Orthodontic Natural Rubber Pacifier

Orthodontic Natural Rubber Pacifier

NP3A6 Size: 6 Months and up Features: -Pacifier. -Material: 100% Natural Rubber. -BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free. -Orthodontic style. Product Type: -Pacifier Sets. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -5.75 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -2.5 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -1.5 Inches.

Main features

  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Made without chemical softeners or colorants
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and Paraben Free
  • European Standards EN 1400
  • Triple pack

Verified reviews


kid likes it better than natursutten

I originally gave my kid a natursutten pacifier. He liked it, but when I tried the ecopiggy, it works much better as he can keep it in his mouth easier. Compared to natursutten, the ecopiggy has an open end to the pacifier part, which I think helps make it a bit easier to suck. It does make a bit more noise than the natursutten because of this. If your kid is used to one or the other, it may be hard to switch. But if not set on one yet, this is a good option.

Deidra Barneveld, WI

Good quality

These pacifiers arrived on time and were packaged appropriately. I bought these with the hope that my daughter would take them because she refuses all other pacifiers and prefers to use me as one. Although they are softer than most pacis and didn’t have a strong rubber odor, she did not suck on them. They’ve become more of a chew toy.

Maryanne Durham, OK

Great (and less expensive!) alternative to the more expensive brands…

We had been devoted buyers of the awesome Natursutten pacifiers ([…]). However, those are about $8 a pop, so I was happy to see this similar, less expensive alternative. The shape and feel is ever so slightly different, but our 6 month old doesn’t seem to mind a bit!

Rachael Edmeston, NY

Brim covers baby’s nose and rubber is thinner than other brands

The brim of this covered my baby’s nose, so baby didn’t like it. The nipple size was a bit larger than other brands of rubber pacifiers I’ve tried. The rubber was definitely thinner than other brands I’ve tried, but the price of these was 3 for the price of 1 of the more expensive brands. My kids won’t use the rubber ones, so I opted for BPA free from NUK and Avent, with silicone orthodontic nipples. Rubber is supposedly healthier though, if your baby will take it.

Angelita Fort Duchesne, UT

Only pacifiers my baby will use!

Love that they are natural rubber, and my baby loves them too. She is picky about pacifiers, these are the only ones she will use. She loses them a lot though, so buying them in a 3-pack was a good option for us.

Lindsey Pepeekeo, HI


Better for non newborns. Glad its not plastic, but is hard for baby to hold in mouth as a newborn.

Janelle Big Bear Lake, CA

Excellent Cheaper Alternative to Natursutten and Hevea

These pacifiers are made of the same material as the Natursutten and Hevea (natural rubber) pacifiers but are much more affordable and can be purchased in a 3pk or individually. So no need to invest in 3 until you know that your baby approves of them. If you’re about to have a baby or you are still trying to find your babies “favorite binkie” then I highly recommend these as they are a more natural and biodegradable option than silicone pacifiers. They are, however, slightly different in design from the Natursutten and Hevea brands so if your baby is already attached to one of those he/she may not like these ones as well.The Eco Piggy brand has a slightly longer, larger nipple than the Hevea 0-6 month size pacifier, my baby doesn’t care about the size difference between the two brands but I know that some babies are just more particular. The Natursutten brand we have not personally tried but I’ve seen them and they are different in that, unlike the Eco Piggy or Heave pacifiers, they have a nipple that is totally sealed off so that no air or water gets into the nipple. That design difference gives the Natursutten pacifiers a very distinct and different feel from that of their competitors.One thing to keep in mind, for cost purposes, is that natural rubber pacifiers do need to be replaced more often than silicone pacifiers (such as the gumdrop or soothie pacifiers) but that is true for all brands of natural rubber pacifiers not just the Eco Piggy brand. However, I’ve found that I haven’t needed to replace them as often as the manufacturer suggests. I keep mine until they “stick” when you press the nipple together with your fingers and/or they look a little more dull/cloudy then they used to. Typically, I end up replacing them approximately every 4 or 5 months (they may last a little longer depending on how often they’re being used & how many you have in rotation).Hope this helps you with your decision!

Susanna Oak Hill, WV


We tried lots of pacifiers and this one was our sons favorite. I like that it is all natural and shaped like a nipple. Great pacifier.

Marisa Home, PA

Perfect for Babywearing and Bedtime

The entire paci is rubber so it does not hurt your chest when you carry your little one in a sling, wrap, or structured carrier. Also, it’s great for bedtime because it doesn’t press against LO’s chin.The only thing to watch out for is if your LO has a latex allergy/sensitivity. My little girl gets a bit of a rash if she uses this too much so we only use it for bedtime and we keep her chin extra dry.

Dona Independence, OH