Orbit Baby Weather Pack, Large, Clear

Orbit Baby Weather Pack, Large, Clear

Orbit Baby’s Weather Packs shield your baby with the worldand#8217;s first PVC free rain shield and mosquito net.

Main features

  • Baby safe, planet friendly; the world’s first stroller and car seat rain shield that is PVC free, phthalate free and chlorine free
  • Breathable: rain shields feature front ventilation windows for easy access to your baby
  • Easy for parents: soft carrier handles and/or side handles are still accessible with rain shields and mosquito nets
  • Comfort for your baby: reinforced and roomy foot areas on rain shields
  • Includes 1 rain shield, 1 mosquito net; size large fits Orbit Babys stroller seats and toddler car seats

Verified reviews


Unless you love walking your baby in the rain, save your money!

I love our Orbit Stroller, but the Orbit Baby Weather Pack was a waste of money. It’s thick, clear, and fits well, but unless you regularly take your baby for strolls in the rain, there really isn’t much of a need for it.For my wife and I, we’ve found that the attached hood is more than adequate for a brisk stroll, say from the supermarket to the parking lot and back. When it’s really coming down, we’ll pull over the paparazzi shield and we’re fine. Since receiving it as a gift, we haven’t used it once. Again, if you plan to regularly walk in the rain for more than 10-15 minutes a trip, this probably is the right purchase for you. If not, save your money for things you’ll know you use.

Ava Franklin, MO

A need

Got to have it if you have the Orbit stroller. We live in Korea currently, so we get our fair share of rain each year. It fits well and is going to be very useful.

Marcy Denair, CA

I love this weather shield

Great all kind of weathers either windy o rainy Day. . . Your baby is always safe. And you dont need extra cocerse.

Katheryn Parade, SD

No smelly plastic here

Thank you Orbit for leaving PVC in the dust! PVC is horrible for the environment. Fits well on Bugaboo Bee 2010.

Estela Alpine, AL

great accessory for orbit system

no smell from the plastic rain cover. i think both the mosquito net and rain cover will come in very handy in the fall with a newborn

Leeann Harrison, MI

Must-have accessories – Best stroller/car seat system we could have bought

Our Orbit Baby is fantastic! We had decided on this system before seeing the price (probably a bad idea) – but we don’t regret it.Our daughter is 4 months old now and really enjoys the stroller seat, hence our need for the large weather pack (we already had the small weather pack for the infant car seat- we keep it in the car so we’re always prepared while we’re out). The rain cover is thick and substantial but doesn’t smell like cheap plastic like most of the other covers I’ve seen other people use. Both the rain cover and bug shield are easy to put on and fit like a glove. And they each have features that make it easy to dock/un-dock the seat from the base without removing them.We’ve used the small weather pack for the past 4 months on a daily basis and usually twice a day; both the rain cover and bug shield are holding up well.

Miriam Clinton, NC