OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 1, 6 Count

OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 1, 6 Count

OsoCozy unbleached prefold cloth diapers (Size 1), 100% cotton twill weaved cloth diapers. Soft, durable and very absorbent. Diaper service quality meaning these are the same kind of thick and absorbent cloth diapers typically used by diaper services. OsoCozy prefolds are a step up in quality and value from many store brands. These rectangular cloth diapers are 12×16″ before washing they will shrink approximately 5-10% like most cotton products. This size fits babies from 7-15 pounds and is generally used with a diaper cover or plastic pant. These three paneled rectangular diapers are 4 layers on the sides and 8 layers thick in the middle. OsoCozy prefolds are the highest quality and best selling cloth diapers sold on the Internet. Note that our unbleached diapers must be washed and dried 2-3 times prior to use. The washing is required for unbleached fabric to achieve maximum absorbency by removing natural cotton oils from the fabric.

Main features

  • 100% soft unbleached indian cotton
  • The internet’s best selling prefold cloth diaper
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Infant-size 1 fits 7 to 15 pounds
  • Infant-size 1 fits 7-15 pounds

Verified reviews


Haven’t used yet

Bought these and they seem very strong. I haven’t used them so can’t rate higher. They have been laundered and held up very well.

Susie Richland, MO

Goodbye Diaper Rash!

Odessa Cripple Creek, VA

Good for everything but cloth diapers!

I bought these for my daughter when she was 16 weeks old. They were too small and narrow. I had a very difficult time trying to snappi on her. The only way the size 1 fit was by trifolding it into the cover. So I decided to purchase the size 2, and it is huge! I don’t undersatnd why they are only available in two sizes, too small and too big! I discovered green mountain prefolds and found them to be a far better fit. The cotton osocozy is good quality but the fit is terrible. So I now use all my osocozy prefolds for everything from burp cloths to lining the car seat or swing, or even a changing pad. They are great quality but if you have a chunky baby these are way too narrow.

Ursula Wing, ND

Our overnight solution!

We are bumGenius 4.0 diaper users. However, at night our 22 month old was soaking through EVERYTHING. We tried doubling up on the microfleece. We tried hemp inserts. Nothing was working and I accepted that I’d just be washing his sheets every morning. But then a friend recommended stuffing our pocket diapers with a prefold and I decided to give it a whirl. I picked these based on the Amazon ratings and I’m glad I did. I washed and dried 3 times (per the instructions), pad folded them and stuffed them in the pocket. THREE dry nights in a row! My sanity has been saved!

Sara Higginson, AR

hate it

The diaper is very difficult to use, seems too small to fold per the instruction, although my baby is only 12 pounds and the diaper is for at least 15 pounds baby. The diaper is also very easy leak, can not even hold one or two pees. I can not use them. I waste my monty.

Berta Valley Head, WV

Size one NOT for newborn

I built my newborn stash of mainly Osocozy size 1, but came to find that they’re definitely too big for a normal sized newborn. The width is fine, but the length is about 4 inches more than you need, so ou end up with a TON of bulk. I ended up ordering a dozen Green Mountain Newborn size to use, and then the size ones started fitting around 15 pounds. They have great absorbency and they lasted very very well. =) I’ll definitely purchase size 2s if we decide to keep using prefolds.

Beatriz Maple, WI

Recommended by a friend

My baby isn’t here yet but these came highly recommended by a good friend. I’ll use them with Thirsties Duo Wrap for daytime diapering and as an insert with a wool cover for nite time.

Diann South Bend, WA

Nice but shrink

They have nice material but they shrinked a lot in wash so Im not able to put them on my 4 months old anymore.. Wont buy them again

Joan Ash Flat, AR

Very small

I got these to use as burp cloths, but they’re so small they wouldn’t stay on my shoulder. They’re also extremely thick, which meant they needed extra time in the dryer to get fully dry. The OsoCozy flats suited my purposes much better.

Tessa Bogalusa, LA


I ordered both the flat diapers and prefolded to use as burp cloths. The prefolds are way, way, WAY softer than the flats. I’ve had the flats for at least a month longer and have washed them pretty much daily, and after just one washing the prefolds are just super soft and absorbent. I ordered the larger size, and they’re perfect for burping. Both work great as burp cloths, but I prefer the softness of the prefolds!

Joann Folsomville, IN

use as burp rags

we don’t cloth diaper, but these make excellent burp rags – great absorbency and soft for our baby to lay her cheek on. just bought a 2nd pack. keep a clean one in the diaper bag, nursery, master bedroom, living room so we don’t have to go searching for one after daughter finishes her bottle.

Donna Sears, MI

Best pre-fold inserts I have found!

I am currently using 4 different types of pre-fold inserts for my 6 week old. These are by far the best and most absorbent. When I was and dry all of my inserts, these need a little extra time- which proves to me that they do, in fact absorb more. They are a good size and soft. I boiled mine initially and they fluffed up. I wash them with Purex or other non-additive detergent, along with a little bleach and oxy-clean, and so far they have not noticeably stained. And a good price as well. I actually much prefer the basic waterproof covers with the prefold inserts to the pocket diapers or all-in-ones. It’s super simple to fold these- even the husband has no issues with them. When I leave him with the grandparents I simply fold them and stick them in the diapers ahead of time, and there are no issues! When he has a blow out, I rinse them with my toilet sprayer- super easy. If it’s just urine, I can generally get another use out of the cover, which has kept me from having to buy more. I am about to purchase several of the next size. I highly recommend!

Willa Saint Louis, MO

Great Quality – too big for size XS covers

I registered for these and received 2 packs so I had a dozen. I also bought 2 dozen prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, size newborn. I bought 8 x-small covers – 4 Thirsties and 4 Proraps. After washing/drying 4 times to get all 3 dozen pre-folds ready to go for baby’s arrival the Osocozy prefolds were still too long for the size XS covers. However, the quality is excellent, thick and absorbant.I decided to use the Osocozy prefolds as burp rags, and perhaps I’ll also try to use them with snappies under covers, maybe that will use up some of the extra length that I have. A third option for using them would be to wait until I go up to the next size of covers or as doublers in pockets for over night. However, the green mountain prefolds were the perfect length for the XS covers after washing/drying.You can’t return after washing/drying 4 times, so be aware that these are too long for XS covers! Try the “perfect fit” which are shorter or go to greenmountaindiapers.com for their orange lined newborn prefolds.

Sheena Clearlake, CA

Holy buckets, these things are huge!

I didn’t realize how massive these diapers would be. I have a 21#, 32 inch tall baby, and I have to fold these down in the back for them to fit into the Thirsties Duo Snap Wrap (or any medium-sized cover). NOT for anything smaller than a medium–they will not fit. Also too big to stuff into fuzzibuns or other pocket diapers.Quality is great, though!They wash well, absorb lots of urine and no stinkies yet.If I had a sewing machine, I would probably take off about 3 inches from the length. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind the folding, though, so I’m sure it’s just me. It makes a great cloth diaper booty! 😉

Millie Port Tobacco, MD

Great for use as burp cloths!

Finding an inexpensive burp cloth online was difficult. Frankly all of them seemed either crazy expensive, or super thin. If a burp cloth is being used for actual burping of a baby, you want something that can take a good hit of baby puke.These diapers worked great! They are absorbent, soft, an at a great price. I highly recommend them. In fact, I will probably buy another pack and start phasing out our old burp cloths.

Antoinette Kinta, OK

Love love love!

I’m a first time cloth diaper-er and haven’t tried any other prefold. After doing my amazon review research these were my favorite and I haven’t been disappointed. I use the jellyroll method with diaper pins and use a thirsties size 1 cover. There are very rarely any blowouts, and when there are it never gets on the clothes. They’re very absorbent – our little girl hasn’t needed night changes since maybe 4-5 weeks old (she’s a light night soiler though). I don’t even use a liner with them at night (which is only aggravating because they’re bought, washed, and unreturnable. Oh well – backup wipes!).Most importantly they don’t irritate her bum. I use Bordeaux’s natural butt paste (green bottle) since it won’t clog the cloth. On the rare occasion I have to use disposables, by 2 days of using the cloth any diaper rash starts fading and by 5-7 days its completely gone.I didn’t bother with a toilet sprayer, I just rinse mine in the basement slop sink when I have a small load (2 days worth, approx 24-30 diapers). I also use rock the green detergent for them in bare naked babies which I love.We’ve been using these prefolds at 9 lbs (when her cord fell off) first we folded it in the back, we started front folding at 12 lbs. I think they might shrink a little because some do not fit the same as others, but its so subtle it’s not an actual complaint, that’s just why we started front folding. Even with a front fold she has yet to poo up past the back of the diaper (the back fold pocket would catch some of that before it went to disaster status).She’s 15 lbs now and we still have to fold it down in the front – but not nearly as much. By 18 lbs I’m guessing well stop folding down. Just to give you a size reference.We also had the better fit infant size (purple edging, up to 16lbs) they were great too, these are still our main ones because they have a broader weight range (when rolling and pinning).Good luck!

Kelli Conneaut, OH

Long and narrow

I purchased these in size two to use on both my 14.5 pound 3 month old daughter and my 30 pound 2.5 year old daughter. First, the good: they seem like they are constructed well. The cotton is soft and fluffs up nicely after being washed and dried several times. The bad: these are waaaaaay too long for both of my girls… Even the 2.5 year old at the top of the weight limit, and she’s long and lean. They are also far too narrow, even on my 14 pound 3 month old… Forget about trying to snappi/pin these on according to the instructions on the package, or using any method for that matter. They’re too narrow to pin, and too long to work well just trifolded with a cover. They do work trifolded… But only if you are okay with folding 6-8 inches down and having a really bulky and lumpy diaper.

Jean Big Sandy, TX

Some batches are great, others not!

I ordered two packs of these. The first were super absorbent and worked great for cloth diapering! The second we more "fuzzy" and the water just beads right off of them! They are useless!

Rosario Nauvoo, IL

great prefold

I use these daily for prefolds. They shrink when you wash them, so they aren’t as big as they look when you get them out of the package. The sizing appears to be good though. I’ve had very little problems with spills and they seem to absorb urine quite well.

Joanne Delaplane, VA

Worthy cloth diaper in every way but sizing

I’ve been playing around with a few brands of cloth diapers, and I think these are second best only to Green Mountain Diapers. In fact, my only real complaint is their size and shape. With size 1, they seem a bit too small. Workable, but still small. I prepped these with plenty of attention, giving them a good boiling as well as the usual extra washings. So of course they shrunk a bit, but the shape still seemed a bit questionable for reaching about to cover my rather smallish daughter. As for diaper power, they are wonderful. I’ve yet to have them stain in my not-that-exciting washing routine. They absorb wonderfully well, which is the most one can ask from a cloth diaper. I pair these with a diaper cover and I’ve yet to have a leak–these diapers grab everything. They are also soft and easy to prep. Highly recommended.

Agnes Naubinway, MI

I love cloth diapering!

These are great! MUCH sturdier and more absorbent than the old-school Gerber diapers. I’ve done well getting stains to come out too. I keep 18 of these on hand

Liliana Schererville, IN

thick, absorbant

these thick diapers have worked well for us. a few times liquid has escaped them but not due to their absorbancy, but our folding technique. most of the time however everything has been contained. i have found cloth diapering to be much easier than expected. we use a snappie diaper clip and the thirstie covers. we also spray the BM diapers (sprayer attaches to toilet) before putting them in the pail and wash the diapers every other day. the diapers, for the most part, have not stained, though prior to use getting and using the sprayer we had a bit more staining. we also run a rinse cycle and then a washing cycle in the washing machine. we like to hang them to dry outside, which is supposed to be good for bleaching, but often just dry them in thr dryer out of laziness.

Betty Monette, AR

Love these but they run huge!

I’ve been using Osocozy prefolds ever since my daughter was born. At almost 1 year old and just under 20 lbs, she can still fit into the size 1 prefolds (i use the jelly roll fold and secure with a snappi to make the trimmest fit possible). Size 2 was way too big and I actually cut 4 inches of length off of all of them (after prepping them, of course) and stitched the edges to prevent fraying. There is no way any baby would ever utilize all that extra length. I use Thirsties duo wraps and compared to a size 2 completely unbuttoned thirsties cover, the size 2 prepped prefolds were 5 inches longer than the cover.They are very absorbent, resistant to stains, and get very clean in the wash. I have recommended these prefolds to friends.

Karen Milltown, KY

Wish I would have read the negative reviews.

All the three star and below reviews are correct. I purchased these for the overwhelming positive reviews.At 7lbs which was my newborns birth weight, they swallowed him. I could not fold these over enough to fit in a diaper shell. At 11lbs they BARELY wrap around him now to get a snappy on. I bought so many of these to get a 2 day stash going, and now I can use them for what, another few weeks maybe? Total bummer. Every time I wash them they shrink, and I’ve prepped them as directed. I use no heat when drying them in the dryer. I guess I’ll use them for burp cloths? Cleaning rags? *shrug* Disappointed.

Clarice Athens, WV

cloth diapers

I’m new to the cloth diapering world so I bought a little bit different diapers to see which I liked the best. My friend really likes this brand and it had great reviews… so far so good!

Eunice Robinson, PA

Cloth-eez (GMD) are more absorbant

I originally gave these diapers 5 stars, but I am revising down to 3. Basically, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. When I went to go purchase more prefolds in a larger size, I decided to give Cloth-eez from Green Mountain Diapers a try. I bought Osocozy in size 2 and size large Cloth-eez (unbleached, organic). I like Cloth-eez a lot better just because of the absorbancy. Now, with my second child, I bought the yellow size small Cloth-eez to add to my Osocozy size 1 supply, and I reach for the Cloth-eez first since they perform better. They also are a little bit more square, which fits better on the baby.In terms of feel, the Osocozy diapers feel softer and the wear and tear on both brands seems to be about the same.I’ve been cloth diapering for over 2 years now, and I do prefer the Cloth-eez prefolds… with my Thirsties covers.*********************************************Original review:I’ve been cloth diapering my baby (now 1 month old) in the size 1 prefolds and am very happy with these diapers. I also purchased 1 dozen of the flat diapers by Osocozy, but both my husband and I prefer the prefolds. They seem to absorb much better and they are easier. I find myself going to these rather than the flat diapers in the middle of the night just for the convenience factor. I am not sure how much longer the size 1 are going to fit (don’t think they’ll fit to 15 lbs.)I am going to go ahead and buy the size 2 to boost my supply.For those looking into cloth diapers, here is what has been working for me:- 30 cloth diapers barely lasts me 2 days (as in another half-dozen would be ideal)- I like the Thirsties covers mostly because they have a bigger size range so they’ll fit for longer- use with Snappi- I’m happy (although not necessary thrilled) with the Osocozy wipesOnce the baby outgrows these, I plan to use them as an extra layer inside another diaper for overnight.

Tommie Navajo Dam, NM

Not quite 5 star, but close

Good: These are thick. They’re pretty. They’re easy to prep. Once well-used, they’re very, very quilty. They actually fit longer than the listing says they will, in my experience. My 19-lb baby is still wearing them, albeit only with bikini twist or padfolded in a cover.Bad: The thicker center panel extended about an inch past one side of the centered stitching. I’ve been told this is typically considered second quality, not first. It’s purely an aesthetic quibble, but for full price I want full quality. Also, they shrank quite a bit more than the description said that they would. Not so much that they aren’t usable, but more than expected.The bad points are admittedly minor and barely affect the function of the diaper, but they still are annoying enough to knock off one star.

Jeri Union, KY

so soft so absorbant!

I love these prefolds for my 9 week old daughter. Got these first so I would used to them before switching to pockets and AIO’s. But after comparing them to these prefolds, they’re even. They don’t stink like the microfiber does and they’re softer everytime I wash them. I use them with thirsties snap wraps and they’re great! Tried to find a negative, but for a prefold, they’re A+!

Gladys Clayton, LA

You need these even if you’re not cloth diapering

We use disposable diapers, but I have 24 of these in my house, and I would be lost without them. We use them as burp cloths, as props and cushions for breastfeeding, on the changing pad when there’s a particularly giant diaper, underneath the baby’s head at night in the crib so she has something that smells like us…the list goes on and on. You will find a reason to use these in every room of the house, I promise!

Billie Ogdensburg, WI

Good quality product!

These are good quality, thick and durable and sold at a good price. I would highly recommend them and buy more of them in the future.

Tamera Erwin, TN