Organic Nursing Necklace, Double Wooden Rings

Organic Nursing Necklace, Double Wooden Rings

This beautiful double ring, hardwood maple nursing necklace will fascinate and entertain your nursing little one! The large ring measures 2 3/4″. The small ring measures 1 1/2″. The rings are made from hardwood maple, hand sanded, and coated with a food-grade, natural beeswax polish. Our double-ring necklace currently features a black, waxed cotton cord that is a generous length, with an adjustable slip knot in the back. This is an ultra-smooth cord, which has the look and feel of a leather lace (but is vegan). These necklaces are a wonderful tool for nursing moms, and make a great baby shower gift.

Main features

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Made from hardwood maple
  • Sealed with a food-grade natural beeswax polish
  • Now featuring a black waxed cotton cord with easily adjustable slip knot
  • Gives your baby something lovely to look at and grab while nursing

Verified reviews


Not as pictured

The necklace I received did not have the beexwaz finish. My son wan’t very interested in playing with it. He preferred the beaded necklaces. Those were also easier on my neck. This cord was so fine it really hurt when he would play with it.

Jenny Eagle Bend, MN

Cute but the string is cheap

I love the concept of this necklace, and I actually get quite a few compliments. Plus its great as an emergency toy in the store or for keeping my 8 month old entertained while waiting in line. However, he doesn’t seem to want to bite on it….I think it dries out his mouth as the wood is not super smooth and finished. The outer ring is a little big. And the string holding it together is on the cheap side. I could have made this myself for $3 with a little effort. I’m keeping it, but it wasn’t totally worth the money.

Kelsey Evanston, IN

Too large

This necklace is very large, a bit silly looking when on. I did read the measurements so I blame no one but myself, I was just hoping it would look okay once I had it on…it didn’t. I was wanting to wear it all the time since I breastfeed on demand, I didn’t want to have to go in search of it when it was time to feed my baby. When I did have it on while nursing my baby didn’t seem that interested in playing with it or holding it, in fact I think when I tried to put it in his hands he would push it away. The fact that its organic and safe for my baby to put his mouth on is a big plus, but overall it didn’t work for us.

Brittany Horse Branch, KY

keeps him busy

Keeps my son busy with his sore gums. I like that I don’t have to worry about it always dropping.

Candace Dumont, MN

Great for little ones!

This necklace is both fashionable and functional. It is perfect for baby’s hands while nursing or as something to play with and chew while in their sling or sitting on your lap. My 6 month old loves it! People complement how pretty it is all the time and it goes with just about anything. I just wish I would have known to get one of these with my son.

Stacie Sheldon, VT

Great teether and good for busy hands

I got this when my DS was 3 months old. He didn’t really take to it until 4 and 5 months. At 5 months he really, really enjoys this necklace. It is fun to watch his hands manipulate the rings and turn them different directions as well as swing them like a pendulum from the cord around my neck. He enjoys biting on the wood and unlatches to do so. Our other wood teethers don’t get much attention, but this necklace does!

Effie Saint Libory, NE