OsoCozy 6 Pack Prefolds Bleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2

OsoCozy 6 Pack Prefolds Bleached Cloth Diapers, Size 2

OsoCozy Bleached Prefold Cloth Diapers (Size 2) – 100% cotton twill weaved cloth diapers. Soft, durable and very absorbent. Diaper service quality meaning these are the same kind of thick and absorbent cloth diapers typically used by diaper services. OsoCozy prefolds are a step up in quality and value from many store brands. 14×22″ before washing they will shrink approximately 5-10% like most cotton products. This size fits babies from 15-30 pounds and is generally used with a diaper cover or plastic pant. These three paneled rectangular diapers are 4 layers on the sides and 8 layers thick in the middle. OsoCozy prefolds are the highest quality and best selling cloth diapers sold on the Internet. These diapers are also popular as burp cloths and are great home and auto cleaning and polishing rags.

Main features

  • 100% soft indian cotton, durable and long lasting
  • The internet’s best selling prefold cloth diaper
  • Popular as burp cloths and are great home and auto cleaning and polishing rags
  • Save $1000’s over using disposables
  • Infant – Size 2 Fits 15-30 pounds

Verified reviews


Does the job

These aren’t the first prefolds I reach for when I’m changing my baby. The are plenty absorbent,and so far I haven’t had any pilling or fraying problems. They are just are a little narrow for most of my favorite folds. If you are trifolding or using these to stuff a pocket, they work well but if you are looking to do the angel wing fold or any other popular folds you won’t be using these for long.

Allyson Maben, MS


The description says that it’s 4 layers thick on the outsides and 8 layers thick on the inside. That’s just not true. It’s no thicker than the crummy Gerber diapers we already have. I’m looking for a prefold that is really thick and absorbent. This wouldn’t be at all. It looks like it’s 2 layers thick on the outside and 4 layers thick on the inside. Any wetness goes right through even the thickest part of this diaper. I’m returning these!

Elva Marlboro, VT

These are REALLY small.

These run really small. I definitely prefer my Green Mountain Diaper prefolds to these. They aren’t very absorbent and are too small to snappi. I ordered the 6 pack and now I only use them tri-folded, and even then I don’t use them often. There are better prefolds out there. I wouldn’t recommend these.

Deloris Duson, LA

One of my Favorites!

This prefold is very absorbent. I use it in my 5 week old’s night-time diapers. He is a heavy wetter for his age, and these do the job! Much better than Gerber prefolds, these feel very thick. I would have rated it 5 stars, but is isn’t as soft as their unbleached option, which is super soft! I would- and probably will- buy these again.

Rachel Trenton, NJ

Sturdy and absorbant

Though I’m still dabbling about the world of cloth diapers, I must say these are among the better prefolds I’ve tried and definitely would purchase again. These claim to be prepped after one wash, though I ran them through the washing machine about three times before use. At that point, they were definitely ready to go, so I’m thinking the one-wash-prep claim might be true.Absorbency? No problems so far. I use these with Thirsties Durable Duo Wrap Snaps and have yet to have a blow-out. In fact, these easily take the pee and the poop without any leakage.I like the bleached quality here as it has that crisp and clean appearance. I prefer Clotheez from Green Mountain Diapers, but these are certainly a great buy that hold up well without any problems.

Corina Colp, IL

Cloth Diapers

These are good quality but I think I would buy the un-prefolds if I had to purchase again. I am waiting to see how these fit my child once he is older and/or bigger, because they are a bit too bulky for my taste on a newborn. And paying extra for prefolds is now, in hindsight, not necessary or desirable. I use these a lot as rags and as rags the un-prefolds would be easier to handle.

Lynnette Rothbury, MI


LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They are the perfect adaptable size for a growing baby. Roll in the sides to keep that newborn poo in, flip the front to the inside and attach with a snappi. Absorbent, not too much shrinkage and so far they have all come out clean and white with no special treatment. No residual ammonia smell either.

Jenifer Weaverville, NC

Nice and fluffy

I’ve only washed my OsoCozy bleached prefolds twice, but they’ve already fluffed up nicely. They are good quality and I really like the clean look of the bleached diapers.

Stacy Grapeville, PA

Great burp cloths!

These have been wonderful to use for burp cloths for our baby who spits up frequently. They are so absorbent and very good sized.

Rosalie Window Rock, AZ

thick, absorbant

I used these for burp cloths. They fluff up nicely after one wash but even more so after 5-6 washes. They are large enough to catch spit up but also to put under baby for tummy time, etc. Much nicer than the Gerber ones you can buy at your local box store.

Cristina Okauchee, WI

So hard to find

Trying to locate cloth diapers is getting so difficult! These are nice and thick and sturdy and look like they will hold up well over time.

Kimberlee Creighton, NE

First time mom, first time cloth diapering

I must preface my review by saying, my little man won’t be using these diapers until he arrives in a few months. I am working on getting my cloth diaper stash put together for my newborn son. The OsoCozy brand seemed to be a good place to start, I have read many positive reviews. I ordered 2 packages of this particular prefold diaper. From what I see out of the package, they feel like a quality product.I will try to remember to update this review once I have washed and used these on my son.

Lucile Hesperia, MI

Good so far

I am just starting my cloth diapering adventure, but so far these are good. Well worth the money and beat out the cheap cloth diapers by far!

Lydia Meadowlands, MN

Works better than expected

I’m a newbie at cloth diapering so I was nervous about what to buy. These are soft and almost quilty after washing/drying. I bought the gerber Birdseye diapers before for sewing projects and found them to be too thin and flimsy to work for actual diapering. The osocozy are very thick and absorbent and keep my baby dry. I like the white ‘bleached’ ones best because I can tell if I get all the solids out before washing.

Ola Vancouver, WA


Nice, absorbs well as expected. However my snappi doesn’t hook solidly into it. I bought to escape the multiple prewashes. I will be getting the unbleached when my child reaches 15lbs. Also with the angel fold it is a bit difficult to fit (she is app. 9lbs) Fits better with the newspaper fold, when I flare the front. Good brand though.

Mari Sassamansville, PA

Do yourself a favor and give cloth diapering a try!

Love these!!! They hold up great! I am amazed more people don’t cloth diaper their baby with these simple to use prefolds.

Dolly Rocky Mount, VA

Great for Burp Cloths, but Small!

I bought these diapers to use as burp cloths, so I can’t comment on their performance for their actual purpose. I originally bought the OsoCozy Size 2 diapers, which are also great. I thought those were slightly on the large side as burp cloths, so I decided to try these. These ended up being quite small for their intended purpose. I’d say after washing they shrunk to slightly under 11×14. They still work and are super thick and absorbent, but I’d probably prefer the Size 2 diapers for greater coverage, even though those seem gigantic in comparison. They are much better than the Gerber 6 ply premium cloth diapers, since the layers are thick on each third of the diaper and not just down the middle. The only issue I have is that they take quite a long time to dry. Even after 70 minutes in the dryer on low heat, they tend to still be a little damp. Other than that, they have served their purpose as burp cloths very well, and other than the size of these, I have no complaints about their construction, quality, or the brand in general.

Lucile Lake City, MN