Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2, Black

Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2, Black

You only want the best for your new baby, and you’re overwhelmed by all the strollers and car seats out there. Keep things simple with the only premium starter kit that includes everything you need for your new baby. Give your child the smoothest ride with our revolutionary QuadShock suspension, and easily dock and rotate your Infant Car Seat with the patented SmartHub ring. With StrongArm, the Stroller Travel System G2 has the easiest car seat for you to install securely, and with the world’s only car seat fabrics certified safe by Oeko Tex, this product is one you can buy. It is the only premium stroller that seamlessly integrates your stroller and car seat without any finicky car seat adapters. As part of the only system that flexes to fit your life, the included frame and base are compatible with all other Orbit Baby seats.

Main features

  • Real-world car seat safety: StrongArm installation with just the turn of a knob, and a SmartHub docking ring that offers 360 security
  • Smoothest ride: QuadShock offers the world’s most advanced stroller suspension
  • Parenting made easier: one-handed fold, adjustable handlebars, no awkward car seat adapters, and Cargo Pod diaper bag
  • Baby-safe: orbitgreen: Certified Fabrics with Oeko-Tex certification
  • Includes Infant Car Seat G2, Stroller Frame G2, and Car Seat Base G2

Verified reviews


Dangerous — Off Balanced Due To Uneven Weight Distribution

I purchased the Orbit infant stroller system a year and a half ago. Initially, my husband and I liked the convenience of rotating the car seat and docking it onto the stroller. However, we soon noticed a major problem. If your child is facing you (toward the handles), there is too much weight on the side of the handles. Therefore, if you put even a super light diaper bag or a shopping bag on the handles (or if you’re strolling uphill even without a diaper bag), the stroller will fall toward you. When my baby was 3 months old, I stopped on the street to tie my shoelace and the stroller came crashing forward. Fortunately, my baby was strapped in so he wasn’t hurt but the fall did startle him… and my soda on the handle bar spilled all over me. There are other problems with the Orbit system, but I think this design defect is a major problem that should be addressed.Recently, we had the same issue with the toddler stroller seat (my baby is now 16 months old and weighs about 27 pounds). I had my baby facing me and only had a sandwich bad on the handle bar that weighed at most 3 pounds. My baby was sleeping when I decided to check my mail. When my baby woke up, he sat up and leaned forward, which caused the stroller to fall forward again. My baby was strapped in so he wasn’t badly hurt other than the scrapes on his hands. However, this problem is a dangerous problem that Orbit should address immediately since another child may not be as lucky. The problem with the toddler stroller seat is that, in addition to the stroller being unbalanced as it is, the toddler seat flaps forward when a child sits up. You would think that the seat should be anchored so that the entire back of the seat won’t lift up when a child sits up but that is not the case. Therefore, the weight of the child leaning forward will cause the stroller to fall forward.I brought this problem to the attention of Orbit. They claimed it’s not a design defect and just offered a small discount on the G2 version. I find their response totally inadequate.

Iris Bluffton, IN

Very Satisfied

I love this car seat/stroller combo and have gotten so many compliments. My favorite feature is the swival. It makes the car seat really easy to get in the car, simply place it on the base and then rotate into position.I also like that I can use the seat without the base.The only negative I have is that the seat is very big. I have a Mazda 3 and fitting the infant seat in the car makes for squishy seating in the front. This does not seem to be an issue with my sister’s Honda Accord, so I think it is just an issue if you have a small compact car. Also – it does not fit on an airline seat if the seat in front is reclined.Overall, I highly recommend this seat. The flexible carry strap, ability to rotate, and the fact that the baby is so deep in the seat makes it a great system.

Edith Holton, KS

Wonderful Stroller Combo

This stroller combo is so great! It’s safe, lightweight and so very functional! We’ve got the rocker attachment, too, and our grandson loves it! No more transferring sleeping baby from car seat to stroller – undock car seat and dock on stroller and go – the infant seat cannot be beat, it’s the most comfortable and versatile one available as far as I can tell! We have two docks set up in two vehicles to make the transition from the two cars absolutely trouble free!UPDATE June 2010:We’ve sold the infant seat and now graduated to the toddler car seat and also got the new G2 toddler stroller seat, here’s why: Now that our 1 year old grandson weighs over 25 lbs, he is very heavy to lift out of the car while still in his toddler car seat!…also, the toddler stroller seat reclines, and has lots of features the car seat does not offer (full sun shade, recline, foot rest, toy bar – you must read all the features). We went with the adaptable G2 stroller seat because it seemed to offer more than the original Orbit toddler stroller seat, altho I’m sure that one is wonderful, too! The stroller and seat fold up nice and compact together so it’s all set to use – we store it in both a Honda CRV and a Scion XA – both small vehicles. If they made the G2 when we purchased the original set we would have bought it simply because of the upgrades and the non-inflatable wheels for the stroller. We still feel this is the best combo on the market and well worth the money – if you splurge on one thing for your baby, this should be it!

Julianne Belle Plaine, MN

Six stars for design, minus one star for value equals… 5 stars!

Exactly what we expected it to be. If you’re not willing to pay for innovation, this is not the stroller for you!

Dolly Crosby, TX

Bar None: Out Of This World Customer Service!!!

At this point in your stroller and carseat system research I’m sure you’re aware of all the pros in terms of design and convenience that comes with purchasing the Orbit Baby Infant System so I’d like to tell you a little bit about the company’s customer service.Recently my husband and I had a problem with our infant system that warranted contacting the the company. Not only was the representative who took the complaint extremely courteous and patient he actually passed on our concerns to the company’s higher-ups. Within 24-hours of the original complaint my husband personally received a call from the company’s CEO, Joseph Hei, to address our problem. Joseph could have easily brushed our concerns aside, instead, he worked with us to rectify the problem–all within 24 hours.You can do NO WRONG by going with this system. There’s just no competition in terms of safety, convenience, craftsmenship/design, customer service and, yes, the ubber-high coolness factor (the least of our concerns but always a bonus). The infant system is on the pricey side but you know what they say, “you get what you pay for.” In our situation we got our money’s worth in the form of unparalleled customer service.

Eva Natural Dam, AR

Using it for Baby #2

I highly recommend this system. I purchased it in June 2007 for my daughter who was born that month. It’s not that I am glad we spent this considerable amount, but I am not bothered by it because I feel we have gotten maximum use out of the system. We had intended to use this system through two babies, and now that we are expecting baby #2 in a few weeks, I am glad that we will indeed be using it for two babies.The docking system is what sold me. It is so convenient to be able to swivel the car seat around to face the door opening. It makes buckling the baby in/out so convenient, and really easy on the back, too. I love the convenience of being able to undock the carseat from the carseat base, and directly setting it onto the stroller frame, in any direction, and just jiggling it around until it locks into place.I just got this system out of storage and washed everything to get ready for the new baby. The cover, pads, sunshade– everything washes up beautifully and is easy to put back on. It is in tiptop shape and while I credit the fact that my husband and I like to take care of our things, it has mostly to do with the fact that this system is solidly built, and won’t fall apart easily.The stroller maneuvers smoothly and you can push it in any direction you want with just one finger. I’m not kidding, I’ve done it before. And the little pod/diaper bag that slides underneath is very convenient. I stash all the diapering necessities in there and it’s easy to just slide it out for a diaper change. This stroller system has also come along with us to many restaurants and we were able to take the stroller with us (either with the car seat mounted on top, or the bassinet, which we have as well) directly to our table. The ability to rotate really came in handy for this function because we didn’t want to take up too much aisle room in restaurants or trip anyone up, so we would lower the handles all the way down, and rotate the baby to whichever direction made the stroller the most compact size.I’ve traveled thousands of miles with this system (to Saudi Arabia and back, multiple times) and never had a problem stowing the stroller frame on-board, in the closet. The flight attendants always wanted me to gate-check it, always told me it would be too big to fit anywhere in the cabin, but once I removed the carseat, pushed down the handles, flipped the frame in half, they would act all surprised and manage to find space for it in the cabin closet afterall. It was great.Overall, I am most pleased about the fact that it has been a couple of years since my original purchase, but I didn’t even consider buying any other infant system this time around. I am just as happy to have this system to use for baby #2 as I was for baby #1.I also have the bassinet and have only good things to say about it. I also have the toddler items- the stroller seat, and the carseat- but for the toddler products Orbit wasn’t able to keep me as satisfied.

Heidi Corona, CA