very long, but it seems to be good quality and fits our little one well.

Molly Alexis, IL

I LOVE this cover!!!!!!!

I am in LOVE with this diaper cover and even purchased two more. This is the only diaper cover that I know of which has ALL of the following awesome features: a snap in the back to hold the insert in place (provided that the insert also has a snap), leg gussets, plenty of buttons for size adjustments, and an inner front pocket for securing the snapped insert even better or adding in an extra insert. As everyone else stated, it is really big and would work best for an older baby or even a toddler, but that is not a big problem for me; I will just have to use smaller covers until my Little One is big enough to fit into it. However, if you need it right away for a newborn, don’t bother.The only thing that stopped me from rating it five stars is that the PUL is not very good quality, but in light of all of the other unique features, that did not stop me from loving the item. When I washed it for the first time, it took FOREVER to hang dry for it to be just a cover and I noticed that was because it absorbed most of the water rather than repelled it. Anything that is waterproof should really be doing more repelling of water than absorbing. This means that it can end up allowing urine to soak through onto clothes and sheets, but again, for me the pros of this product outweighed the cons.

Graciela Chichester, NH

Great Cover

This cover is a great product. It fits all sizes nicely, is a great adjustable cover, looks very cute over your inserts; I overall think this is one of the best covers I owned. I liked it better than a lot of the expensive brand name covers.

Jasmine Kilauea, HI

works for us

These work really well. I would give them a 5 but some of the snaps tend to not close all the way. There are tons of snaps so it’s not a big deal if one doesn’t work, but still, it would be better if they all snapped. As far as containing leaks goes, these are awesome. We use them with a prefold diaper folded newspaper style in the middle of the cover. No blowouts so far and they wash well.

Etta Melville, LA

love it

I love this covers because it is sturdy,good color just like on a picture,you can use snap-on inserts or regular. have double anti-leak protection on a legs part and runs bigger then econobum covers.(that want i used before bububibi covers).my son 7 months and already 18-24 months clothes size and weight about 30 lbs so econibum was on a last 2 snaps buttons(8 buttons total).this on is on 4th from the middle.Im so glad because it is mean I will use it for along time at least he is 12 months old!!!

Laurel Satanta, KS