Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat, Black

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat, Black

We move with you. From car to strolling, from one baby to three kids, from parent-facing to forward-facing, and all 360 degrees in between, Orbit Baby was built to move with you A new spin on everyday travel. Only Orbit Baby Travel Systems have a patented SmartHub ring, which makes getting baby in and out of the car and onto the stroller a breeze, and gives baby a 360-degree view of the world while strolling. The Smart Travel System that grows with your family. • Dock any Orbit Baby Seat on the G3 Stroller Base’s patented SmartHub ring and rotate seat to your baby’s favorite view – no adapters necessary • Use from birth with any of G3 Infant Car Seat, G3 Bassinet or G3 Stroller Seat • Adding more kids to the family? The G3 Stroller converts to a Double Stroller with Orbit Baby’s Helix Plus Upgrade Kit, or attach the Sidekick Stroller Board to give your toddler a joy ride Breakthrough convenience features • Protect baby from wind or sun on-the-go by simply rotating the seat: no needto remove the seat to change position • One-handed stroller fold: simply twist and lift, seriously easy • Height adjustable handlebars • Built-in, dual cup holders • Compact fold – a full feature stroller that fits in even the smallest of trunks Customize your ride • Orbit Baby offers your choice of a large Cargo Basket, a detachable Cargo Pod, or side Panniers that clip to the side of the stroller- perfect for grocery shopping • Orbit Baby offers an array of Sunshade colors for the G3 Stroller Seat. Create a look that turns heads and expresses your sense of style. Orbit Baby also offers unmatched comfort features for baby. Check out the G3 Infant Car Seat, G3 Bassinet, G3 Stroller Seat and G3 Toddler Car Seat pages to find more ways that Orbit Baby moves with you.

Main features

  • 360 degree views: rotate the seat from parent-facing to forward-facing and back again, no need to remove the seat
  • 3 position recline
  • Swiveling support bar with removable snack tray
  • Luxuriously padded and reversible infant insert with cool mesh on one side and ultra-soft fleece on the other

Verified reviews


Comfortable seat to go along with sturdy base

I used this seat on the Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Frame which is a solid well made base but I won’t go into that review here. Instead, I will focus on the seat which is super comfortable and allows for complete rotation (forward-facing or parent-facing, upright or fully reclined). The insert has two sides. One side is more breathable than the other for hot weather situations. The seat includes a snack tray which has a lid and can hold a sippy-cup. Additionally, the seat has a removable footrest that extends outwards and can lock into three separate, different positions.Potential Buyers: Please read the other reviews. One review mentioned a snapped release handle with under 50 uses. I have not had this issue and will update my review if I do but I think all buyers should be aware of this potential issue.

Marta Graysville, GA

Nice seat

(Just a reminder-it wont lock in your car seat dock since this is not a car seat). The insert for a newborn has two sides. One side is warmer for a colder weather and the other is like mesh type breathable for a hotter weather. Really thoughtful.

Nikki Scio, NY

it’s ok,

Happy with it, just the tray is a bit are to remove… you can almost hear the plastic breaking. Kid is v comfortable in, and the material is a good quality.

Nannie Williamstown, WV

… for those willing to spend extra money for the best possible equipment

The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat is a high-end product for those willing to spend extra money for the best possible equipment. This item by itself is useless; it must be paired with the Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Frame which is definitely not cheap either. The quality of the material and construction is obvious; no cheap material here, and comfort and safety were definitely the top considerations in the design. The seat is very easy to insert into the stroller frame, and the ability to swivel 360 degrees is really nice. There are obviously less expensive models out there, but if you consider performance more important than price then the quality of this stroller component can not be beat.

Jeanine Webster, NC

Looks Like A Racing Seat

I really like this stroller seat. It doesn’t look like a normal seat to me. It looks so sleek that it could be a baby car racing seat.This stroller seat requires the Orbit frame in order to use and you only get the seat when you purchase this. You can not use the seat on it’s own without the required bases. The seat can be used with infants and can be used up to 50 pounds. You will get a long life span out of this. The foot rest is adjustable but when facing you, it can only be used at the shortest height. A bigger child will not want to be facing you anyway.My son is only 6 months and I stroll him around the town and malls with this. I face him forward so he can people watch and he loves it. The seat holds him in pretty nice and tight, and when he falls asleep, I can easily recline this to a "pram" position for him to sleep.It has 3 positions you can use it in. From straight up sitting, slant, and flat. When you squeeze the handles on the side to adjust the position, you can also swivel in one motion. They made it very simple to adjust on the fly. You can also rotate this a quarter turn into "dining" mode and have him face the table like he has his own seat at the table.The stroller seat cups onto the frame so you can store it in the trunk of your car. You can not fold the frame with the seat attached. There is a vent in the back but I did not notice it doing much in 90" degree weather. My son came out of this sweaty, even though he only had a onesie on. However, whenever he comes out of a car seat, he sweats so I did not think much of it.When I first received it, I left it in my SUV and in the heat baking it, when I got in the car the next day, it did have a smell in my SUV. It was not overly bad, but there was an odor. It must be the "green" materials getting hot. No such problems in my car trunk.The seat came pretty much assembled out of the box. You just have to attach the foot rest onto it, and tray if needed. Mine came in a black seat with white cushion. The picture shows black on black, but my cushion was white.You should also purchase the sunshade with this as it does not have one built in. You can forget about using it in sunny weather outdoors without the sunshade.The only thing I would add is a handle somewhere in the back. When you remove this from the base and have to pick it up off the ground, it is cumbersome. It needs a foldable handle in my opinion.If you have a newborn, you might want to get the infant car seat to use with the frame. I do not own the infant car seat so when I go out, I have to put my son in a different car seat and then transport him into this stroller seat. I do not mind because the infant car seat can not face forward when strolling, and he gets bored and wants to people watched. The only time it is annoying is when he is asleep in this seat and I have to transfer him into a car seat. You do not want to wake up a sleeping baby for the ride home!All in all, this is a fantastic stroller. It is made from quality materials and certified clean and healthy by Oeko-Tex. The snack tray is also BPA and PVC free.If you are considering investing in an Orbit Baby system, then I highly recommend this stroller seat.

Magdalena Temple, GA

Awesome stroller!

This stroller seat fit in perfectly with the stroller frame. There are 2 levers you lift up on either side and it allows you to rotate it. The seat is very comfortable that my fussy baby falls asleep in it. The best stroller I have ever owned!

Claudette Gonzalez, FL

G3 is one of the most chemically safe strollers you can buy. Love this 360 degree swivel seat.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat for birth to 50 pounds in Black is a flexible car seat inspired shell that comes with the ability to rotate baby 360 degrees when needed.It has one handed recline to Orbit Baby’s 360 degree seat rotation to make it the perfect easy to use stroller. Like to face baby reclined towards you. The recline function does not recline the back of the seat, the whole seat reclines, so keep this in mind when you buy.The harness belt system has a 2 step process for release so you will need both hands to get you baby free, thus preventing a baby from freeing himself.The removable snack tray is cute with a place for sippy cup, but a little on the flimsy side.The foot rest is adjustable to three different positions.The newborn insert has a warm side and a reverse cooler side fabric design.It is one of the most chemically safe strollers you can buy.This is seat is made to be compatible to the G3 rocker base, helix plus double stroller kit and Orbit Baby G3 stroller base.I got the black stroller base http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GHM86AQOrbit Baby G3 Travel System – Car Seat and Frame Black

Stella Eddy, TX

So far my favorite feature is the reversible insert for both hot and …

Loving the new G3 stroller seat! So far my favorite feature is the reversible insert for both hot and cold weather as it has been 90+ here all week. I have had it on the cool side and when I pick up my daughter, no sweat ring! So I’m sure this is much more comfortable for her. I have the G2 stroller frame and as promised, this fits the base. A sun shade DOES NOT come with this stroller seat. It must be purchased separately. There are a variety of colors to choose from but I stuck with the "slate" as a gender neutral option since I plan to sell all of my G2/G3 when we are done using it. The shade is amazing though. Its enormous and keeps my baby completely covered. Don’t forget to include one in your order. The only thing I am not loving about this seat is that it does not collapse in any way. Which I knew before I purchased it. Still, it would be nice if it could fold down some how to make it smaller and easier to handle during travel. We just had to purchase the $200 orbit stroller travel bag because we simply cant fold the seat down to fit into a decent sized piece of luggage. But thats a whole other review…

Brandie Pansey, AL

Not Suburban Mom Friendly

This review is for the G3 seat used with the base.Out of the box, there is minimal to do for this seat. You add the bar on. Add the footrest on. Clip the snack tray onto the bar. Place the whole thing on your stroller base (purchased separately) and you’re done.The seat is super cozy. It reclines significantly. The foot rest extends for growing use. The snack tray bar easily unclips to get baby in and out. The straps adjust easily. The five point harness seems very secure. My 20 lb. one year old fits with the straps on the smallest setting. I cannot imagine him fitting into this seat before 6 months old. The removable padding is super soft and plush. The seat sets into the base easily and I like that it can face me or away from me. (Sometimes they want to watch Mom, sometimes they want to watch the world.)I dislike that the snack tray has no cup holder for the baby. He usually rides with his little sippy cup of water and maybe a snack. The drink is the given, but there is no where to put it.The system is not very suburban mom friendly. To put the stroller into my car, I have to remove the seat and place it in the car separately from the folded up base (and the base doesn’t compact all that small, it compacts to the size of the seat). So, at a minimum with this system I have two pieces to deal with in my car. It makes Costco and grocery runs a real pain.I have to use two hands to get it into and out of the car. That defies my #1 rule for strollers. I like a stroller that I can pop in and out of the car while holding a baby. As a mom of 5, it is asking a lot that I have to use my whole person to set up or tear down a stroller. Not practical at all.I wouldn’t really recommend this stroller. While the baby rides like a little king on a throne, it is not mom friendly at all.

Kristin Morann, PA

This is an awesome looking seat

This is an awesome looking seat. (note:it requires you to get the Orbit frame. This is just the seat the G3 stroller seat is compatible with the Orbit Baby G3 stroller base, rocker base, and helix plus double stroller kit)I love the way it looks. It is very good quality, easy to set up, it reclines, and a foot rest that extends, and insert for hot or cold weather. It does have a nice, removable snack tray but no place for cups. It is also not collapsible. Overall a good find.

Emilia Southmayd, TX

Solid stroller system

I paired this seat with theOrbit Baby G3 Stroller Frame, Black. My first impression upon unboxing this seat was that it is very solidly built. The seat comes mostly assembled (you just need to attach the tray and foot rest).Snapping this seat into the G3 frame was a breeze. I absolutely love the reclining feature of this seat as well as its ability to face any direction in the stroller frame. Sometimes my little one likes to sit up and people watch… other times he does better to face me and even recline for a nap.The seat holds my little man securely and seems comfortable for him. Visually this stroller system is attractive and eye-catching – we’ve received many comments and compliments while out and about with the G3.Overall I’m very pleased with the seat. If you’re looking for a stroller system that’s built to last and don’t mind the financial investment, I definitely recommend this system.

Juliette Villalba, PR

the three positions are very nice and the buckles are very secure

This seat is quite unique compared to those I have previously used with my children, the three positions are very nice and the buckles are very secure. I like that there is a snack tray but there is no place to keep a bottle or sippy cup. The seat being able to rotate is a big plus, most seats don’t have the option. The seat itself says cool in this hot weather we are having, and seeing that they are the most chemically safe stroller system and seats is very interesting.

Jenna Albany, GA

Simplified G3 Stroller Seat. Hoping the latch problems have been solved for the G3.

As a previous owner of the Orbit Baby G2 Travel System, I can see that there are a few seemingly simple changes done to this Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat versus the G2 Stroller Seat.For one, the harness system has been updated to be more secure. Now in order for a child not to remove the belts on their own, Orbit has designed a two-step process that requires you to depress on the red button of the belt while also depressing the usual plastic hook found in all child belts. They are banking on the fact that this simultaneous process is difficult for a child to do. Even if it’s a simple process, to make it work you will need both your hands free. It cannot be done one-handed.BELTSThe threading of the belt has been improved as well. Behind the seat cover there are plastic tabs that you just slide the belts depending on the shoulder height of your child. It’s easier to operate and it’s obviously cheaper to build.HANDLE BARThe handle bar has been simplified as well. Gone is the exterior velcro padded cloth that acts as a bumper and was also washable. Now you have a simple foam padded bar that looks like the bar of the G2 when you remove the padded cloth.FOOT RESTI may be wrong, but I believe the snack tray and the foot rest are carry over parts from the G2. The snack tray is still clunky in installation and removal despite being functional. It is worth nothing that they claim it to be BPA and PVC free.The foot rest on the other hand I have had no qualms in build and operation I don’t mind it being carried over.REAR VENTILATIONThe rear ventilation has been simplified as well by removing the zipper covers to vent. For the G3 they simply exposed the vent. I guess there really is no big difference in having readily exposed vents versus a pretend cloth to cover the vent.SUN SHADEPart of the cost measure is eliminating the previously included sun shade which explains why it is now $80 cheaper. They encourage you to personalize the colour of the sun shade by buying it separately, of course. So previous owners who are not aware of this change may skip buying a sun shade when ordering only to find there is none included in the box. So make sure to purchase one from the get go so you have a complete system to build and use from day one.The result of all these is a visually slimmer frame. Oddly enough the specs and weight of the G3 and G2 are still the same so I don’t know if the design simplicity and weight savings translated somewhere else to bring the weight back up.THE REAL ISSUE:Now design improvement or not, my real problem with the G2 stroller seat is that the latch is the weakest part. People like myself have experienced the failure of the latch such that the hook breaks internally leaving your seat stuck to the stroller frame. The only recourse is to tediously break into the side plastic of the seat so you can grab onto the metal hook to tug and release the seat. In the meantime, you wait patiently for the replacement seat from Orbit Baby and hope that it doesn’t re-occur outside of your 2 year warranty.This can be a traumatizing experience especially if you have a small car and no way of fitting the stroller and seat in your trunk still attached and a turn off for previous Orbit Baby G2 owners.So I am hoping that Orbit has learned their lesson and improved on the latch a thousand times over so they can win back previous owners like myself and have first-time owners have no idea of what we were complaining about.In this regard, time will tell as I put more mileage into the seat. I will update my review as needed.OVERALL:So crossing my fingers that they have improved on the latch, I enjoy this seemingly simpler and more cost-effective seat. The 360 hub rotation is still there as well as the adjustable foot rest. The incline of the seat is adjustable as in the previous model.If you are a G3 Frame owner, then purchasing this is a no-brainer. Just make sure you also purchase a sun shade with the colour of your choice as none is included in the box.

Bianca Honesdale, PA

If I had the money I still wouldn’t buy this.

The snack tray is stupid and cheap. They should have made a normal cup holder and instead you get some odd shape. The plastic tray is not as thick as my current stroller. My daughter always has a drink and the cup doesn’t fit correctly I this.The whole mix & match thing is not my cup of tea. This should include a sunshade. My stroller cost just as much as this seat. It came with a large basket and a sunshade.While the seat itself is nice, it’s not affordable for the average household. There’s too many things I don’t love about this stroller to fork out that kind of money.

Noelle Cameron, WV

Hard to review without the rest of the parts required,quite expensive

This is certainly a high quality stroller seat,with a great food tray.All the materials that went into this car seat are very durable and neat.. The drawback is it is only a part of the investment.It is part of a multiple investment,as by itself it is not able to be used.Neither as a car seat or a stroller.The investment for some is considerable though it is highly desirable,I could not complete my review because of it.

Lydia Lyons, IL