OsoCozy – Indian Cotton – Unbleached Prefold Diapers Premium 4x8x4

OsoCozy – Indian Cotton – Unbleached Prefold Diapers Premium 4x8x4

Pure 100% cotton unbleached twill weave prefold diapers. These diapers are incredibly soft and absorbent and become softer with every wash. Wash these diapers a few times in hot water and they will fluff up beautifully! Because they are unbleached they have a natural ivory cotton color to them. As with all prefolds these will shrink 5-10%.

Main features

  • Dimensions: 14.5″x22″
  • Size: Premium 4x8x4 fits 15-30 lbs.
  • Diaper Service Quality Prefolds
  • 100% Soft Absorbant Cotton. Thick gauze weave.
  • OsoCozy brand comfort, quality and durability.

Verified reviews


Too Big!!

I sadly went by the weight guidelines, very, very bad idea. I bought these to use with my Flip diaper covers; however they were too big. Now I am stuck with over 24 for of these things. I boiled, washed four times AND dried twice. Afterwards, they still wouldn’t fit in the diaper cover. My daughter is 16 pounds and a thin girl, I cannot image using these on her, it would be too bulky. Save your money, go with Green Mountain Prefolds. Wish I had from the start.

Liza Panama, IA

Osocozy Unbleached Prefolds

I cant say how disappointed i am in these. I bought the premium 4x8x4 and first of all the are gigantic. they go about up to my baby’s chest. even tho i have prewashed and dried like u must with unbleached diapers. the second thing is that these diapers are very rough. when i read about diapers before purchasing i was specifically looking for Indian cotton because it is supposed to be softer than chinese. it is NOT soft, at least these diapers aren’t. I suggest going with flip organic inserts. they r just like a prefold. but so soft and feel great against baby’s skin. in the end i regret buying these diapers and wasting my money when i could have bought more flips. these diapers are unusable. i wouldnt want to wear them so neither should my son 🙁

Martina Lowry, MN

I love it!

They are soft and absorbent! It took me a long time to prep these prefolds by boiling them in the pot.

Zelda Southern Md Facility, MD

very happy with these prefolds!

I wish I started with prefolds to begin with!!! I’ve been using Grovia, BumG and Rumparooz — but they all leak after about 2 hrs, even with additional layers. These prefolds are able to absorb a lot! and I only washed them once before using them — and they are just fine! and so much cheaper than all the fancier cloth diapers!I use them with FLIP covers.

Josie Glen Saint Mary, FL

good but kind of long

Maybe im doing something wrong but i just dont think i will ever need prefolds this long. They are longer than the one size diaper covers by a lot. But they can be folded over.

Kitty Buffalo, OK