OsoCozy Printed Flannel Baby Wipes – 15 Pack

OsoCozy Printed Flannel Baby Wipes – 15 Pack

Use, wash, dry, repeat! Cost-effective, environmentally friendly and gentle on skin, reusable OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes (Unbleached) are an essential addition to your home and family. Use for diaper cleanups, as washcloths, and even around the house for other cleanups. Nice, portable size makes them easy to throw a couple in your purse or car for emergencies on the road. OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes are made of 100% unbleached cotton flannel, with no harsh or allergenic chemicals like the ones in some disposable baby wipes. Soft, washable, absorbent and safe for delicate baby skin, they make a perfect complement for cloth diapers. Use for diaper changes, and throw them in the wash with your cloth diapers. Or use OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes (Unbleached) for other cleanups and toss them in with your regular wash loads. Single layer fabric dries quickly on the clothesline or in a machine dryer. Long-lasting, easily washable, reusable OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes (Unbleached) save you time and lots of money you’d be spending on replacements, or disposable wipes. One order includes 15 baby wipes, sized 8″ x 8″, surged in multicolored thread.

Main features

  • REUSABLE BABY WIPES – Use, wash, dry, repeat! Cost-effective, environmentally friendly and gentle on skin, reusable OsoCozy Printed Flannel Baby Wipes (Baby Chick) are an essential addition to your home and family.
  • SOFT COTTON FLANNEL – Made of 100% cotton flannel, with no harsh or allergenic chemicals like the ones in some disposable baby wipes. Soft, washable, absorbent and safe for delicate baby skin, they make a perfect complement for cloth diapers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Use for diaper changes, and throw them in the wash with your cloth diapers. Or use OsoCozy Printed Flannel Baby Wipes (Baby Chick) for other cleanups and toss them in with your regular wash loads. Single layer fabric dries quickly on the clothesline or in a machine dryer.
  • COST-SAVING – Long-lasting, easily washable, reusable OsoCozy Printed Flannel Baby Wipes (Baby Chick) save you time and lots of money youÕd be spending on replacements, or disposable wipes. One order includes 15 baby wipes, sized 8Ó x 8Ó, surged in multicolored thread.
  • OTHER USES – Use as washcloths, and even around the house for other cleanups. Nice, portable size makes them easy to throw a couple in your purse or car for emergencies on the road.

Verified reviews


Made in Pakistan!

I just received these, and I’m really disappointed. Number one—they are made in Pakistan. Number two, They are incredibly thin. I keep looking at the package and it says there are 15 in there, but it’s hard to believe. These are going back.

Alisha North Branch, MN

Not Good If Wet Or Washed

I’m giving these wipes 2 stars only because if you’d like to use them dry, they’re very soft and a great price. I use them as baby wipes as my son is allergic to any other prepackaged baby wipes with the exception of the Earth’s Best. Those are expensive so, I only use them when out of the house and I use wash cloths at home. At first glance, I LOVED these wipes as they SEEM super soft. After wetting them, they change IMMENSELY. They get even worse after being washed. I had to stop using them every day as they were rubbing my son’s little bottom raw. In addition to all of that, after only 4 washes about half of them are falling apart. So, if you’re desperate for some filler wipes then go ahead although, I wouldn’t suggest them for every day use on baby skin.

Katheryn Marshall, AR

Wouldn’t purchase again

These wipes were soft at first but then became very rough after washing a few times. I didn’t notice any frayed edges as some people stated but they were extremely thin and disappointing. I have had a more difficult time removing stains than with other wipes I’ve tried that never stain. I agree with another reviewer who compared them to wet paper towels. I still use them on occasion but find if I use them for every diaper change my baby’s skin becomes irritated. I was surprised by the overwhelming positive reviews these wipes received as Amazon reviews rarely let me down. But, I feel there are much MUCH better wipes out there!

Rochelle Sorrento, FL

Thin and really rough!

I am a mother of 8 and thought I would try out cloth wipes since I use cloth diapers and these are horrible, they leave the baby’s skin red from one rub and I have tried everything short of using fabric softener, which you cannot use on cloth anything, please spend the money and get a better wipe.

Carmela Fort Klamath, OR

OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes

Compared to the fuzzibunz wipes I have these are very thin; when wet they are very similar to disposable wipes. They clean well and get the job done. My only concern is that the stitching around the edges seems to be coming undone a little, so we will see how they hold up in the long run. For the price you can’t go wrong.

Lizzie Vaughn, WA

Nice and soft.

They go from bum to washer to dryer nicely. No crying during diaper changes, which is a win, and they’re great for everything, including the bath if we’re short on washcloths.

Adrienne Toledo, WA

Awesome Wipes

We love these wipes! Bought them for our newborn and ended up buying more to use for our toddler (who is potty trained – just to “get the job done” a bit more efficiently 🙂 ). They are soft and very sturdy. They’ve been used for each kid for six months and have held up. We cut the corners off of one set so that we could tell the difference, and the cut part hasn’t frayed or anything like that. Great wipes!

Juana Ketchikan, AK

Super soft!

These wipes are so soft and arrived here so fast! I am very pleased with them and I cannot wait to use them on our daughter. Cloth diapering and wipes are so much better for our environment and this pack is such a great price along with the fact that I will not need many more than the 15 it came with! They are big too so they will be good for those messy diapers.

Deirdre Newcomb, NM

Fantastic cloth wipes!

I bought two packs of these for cloth diapering and they’re great! Material is soft, but sturdy and will hold up to lots of washing. Excellent wipes by an excellent company!

Judi Harbor City, CA

Edging has come off on some

Puchased nine months ago to use for my cloth diaper wipes. Bought a set of bumgenius wipes at the same time and the bumgenius ones have held up much better. The edging has come loose on several of the OsoCozy wipes, and I will need to replace some soon as they fray away. Pay the few extra bucks and get the bumgenius flannel wipes, they are better quality.

Pamela Knox City, MO

A little fuzzy

These wipes are a nice size, but they leave little fuzzies behind. They are also pretty stiff if dried on the line.

Mandy New Paris, OH

Super soft, natural wipes

We looked all over for natural wipes for our baby and finally settled on these flannel, reusable wipes. We use them for almost all of our diaper changes (I still use seventh generation wipes for #2) and they work great. I keep a little water and natural soap, add it to the wipe and we’re good to go. They are nice and soft, while still absorbent. Easy to throw in the laundry and wash.Have saved a ton by not buying disposable wipes!(We also have found that they work great as tissues/handkerchiefs.)

Myrtle Lyndon, VT

way better than disposables

One of these will take care of any mess–from newborn to toddler. It doesn’t smear the poo around, but grips and absorbs it. They are pretty thin, but I’ve never had a problem with mess getting on my hands. I haven’t tried other brands of cloth wipes, but I don’t feel like I need to. After a year of use, they are showing some wear; so if I were to have another baby, I would plan to buy 40 more. Definitely saves money over disposables without the chemicals that gave my older two rashes.

Marilyn West Terre Haute, IN

great cloth wipe

These are super great and easy. We have used them for 18 months with no issues. Plus, they were super cheap.

Adrienne Elmer, MO

Liked, then disappointed

I like the flannel wipes that are not too thick for diaper wipes. These were great at first, but after a couple of months I noticed the colored thread around the edging was starting to unravel. I was willing to overlook this, though. Recently I’m seeing that they’re starting to tear on the edges and the fabric is thinning significantly. The bumgenius wipes we have been using for just as long (10 months) are holding up so much better. I know what I’ll be replacing these with.

Michell Hazlehurst, GA

Soft and absorbent

These are soft and absorbent. They’re small so they’ll be good for wipes. Right now we’re using them as washcloths, and spit-up rags. There are a lot in a pack, so they’re affordable as well. My only complaint is after 1 wash some of the stitching around the edges is coming undone, but that’s not really a make or break thing for me. I feel like these are still really nice quality.

Gayle Methow, WA

Thin, but great at wiping poop!

These cloth wipes are made of relatively thin material, but that actually makes them really easy to wipe up tiny bottom messes. They absorb water to wash very well. Not sure they will last quite as long as our thicker fleece cloth wipes, however.

Eleanor Girdwood, AK

Not 100% pleased

After just a few washes the multi-colored stitching around the edges are separating on many of the cloths. I’ve decided to just use these for the diaper bag and get some much plusher and sturdier ones for home.

Randi Winnabow, NC

Rough and Thin

We have been using these and another brand of wipes for the past ten months. I bought two brands to compare, since this was my first time using cloth diapers and wipes. These do get the mess off, but are very thin and feel rough. I do not prefer them. They also seem to pill more compared to the others I purchased. Would not buy again.

Taylor Milbridge, ME

Soft and Pretty

I ordered the unbleached ones and received them in the mail today. They are SO soft! I love the colored rainbow thread around the edges. They are so pretty I almost hate to use them as baby wipes. I love how soft they are and I can’t wait to start using them!EDIT:After washing these for the first time prior to their first use, I decided to edit my review. The wipes shrank a LOT and they also are not as soft anymore. They are still soft enough for baby and they seem like they will still be pretty absorbent, but they are not as soft as they were nor nearly as large. I wanted big cloths so that I could use fewer wipes, so I am kind of disappointed.EDIT:After using these for a while I decided to edit my review once again. The diapers have not shrunk any more after the first washing, or at least not that I have noticed. They are VERY absorbent. I use a cloth wipe solution in a spray bottle that I first spray on the wipe and then use. One wipe goes a long way I have noticed. I really like these. I also have some soft terry cloth wipes and some flannel wipes cut from old stained receiving blanket and these are the best by far. The nubs on the terry cloth are better for cleaning super duper messes, but we have very few of those and they still aren’t as absorbent as these. I love them. I would order more if it wasn’t for the fact that the serging around the edges hasn’t stopped some of them from fraying. Also I have a ton of stained receiving blankets now that I think I would rather use for wipes instead of paying for more of these.

Monica Neffs, PA


I’m a first time, cloth diaper Mama and these were recommended to me by a friend. I learned after the first wash that before you put them in the dryer, you MUST shake them out and stretch them out. Otherwise, they’ll be wrinkled and tough to work with. I just fold mine in half, get them a little wet and put them in the wipe warmer. Any wrinkles they did have are gone as soon as I get them wet though. Overall, these are great wipes for a great price. I used to use 5 or 6 disposable wipes to clean my babies poopy diapers but it only takes 2 of these, 3 max to get the job done. Highly recommended!

Catherine Riddle, OR

Absorbent and attractive

These wipes do the job. They are absorbent and attractive. I handwash and air dry them so the stitching at the seams is still intact – I noticed that many parents complained that the stitching comes out very easily. The one complaint I do have is that some of them tend to leave fluffy residue on my baby’s bottom – this is an aesthetic complaint really as she does stay dry and has had no rashes.

Haley Bovey, MN


Before my son was born (two weeks ago, so I can’t really say much about long-term durability), we got a pack of these, a pack of regular washcloths, and a pack of special baby washcloths to try out as wipes with our cloth diapers, and the hospital sent home a pack of regular disposable wipes, so we’ve gotten to do some comparisons and this is the product I’m back ordering more of. The size is ideal for a newborn bottom; we use them folded in quarters, and they’re thin enough to poke an edge into all the unmentionable wrinkles where babies need to be wiped, but thick and sturdy enough to do the job once they get there. They’re also nice and soft and absorbent. We use plain water with a few drops of baby wash to wet them down for use, and wash with the rest of the diaper stuff– regular detergent, no fabric softener, adding a half cup or so of white vinegar to the final rinse to get rid of residue and keep everything soft and absorbent. Works great.If you’re preparing for your first newborn, I’d recommend getting at least 2-4 packs of these depending on how often you want to wash diapers; also pick up a pack of regular 100% cotton terry washcloths for the changing table, especially if you’re having a boy, since those do work better as emergency shields during changes than these do. Drop one of those into “strategic position,” do your cleanup with these (when folded in quarters, you can even use the clean side to blot dry afterwards, or grab a fresh one– they’re soft enough they don’t rub bottoms raw like regular washcloths) and you’re good to go.For you crafty types, yes, these are just 8″ squares of flannel with serged edges, so of course you can make your own, but these are good, heavy-duty flannel and well-made, and really, who has that kind of time?

Kathryn Streeter, ND

Small, but handy

Thanks to other reviewers, we knew what we were getting when we ordered these – but they were still a bit of a surprise. Nevertheless, they’re really handy. Reusable/washable, but almost cheap enough that you don’t really care what happens to them.

Wendy Prewitt, NM

Too Thin

I rarely use these. I usually wait until I HAVE to to pull one out. They are too thin, I always end up using two. Bett

Marva Lake Waccamaw, NC

A must have!!

I didn’t know if I would use these but they were recommended by a friend. I love them! I use them for everything!! I’m not sure about other people saying they fray when washed. Mine have been washed a ton and they are still in perfect condition. My baby is only 5 weeks old though so maybe they will fray eventually?? For the price, they are soooo worth it and essential!

Ruth Cranford, NJ

Soft wipes

These wipes are very soft and of very high quality. It’s my second time ordering them. They wash and wear well.

Louisa Mammoth, AZ

Good alternative to wash clothe

I purchased the white version of these in December 2009 to use instead of wash cloths on my infant. A year later, they are all in good shape and I’m happy with the purchase.They are little flannel clothes with brightly stitching on the edges. We use them morning and night for cleaning gums, washing face/hands/bum.I bleach them with each wash and the colored edging has barely faded.These have held up really well for us, so I’m not sure why my experience differs dramatically to some of the other reviewers. I’d buy them again.

Donna Fountain City, WI

Works for us

I use these with my cloth diapers in a wipes warmer. They’re a good size, though a little on the thin side. I agree with the other reviewers that they can stick together in the warmer making them difficult to remove but I found a solution for that: fold them alternating (like a Kleenex, so they pull the next one up as you remove one) but only overlap them by an inch, instead of a full half.If they were just a little thicker I’d give them 5 stars.

Isabelle Pipe Creek, TX


Pros:Save moneyRoughly the same size and thickness of typical disposable wipesCons:Threading is already coming offMaterial is already pilling and feels rough (baby was born in May, it’s been 2 months)I wish I didn’t buy it. Feels like a waste of money.

Twila East Spencer, NC