OsoCozy – Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers

OsoCozy – Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers

There are many reasons why cloth diapers and classic cotton nappies have been used for centuries, and are still used around the world. Soft, economical, environmental – try them and believe! Untreated with harsh chemicals, these baby diapers retain their softness once washed. OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers are made of 100% birdseye cotton, bringing superior absorption, softness and durability. One order includes 12 baby diapers. They are one-layer thick, and measure 27″ x 30.5″ each, but will shrink to approximately 26″ x 26″ when washed. Each diaper weighs 2.6 oz., which is 25% heavier and more absorbent than any brand found in chain stores. Get great fit with a good, proper fold. Use OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers with pins, plastic pants, diaper covers or pocket diapers. Must be washed 3-5 times before use. Since diapers still contain cotton oils, they must be washed thoroughly in order to become soft and absorbent. Unlike quilted or multi-layered cloth diaper prefolds, our diaper nappies are much easier to clean and dry very quickly on a clothesline or in a machine dryer. Plus, OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers give you tons of cost-savings and so many uses! Our multi-purpose diapers can be used as burp cloths, changing pads, bibs, washcloths, and even around the house as optical cleaning cloths, CD or record cleaning cloths, or for shoe shining.

Main features

  • A QUALITY CLASSIC – There are many reasons why cloth diapers and classic cotton nappies have been used for centuries, and are still used around the world. Soft, economical, environmental – try them and believe!
  • SOFT UNBLEACHED DIAPERS – OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers are made of 100% birdseye cotton, bringing superior absorption, softness and durability. Each measures 27″ x 30.5″. One order includes 12 baby diapers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Skip the difficulty of washing quilted cloth diaper prefolds, with layers and layers of soiling to clean. Our flat, single-layer nappies are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • COST-SAVING – Long-lasting OsoCozy Unbleached Birdseye Flat Diapers save you time and lots of money you’d be spending on replacements, or disposable diapers.
  • MANY OTHER USES – Use as burp cloths, changing pads, bibs, washcloths, and even around the house as optical cleaning cloths, CD or record cleaning cloths, or for shoe shining.

Verified reviews


Great in place of traditional paper towels

I bought these with the intention of using them as "paper towels" or napkins. We have been trying to reduce the amount of waste in our home. I have tried various assortments of dish rags and towels and I was never satisfied. Someone mentioned to me that flats make great dish towels so I figured I’d give it a try. While I am sure you could find a better deal on regular dish towels or bar mops, the price for these is still pretty good. So far I am very pleased. They are super absorbant and great for drying hands and cleaning up spills. The texture works great for wiping down counters and tables, as well as dusting. They are big, as most flats are, so I was planning on cutting some of them in quarters and sewing two together to make napkins or to put a basket of them in the guest bathroom for people to dry their hands with. I did notice that while I waiting to get a new sewing machine, I had used one of them that I had cut. After I washed it it started to become unraveled. So, if you’re going to cut them, make sure you hem the ends otherwise they will fall apart really easily. I know this is probably the most random review because it has nothing to do with diapers but I figure there must be someone out there using them the same way I am. I do happen to use cloth diapers on my son and based on how I have been using these I think they’d hold up great as diapers too.

Lelia Clairton, PA

Bigger than expected

I didn’t realize how huge these were when I purchased them, having no idea how "old school" cloth diapers these were. But the main reason I got them was to use on my changing table and as burp rags and they work great for both. Love that they’re unbleached and they get really soft when they’re washed. Happy with my purchase, I should have just paid closer attention to the measurements when purchasing.

Melinda Sandy Point, VA

Great in a variety of ways

These washed up really well. I just did one wash and dry cycle and started using them. They stayed pretty true to size (not significant shrinkage). I like that I can do a more complex fold or just fold a couple of times to make a pad. These also dry really quickly in the dryer as they are flats.

Gayle Sumatra, MT

Great absorbency!

I use these pad folded in a cover or as an insert in a pocket diaper (trying to get rid of the microfiber). They are increasing in absorbency as I wash them more. I love how trim they are when using them either way. I sun out the stains, but definitely throw them in the dryer for a few minutes after since they are stiff after drying outside. These are a great flat diaper…I prefer them over my prefolds.

Helga Osage, WY

Simple Does It

Love these flats. I’ve been cloth diapering for about 13 months now (daughter is 18 months), and my favorite diapers by far are these flats. I fold them origami style, throw a cover on them and good to go. They fit so nice and trim on my daughter that it doesn’t even appear as though she is wearing a cloth diaper. They are such a great, economical option for people who want to cloth diaper. I change my daughter every two hours (or more often) in these diapers. Great thing is they are so cheap, I can have 24 and do wash every third day. I put an extra insert in for nap times and still use disposable for night. Working on going completely cloth, but don’t think these would cut it for night time but then i have not tried doubling or tripling up.

Dona Germantown, WI

Perfect flat diapers!

Love these! They are my favorite flats ever. Inexpensive, trim, easy to wash and dry, don’t stain easily IMO. None have fallen apart after a few months of use.

Malinda Union, SC

Great diapers

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I prefer these diapers over the Green Mountain Diapers unbleached flats. These came out of the wash so squishy soft, and the edges do not bunch up and wrinkle nearly as much as the GMD flats do, making a neat folding job so much easier. We have put these through the wash numerous times already and there is no sign of the stitching coming apart or any other wear. Love them and definitely recommend!

Alberta Brush Prairie, WA

Shrunk…so sad

I was super excited to get these for my 15 month old. I adore cloth diapering and heard good things about these flats. I was unimpressed with them when they shrunk after washing and drying them the first time out of the package! I would not recommend them at all. My flower sack towels from Target work better. They didn’t shrink.

Trisha Wellston, MI

Wonderful diapers from birth to toddlerhood

Honestly, flat diapers are the unsung heroes of the cloth diaper world. So many times, I see people write something along the lines of "I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a newborn diaper stash, so I used disposables until they fit one-size diapers". People, flats fix this problem. Different folds allows the same diaper to work from birth to potty training (there are many folds out there which can make flats seem overwhelming, but I’ve only ever used 2 and will never need more than that). You only need to invest in a few newborn size covers to bridge the gap from NB to OS. Then you only need a few OS covers to take you to potty training. Flats are absolutely the most economical way to diaper a baby. Newborn pockets/AIOs tend to be leaky anyway, so why not use something super-absorbent from day 1 without breaking the bank?As for the folds I use, the origami fold works best for the first few months. It’s nice and trim, even on newborns, and you can get a good fit around the legs to hold in the runny poo. When the rise becomes too small, I just switch to pad-folding. Pretty much, I just make an AI2 out of the flats and covers…there really is no need for expensive inserts! These are incredibly absorbent, around 9-10 ounces, which is better than almost all brands of microfiber inserts. Natural fibers are better for baby anyway. If you need more absorbency but don’t want the bulk of doubling up the diapers, then I recommend bamboo flats. Hemp inserts wrapped in the fold work well for added absorbency too.

Sharon Warrensburg, NY

prefer over prefolds for diapers

We bought a dozen prefolds and then a dozen flats by accident, and I’m pretty happy with the accident. It’s very nice to be able to fold the diaper differently as our baby grows and to be able to choose where bulk does or does not lie. That’s harder with prefolds. I like an orgami fold that I can use with the flats that gives my baby more wiggle room and doesn’t push his legs apart more than they naturally are. To make diaper changes easier, when I fold laundry I just go ahead and "prefold" the flats to how I like them, and then I’m not fighting baby and the diaper at the same time. Also, it’s very nice how much faster these flats dry. When I hang them outside on the line, the sun bleaches out all yellow poop stains and helps avoid diaper rashes (of course, that part you can do with prefolds too).

Graciela Corydon, IA

Great Flats!

I bought these, loved them, and bought more! I prefer flats seeing as they are much lower profile. I use these in oragami fold for my chunky 5 mo old and they are perfect. I will soon need to utilize another fold, as origami won’t hold out too much longer, but these are nice and large. When they shrink, they stay relatively square and they dry up nice on the line. For prepping, they were prepped easily enough in 3 washes and dries using a front loader… If you prefer prefolds, I highly suggest Osocozy’s Unbleached Prefolds. They are so soft and fluffy, although are on the shorter side. They are perfect though for trifolding in covers or stuffing pockets with!

Lesa Burkittsville, MD