OsoCozy Chinese Prefold Diapers, Infant 4x6x4

OsoCozy Chinese Prefold Diapers, Infant 4x6x4

Our Chinese Prefold Diapers are perfect for cloth diapering and also for making your own customized burp cloths. They come in two sizes and thicknesses and are all white stitched. They are made of 100% cotton and are a tightly woven gauze weave material. These are different from the Indian Cotton prefolds in that they do not quilt (wrinkle) as much when washed and they have all white stitching on every size. SIZE LAYERING (SIDE-MIDDLE-SIDE): 4 x 6 x 4 UNWASHED DIMENSIONS: 12″ by 16″ APPROXIMATE WASHED DIMENSIONS: 10.5″ by 13.5″

Main features

  • Size: Infant 4x6x4 – Fits 6-15 lbs.
  • Make Great Burp Cloth Diapers. Great for embroidery or embellishment.
  • All white stitching. Do not quilt as much as Indian Cotton Prefolds.
  • Genuine Chinese Prefolds.
  • 100% cotton, woven gauze i.e. twill.

Verified reviews


The price is great! The size is not.

This really is the best way to go in terms of price. They worked wonderfully for my newborn. (Just a note: cloth diapers normally get soaked. Both CDs and disposables should be changed, on average, every two hours to avoid rashes, even if the disposable feels moderately dry. I use a doubler at night, though.)However, once my baby got to be 8 pounds (the average size of babies at birth), the diapers didn’t fit well around him, and at ten pounds, they barely reach around his legs. These will still work as liners for diaper covers, as doublers, and burp cloths, but I won’t be able to pin them any more.Bottom line: for newborns, get two dozen. You will wash every 1.5 to 2 days. Don’t forget diaper covers.For infants 9 lbs and up, don’t expect to be able to pin these or use Snappi fasteners with them for long. Fold in thirds and lay into the diaper cover, or use as a double layer, or use as a burp cloth.

Sheila Craig, IA

Like it, but not as a diaper

We bought these as pads to help minimize our need to wash the changing table cover. I cannot imagine using them, given how much they shrink, as diapers, but we do not use per-folds, so I’ll leave that evaluation to others. As quick and easy pads for changing they work fine.

Rachael Copeville, TX

Really big!

These diapers are great quality, absorbent and functional, but very big! If I turn down the front to fit my newborn baby it makes it so super bulky on him that he can’t fit his clothes, even if I go a size bigger. I have to turn down a good 4-5 inches at least. I wish the seller would specify that they are premium size. I’m going to end up trimming them to fit.

Camilla New Town, ND

Great multipurpose cloth

These are soo much better than the standard ones that everyone has. These are great burp cloths and great for drooling babies.

Kristina Cerrillos, NM

Make the Best Burp Cloths

I purchased these prefold diapers to make burp cloths by sewing a strip of fabric to one side. These work much better than any other type of prefold diapers I have used.They are made of a nice cotton, and they get softer with each wash. They shrink quite a bit in the dryer, and after they’ve been washed they get slightly lumpy. But they are very absorbent and work well as diapers.Best part: they have multiple uses.

Tami Bloomington, IL

Absorb wonderfully, clean much better than microfiber

I love these! They hold their shape, absorb well and don’t shrink too much. I don’t have anything else to say.

Julia Guide Rock, NE

Fluff up nicely

I’ve just finished prepping these diapers and they have fluffed up nicely and are ready for use. They seem to be a better quality than the gerber brand.

Justina Hagan, GA


Great absorbancy, durable, good price, a bit bulky when using with a smaller baby but she grew into them. I am still using them for cleaning!

Kara Prince, WV

Versatile and well made-a must have!

We LOVE these diapers! They are so much softer, thicker, and well made than the Gerber cloth diapers. They are also very absorbent. I was planning on using them as diapers, but we have had so many disposables that I haven’t used them as cloth diapers yet-but, they make great burp clothes and liners for changing pads. I also put one under my son’s head in his rock n play in case he spits up, and place one over his penis during diaper changes to prevent spraying. I keep a few with me in the diaper bag and they come in so handy! We have both the infant size and the regular size. Even we don’t actually use these as diapers, I tried to put the infant size on him when he was about 3 weeks and it was too small. He was about 9 or 10 pounds then. The regular size fit him now. Get a pack or two of these-even if you aren’t planning on doing cloth diapers. You won’t regret it!

Myrna Snow Camp, NC

great for burpies

I bought these looking for something similar to ones that someone gave me from pump station. my lo spit up a lot when he was little so we needed lots of burpies and these were great. they are nice and thick so that they are super absorbant, but at the same time soft. now that he is teething he loves chewing on these and since they are soft I don’t mind. easy to wash and great to have around.

Mollie Carlton, PA

Not great

Not worth it! Very cheap, thin, and small. I wouldn’t recommend. I got some Indian diapers from a different source (not Amazon) and they were better.

Faith Woodburn, KY

Best burp clothes

When my first niece was born, my sister used cloth diapers just like this for her. I purchased these for burp clothes and they are a perfect size, after being washed, to use for any leakage from engorged breast, for baby burping, baby spit up… etc… I love that they are washable and a very good price. Perfect for everyday use. I have two dozen that gets me easily through a week and I have one in every room in the house!

Harriett Haslet, TX

Should have bought these from the get go

Great quality and thickness. They are about the same size as what some would call preemie but so much thicker.

Audra Arcadia, FL

Good value

I got 2 dozen of these diapers and I was pretty impressed with how they held up when my daughter was born. She was a small baby (less than 6 pounds at birth) and coupled with Thirsties wraps they worked really well and fit well too. At 2 months old she is now almost 10 pounds and these are already getting way too small. I used to be able to fold them in thirds at the section that comes up in between her legs but now I have to use the cross over method and they’re still a little tight. I like these diapers but I thought I would be able to use them longer than 2 months. I suggest going a size up even for newborns if you want to be able to use these for a longer period of time.

Rosalie Good Thunder, MN