Oneida Paul Revere Child / Infant Feeder Spoon

Oneida Paul Revere Child / Infant Feeder Spoon


Main features

  • 5 1/2″
  • 18/8 Stainless

Verified reviews


Love it!

We tried the rubber coated spoons and the spoon tips that attach to the food pouches and they were just all very awkward to use and hard to pick up food with. I understand why you use the rubber ones but my baby doesn’t chomp down on the spoon so it didn’t seem necessary. This spoon allows me to pick up very small quantities with ease and get them into the baby’s mouth. Not much else to say… it does what a spoon should (as someone else said) and I love the size. I’m probably going to order a second one just in case.

Jeri Taneyville, MO

purchased one & ordered a second

I absolutely love these spoons. shaped well and just great all around. I dont know how exactly to give feedback on a spoon…i like not using plastic or the ones with rubber around the spoon part..i wipe my sons mouth sideways easily with it and ya its great. good length of handle part. I highly recommend

Lynda Rumford Center, ME

Perfect for feeding a 6 month old

I try and limit my baby’s exposure to plastics, so I bought two of these stainless spoons, and found they suit our needs really well. They’re easy to run through the dishwasher with the rest of the silverware. And the spoon is the right size and shape for feeding our six month-old.

Norma Newport, NH

great baby spoon

I am very happy to use a spoon that is not plastic. It is small with a long handle and very easy to clean. My mother still has an Oneida baby spoon that she bought in 1980! I expect this spoon to last just as long.

Graciela Milner, GA

Nice and small.

This is very small, which is what we were looking for. It is smaller than the photo. But it works. It could be thicker and softer around the edges.

Dionne Antioch, IL

Great Infant Spoon

This spoon is the perfect size for my 11 month old. I was worried it would be too small, but it still works great. Bought two more! I wish I had found this back when he was 6 months and starting food, it would have made it so much easier.

Rosemary Edgewood, IL

Prefect spoon

Compared to plastic spoons, this spoon is a must have. It is very strong, and is the perfect size for my child’s mouth. I will never purchase plastic again. Matter of fact, this (or the set) would be a great baby gift for other expectant mothers.

Susie Morrisonville, IL