Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2, Mocha

Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2, Mocha

You only want the best for your new baby, and you’re overwhelmed by all the strollers and car seats out there – keep things simple with the only premium “starter kit” that includes everything you need for your new baby. Give your child the smoothest ride with our revolutionary QuadShock suspension, and easily dock and rotate your Infant Car Seat with the patented SmartHub ring.  With StrongArm, the Stroller Travel System G2 has the easiest car seat for you to install securely, and with the world’s only car seat fabrics certified safe by Oeko Tex, this product is one you can buy.  It is the only premium stroller that seamlessly integrates your stroller and car seat without any finicky car seat adapters.  As part of the only system that flexes to fit your life, the included frame and base are compatible with all other Orbit Baby seats.

Main features

  • Real world car seat safety: StrongArm installation with just the turn of a knob, and a SmartHub docking ring that offers 360 security
  • Smoothest ride: QuadShock offers the worlds most advanced stroller suspension
  • Parenting made easier: one handed fold, adjustable handlebars, no awkward car seat adapters, and Cargo Pod diaper bag
  • Baby safe, planet friendly: orbitgreen: Certified Fabrics with Oeko Tex certification
  • includes Infant Car Seat G2, Stroller Frame G2, and Car Seat Base G2

Verified reviews


Skip the glamour…

When we were shopping for strollers, we started at tory’s r us. We liked the chicco keyfit 35 and its compatible stroller. We then went to a local baby furniture store to look for a crib. That’s were we saw the Orbit. It was amazing, convenient, felt like the best when pushed, and just so cool. We ended up buying it, along with an extra base and the panniers. Make no mistake, when we got it a year ago, it was the coolest stroller, my wife loved the convenience of the base and how it could be rotated etc…Talk about “stroller envy” from our friends….we liked how the stroller could be folded just by lifting it with one hand….Then the uniqueness wore off at 4 months.It was heavier than other seats, can’t be used past 20 pounds (recs are to keep them rear-facing until 35), not the easiest to carrier around using the arm strap (don’t let others convince you otherwise), bulky (you can’t put it in a grocery cart, you can’t put it in a jogging stroller)….As we plan to expand our family, thoughts are….1. there’s no orbit stroller for an infant seat and a toddler seat, 2. What if we have twins? 3. the toddler seat sucks (don’t let others tell you different…play with one then play with the britax advocate…you’ll see what i mean…)Currently we own the orbit infant system (referred to as the Beemer), theChicco Liteway Stroller, Fuego(the mini cooper) andBaby Jogger Summit XC Single Stroller, Sand/Black(the Hummer). We just bought theBritax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat, Onyx]. We’ll probably keep the orbit for when we have another child…But definitely did not like the convertible/toddler seat.And I know the orbit company reads these reviews so please take note orbit, some of your distributers LIE about what you can do with the car seat…One place told me i can put the infant seat into my summit xc and it was “safe enough” to push around the mall, even though there were no adapters and it is not meant to be done that way. I know you guys wouldn’t recommend that.My rec would be skip the glamour, get the chicco keyfit 35, buy any Baby Jogger stroller that fits your lifestyle (you can even get one that accommodates a car seat and another child) and the appropriate adapter for it…enjoy. I also recommend looking up a car seat check location and having certified techs install or check your installation. 80-90% of car seats are incorrectly installed. I was a certified tech at one point and it took 4 days of classes 7a-3p. to get certified. FYI Pediatric advanced life support is a 2 day class. The safest car seat is the one that is properly installed.And please note NEW GUIDELINES are that kids remain rear facing until 2 years of age. Please make sure your carseats are rated appropriately for this increase in age and weight.Update 2/28/11The Britax Advocate CS is an awesome seat. Straps are easy to use. Glad we went with the Britax.

Meagan Comfort, WV

Orbit Baby G2 (Mocha)

After reading majority of the reviews on Amazon (good and bad) it all comes down to preference. The negative reviews here are mainly on price and not on the actual product. The question is “is this item worth the price tag of $900”? Granted at first glance it looks like a hefty price, but when you compare the price of this and other leading strollers, there is more value here. The Orbit Baby is widely compared to the Bugaboo Cameleon. Now the Bugaboo Cameleon comes in 8 different colors and ranges from $880-$979. This doesn’t include the additional cost of a cup holder or organizer bag. Nor does it come with an infant car seat. That’s a very simple comparison. Since we got the main competitor out of the way, we can compare it to other infant car seat travel systems. But again this all boils down to preference. If you can’t afford the Orbit Baby, it’s very simple, you can just not buy it. You can stick to the normal Gracco strollers. You don’t buy a BMW if you can’t afford it and then say it’s just way too pricey for something with four wheels and gets you from point A to point B. It’s all preference and your ability to spend the money. The Orbit Baby is very safe.When I first read about the Orbit Baby I was blown away by the price. My wife said it’s just not worth $900. So instead of buy a brand new G2, I found a G1 on craigslist. Paid $400 for it and man were we impressed. My wife is 5’1 and 110lbs. She has no problem with putting the car seat into the car and taking it out. Please note that we both have back problems. After 4 weeks of using the G1, we decided to drop the $900 for the G2. We are currently selling our G1 and this stroller does hold it’s value.So lets get down to the nitty gritty.Price- 9: compared to comparable strollers it’s priced fairly. (comparable meaning high end strollers)Portability- 9: It breaks down quickly and it’s great for travel.Maneuverability- 10: This is so easy to push around. One handed turns with easy. Suspension is great and very smooth. It’s a lot easier to push this stroller. The wheels are the right size and it’s easy to get up on curbs.Durability- 10: The material used for the G1 and G2 are very nice. Having a pre-owned G1 (which the owner used for 2 kids) it was still in great condition. I’ve banged the stroller, dragged it and everything is still nice and works great!Ease of maintenance- 8.5: I have yet to clean the G2, but the G1 was pretty easy to wash the upholstery but the shade and seat belts you had to steam clean. Everything else you can just wipe down.Safety- 10: When I put my baby in the infant car seat I know she’ll be safe. It might seem a little bulky but there is a reason why volvo is the safest car to be in.Cool factor- 10: People who say that they don’t buy things because it looks cool is just plain out lying to you. There is a reason why people buy knock off LV or Chanel purses. They want to look good but not pay the price. When I roll through with my Orbit Baby and it’s parked next to all the other strollers that are exactly the same, I know mine looks cool. That is confirmed by other parents that come and say they love my stroller and it’s so unique. Hope this helps people who are on the fence. Trust me, if my wife let me buy the G2 after 4 weeks of using the G1, you will not have any regrets.

Geneva Cedarville, WV

I enjoy it, but not $900 dollars worth

I was completely enchanted by the Orbit system, and I absolutely NEEDED it for my first child. There was no convincing me otherwise. However, now that the cool factor has faded and real life has set in, there are some downfalls I would like to share.1) It’s very heavy to carry the infant seat. I have a 95th percentile 6 month old, and it has been hard to try to haul that thing around for a good three months now. There’s a meager handle with no padding on the carrying arms, and it simply hurts. I’m 6 feet tall and no wimp, but I have a difficult time pulling out the seat from the middle of the back row of the car, so I can only imagine how hard it would be for a shorter person to try to tote this seat around. It’s loads of fun jerking a sleeping baby awake in an attempt to remove him from the back seat!2) On that note of large babies, it’s a feat in itself to get my child in that darn seat! It’s quite rounded, and if they have figured out how to arch their back in such a way, it becomes a circus trying to get them in. The straps are also cumbersome and hard to get around squirmy little arms– you get one arm through, and by the time you have the other one through, the first one is out! A big issue I have with the straps is you can loosen one up significantly more than the other one, but it’s hard to tighten one more than the other (there is only one small strap at the bottom of the seat to tighten both). It seems I always have a wonky strap.3) The base, along with the infant seat, sticks too far out of the back car seat. We have a Volvo sedan and a C-class Mercedes, and in both of the cars, we have to move our seats up a significant amount to accommodate the Orbit (and this is in the middle). Especially in the Volvo, in order for the car seat to lock properly, the passenger seat is always crammed up against the dashboard.4) The upholstery is not easy to clean. I have cleaned it with plain water, upholstery cleaner, and even a Bissell spot cleaner and the stains remain. When the fabric becomes dirty it becomes crusty, slick, and hard. I have just purchased the special Orbit fabric cleaner, so hopefully that works, but the price is exorbitant. UPDATE: The orbit fabric cleaner does work well on the seat fabric, but not 100%. Eventually, there will be grease stains on the sunshade and the “paparazzi shield” from the mechanics of the stroller and traveling (especially on an airplane), and I have yet to figure out how to get those out.5) My baby sweats terribly in the car seat, to the point I thought his diapers were leaking. I don’t think the seat breathes well at all. I have just purchased the G3 stroller seat and there are vents in the back, so maybe they’ve made improvements on the infant seat for the G3.6) The stroller wheels are cheap. They are made from some high density foam (not rubber), and if you use the stroller on anything but slick concrete, they dent and pebbles stick in them. My stroller is 6 months old and has not been used extensively, but the wheels look years old (I will try to post a picture).Please don’t get me wrong, there are many things I love about this stroller. The stroller frame is light but sturdy, and so easy to fold and transport, and the ring system is superior. I just wanted to share some of the issues I have with the system, in order for parents to go into such an expensive purchase with their eyes fully open. I know I didn’t!

Cathy Massey, MD

The best stroller out there!

The Orbit G2 has been a lifesaver. As first time parents, we were looking for something practical and easy to use. All I have to say is WOW!From the swiveling car seat/stroller seat to the awesome sunshade, this is by far the best out there. No need to use dirty high chairs, you can just roll up the stroller and turn the seat around. Taking it in and out of the car was always breeze without waking up our baby.When it came time to get her out of the infant system, we opted for the G2 toddler stroller seat and different brand of car seat (with a higher weight rating). No complaints here either!And finally, Orbit has outstanding customer service! The brake cable broke and they immediately replaced it for me. I highly recommend this stroller!

Denice Clayton, DE

Always the topic of discussion

This stroller is highly functional, unique, and easy to use. When I’m out in public, I constantly get questions about it because there aren’t many being used in my area. I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

Sophia Ramsey, IN