Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Base, Black

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Base, Black

We move with you. From car to strolling, from one baby to three kids, from parent-facing to forward-facing, and all 360 degrees in between, Orbit Baby was built to move with you A new spin on everyday travel. Only Orbit Baby Travel Systems have a patented SmartHub ring, which makes getting baby in and out of the car and onto the stroller a breeze, and gives baby a 360-degree view of the world while strolling. The Smart Travel System that grows with your family. • Dock any Orbit Baby Seat on the G3 Stroller Base’s patented SmartHub ring and rotate seat to your baby’s favorite view – no adapters necessary • Use from birth with any of G3 Infant Car Seat, G3 Bassinet or G3 Stroller Seat. • Adding more kids to the family? The G3 Stroller converts to a Double Stroller with Orbit Baby’s Helix Plus Upgrade Kit, or attach the Sidekick Stroller Board to give your toddler a joy ride Breakthrough convenience features • Protect baby from wind or sun on-the-go by simply rotating the seat: no needto remove the seat to change position • One-handed stroller fold: simply twist and lift, seriously easy • Height adjustable handlebars • Built-in, dual cup holders • Compact fold – a full feature stroller that fits in even the smallest of trunks Customize your ride • Orbit Baby offers your choice of a large Cargo Basket, a detachable Cargo Pod, or side Panniers that clip to the side of the stroller- perfect for grocery shopping • Orbit Baby offers an array of Sunshade colors for the G3 Stroller Seat. Create a look that turns heads and expresses your sense of style. Orbit Baby also offers unmatched comfort features for baby. Check out the G3 Infant Car Seat, G3 Bassinet, G3 Stroller Seat and G3 Toddler Car Seat pages to find more ways that Orbit Baby moves with you.

Main features

  • 360-degree views for your baby: Dock any Orbit Baby seat on the G3 Stroller Base, including the Infant Car Seat, Stroller Seat and Toddler Car Seat, and rotate the seat to face baby or face the world together
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Built-in, dual cup holders
  • Easy 1-handed stroller fold

Verified reviews


Nice design

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Frame, BlackCategory: StrollersReliable construction with the beautiful idea of being able to change your color scheme to personalize the hood. Did not have a problem with the wheels they worked with ease while feeling sturdy.

Pearl Pleasanton, TX

Great for daily walks

I see the other comments saying that this system isn’t as great as the G2. I don’t have the G2 so I can’t comment on that, but I find that this works just fine! These sort of strollers aren’t meant for heavy off-roading, so for mall and street walking this serves my purposes just fine. Highly recommended!

Sheree Salcha, AK


The frame is sturdy and seems well built, at this price point I’m scared to have it checked in at the airport due to how horribly they’ve handled our previous strollers, so we are keeping our Eddie Bauer stroller.Yes this has adjusting handles but I still find this rather tall as I’m 5’0. My husband on the other hand, this is great for as he’s 5’10.The cup holders are okay, but I prefer my stroller that has deeper cup holders and a middle compartment to hold other things.I’m not a fan of the mix and match. 80 for the sunshade is ridiculous. The average household can’t buy this stroller, just because celebrities indorse this product doesn’t make it top of the line. You easily spend over 800 to get a stroller.What I really dislike is that to fold this, I need both hands. My stroller I use one hand and it’s folded in or out while holding my daughter.Thank goodness this was free or I’d be upset wasting so much money!

Angeline Richmond, VA

Absolute the Best at the Absolute Highest Price!

I have one grand Child now and another due in about four weeks. I had purchased both of my daughters a stroller, but I need one for myself for when my grand children come to visit. Honestly, I had always heard that the BOB stroller was the top of the line. However, that was before I came upon this Orbit G3. This thing is really light. So light it may have titanium in its construction. The looks are 20 years ahead of the competition, as is the fit & finish. There is No Play in the wheels, meaning they fit so perfect, the tolerances are superb. It folds up really easy and offers an endless variety of accessories to make it even better and much more versatile. I really like how easy it steers and how the handles extend to allow taller people to use it comfortably. Is it expensive? Yes, very much so, costing double and more than even the best strollers. But like a Mercedes car, this stroller is for the discriminating buyer. If Amazon offered 10 Stars, this stroller would get all of them. However, because of the price, it would probably lose 6 or 7 stars for being over priced. Quality? It is the best, without a doubt. Looks? Like a Ferrari! If you are into the whole idea of showing the world you can have the best of things, then by all means buy this stroller for your baby.

Bobby Piedmont, SC

Beautiful and Functional

This is a fantastic stroller and is made by the Ergobaby family. The stroller comes in a nice size box and needs no tools to assemble. All you have to do is snap in the four wheels and you are good to go. It took me less than 10 minutes to put this together. I get a lot of stares and compliments when using this stroller. Everyone thinks it is so unique looking and loves that it can swivel 360.The handles are adjustable in height. I am 5’7" and my wife is 5’5" and we both find it comfortable on the lowest height setting. For those taller, you will love the fact it can go higher. When you buy this, you only get the frame. You get exactly what is pictured on the description, no more no less.I am using this with the Stroller Seat for my 6 month old son and he loves being it it. I push him around the mall and can swivel him back and forth. When he falls asleep, I can turn him around and see his face. When he’s awake, he loves facing forward to people watch. There are also two cup holders for cold beverages.The brake system is very easy to use and is color coded. Green on the left releases while red on the right locks. The brakes are flip flop friendly, unlike others where you have to step down to lock, and flip up to release, this one you just step on like a pedal. Simple and effective.The frame folds super easy. You just put your hand on the bar behind the seat and twist and it just folds. You can store the Stroller Seat on top of the frame and they cup into each other. You cannot fold the frame with the seat attached. It looks bulky, but fits into my trunk (Toyota Camry) nicely.I do not have the Orbit 360 infant seat so the only troublesome part is when I go out, I have to switch my son from infant seat to the Orbit Stroller seat. It is usually not a problem unless he is asleep, or falls asleep. If I did not already have other car seats, I would have invested in the Orbit infant seat because of the benefits and features of this frame.You can turn the frame 360 and it has a so called "dining" position. When at the restaurant, (or wherever) you can park the frame next to you, and turn your baby a quarter turn so you can see him. I really like that feature. It is like he has a seat at the table with us.The frame itself is top notch. It is light and, easy to assemble, and feels very durable. It is NOT meant for walking on rough terrain. This frame is literally for walking around the stores and taking a stroll on nice pavement. If you have bumpy roads you need to walk over daily, this is not for you. The wheels are smooth and can turn on a dime, but I do not walk over unpaved roads or gravel with this (e.g., like at a State Park). For that kind of terrain, I use a 3 wheel jogging stroller with large rubber bicycle style wheels.The frame comes bare bone and I feel it should at least come with a cargo net. There is no where to put your diaper bag without buying the additional net. I do not know of anyone who would not want a net with theirs. It is a minor complaint, and if it did include it, it would raise the price of the frame up. I guess it gives consumers more options.I love this stroller and I highly recommend it.

Allyson Tichnor, AR

Great single stroller option

I have owned quite a few strollers over the years, uppababy vista-loved it but too heavy and large, single bob-wasn’t good for everyday use but good for walks and jogs, maclaren techno-amazing umbrella!!, and then we needed a double…bring on the double bob…way to huge for everyday use, and finally what I am in love with and is the perfect solution for us the Phil and teds. But I’ll get back to that.Where does the orbit fit in, if I could go back to the days where I only had to push around one kid, I would have loved the orbit g3, let’s face it. It just looks cool. That is why you are buying this, to stand out. Really sucks that you have to buy the stroller seat separately, as well as sunshade, storage basket underneath, etc. So keep in mind that things will add up really quickly. The frame is sturdy and fairly light, especially compared to the uppababy vista. I love the tall handles and so does my 6’2" husband. So that’s a major win for us.As far as converting this stroller to a double, for those of you planning to do so, I would probably choose a different option. Yes, there is the double helix adapter but wow. That is going to make for one long and hard to push stroller. So just keep that in mind if that is something you are thinking about for the future.The orbit really makes a great single stroller! It offered a pretty smooth ride for my sidewalk-less neighborhood. So if you stick to malls and smooth side sidewalks.

Phoebe Platinum, AK

Best stroller we have ever tried

What can I say but I love this stroller. It is so cleverly designed and my baby loves it so much. These are my thoughts:PROS:1. Easy to setup – The Instructions are clear and there really isn’t much to do when you get it. Piece of cake.2. Weight – This is like a feather compared to our Chico stroller. My wife has no problem lifting it.3. Comfort – I have the fussiest baby and she cannot sleep in a stroller. We have a Peg and Chico and they have their strengths but not like this Orbit. The seats are so comfortable that she was asleep amid the fireworks of the 4th of July celebration. Awesome.4. Swivel – I can easily turn her around 360 degrees. I have to actually press the release to lift it up slightly to make her face me because the foot rest is blocked by the handle bars but little effort required.5. Folding – turn the bar and this folds up nice and small.6. Brakes – There are 2 pedals one is green, which means go literally and the other one is Red which means stopped obviously. I like this more than other poorly designed brakes from other manufacturers that require you to lift up the brake with your foot or there is only one pedal for the brake.CONS:1. Cant think of oneSUMMARY:This is the best and most intelligently engineered stroller I have ever tried. An excellent product and worthy of being called the best stroller ever made in my opinion. If you want the best, this is it.

Katelyn Rothville, MO

Orbit G3 stroller frame is so cute in black and works well.

I love that G-3 is very environmentally friendly and this awesome G-3 design stroller comes with the ability to rotate baby 360 degrees when needed. Quick and easy set up: unpack and snap small wheels on front and big wheels on back. Comes with big pedals to step on to set the breaks.My husband 6″ 3″ husband really likes the extra length on the handles, which makes it so much more comfortable from him. He always hated those short umbrella strollers. He also likes being able to fold with one hand and tires that do not needed to be pumped up all the time.I also choose the matching stroller seat Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat, BlackOrbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat, BlackAnd the cargo storage bag for underneathOrbit Baby G3 Stroller Cargo Basket, BlackThere is also a removable sun shield / sunshade availableOrbit Baby G3 Stroller Sunshade, Tealand toddler seatOrbit Baby G3 Toddler Convertible Car Seat, Black

Juana Wheeler, IL

Well-built stroller that is versatile and unique.

The G3 stroller is the latest stroller from Orbit Baby. This is actually my first interaction with any Orbit Baby product, and so far I am quite impressed. First of all, if you are unfamiliar with this brand, you need to understand that is not a stand-alone stroller. This is only the frame, so you need to purchase either the infant car seat, toddler car seat, stroller seat, or bassinet to use with this. So there are a lot of different ways you can use this frame.The frame is very easy to assemble out of the box. You simply unfold it, and attach the four wheels. I had it ready to go in under 10 minutes. The instructions actually use step by step pictures instead of words, which is unique. The first impression is that the frame is sturdy, but not overly heavy at 16 lbs. And it truly has one-handed fold-up. You simply twist the stainless steel bar, and it folds immediately. To lock it back up, you pull a small plastic lever and swing it open. Again, this process is very simple. Anyone with decent strength and size would be able to hold a baby with one arm while folding this stroller with the other hand.While the frame is light, it is definitely a beast in terms of size. It is wide and the rear wheels are quite large. You may have issues using this if you need to use the stroller in tight spaces. On the flip side, the large wheels help it ride smoothly over uneven sidewalks. The braking system is fantastic and the best I’ve ever seen on a stroller. You simply press on the large red button to prevent it from moving, then press on the large green to get it going again. I wish all strollers had an effective system like this.The handlebars are made of a soft foam material. While the company says this was a customer-requested feature, I personally would prefer to have the old rubber handles. While it is soft, I feel this foam material will eventually disintegrate. The handlebars do pull upwards, so tall people can use them comfortably. Finally, there are two square cup holders that can also be used to store phones and keys.While there is no included storage space, you can order the Orbit Baby cargo basket and attach it underneath. The nice thing is that the stroller still folds up easily with the cargo basket attached.The overall design is trendy and will definitely catch looks and create comments when you are out in public. The cost is definitely on the high end for strollers, but let’s face it- if you are considering buying an Orbit Baby system, low price probably isn’t one of your major priorities.I don’t have any experience with the previous G2 version, but here are the improvements in the G3 per Orbit Baby:- improved handling- improved brakes, which are supposed to be “flip-flop friendly”- new tires that don’t require pumping- there are two cup holders now, instead of just one- improved folding feature- handles now use foam instead of hard rubber- new all-black color optionOrbit Baby has created a versatile stroller that is large, sturdy, and very unique.

Christina Leewood, WV


Quite negatively surprised with the whole orbit baby system… I’ve got a joolz and a bugaboo, and sadly they way better. That base is squeaking with every move. It’s hard to navigate cuz the front wheels are just to big, moreover they are hard and I don’t think there’s any suspension! Get of road and that’s was it with your baby’s sleep. After 2 months something’s broken and it’s squeaking even more and it’s even harder to move it around, back wheels got a bit on a side and I’m just hoping that somebody at orbit will solve this problem… Just that I shipped it all the way to Germany… Let’s see! The only thing that I love about that pram is design, the 360 idea and folding. Such a shame 🙁

Reva Ruby, SC

Far From Practical

This is a very expensive stroller with some major flaws. (This review is for the frame with the G3 stroller seat.) Out of the box, there is not much to put together. You put the wheels on and you’re done. It maneuvers well and is very sturdy. It only has foot brakes, but not the flip up and down kind. You press the red pedal on the right to stop, the green pedal on the left to go. The handles are very adjustable, so it’d be a great stroller for a tall person. At 5’4", I am using the handles on the lowest setting with no issues. A very short person would find this stroller too tall. I love that the baby can face front or back. The wheels are well made rubber, but do not require inflating. It wouldn’t be the best stroller for jogging, but is good for walking and multiple terrains. It also gives you plenty of walking room without the optional under storage. You can walk normally without kicking into the stroller.Now, the things I dislike about it:It is not mom friendly. To fold it up or set it up, you need both hands. It comes apart in two pieces. The frame folds up, though not all that compactly, but it does fold. The seat doesn’t fold at all. So you have to remove the seat and then fold the frame. To set up, you have to unfold the frame and then put the seat on.It is a beast to have in your car. You’ve got two not very compact pieces to tote around in the back of your car. Yes, they fit. But on a Costco run day or a grocery shopping day, it is so difficult to get everything packed in with the two awkward stroller pieces in the car.The cup holder annoy me. When I put a regular water bottle into the cup holder, it bounces around like crazy. I guess I should be happy that a larger cup fits. But the smaller bottles bouncing drive me batty. I know it seems silly. But I hate walking and holding the water bottle in the holder to keep it from bouncing out.Overall: I would not likely recommend this stroller. It just isn’t suburban mom friendly. Certainly not friendly for a mom of many. It is like a little baby throne, but is so far from practical.

Peggy Weatherford, TX

Solid stroller system

I paired this frame with theOrbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat, Black. This frame is SOLID. It arrives mostly assembled (as did the seat I ordered) and I had the system together and ready to roll in under ten minutes.This stroller system provides an extremely smooth ride and is easy and comfortable to push and turn. I love that this system allows me to easily turn baby from forward to rear facing. Sometimes my little guy likes to face forward and people watch; other times it’s nice to have him face me, especially if he is overstimulated and/or tired.The frame folds up easily and is lightweight. I have no trouble lifting and fitting it into the trunk of my mid-sized sedan.Overall I’ve been extremely pleased with this product. If you can get past the initial sticker shock and are willing to invest in a quality stroller setup, I highly recommend this system.

Stefanie Tehuacana, TX

Premium Product!

This Orbit G3 stroller is truly a work of art. I can’t say enough great things about this stroller. I own the black frame, as well as stroller seat for my 10 month old, 26 pound little tank. It looks so sharp aesthetically….but functionally, it’s just as amazing.Although not completely lightweight at around 25 pounds, I don’t think there are many premium stroller that are much lighter than that. I drive a 4 door sedan, and the Orbit G3 actually fits in to my trunk easier than my City Select. A slight con with the fold is that you must remove the seat to fold it, although, I have to remove the seat for my City Select to make it fit in my trunk, so this is not much of a change for my routine.I love the one-handed ability to do almost everything. We can push it around very easily. A friend’s 5 year old son was playing with the stroller at my house the other day and he was able to maneuver it around very easily – so, this shows you just how simple and effortlessly this stroller glides. Another wonderful option is the extendable handles. This feature makes it very easy for short people (me) as well as taller people (my husband) to push this stroller comfortably.The frame comes with a “parent console” built-in, so you don’t have to buy that separately, however, everything else is an add-on! The storage basket underneath the stroller, the side storage baskets, and even the canopy on the stroller seat is a separate add-on! The alone annoys me. I would rather the cost of the stroller to be higher and just include everything. That’s just my opinion.The stroller seat is very well made and attaches to the frame very easily. It reclines enough for a very young baby, so if you don’t purchase the Orbit car seat, I still feel as though the recline would be suitable for a very small, young baby. I also love the way that you can spin the seat 180 degrees. I love having the stroller in parent facing mode, however, sometimes my son gets annoyed and wants to see what’s happening in the world, so a typical stroller, would have to remove the baby and then remove the seat. But the Orbit G3 allows you to simply spin the seat around without disturbing the baby.This stroller truly is a premium, top of the line stroller. I don’t think anyone could be disappointed in such a wonderful product.

Angie Merepoint, ME


With the orbit system I am torn over whether I like it or actually love it. The fact that you can use the base for different attachments is genius but at the same time some of the simple accessories should be included. This base is easy to push and attach the orbit baby g3 seat to, the frame folds easily, and it was easy to assemble. I am fairly tall and I have not had any issue using this stroller without adjusting it

Leslie Coalmont, CO

Almost Perfect 3rd Revison from an Orbit Baby G2 Travel System Owner

Having owned the Orbit Baby G2 Travel System stroller for my first baby, I was fascinated by the killer looks, neat features and hidden functionality of the frame to accept accessories. It was far from a perfect stroller, but it was a good alternative among a sea of Bugaboo strollers then.Now on it’s third revision, there are seemingly indistinguishable changes and a lot has been carried over to this frame.WHAT’S THE SAME:1. Stroller frame dimension and weight are both the same.2. SmartHub – patented 360 degree rotation to use with the Stroller Seat, Infant Car Seat and Toddler Car Seat.3. QuadShock – shocks that supposedly absorb in all directions and not just up and down motion.4. One-handed fold action.5. Rubber no-pump tires that can be replaced should.WHAT’S DIFFERENT:1. Dual Cup Holders – the G2 had a single cup holder by the middle and two small "pockets" for your keys which honestly was a useless feature. The G3 now has a smarter use of it’s space in between the handles by providing dual cup holders that are rectangular than round previously. One for your drink, and the other for your baby. Or because it’s spacious, use it for your keys, mobile phone, etc.2. Flip Flop-friendly brakes. The previous G2 brakes had a simple, but awkward stepping motion that you had to apply with a bit of force to lock into the wheels. The latest G3 brakes now has a more complex designed but very simple to operate large foot pedals with green colour on one side (left) and red colour pedal (right) on the other. You don’t need to apply much force, just step on either and it easily glides down to lock and unlock the wheels.3. Although the actual handle bars look the same, they are not and I’m not loving this aspect. The handles are are now rounded tubes versus a triangular shaped tube that mimics the shape of the frame itself. I don’t know why they updated it to a rounded shape, but the round tubes threw me off in design that didn’t fit the look of the frame.Then the handles are now comfortably foamy pads versus hard rubber that looked elegant. The foam pads of the G3 look cheap and easy to get soaked versus the non-porous rubber handles with grip indentations of the G2.4. Removed Wrist strap. I admit I never used the odd wrist strap of the G2. You can either put it around your wrist or hook it to your belt so it does not sneak out from you from an undetectable slope. I’m glad they just improved the braking system a lot so it’s very easy to use and eliminated the awkward strap that just dangled.5. Frame Colour is now offered in all black or grey. Black is definitely the way to go. I’m not liking the grey colour, I wish they retained the light grey colour of the G2 frame or did one better by offering a red frame instead. So black would be my only choice as it is more versatile to mix and match and classy to look at.INSTALLATION:Installation is intuitive and done in 5 minutes. As a previous G2 owner, I didn’t have to read the manual. All you need to do once you are done removing the plastic wrapping and foam and cardboard packaging, is to simply unfold the frame and snap on all four wheels. The two wheels in front are smaller, while the two rear wheels are larger. Presto! Installation is done. Now all you need to do is put on the seat and any accessories you chose to purchase along with the G3 frame.OVERALL:The minor improvements are what matters and I have no real complaints on this G3 frame for now. The welding of the frame is neat and the black colour hides it better. The plastic parts remind me of German automobile plastic switches which are solid to the touch. The foam handle is a bit disappointing and time will tell how it stands to the four season weather I have.I will update my review as needed.

Margarita Eagle Grove, IA