Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat Plus Base, Black

Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat Plus Base, Black

“What moves us? Safety Nothing is more important to us than protecting your precious cargo, and Orbit Baby delivers safety for your child in multiple ways. Orbit Baby car seat systems meet or exceed all federal crash test standards, and additionally surpass our rigorous internal testing programs such as NHTSA’s proposed standard for side-impact protection. Load baby with ease Orbit Baby also designs it car seat systems with your confidence in mind. The average family gets baby in and out of the car multiple times a day. Our unique StrongArm and SmartHub installation systems were designed by real dads, and make every daily car seat transition a convenient, secure, and repeatable process. “

Main features

  • DeepCradle maximum side-impact protection system.
  • Side-face your baby for true ease of loading.
  • Grunt-free, contortion-free, back pain-free car seat installation in less than 30 seconds.
  • Soft carrier handle and side handles for maximum portability
  • Baby-safe orbitgreen fabrics certified clean by Oeko-Tex

Verified reviews


Cadillac of car seats

This is the Cadillac of car seats! Please do not think this is the car seat to take in and out of the car. It weighs about 40-45 pounds by itself. However, it is VERY nice. The swivel base is amazing to take the child out of the car. You can use it from birth to about 40 pounds! We love it. So glad we are rolling with the big dogs! 🙂

Carole Seymour, TN

Expensive and bulky but still a very high quality product

First the positives…Excellent build quality. Feels very safe and secure. The rotating base is the ‘killer app’ for a child seat. I’m not aware of any other child seat that does it. Very cool feature.On the negative side, the seat is bulky and heavy compared to competitors. It’s also quite an expensive system.

Sara Graceville, FL

I like this car seat a lot

I like this car seat a lot! It is not the normal car seat that you see in the stores but that is what makes this car seat so much better, I love how the seat swivels. It makes it so much easier to get the baby in and out of the seat. I also feel that the baby is more comfortable in this seat than the normal style rear facing seats. I think it’s because the baby isn’t sitting as straight up as the other car seats. In my opinion, this car seat is way overpriced. This should be in the 200 range for just the infant seat. Charging over 400 for an infant car seat is too much in my opinion but the quality is definitely there and I would recommend this product to others.

Juanita Meadow Valley, CA

Orbit Rocks!

This is quite the car seat with lots to like!What we liked:- The orbit feature. Dang! Car seats are typically awkward to put in and out of the car since you have to angle it just right to get it through the door while still being able to snap it down onto the base. But the Orbit Baby allows a more comfortable, natural position when lifting the seat into the car. Brilliant! It’s easy to snap in place and rotate to rear-facing position.- The indicator. Green you’re good, red you’re not. Simple and helps you know you’ve installed the seat and base securely with a quick glance.- The security. The base secures very firmly and securely onto the seat. I have a lot of confidence I’ve installed it correctly because of how snug it fits on the seat.- The comfort. Especially for newborns a cozy and snuggly seat is a must. Let’s be honest they might hate any car seat you put them in for a while (our oldest screamed every time we put him his car seat for the first few months until he got used to it), but this seat might just be different. Here’s to hoping the material is also as durable as it appears.- The lack of toxins. With how many hours this car seat will sit in the car soaking up the heat, having certified clean fabric is huge!- The look. We love the look of this car seat: from the colors chosen to the quality of the fabric. It’s simply a great looking car seat.What we didn’t like as much:- The base didn’t have a way to self-level. The directions ask the user to use a towel to prop it into level position. Come on folks, it’s 2014! Use a towel?!?- The handle is a little awkward. The padding around the handle is so wide it’s hard to carry the seat in your hand. It seems like it’s only meant to be hung around the forearm which seems a bit odd.As I said above, there’s a whole lot to like about this car seat and the negatives I’ve mentioned aren’t deal breakers and they really aren’t even that big a deal.

Josefina Larned, KS

If you can afford it this is the one to get.

Wow now this is a high quality infant seat. We love the swivel feature and it makes it so easy to get our little one in and out of the seat. Love the carry handle, it is so much better than competing brands we have used. Love the way our baby sits down into the seat, it really makes you feel like your baby will be protected in an accident. The cover is easy to get off and clean, as this is an issue for most parents I think it’s important to note. Is it heavy, of course it is but that’s what you should expect from a top notch and safe baby seat. Love the fact that it is green, that is so important these days. As others have mentioned to truly get the most convenience and benefit out of using this seat you really need to invest in the orbit baby system. It is incredibly convenient all around. Really though, this is quite possibly the best overall infant seat on the market in my opinion. If you can afford it get it.

Tamra New Midway, MD

Won’t wake your baby

I have been stopped time and time again, and asked what kind of a carseat I have. The Orbit attracts everyone. Rightfully so, this carseat is amazing.I really like the two handles on the sides. It makes it easy for me to pop the carseat in and out of the car. I don’t have to awkwardly reach behind the seat and lift at the same time as I did with other infant carseats.The soft carry handle is genius. I also like that it doesn’t click when you move it up and down. I dreaded clicking the carry handle into place with our old carseat as it would always wake up the baby. The handle is soft, and very comfortable for carrying.Strangely enough, this carseat fits better in carts, and takes up a bit less precious space in the basket than other car seats. This seat sits higher and the baby can see a lot more which makes her, and me, very happy.The paparazzi shield is really nice for covering a sleeping baby from the bright sunshine. We have used it a lot. I can still see her through the handle holes so I feel good about using it and the amount of airflow she is getting.The base is really easy to correctly install. There is a wheel that you turn to effortlessly tighten the base as far as it will go. No more monkeying around in the car trying to put weight on the base and tighten at the same time.Removing the cover is SO EASY! Naturally my lovely daughter had a blowout in this within the first week. It took me less than 60 seconds to remove the cover. I didn’t have to mess with the straps to do so, which was a fantastic discovery.One thing that is so great about the swivel, is that I can turn the carseat facing the open door to get her in and out of the seat. I can put on my baby carrier, swivel her facing me and then load her into the carrier no problem. Then when we return to the car, and she is fast asleep, I can load her back into the car seat without even waking her up. Amazing.Overall a great investment car seat. I am a certified Orbit Baby fan.

Maribel Sizerock, KY

Safe, easy to use but heavy and pricey

I wanted to love this car seat simply for the spinning base function. Don’t get me wrong being able to spin the base to easier entry and exit of the seat out of the car is very helpful but…- This is very heavy compared to the Gracos we have had- With the base, it is significantly larger than most other brands- Cost, well you can save a lot, a lot of money looking elsewhere for a car seat that is just as safe. Plus, the additional 400 dollars for the custom stroller doesn’t bode well either.- The "green" construction it totes, I guess psychologically you can feel good about that but at this price its hard to justify.

Clara Cabo Rojo, PR

So easy to install (you click the base into the seat …

Pros: So easy to install (you click the base into the seat belts and tighten the handle) on the front. If you plan to move it between cars, there are no headaches! And no extra bases to buy. I like how it rotates – this is very helpful if you have more than one child and are putting the baby seat in one of the back seats (say in a minivan) or need more flexibility when putting the baby in the car.The soft carry handle is genius – why didn’t anyone think of this before?! But I will say that it’s a bit uncomfortable, but really, carrying a baby seat never is comfy! So it would be worthwhile to get a stroller base. The cons? It’s very expensive compared to others on the market but if you receive this as a gift I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

June Centerville, KS

So worth the money… best car seat ever.

This is the best car seat we have ever used. If we knew this was available with our first, we would have paid the money to get this. The straps are quality made and do not twist easily like some of the other car seats we have used.We also love the base. It is sturdy and really easy to install. The straps are easy to adjust and everything about this car seat is easy. The car seat base has an excellent design where you can turn the car seat towards the door so you can easily put the baby in and then turn the car seat rear-facing after the baby is in. We love this car seat and our son loves it too. It is comfortable and very secure and sturdy.

Summer Farson, WY

One of the best, but you have to totally buy the system

The Orbit G3 has been one of the best baby car seats we’ve ever used. It’s sturdy, practical, and offers a few extras. It’s not without its flaws, however. And it is indeed expensive, especially if you want to take full advantage of the seat’s functionality.Some of the pros:The obvious – it swivels! Makes it A LOT easier to place and remove your baby from your vehicle. Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?Nice canopy that covers your baby’s head and protects it from the sun or rain.Very comfortable – definitely more cushy than the seat we were using before.Cons or neutral:For us this is a con, for others it might not matter. In order to get the full functionality of this seat you have to get the stroller. Two reasons for this. One, this is a heavy car seat. Even though you can carry it outside the car, you won’t want to. It’s just too heavy for more than short and brief carries. Two, this car seat won’t mount on another stroller. In order to use it with a stroller you have to buy the Orbit model. So the total price for the two is close to $1K. If the convenience of all this makes the price worth it, then by all means, this is a great car seat to get. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry about it – I speak from experience, you can manage without the luxury that this seat provides.In sum, if this is all within your budget then I recommend this seat. If it’s not, look elsewhere and don’t even worry about having made the decision.

Kerry Cache, IL