Organic Merino Wool Cover

Organic Merino Wool Cover


Main features

  • 100% organic merino wool.
  • Made in Germany
  • Double knitted – 2 layers of wool.
  • Certified by GOTS (global organic textile standard)
  • Size 3-6 months, for height 62-68 cm (24-27 inches). Size 6-12 months for height 74-80 cm (29-31 inches). Size 12-24 months for height 86-92 cm (34-36 inches).

Verified reviews


Love it!

I love Disana Organic Merino Wool Covers. They are extremely soft, and when lanolized, work perfectly over a fitted diaper overnight. My daughter is a very heavy wetter and these have been a lifesaver as a cover, when nothing else has worked. They are roomy enough to cover even the bulkier fitted diapers and they are very breathable. Just make sure to lanolize the diaper first, because they do not come pre-lanolized, and follow the washing instructions. It’s wool, so you have to be gentle. We have several of these covers and one accidently made it in the washing machine with the rest of the regular cloth diapers (OOPS) and it was a goner. It shrunk like a bad sweater. But our others, when handwashed as instructed, look like new even after several months. I highly recommend this diaper cover.

Lindsay Lake Elsinore, CA

This was my first wool cover and my go-to!!!

I purchased this because it was the most ecomonical wool cover I found that still had a good reputation. I bought this and a wool wash from etsy. This was my frst wool piece and I LOVED this wool cover. It fit for a long time on my very big baby boy and it never smelled. It did all the wonderful things wool covers are supposed to do. I only wish I would have bought more because this one does take along time to dry (24 hours). But the long drying time is because it really holds in wetness and does its job, especially at night with a good cloth diaper underneath. Get it, you will be satisfied with your purchase!!

Harriett Franklin, NE

Works for my heavy wetter

Love this cover–thick, soft, gorgeous green color. I mostly use it at night because it is so bulky. This actually keeps my guy’s sheets dry all night long! The trick with wool is to make sure you have enough absorbency inside–after playing around with it, I have settled on a Pooters hemp fitted with a hemp soaker and a tri-folded small prefold inside. With so much bulk, it is hard to get a good fit with PUL covers–they tend to gape at the waist–but this cover’s stretchy wide waist and leg bands hug the body and prevent gaps, even over the bulky extra-stuffed fitted.I ordered the 98/104, 2-3 year size for my big, tall, long-waisted 6-month-old. Glad I got it rather than the 86/92. It is roomy on him for now but that’s okay, it still works fine and we’ll get a lot of use out of it. I really have to size up his PJs to get them over this giant nighttime diaper combo. In warmer weather, I put him in it during the day with just a little t-shirt on top and it looked super cute.The reason for 4 stars is that this is a bit more complicated to use than the other wool covers I’ve tried (Kissas, Woolybottoms). There is more work required to prep this one. It took some trial and error, but after washing/lanolizing it twice, then doing a third extra-long lanolization (I let it soak for half a day in a water/melted lanolin solution), it is working well. I’d read I was supposed to hand-felt the crotch area before using but I gave up on that and I find that it is quickly self-felting just from use. The open weave also requires that you really figure out your sufficient absorbency underneath. But in the end it’s worth it for the excellent performance.

Ophelia Hilmar, CA

Love wool

I was worried how irritating it would be to use and clean these. They dont hold stink even if you havent washed for 2 whole weeks! Only things I dont like is, they stretch out pretty easy (the kissaluvs brand doesnt but is pricey) and they take forever to dry after washing.Buy yourself some WOOL SHAMPOO on amazon if you get this, because that stuff is hard to find anywhere else. Also, make sure you have some lanolin. Watch a couple youtube vids and educate yourself on how to wash.They contain blow outs, keep baby warm, are SUPER soft, and are a must have if you use cloth diapers over night. I stopped using cloth diapers at night, but still use my wool pants on top of disposables so my sons "blow outs" arent so bad to deal with. Rinse and wash right away if poop gets on them, because stains are a bi*** to get out of wool.

Leigh Lobelville, TN

keeps lanolin better than wool wraps

I used wool wraps for ages because of the ease of night-time changing. However, they didn’t keep lanolized long and the material quickly deteriorated.We decided to try this wool pull-up cover and have been impressed. The cloth will last much longer, and the price of this particular cover was well within our budget. I’m now going to get the next size because I’ve been so impressed with these. No leaks. No fuss. No deterioration.

Tammy Burbank, CA

Not a game changer

I guess I just don’t get wool diapers. The fitted is soaked, the sheets are soaked, but the wool cover stays dry. What’s the point if baby and the sheets are still soaked? It is well made though and very pretty. Even though I don’t really “get” it we use it every night, just not in the traditional way. We put it over a pocket diaper.

Gracie Gene Autry, OK

Helps create a completely leak-proof diaper

I purchased a size 2-3T for my 2 year old. It fits her great and I love how high the waist is as well as how much coverage it gives her thighs. We use this cover in our nighttime diapering routine over the top of a PUL cover, a prefold with a booster insert, and a fitted stay dry liner. Before this wool over, we were experiencing leaks either out the top of the PUL cover or along the legs. This was happening due to her tossing and turning at night, causing her cover to shift which exposed a small section of her prefold diaper. With the addition of her Disana wool cover, our nighttime diaper routine is finally leakproof. We’ve been using it for several months now and have never experienced a leak.As far as washing the cover goes, I simply hand wash it in my sink with a small squirt of dish soap. After rinsing well, I soak it in a bowl of hot water and some lanolin for 30 minutes. After, I squeeze it dry and hang it outside to dry. My only complaint is how long it takes to dry but that is the nature of wool and nothing against this cover specifically.

Queen Bloomfield, IN

Very good cover

This is a great cover at a good price. It felts up really nicely, is really squishy, and looks pretty cute on. Nice color selection. What I don’t like: it’s the bulkiest cover I have, so doesn’t work too well under clothes. The wool gets a little pilly, some of my other covers do not pill up like this. It doesn’t feel super soft when you get it but with use and after washing and lanolizing a few times it gets a lot softer.

Carrie East Bend, NC

Great night time cover

We used to use disposables overnight because our boy’s skin would get red and irritated overnight in cloth, but with the wool allowing airflow his little buns do great. We’ve had an occasional leak, but the cloth has been sopping wet anytime that’s happened and it was just a cue to double up more.

Marquita Hastings, MI

Overnight diaper cover

This works great for overnight. My understanding is this has to be handwashed and line dried, and in our experience it takes forever to dry. Although a better price than most, buying several of these is a hefty added cost.

Rosario Olivia, NC

So turns out wool is awesome.

I am a busy working mom trying to cloth diaper. Have a little 7 month old boy that nurses all night and of course makes an equal amount of huge pee diapers. We were having trouble with him soaking through everything. Had tried a million combinations of BG free times, Flip system, BG pocket stuffed, Fuzzi bunz stuffed, Thirsties, prefolds, covered with Flip stay dri, fleece outers, etc…Now we have added what we affectionately named “Woolie” (the Disana merino) cover to the mix. I was scared of the extra work of wool but people are right it is actually easier b/c you only have to wash it a couple times of month if you spot clean it. (*once you get it properly lanolized). We are using lanolin mixed with Eucalan to get it up to snuff. Also we were afraid it would be itchy. This wool is so soft and after you lanolize it, even softer. I honestly had never had anything made of virgin wool before. Amazing. Really happy. Saving our pennies to get a second one. Super happy I got a slightly larger size b/c they fit like capris right now but will last him a long time.***updateWe are still using this single wool cover and it is the best diaper cover for overnight for a heavy wetter. Hands down. Nothing can beat wool. We use a Bamboozle with a Flip Stay Dri under it and have had great success. I have even added a wool bed liner to the mix. Pee has never ever soaked through it to the mattress. Wool is awesome. Still using the Eucalan with Now Lanolin about once every 3 weeks.

Ramona Buffalo, SD

Very soft and absorbent

These look great on my baby, I use them as a cover for cotton diapers such as Under the Nile fitteds or Kissaluvs prefolds or some hand-made cotton diapers from Etsy. They absorb tons of moisture and don’t feel wet on the outside. We even use them overnight sometimes with a pad underneath. Baby’s bottom is never wet after we change her! And they can be used as pants too because they are pretty big and go all the way under my baby’s armpits (and she is tall). Just make sure you wash these pants properly so they don’t stretch or shrink.AS compared to Engel Organic wool cover (I have both) I haven’t found any differences between the too, both are very nice, soft absorbent and easy to use.

Maryellen Advent, WV

Great value

Soft, no leaks, great for nighttime and a fraction of the price compared to a lot of other wool covers.

Marissa Lehr, ND


I have a very chubby 7 month old so I purchased the 12-24 month size. It is a bit big but we love it. It’s easy to get on and not constricting. We only use them at night. I use lanolin when I need to clean them. Works perfectly!

Lana Lawson, AR

Love love love

These covers are bulky so I only use them at night but I love them. I use a babeegreens fitted and this cover and we have never has a leak and my son still nurses frequently at night. Love the natural fibers and breathability. Everyone is happy in the morning.

Blanche Baltic, OH

I was a skeptic, now I’m a believer!

When we found out we were expecting baby #2, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper again, but differently. I wanted to use all natural fibers, as opposed to microfiber, which failed us the first go-round. I came across wool soakers, and as a knitter, I was intrigued. I knew nothing of the lanolizing process, or how wool was capable of staying dry all night over a diaper.My son is 10 weeks old, and 14 pounds, and I just put him in the 3-6 month size I bought when I was still pregnant. He slept over six hours and the wool cover was still dry. It didn’t smell, and his skin wasn’t irritated. It’s a snug fit, and for overnight changes, the diaper can be a bit fiddly, but it works! I put it on over a kiwi pie diaper, so it was a bit bulky, but that’s to be expected.I lanolized the diaper twice and inside out–twice, because the first time, after it dried, it was really sticky–I think I just didn’t dissolve the lanolin enough. I will definitely be getting another one after he outgrows this—and possibly one with velcro so it’s easier for night changes.

Hollie West Winfield, NY

Absolute best

This is my second Disana wool cover and my daughter lives in these all day long. They are comfortable and do not dig into her stomach like a thirsties cover would. This is great for her so that she can bend over and practice picking things up, and dive forward for crawling.

Carlene Fountain Hills, AZ

Excellent Diaper Cover but Don’t Expect Customer Service from Disana

I have a few of these wool diaper covers from Disana and like them very much. They are both thick and durable. These Disana covers do an excellent job as a moisture barrier for cloth diapering and feature a high waistband and leg cuffs that provide good coverage keeping messes contained. These also tend to be on the more affordable side as far as wool covers are concerned.My reason for subtracting one star is for the lack of customer service that Disana provides. I once received a damaged item from them and when I brought the issue up to the company they told me that they don’t deal directly with the consumer so any issues should be dealt with through the sellers. Disana will not replace any damaged items that you receive. That being said, be sure if you do order one of their products that you order from a seller who is easily contacted and who will stand by their merchandise even if the manufacturer won’t. Despite otherwise loving the product I am greatly torn as to whether or not I will purchase any more Disana products, because while I may love these covers I also would like my money to support companies who care about their customers and the quality of their products.I hope this is helpful to you.

Brenda Hamilton, IL

I LOVE this!

such a high quality product and VERY reasonably priced compared to comparable products. My son wears these every night. They have held up well with such regular wear and are actually much easier to care for than I imagined they would be. Will be buying again when he needs the next size.

Dee Lookout, KY

Works well for nighttime diapering

If you have been wanting to try wool, this would be a great pull up cover to start out with since it tends to be lower cost than some of the other brands.I have a LanaCare, Kissa’s Wool Lovers and Aristocrats pull up covers. (I went WAY overboard buying cloth diapering supplies!) I also have 3 different machine washablewool wrap style covers, and that pull up wool covers are significantly softer than the wrap style ones. The disana if my #1 favorite for nighttime diapering. The only reason I don’t love it as much for daytime is because it is bulkier than others.It fits comfortably around my baby’s waist and thighs and doesn’t allow any moisture to seep through. It is very breathable and soft. My baby loves wearing it. The care of the wool isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I can’t get tight pj’s over this cover, but it works great with a large t-shirt. I am definitely glad that I purchased this.

Allene Woosung, IL

runs big

These run a bit big, but I was able to felt it a bit in the washer, which made it fit better and also more waterproof.

Nancy Sandy Spring, MD

I love this wool cover

I Love this wool cover. It is holding up really well with heavy use. I use it overnight with great success with pre folds underneath. I plan to order more. I use the 6-12 month on my 3 month old.

Katina Jenkins Bridge, VA


These are better than I expected. The waist and leg areas have a nice stretch and all of it is double layered and tightly knit. The bottom area between the leg holes is spread out and allows for wider soaker/doublers to be used. You could definitely fold down the top portion if desired and I think they would look great under skirts, tunics and dresses. I also think the plum color has a great sheen to it and I actually like it better than a lot of the patterned PUL styled covers and AIOs. I really get what other moms are saying- "one you go to wool you don’t switch back." The covers are bulky but there really is no way around that as bulky = absorbant and prevents leaks. Also! You don’t just have to use these for night time.

Nell Waynesboro, GA

Soft and wonderful

This is my favorite wool cover for nighttime. You do have to prep it first by washing and lanolizing a few times. Then it is perfect. It feels so soft and I have never had an issue with leaks using these diaper covers. I will purchase more of these in the future!

Belinda South Dennis, MA

My favorite wool cover of all we’ve tried!

My favorite wool cover, by far. I have a skinny baby and other covers gapped. The material is so soft and stretchy, it fits all baby bodies wonderfully. I just love the material, much softer than my other organic merino wool covers. It washes well. I just love this cover – no more leaks for us! One note, it is a little puffier in shape than other covers which is not an issue really and helps to contain leaks. But this means we can’t get PJ bottoms on anymore – we use a sleep sack instead.

Debbie Syracuse, NY

Hard to believe until you experience it…

First off, it’s not super clear in the item description whether or not the cover has already been lanolized but from reading between the lines I assumed it was NOT. I also purchased Eucalan wool wash and Now Lanolin. To prep the cover I put it in room temperature water. Then I mixed about 2 ounces HOT water with a teaspoon of Eucalan and a bit of the lanolin. I mixed it well and added it to the water with the cover. Dried it overnight.I paired it with a Kissa’s cotton/fleece fitted which I prepped by washing/drying twice.I did not think this was going to work. We had turned into a cloth by day, sposie by night family. My 11 mos old wet through everything I tried. The first night we used the wool cover I kept waking up thinking surely he was wetting through everything. He slept extra long (13 hours) and when I got him up he was totally dry. Unbelievable. I took off his sleep sack and put DS on my husband just so he could witness how crazy good this combination worked.I’d like to look into some wool pants for the winter to replace his pj’s at night. Now I’m a believer in wool covers and ticked at myself for waiting so long to try it. It is an investment (as are all CD’s) but I think if it keeps up I’ll really only need one extra down the road. I’ll obviously need more fitteds…

Cortney Grover, MO

comfy fit for my son, good for overnight

This wool cover has worked well for us overnight as long as we have a super absorbent fitted underneath. I think I need to lanolize mine a little more heavily to make it even more waterproof. This is definitely an “at home” cover for us as it goes halfway up my son’s torso. Great for warm days when all he wears is this and a diaper!

Margarita Hermanville, MS

Great for beginners and overnighters!

I started to think my baby might be uncomfortable with PUL covering her diaper overnight since she was waking up with cold and damp skin. No rashes, but still not seemingly comfortable. This cover was the first and only wool cover I’ve tried, mostly because of cost and good reviews. I am glad we purchased it. It’s very easy to care for and it’s so soft and it really works! It’s breathable, yet doesn’t leak. I would love to use wool during the day, but there is no way it’s possible with this cover, it’s beyond bulky. I can barely get her footies jammies over these and will need the bigger size sooner than she outgrows them. It usually takes more than a day to dry after washing (I wash it with Eucalan and then roll it in a couple dry towels to get most of the moisture out, then lay flat to dry) so since we only have one, we have to use a pocket that night. I would love to buy more but wool is so expensive! We got the 74/80 for our baby and at 16 pounds and 8 months, there’s plenty of room to grow. Overall it’s a great diaper and I am very pleased. The merchant, Little Spruce Organics, is great too, I had a question about the product and they responded promptly.

Erin Dunreith, IN