organicKidz Wide-Mouth Baby Bottle, White Dots, 9 Ounce

organicKidz Wide-Mouth Baby Bottle, White Dots, 9 Ounce

9oz Wide Mouthed Baby Bottle With White Poka Dots. BPA , PVC and Phthalate free. The unique bottle design allows for easy heating and cooling of liquids – bottles can even be heated in a cup of hot water. The lid is a durable stainless steel design and doubles as a in 2oz/60mL measuring cup – ideal for formula feeding. organicKidz Stainless Steel is naturally bacteria resistant, durable, light weight and dishwasher safe. The stainless steel lid can also double as a snack cup. Breast milk can also be frozen and stored in organicKidz bottles. With organicKidz handles and sippy spouts our bottles are upgradeable to Sippy Cups.organicKidz Wide Mouth Baby Bottles are compatible with:o Mamo Nubby Non-Dripo Dr. Brown’s Natural Flowo Avent – Nipples and Sippy Spoutso Think Baby – Nipples and Sippy Spoutso Chicco Anti-Colic Siliconeo Born Freeo NukWinner of an iParenting Media Award.Easy to clean and hard to damage – organicKidz, the Safer, Greener choice.

Main features

  • Organickidz stainless steel baby bottle the safer greener choice
  • Made from 304 18/8 stainless steel
  • Helps make the transition to a bottle easier; 4 and 9oz single hulled bottles for easy warming; unbreakable, dent resistant
  • Convert to sippy cups; 2oz lid, built in scale for easy measuring; BPA, PVC and phthalate free
  • Works with brand name nipples and accessories; Light weight, dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Works well, only wish the whole bottle is in stainless steel…

This bottle works very well and its light weight is why I love to use it everyday. However, I only give 4 stars because it still has plastic parts on this bottle, and sometimes even when you thought you washed the bottle clean, some formula residue stuck between the plastic and steel drips out and I have to rinse it again. Not a big deal but I guess this means I have to boil the bottle once in a while to sterilize it.

Rowena Greene, IA

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just Get different Nipples….

Everywhere I go I get compliments on this bottle. I bought it specifically to use safely with Breast milk as well as for ease of use by baby. I thought a glass bottle would be too heavy for the baby to learn to hold on his own early. I found the nipples it came with had holes that were much too big, no matter what size you get. I ended up buying mam nipples which are more naturally shaped and fit well with this bottle. Just make sure you use a nipple with air flow design to keep it from collapsing. I like the measuring cup/cap mostly for sanitary reasons, we don’t really use it to measure anything. Love the design and style of this bottle, would definately recommend.

Frankie Glen Rock, NJ

Looks good .

I search it before I buy it. I didn’t use it yet. But whit color when I received it a little dirty . However, it’s not effect use.

Dolores Eden, GA

I really loved these until my son turned it into a messy you

This was the best bottle I found until I son became about a year old and figured out how to not only waste his juice but also make a huge mess and bathe in the juice! we only used the sippy top and he figured out all he had to do was turn it upside down, and press the soft sippy top into his high chair tray and next thing I know his juice is everywhere! I’m not sure if this is a product issue or if my son is just a stinker but I wish the sippy top was hard so he wouldn’t be able to do that. It’s now useless to us to say the least. I’ve been using these stainless steel straw bottles now from Walmart that are 6 dollars. Not ideal but they don’t leak and he seems comfortable with it. I’ve spent so much money trying to find an ecotriendly baby safe bottle. It starts to get frustrating to be let down at every hopeful bottle

Virginia Victoria, VA


This bottle cools way way too fast. And when you do warm it in water the stainless steel burns you. I do not have a problem with this on other bottles I’ve purchased. The bottle also leaks with the nipples that were supplied. My precious breast milk would just run out. I tried replacing the nipples with other recommended ones and the milk still leaked.Other bottles keep the heat in longer or the cold in longer. These do not. They immediately go to room temp much faster than any other bottle I’ve used.

Sheena Afton, MI

NUK nipple

We had been using NUK wide mouth nipple with this bottle. It doesn’t leak if you are careful to make sure everything is correctly assembled, and also the baby doesn’t touch the nipple. But now our baby is older and he likes to grab the nipple, and it LEAKS badly if the nipple doesn’t stay in its shape. We’ll have to switch to another nipple.

Marlene Pineville, WV

I got the violet not pink

Why did i get violet not pink? The product is ok. I like the stainless steel cap. Its just that i ordered for pink i got a violet with finger prints.. Like it was a demo unit. Not really used… But not clean.

Winifred Onley, VA