Osocozy Bleached Prefold Infant 4x8x4

Osocozy Bleached Prefold Infant 4x8x4

Diaper Service Quality, 100% cotton gauze diapers that are soft, durable and highly absorbent. The highest quality fabric and manufacturing available makes these prefolds the best you can find. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit every baby’s needs. Used with diaper covers or plastic pants. Sold by the dozen at great low prices. These are also great for polishing rags, burp cloths and 100 other uses.

Main features

  • Infant 4x8x4 diapers best fit 7-15 lbs.
  • 100% Soft Absorbant Cotton. Thick gauze weave.
  • Sold by the dozen. Much nicer than chain store brands.
  • Available in white in 6 sizes. Also available in Unbleached Natural in 5 sizes.
  • Diaper Service Quality Prefolds. Much nicer than chain store brands

Verified reviews


Picture is missleading

It is looks like unbleached cheesecloth on the picture… but in reality they are pure white bleached cotton.and what is the measurement 4X6X4???? this is not inches…not cm…ah! ok it is the size of FOLDED diaper…

Beth Fort Thompson, SD

These are great!

Admittedly, I haven’t used any other diapers and have nothing to compare these too, but they work great. I’ve been using them with my daughter for 2 weeks now (she’s 2 1/2 weeks old) and haven’t had any leaking through the cover. We did have one poopy blowout, but it was a massive one and probably would’ve been just as bad in a disposable!These cloth diapers seem to be very high quality and will hold up for a long time (most likely for future siblings too). My daughter was 7lbs, 9oz at birth and probably isn’t even 8 lbs. yet. The newborn size fits her well and is even a little too long for her still and I have to fold the top up some. I imagine that they will become too small width-wise before length-wise.They don’t come with any instructions though, so be sure that you prep the diapers before using them. They should be ran through at least 4 wash-dry cycles before first use (DON’T use fabric softener and you only need to use detergent for the first wash cycle) to make them puff up and become absorbent. Also, for usual washing, don’t use fabric softener with them – the oils/buildup can cause the prefolds to lose absorbancy over time and then you’ll have to do something called “stripping” the fabric to get rid of the buildup.

Ruby Granville, TN

Great prefold diapers!

These are extremely good prefold diapers. They are much better quality than the Gerber brand and when washed don’t seem like they are going to fall apart like less expensive varieties. Additionally, this size is a great substitute for the gDiaper cloth inserts when folded in thirds and inserted in the small little gPants. Great value for someone who just wants to try cloth diapering before committing to a pricier system.

Kimberly Williamsburg, PA


I really had to laugh out loud when I washed these for the first time.I felt like I was on a hidden camera COMEDY! These diapers shrinkdown so much, that you will laugh out loud! I really could not believemy eyes. They went from baby diapers to doll sized diapers! Ha-ha-ha!Only buy these if you know what to expect on this shrinkage issue. Theyare soft, and make a good use for burping spit up diapers. I do not knowif you’d like them otherwise. I would not buy more than one dozen untilyou try them out first. Not really recommended….

Jennifer Nolan, TX

Premium Bleached Prefolds

I have the unbleached infant sized prefolds and love them. I was trying to order just the next size up for my growing boy. The description is unclear in both sizing and whether the product is bleached or unbleached. I wish the description gave a better indication of the sizing of the diapers because the premium size is HUGE. Although I will be using them, it just will not be for a very long time as they are twice the size of his current prefolds.These seem pretty soft and just as good quality as the unbleached prefolds I currently use, I just wish they weren’t bleached.

Rachelle Hiller, PA

extremely thick and durable

These prefolds, even if you hate them as diapers, will serve as the ultimate household cloth for various purposes. I imagine these to be nearly the quality that our grandmas used years ago. They do soften up a little, but boy are they sturdy! They wash well and I’ve only bleached them once, but they always look perfectly new.**the packaging I received my diapers in were unlabeled with care instructions, so if this happens to you, be sure to do your homework on how to properly prep and care for diapers.

Nadia Harper, WV

Very Soft

I love this Indian Cotton prefolded cloth diapers. I use them as a burp cloth, they are great. I bought originally a smaller size which it was good when my baby was smaller, after a couple of months I bought bigger ones. The only complaint I have is that I was expecting the blue border as the picture, they came all white, besides that they are great! If you use them as diapers, they are very soft.

Edna Dacula, GA

Burp Cloth

We used these as burp cloths. We loved the one we got from the hospital but couldn’t find any that were just like that. These were the closest we found and they worked great. We still have them around the house for any clean up purpose. I definitely recommend them as burp cloths….never used them as diapers though.

Virgie Delafield, WI

Not bad, but….

I bought the 4x8x4 osocozy diapers that should fit a baby till 30 pounds, my DD is a chubby 17 pounder at 5 months and has just about grown out these. I think the quality however is great. They are very thick and absorbent. Very soft after the first few washes and has held up very well through repeated washings. We started using these at about 3 weeks of age and they held in every BF poo she had, with or without a cover. These are great prefolds for a skinny baby or till about 6 months of age.

Penelope Cornland, IL

nice for diapers or just wiping up

These little diapers are awesome! Not only are they good for using them as a diaper for a preemie baby but they are really good for a burp cloth as well. The perfect size for your shoulder. These are also good for dabbing up baby’s little mouth and chin! AND they are super for cleaning around the house – especially mirrors! They are 100% soft absorbent cotton and they do come in bigger "normal" sizes but I like this size – perfect – love them! Highly recommend.

Kelli Nahant, MA

Great Diaper

I am super happy with these prefolds. I used the infant size of the osocozy prefolds (4x8x4) in the size one Thirsties duo wraps from birth (7.5 lbs) to age 10 months (30″ and 23 lbs). The infant size osocozy prefolds fit great in the Thirsties size one wraps. On the smaller cover setting, I just folded the prefold over (in the front for boys).I prepared the diapers with a boil on the stove for 15 minutes, a line dry (most of the way) and then a fluff dry in the dryer. The diapers quilted up nicely and are super absorbent. After the initial prep, I sun dry when I can, definitely the best way to get out stains.
• Update
• 10 monthsMy original 36 infant prefolds still are in great condition, but my little guy is getting too big for them. I just purchased the toddler size prefolds to use in the Thirsties size 2. Unfortunately, I found the diapers are a little too big to fit in the Thirsties size 2 covers on the smallest setting. Talk about a fluffy bottom! I can fold the toddler size over to make them fit, but it looks a bit awkward on the little guy. I just ordered a set of the Premium size osozocy prefolds and think those will work much better. So much for trying to save buying the in between size and just buying the toddler size, but I’ll definitely be using the toddler size for overnights.
• Update
• 16 monthsI still love these prefolds. Super soft and absorbent. In my Thirsties size 2 covers the Premium size works better than the Toddler size, but of course they are not as absorbent (though still work great!). We use the Premium size during the day because the smaller size gives a much trimmer bottom allowing shorts/pants to fit. The Toddler size is awesome at night, keeping the bed dry.If I could do it again, after graduating from the INFANT size I would order two packs of the PREMIUM size (for use during the day) and one pack of the TODDLER size for use at night. I highly recommend these diapers.

Juliana Ontario, WI

use these as an insert to cloth diapers

I am a mom who uses cloth diapers. Since my baby grew so quickly, I didn’t really have a chance to use them as intended, but used them as inserts to all-in-one diapers or the base to pocket diapers. My baby is also a heavy wetter, and alone, these were not good at soaking up everything. So I layer it with a hemp insert or something similar. Think of it as a diaper sandwich – and that does the job. If you have the money, I would recommend all-in-one diapers. They are much easier to use and function similarly to a traditional throw away diaper. We also use these as burp cloths, and I lay them down on the bed when side-feeding my baby.

Karen Brentwood, MD


not really soft, SUPER tiny (no way you can use these as a diaper with pins or a snappy on even a 6 month old baby) they just didn’t work for us and we’re now using them as burp cloths. They could work as a tri-fold in a cover but there are way better options out there for that.

Kelli State Line, MS

Warning: these shrink after washing

I’ve only had these for a few days, but they shrink at least 25% after washing/drying. But they still fit perfectly into my diaper covers, so it’s all good. Very absorbent!I change my mind about these diapers. They shrunk so much as to be unusable for my 4-month old. They might have worked better when she was a newborn, they are really small once shrunken. Waste of my money.

Shelia Natural Bridge Station, VA

From diaper to burp rag

These diapers didn’t fit my baby for long and are on the narrow side but Luckily they make nice burp rags too. They absorb well and fluff up nicely so if you are looking for very small newborn prefolds, these will do the job.

Stephanie Fort Sumner, NM

These were my favorite pre-folds

Super soft and absorbent. They definitely improved over time. When my daughter outgrew them I purchased another brand and really wish I had bought these again instead. The OsoCozy had a much more quality feel and I very seldom had problems with leaking.I resold them for almost what I paid for them!

Laurel Oakland, MS

Great diapers

Loved using these when I first started cloth diapering. They are super absorbent, and easy to use. Will order more for next kid. =)

Lillie Percival, IA

Best burp cloths!

I got these because regular burp cloths don’t absorb for crap! I am glad that I got the bigger size because they definitely do shrink. I would recommend them to everyone to use as burp cloths. Do be warned that they will take a long time to dry in the dryer, but that is because they absorb so much water. Get these!

Inez Eastlake, MI

Great for Small/ Babies

I got these for my twins who were 7 lbs at birth- but thin. These diapers worked great. My regular infant sized diapers that I had used for my other babies were just way too big. These diapers didn’t add too much bulk and worked really well with theBummis Super Brite (Yellow, Newborn). You will have to change the diapers VERY frequently- but that is the case with breast-fed newborns anyway. For twins- I would recommend 4 dozen diapers and at least 8 diaper covers, more if you can afford it. These are really great diapers at a great price!

Carole Dover, GA

Great prefolds!

I love these prefolds. I use them in my cover diapers; they are very absorbent and are a good price. I also use them as burp cloths and they work better than any burp cloths I have bought. I would highly recommend these prefolds.

Lillie Bartonsville, PA

this brand is great!

these hold up wonderfully!!! our smaller ones that we dont use anymore have now been re-purposed into spit rangs and just generic rags and they hold up to everything, and still look like new once theyre washed!anyone who i know that is looking into pre-folds i tell them to get the OsoCozy brand!

Tonya Dry Branch, GA

Great quality and price

I love these diapers! They’re so soft and absorbent. I started using them as prefolds on my 7lb daughter with Real Nappies covers and they worked great. The price for a dozen is great too. If cloth diapering exclusively I’d recommend getting 2dozen of these; you really don’t need more unless you’re looking to do less laundry, but by the time my baby was 2months old I only had to wash twice a week as 2dozen are enough for 3 days of diapering.

Gertrude Heart Butte, MT


Very soft and absorptive. They are great with Flip covers. These hold pee very well… even better than the Flip inserts!

Eddie Java Center, NY

Good addition to the cloth diaper collection

I have used these with small and medium G diaper covers, econobum covers, and a couple of other covers for about the past two months (baby age 2 mos-4 mos.). It has been a good intermediate for when the baby is past newborn size but the regular size prefolds would be too bulky. They are absorbent and have only stained minimally (I do not clean my diapers with bleach). I have been using fleece cut to size to cover the prefold to wick away moisture.

Queen Fellsmere, FL

Good quality; small for my baby!

My baby was born at 6.9 pounds – these worked for him for just a month, and at 1.5 months and nearly 10 lbs. they are almost too small already!We used them with a Snappi fastener and a diaper cover (such as Thirsties), but now we are using Bummis Tots Bots because they are much more adjustable. They were fine, but if I could do it again I would just buy the Bummis and save my money.

Lea La Salle, CO

Prefold – WIN

For the price and convenience of purchasing from Amazon (um… free shipping, yes please) these are pretty awesome. I would probably give them a 4.5/5 stars more specifically. Are they THE most absorbant prefolds you can find? No. GMD has that hands down, but these are definitely a good second. You will not be disappointed in these whether you use them as prefolds or as inserts in your pockets.

Angelica Old Mystic, CT

Some of the greatest diapers of all time

I love these diapers. They are very thick and absorbent, they breath well (so my boys don’t get rashes in them as they do with disposables), they are very soft, they have held up pretty well (even using Snappi Diaper Fasteners, which have a tenancy to damage diapers), and they are a good size even for smaller children. If they are folded over in front, they can fit a five-month-old, and unfolded they fit my thirty-three-month-old. I will always buy these diapers in the future. I have tried others (even from this company), and none of them compare.

Judy Moapa, NV

Great product

Super soft, fluffs up nicely. We used this size from newborn to about six months. The prefolds are easy to wash and dry. We haven’t had any issues with staining or holes.

Elva Hollansburg, OH

good quality

These diapers feel thicker and of better quality than any other prefolds that I’ve seen at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby.

Dolores San Sebastian, PR

Pretty good

Good prefolds, they got better the more I washed them, very absorbent. Once I wash, they are no stains that remain.

Marjorie Presidio, TX