Organic Pendant – Silicone Necklace

Organic Pendant – Silicone Necklace

Jellystone Designs silicone necklaces not only look great, but also are a non-toxic alternative to regular costume jewellery. Our custom-designed clasp separates easily when tugged or snagged. Ideal as a nursing necklace. Cord can be adjusted to suit.

Main features

  • Size: H5.5cm x W4.4cm x D approx 1.2cm
  • 40cm hang
  • BPA free
  • non toxic silicone

Verified reviews


Great for a nursing or teething infant!

This is great for baby’s busy hands and mouth and looks pretty good on as well. I love that you can wash it thoroughly, as oppsosed the wood ones. The only drawback is that it says you have to throw it out after 6 months. I don’t think I would have ordered 2 at the same time had I known this.

Janis Laurinburg, NC

Stone is hard to keep clean

The stone is somewhat sticky, so every piece of lint, hair, etc., sticks to it. It looks nice and is well made, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

Agnes Mount Holly, AR

Just bought another!

I’ve had one for my 14 month old since he first started teething at 3 months and he has ALWAYS loved this one. The material is durable and satisfying for him to chew, and not only is the cord a good length so that he doesn’t have to be right up in my face to get it, but also it pulls off easily enough that when he gets super excited he can play with it on his own rather than strangling me! It worked well for front teeth, but he’s able to get it way back now that he’s working on molars.This has become a staple gift of mine for new moms and I just got another one for myself so I can wear it with any of my outfits.

Annmarie Dandridge, TN

My daughter loves this necklace and so do I!

My daughter loves playing and breaking any jewelery I am wearing, so I stoppped wearing most jewelery. Love this, most people don’t realize it’s a teething necklace. Even though it’s simple my daughter loves playing with it and teething on it.

Elise Stevensville, MD

my son loves this

bought this because my 5 month old scratches his head and face while nursing. This is a lovely distraction and hangs perfectly for him to grab and hold onto while eating. It is a great color and matches nearly everything I have in my closet. I keep it handy at all times because even when he isn’t eating he loves to grab it and chew on it. Perfect hold placement for his little fingers to grasp.

Susie Mildred, PA


I was not sure if my 4-month-old would like this, he won’t even take a pacifier, but within minutes of wearing it I knew it would be my new favorite accessory. He won’t stop chewing this! It makes him so happy, and it helps keep his little hands busy while being worn or held. This, in conjunction with his Baltic amber teething necklace, has made a teething 4-month-old (now almost 5 months) very content. I have received many compliments from people, and have been told it looks like stone at first glance. They even wonder why I let my baby chew on it until I explain what it’s for. I wish I’d had this for my first 3 children!

Lavonne Palm Harbor, FL

Stopped Thumb Sucking

Sorry this is so long… My son, who’s currently 2 (“25 months”) started sucking his thumb 8 1/2 months ago when his baby brother was born. He would suck his thumb all day, every day. His thumb was dry, cracked, shriveled up, bleeding all the time, and it was getting infected. I HAD to end this thumb sucking. I tried covering it (duh, he pulled the covering off)… I tried strong flavors like lemon, hot sauce, raw garlic… no change. I even tried the awful-tasting nail polishes, and one brand (Mavala Stop, which I would recommend) was so awful it made him throw up, but he learned how to peel the polish off and would continue to suck his thumb. To no avail, I considered getting him a pacifier, but I did NOT want to reinforce the sucking and have him go back to his thumb once I were to take them away. So, I remember seeing necklaces for parents to wear for their babies to chew on. I eventually decided to get this one, and my son LOVES it. He chews on it maybe twice a day, but his thumb sucking has completely STOPPED since the first day he got this necklace because whenever he would put his thumb near his mouth, I would tell him to stop and use his necklace instead. He has gone without this necklace for long periods of time (naps and bedtime, I don’t let him wear it for safety reasons.). I’ve even left it at home and left the house. NO thumb sucking. I’ve had this for 9 days now without any signs of wear, so I will try to remember to update if and when this breaks and let you know what has happened with the thumb sucking as well, but I think he’s cured.Update: It’s been 4 months, and my son has never again tried to suck his thumb, and he hasn’t touched this necklace since my last update. It was worth every penny.

Sofia Sunflower, MS

Not the color pictured

From what I could tell on the website, this looked like a lighter blue/green color, and it ended up being a darker teal. Still nice, just not what I was expecting.

Patrice Irmo, SC

Cute, but my six month old has not mastered it yet

I can tell he likes the way it feels, he just has a hard time trying it by himself for some reason…

Ericka Bude, MS

great for keeping little hands busy

Really looking forward to getting this necklace, I have a baby who really needs to keep her little hands busy while feeding and I am hoping this will do the trick.

Hallie Vining, IA

Love it, but it’s a little long

That’s about it. Our now 6-month old baby girl loves chewing on this. I love that it has a clasp that comes apart when it’s pulled too hard so it doesn’t hurt me or strangle our baby. I do think it’s a little long, mostly because when I’m wearing it and baby’s nursing, it’s so long that I have to pull it out from under her belly, and it gets caught between us when I’m wearing her in a carrier on the front.

Allie Eminence, IN

Babies like these

I got this for my daughter. My grandaughter immediately liked it and began playing with it and chewing on it. However, my daughter said the string was going to take some getting used to for her because it rubbed her neck in a uncomfortable way.

Chrystal Loomis, CA

keeps busy hands entertained while nursing (or doing anything else!)

My son loves this! Anytime I’m wearing it he loves to play with it and chew on it. I left it on the coffee table the other day and he found it. He held it in his hand while playing with his other toys. I had no idea he liked it so much!!The necklace is a little rough, but it doesn’t bother me. It is very easy to wash. The breakaway clasp is a lifesaver!! Very pleased with this purchase.

Carissa Oro Grande, CA

kiddos love it

Both my 2 year old and 7 month old enjoy chewing on it. I love that I always have something on hand for their teething

Kenya Jeffrey, WV

Baby loves it!

When this first arrived it had a strange smell to it so I removed it from its cord and hand washed both the cord and the pendant. The cord is pretty cheap but can be cut down and adjusted. I adjusted mine because on me it was a bit too long. My baby loves to munch on this teether and his little thumb loops into the hole and gives him a good grip. I love this necklace and I love that it looks like a real piece of jewelry and not like a baby teether.

Wendi Beachwood, OH

My daughter likes it

My 4 1/2 month old daughter is really starting to like this! She will pull on it and wave it around while nursing, and will chew (or rather slobber) on it when I am just holding her. When I tell other ladies it is meant for her, they are surprised, they think it looks like normal jewelry. The only issue I have with it is that it tends to collect lint and dust easily. I just make sure to wash it in soapy dishwater often.

Misty Oto, IA

My baby is fixated on it.

My baby loves to gaze at it and hold it in his fingers. It’s a great piece and best of all, he doesn’t pull my hair as much any more, he goes for the necklace.

Irma Cairo, MO

Teething Infant Approved

My son has never been a fan of tethers or pacifiers, but he just cannot get enough of this thing. I wish it came in a bigger size for easier infant grip, but no real complaints here!

Clarice Eagleville, CA

Ok purchase

The idea of this necklace is great but it isn’t my favorite. My daughter does like the silicone pendant, but the thread it hangs on is stiff and not comfortable. Also, you won’t be making any fashion statements because its honestly not very cute.

Rosanna Canones, NM