OsoCozy All In One Cloth Diaper Ver 3.0

OsoCozy All In One Cloth Diaper Ver 3.0

New! The OsoCozy All-In-One features a new trimmer contoured form fitting shape with a soft PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate) waterproof cover. This improved version also uses durable snap closures and includes a snap down rise for a truer fit in the smaller ends of the size range. Inside the diaper you will find the same cotton material that has been used in our trusted Osocozy Prefolds for decades. Now included is a thick soaker pad that is sewn in on one size of the diaper. This allows for easier air circulation and a faster drying time. The bleached version (white) is the first and only all-in-one cloth diaper made of the same wonderfully soft 100% cotton gauze that prefolds have been made of for the past 40 years. The unbleached version (ivory) is made of a soft and durable 100% cotton birdseye weave fabric that your baby will love. Both the bleached and unbleached options are available with five outer cover color options (white, pink, deep purple, aqua and light green). *Manufactured in the USA by stay at home moms and grand moms! A wonderfully simple and basic all-in-one cloth diaper at a great low price.

Main features

  • Size 1 fits 6 to 18 lbs. Size 2 Fits 15 to 35 lbs
  • Both the bleached and unbleached options are available with five outer cover color options (white, pink, aqua, deep purple and light green)
  • Manufactured in the USA by stay at home moms and grand moms!

Verified reviews


Great value

If you’re going to go with flats, then the All Together Diaper Company is the way to go. Their flats are the cheapest, and at least equal in quality to the flats you’ll find anywhere else. I’m giving them four stars instead of five because I really do prefer the quicker and easier folding of prefolds, but if you don’t have your own washer and dryer, flat diapers cannot be beat!

Leola Centralia, MO

Great quality – Just Like the Ones in the Hospital

These are so much better than the Gerber diapers! Very sturdy and a good size (the Gerber diapers shrink badly and shred easily). I was looking for the quality of what we were given by the hospital, and found exactly what I wanted!We mainly use them as burp cloths, but also as small drop cloths when we put our daughter down on something. The large size makes them multi-functional, and less of a gamble when picking her up when we’re already dressed for work.

Marcy Pleasant View, CO

I love them!

I got these when I had my baby, and I think they’re wonderful! For diapers, I think they’re superior to prefolds because they can be folded in more ways, and if you just fold them in quarters, you have a prefold anyway. I usually fold them in quarters, then in thirds, lay them in a simple diaper cover, and wrap the whole thing around baby’s bum. Even in the dryer, these dry faster than prefolds, saving you energy costs.These are also terrific for other uses: I’ve used them as a burp cloth, a bib for my messy eater, and for general cleanup around my baby. Later I intend to use them as kitchen cloths and rags. They are the most versatile and most used item that was bought new for the baby.

Sylvia Penney Farms, FL

Great burp rags!

We use these as burp rags, and nothing is better! They are SO absorbent and easy to just throw in the wash. My baby was a major spitter, shocking pediatricians, but even with multiple spit-ups back-to-back this would catch and quickly absorb everything (though it might get pretty wet!). I shudder to think how much worse her spit up would have been to deal with with a traditional flannel burp cloth. These are soft and absorbent, what more can you want?

Lakesha Rocky Comfort, MO

1000 uses!

These are awesome! Their main use in my home is to dry baby’s bottom after I use wet wipes during a diaper change. They are also wonderful for kitchen rags and burp cloths. Great for cleaning glass and for drying car after washing

Ginger Atwater, MN

My favorite diapers

I like these flat diapers because they are large and thick. I use these from newborn to toddler. When my babies wet too heavily for just one diaper, I layer another down the middle before pinning. They still dry very fast on a line.

Cherie Thermal, CA