OsoCozy – Indian Cotton – Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers

OsoCozy – Indian Cotton – Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers


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Not so good…

I wanted to use these for my newborn baby but they were way too huge, and my baby was over 7 pounds! You need to get something else. They finally fit him but he’s pushing 11 pounds now! Size ‘infant’ would suggest that they fit infants! Not the case.

Madge Boones Mill, VA

I love these

My sister in law sent me two dozen of these when I was pregnant. I boiled them with a little dish detergent (I used Ecover — I don’t buy P&G; products, so I know everyone recommends Dawn, but you need petroleum-based detergents for synthetic fibers ONLY, and Palmolive works fine for the synthetics, otherwise the natural detergents work great on the natural fibers) to save washing cycles. We have two large stock pots, so I could do 12 at a time, 6 in each pot, 20 min on the boil. After boiling I washed them once with a prewash and extra rinse cycle and dried them and they were ready to use. They did not last to 15 lbs. My daughter is about 13.5lbs now and I can barely fasten these things with a Snappi, and have had trouble since about 12 pounds. However, they are still excellent as stuffers for pockets or tri-folded in a wrap-style cover. My SIL tells me that when my daughter gets bigger I can use them as doublers, so you never really “grow out” of them until you’ve grown out of diapers.These have taken a lot of “abuse”. We were given, between the hospital and some well-meaning friends who were convinced cloth was a phase I was going through, several packages of disposables, but they of course all gave my daughter rash, even when I interspersed lovely breathable cloth in with them. So my prefolds have seen petroleum jelly, sometimes indirectly because I wiped with a cloth wipe that got washed with the dipes, and sometimes directly when someone changed her who wasn’t paying attention to the no-petroleum-jelly rule, but I was able to wash it out beautifully. It also never really hurt them, although I did have a couple of slightly waterproof spots on the diapers after it was used, and I’m sure that if it were used regularly the diapers would be useless. Dish detergent, by the way, took the petroleum jelly right out. I then figured out that, duh, pure lanolin will wash out easily and makes great diaper rash cream, so we’ve been using that and have had zero problems with either natural or synthetic fibers.I was using 7th Generation for awhile with these because that’s the detergent we use for our clothing, and it does not work at all for diapers. We ended up with an ammonia concentration and they had to be stripped with vinegar and then again with bleach to ensure that the bacteria was gone along with the ammonia. This was compounded by the fact that with the slightest dehydration (we had some hot days early on before we got the A/C going) my daughter has very strongly scented ammonia pee that I have smelled in disposables as well as clothies. A homemade mixture of borax and washing soda and bar soap, however, works great, and of course, now that she’s big enough (read, has enough chub on her little thighs to plug the legholes) for the pocket diapers we have, I’ve had to switch to All Free and Clear for the synthetics, so these are getting washed with the pocket diapers in that now.For awhile we were using disposables at night because my daughter is such a heavy, long sleeper (I know, we’re super lucky) that it was easier to leave her than wake her up by changing her, but now that she fits the pocket diapers, we just use these prefolds in them with a thin hemp doubler and she’s fine all night.So, yeah, I’d recommend these. Happy diapering to all!

Jennie Falcon Heights, TX

great value

I love indian cloth prefolds! This was a great (unbeatable) price for these. They are very easy to use. I like using single inserts as well because they are quick and easy, but out of the prefolds, these are my favorite. Super absorbent. Well worth my purchase. I would recommend to any cloth diper user/ cloth diaper user to be. I do NOT like the china cotton diapers (at least that’s what I believe they are…they are the baby’s r us brand.I dont understand a few other reviews..maybe they dont wash with good detergent. I use Babyganics detergent and these diapers have stayed SUPER soft…very good on sensitive skinned babies.These indian cotton prefolds are easy to clean too…if you rinse the poop, it comes right off…almost peels off…unlike the china cotton ones where it just seeps in.There is not another place you will find a better deal for these.

Karin Bolton, MA

Great product!

These are awesome! After initially trying the insert method of cloth diapering and really (really!!!) not liking it, I decided to try the old-school way. Now I absolutely LOVE cloth diapering! These prefolds are awesome. Very soft, easy care, the whole family loves them. After trying to use inserts for two days I had 4 diapers stain, even using the biodegradable liners. And I could not get them out! I soaked, scrubbed, sunbleached, etc… no luck. I have been CDing for almost a month now, and have yet to stain a SINGLE diaper. Yes, you read correctly. NO stains yet! They go in with stains, come out clean. I am one happy mama.Love these, and can’t wait to buy more!

Marsha Long Lake, WI

So Soft and Absorbent

I love these diapers! I am a prefolds lover and primarily use prefolds and covers. These quilted nicely after just two washes, and I have had no leaks, they are super absorbent. I love the versatility of prefolds and my son is so comfortable in them. They offer so much more protection than those flimsy paper diapers too. They are so affordable, I got two dozen in this size and wash every other day. I use micro fleece liners (I cut myself) for moisture wicking (and catching poo), and these absorbent diapers do the rest. They are so low maintenance too. I use a cheap detergent that has no fabric softeners or brighters. It is a simple powder detergent that works fine and I use it with all my laundry. And I have banned dryer sheets from my home so that I won’t accidentally use one in my diapers. I can’t describe the joy I get from pulling a big fluffy load of cloth prefold diapers out of the dryer. They stay soft wash after wash. I do have to change him every time he nurses, but they say cloth diapered babies potty train much faster!

Maritza Hagarstown, IL

Great economical way to cloth diaper newborns & up

These were perfect for our new baby. A little bulky for a newborn, but I’m glad I bought these instead of newborn size which would have been outgrown very quickly. Perfect for stuffing nearly any diaper cover, very absorbent, and also great for spit rags, napkins, cleaning rags, etc.

Johanna Marion, IA

Love these prefolds in a cover

I love these prefolds. They worked great for my son who just outgrew them at 9 mos (with a doubler I can still use them, but I decided to just buy the bigger premiums), and have been working since he was about 1-2 mos. They are soft, although not the softest prefolds I have ever felt, but mine never stained and were fantastically absorbent. I just folded and laid them in a cover so I am not sure how they would work with a snappi, but the size was good – a little long at first (just folded them over to fit), but now he is just outgrowing the length so it seemed perfect!

Cristina Alexandria, LA

Soft and absorbent

I really like these. I also have a set of the bleached cotton osocozy prefolds but these are so much softer and more flexible. To be fair we use inserts in our gdiaper covers much more often than prefolds but these are useful when we run out and also function as burp rags and changing table covers.

Shana Yawkey, WV

Shrinked Size & Pricing Ref

Price & Sizing Ref (Oct-2013)===========================> Half dozen pack with Free Shipping:Size1 12 x 16 = $11 @$1.8 each >> 10.5 x 12.5 after shrinksSize2 14 x 22 = $19 @$3.2 each >> 11 x 17.5 after shrinks> One dozen pack with Free Shipping:Preemie 9.5 x 13 (2x6x2) = $13 @$1.1 eachInfant 12 x 16 (4x8x4) = $26 @$2.2 each >> 10.5 x 12.5 after shrinksRegular: 14.5 x 21 (4x6x4)= $27 @$2.3 each >> 11.5 x 16.5 after shrinksPremium 14.5 x 22 (4x8x4) = $30 @$2.5 each >> 11.5 x 17.5 after shrinksToddler: 17.5 x 23 (4x8x4)= $42 @$3.5 eachI’m very happy with the quality of these diapers. The problem is the shipping cost go up and down. In the past 2 months I have seen Free Shipping twice for all sizes. Then the rest of the time cost $10 or plus per dozen(ridiculously high). Finally I was lucky to order it with free shipping today. I’m putting down the price and size diff below for those who has time to wait for price drop. Of course if you are in a hurry, get it now. Cloth diaper will save parent a fortune. We once changed 24 diapers a day for our baby, he is always clean and happy. That worth every penny to us.BTW, if this is your first baby, I recommend ordering Three Size1 6-pack (total 18 diaper). We have 2 dozen of size1 and it became too small for our 2-month old boy. We just ordered 2 dozen of Premium size, hopefully it last (will update here). BTW, the quality between Premium and Regular are the same but Premium is a bit larger.

Cathleen Frametown, WV

So far fantastic

When my daughter was born (7.5 lbs) we realized that she was not going to fit into the organic yellow edge green mountain diapers prefolds we purchased for my son (he was 12 lbs before we used the GMDs). A friend loaned us some newborn diapers but I decided to get a dozen of these because the price was great. I have been extremely please with them. They fit her great by 8 lbs and are very absorbent – we never have leaks (we use them with thirsties XS and size 1 duos). We have used them for 2 months and they are holding up great so far. They are actually softer than the GMDs that we have. I only wish they were organic but for the price they were an awesome buy. I boiled them in blue dawn first and washed them once on hot after with our diaper detergent and an extra rinse. They were ready to go after that.

James Shelocta, PA

Great burp cloths

Someone suggested we buy cloth diapers to use as burp cloths because they’re made to be more absorbent. We purchased these, and they’ve worked great. We’ll not be using them as actual diapers – I can’t imagine scrubbing out the messes my little girl makes and putting them in my washing machine – but as burp cloths they’re great.

Katheryn Calhan, CO

Perfect infant size

These really are the perfect size for infant diapers. They hold urine better than their bigger counterparts that I own—as they are actually fairly plush–not thin! I’m very happy with these!

Deanna Kelso, MO

Watch out! They shrink!

Used these with my son and I’d recommend them to any cloth diapering parent. Keep in mind, these things shrink like crazy after the first wash. I actually sent a pack back to get the next larger size. So when choosing a size, go large. Actually, go HUGE.

Jillian Nine Mile Falls, WA

Awesome diapers!

I use these in conjunction with the Thirsties diaper cover (w/ velcro) and they work great. I read a review that they are like burlap, and I have to disagree. These are made from a soft material and are very absorbent. We’ve been using these diapers for the past 3 weeks and have had no problems with irritation or washing them. They are a good investment, and I will be using them with future children as well.

Christine Fairview, TN

I love these!

I’d like them just a bit wider for my 7 month old but they fit if you pull the side tightly. I got the regular size (15-30 lbs) and can’t imagine buying the larger size, I’m sure they’d be like ten feet long. hahaThese are
• super
• long. They’re long on my three year old! My three year old is potty trained but I tried them on her just because they looked so huge! They don’t fit around her waist at all but lengthwise I could still fold over some of the diaper!They’re
• super
• absorpent!! I washed them four times before use (only one of those loads had detergent) and started using them and they’ve contained my son’s heaviest pees and biggest blowouts. They’re amazing!!I imagine if his waist grows bigger at all the snappis aren’t going to work much longer. I’ve tried a few times just putting them on like I normally would and then not using a snappi and they’ve worked just fine. You don’t really need a snappi I guess, I just like them and how secure everything feels. Even with the diaper unsecured I had no leaks.I could go on and on but I’ll just say these are by far my favorite prefolds for the price. They’re exactly what I need and I’ll buy more when I need to!

Marisa South Lancaster, MA

Not good for FOLDING

They work well if you trifold them and place them with a cover… but they are too rectangular to work well with pins or snaps

Bonnie Reeders, PA

Tiny diapers

These fit my infant daughter really well (now 10.5 lbs), we use a Thirsties cover – sometimes with a snappi and sometimes just tri-folded up in there. Unlike the microfiber and fleecey inserts, she can feel the wetness (and doesn’t like it) so I usually use these at home so I can change her sooner, if need be. They are way way better than the Gerber or generic brand prefolds I got from Babies R Us and used on my son.

Elisabeth Lakeville, MI

awesome burp cloths

I purchased Them For Use As A Burp Cloth And They Work Extremely Well. The Material Is Very absorbent And Keeps Spit Up From Getting All Over Clothes And Blankets. I Carry One With Me Everywhere I Go. They Do Shrink A Lot So It Would Not Work As A Diaper Even If I Wanted To For My Jumbo Sized 8 Week Old.

Elisha Nettleton, MS

Much Better Than Disposables

Our baby had several blowouts with disposables so we switched to these. We’ve been using them for more than a month and no blow outs yet. Using a snappy they are very easy to put on.

Amber Littlefield, TX

So cozy and absorbent!

I have been using these on my 2.5 year old after two years of pocket diapers and I couldn’t be more pleased. With a cover on, these absorb a TON and do not leak.I did have to prep these by boiling them for half an hour, then a few loads with detergent. Then they fluffed up perfectly and they’ve actually been my go-to diapers instead of the pocket diapers.

Jacqueline Castle Hayne, NC

great diapers

I use them with thirstys duo snap covers and they contain everything except for a huge occasional poop, and if I don’t change her often enough and the diaper gets soaked, it can leak onto her clothes a little. I love them, had them 2 months and a few do have what seem to be permanent poop stains, but that can be because I’m not using the right detergent

Paige Nunn, CO

Small but nice burp cloth

I use these as a burp cloths. I cloth diaper with the green mountain diaper cloth eez prefolds. The size is a little better on the GMDs. The newborn size is very small.

Julianne Bee Spring, KY

Great for burp cloths

I use these for burp cloths and love them. They are so much softer than the bleached version and they are the perfect size for burping–they cover my whole shoulder without being huge.

Guadalupe Miamiville, OH

A must have!

These are great! Great price for one dozen! I bought once dozen to start my stash on top of my Grovia prefolds. I feel like my Grovia ones are slightly more absorbent but I would totally recommend OsoCozy! Great a burp cloths as well. And I love the look of the unbleached cotton!

Beatriz Goldsmith, TX

Great Economical Cloth Diaper Option

These were great for my newborn. She couldn’t fit most cloth diapers, and this did the trick. These are 100% better than the Gerber brand.

Virgie Big Bend, CA

Good prefolds

I’ve been using these prefolds for 4 months. They have worked well for us. Our son will soon be outgrowing the infant size. Overall good prefolds for the price.

Karla Jones, LA

A really good cloth diaper

Another purchase I was nervous about. That was a lot of money for these diapers but they turned out to be well worth it. They are quality cloth diapers and solid. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of prefolds but these and the Duowraps made a believer out of me.

Monika Southington, OH

good product

Prefolds are a great way to do cloth diapers cheaply. I really like the quality of the Oso Cozy prefolds, and appreciate that they are unbleached (good for the environment AND helps hide stains). However, I do like the “better fit” ones that Oso Cozy makes more than these ones. They truly do fit better in the diaper covers.

Jeanette Lincolnville, ME

Have been great

These have been a great general purpose cloth diaper. I use them daily either just trifolded or angel wing folded with a snappi. They work very well and absorb a lot but are not terribly bulky on my 3.5 week old – 8 pounder.

Delia Hanover, MA

Excellent quality fabric and absorbency.

Very soft and thick. Absorbs lots of wetting. The only drawback might be the length, slightly too long for us. I was using a Snappi and still needed to tuck the top down. I’m new to cloth diapering so only later learned how prefolds are “supposed” to be folded (tri fold with front folded down some), either way, this creates more bulk. I’m glad I found their Better Fit prefolds to eliminate this extra bulk.

Meredith New Auburn, WI