OXO Tot 12-Piece Baby Blocks Set

OXO Tot 12-Piece Baby Blocks Set

OXO Tot Baby Blocks give homemade baby food the same care you put into preparing it. Easily portion, store, freeze, heat and serve the meals you’ve cooked especially for your baby using these convenient containers. Each container fits into the freezing tray, and has measurement markings to make portioning a snap. On the go? The containers are airtight, watertight and leakproof. Peek at the clear Containers to identify the contents, then pop one into your bag for simple defrosting and feeding when you’re out and about with your tot. An easy-open, easy-shut lid makes the Baby Blocks a carefree choice. The Little Things Make the Biggest Difference: At OXO, we consistently develop products that address even the tiniest of pet peeves, because we know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. As parents ourselves, we know life as a new mom or dad is very hectic, so it was important to us to develop a container that would be easy to grab and go for days out and about with your little one. Features & Benefits: Perfectly portion, store, freeze, heat and serve baby food with these convenient container sets An airtight, watertight and leakproof seal makes Baby Blocks Ideal for storing large batches of pureed foods, and serving baby on the go Measurement markings and clear containers take out the guesswork for busy moms and dads Convenient storage tray rests flat on a freezer shelf or in a freezer drawer and can be stacked to save space BPA, phthalate and PVC free Top-rack dishwasher safe Microwave and freezer safe Good Tip: If you’re interested in making your own baby food, consider a salt- and spice-free variation of your own meals. This way, you not only introduce your little one to new flavors, but you save time in the kitchen that you can spend together as a family. OXO Tot provides thoughtful products that help guide, nurture and care for your little ones. How do we do it? In five years, 25 babies were born to OXO employees, making for many users of all things baby! With so much growth comes a lot of opinions … and a lot of ideas. The collective group of new parents set out to create a line of baby and toddler products, developed with the specific needs and pet peeves of moms and dads in mind.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • 12 piece set includes: six 2 ounce containers, four 4 ounce containers, and two trays for the containers
  • Portion, store, freeze, heat and serve baby food with ease
  • Ideal for portioning and storing large batches of pureed foods, and feedings on the go
  • Airtight, watertight, leak proof seal prevents messes
  • BPA, phthalate and PVC free; microwave and dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


I love it BUT it is not worth the money!

Only buy this if you don’t mind spending money. I bought 3 sets and it is NOT enough if you want to make even HALF of your baby food. I am going to try making the food and storing it in ice cube trays and then in freezer bags instead so I can actually make a lot at a time which is the only way that making my own baby food is going to happen. These would cost you a small fortune if you want to make any significant (more than a few days) worth of baby food. They are great, but too pricey. Wish I didn’t buy them for that reason.

Dorothy Edgewood, IL


I love them! I use them for freezing homemade cereals for my baby. They are a perfect size and I usually freeze most of it and pull it out as needed.They are also the perfect size for packing a meal for baby on the go

Karin Star Prairie, WI

OXO TOT 12 Piece Baby Block Set

One of the best products I have bought for making and storing my own baby food. Lids are easy on/off (fresh or frozen) containers are roomy enough and the storage tray is perfect.

Melisa Knob Lick, KY

Great Containers, don’t work perfectly with OXO spoons.

These little containers are nifty. The lids fit tightly, they are perfectly sized and easy to use.My only complaint is that they are easily tipped over by OXO brand spoons. The OXO spoons also had good reviews, but when you put an OXO spoon in a 2 ounce container it tips right over if it is half full with food or less. I find it just a little inconvenient, but not enough for me to not like this product. It just means that you have to have another option for resting your spoon so it doesn’t get dirty and is not reachable by your infant.Otherwise, nothing wrong with them. I am excited that the 4 oz. containers were included too and I believe that they will have better balance since they are flat and wide.

Frankie Prescott, KS

A great way to store baby food

Could you use ice cube trays? Sure. However, there is something about storing baby food in containers that can go from the freezer to the refrigerator and be used on the go that is beneficial. The food still gets ice crystals on the top in the freezer, but it thaws just fine. I also appreciate how you can take apart the containers to clean them thoroughly.

Sophia Plaquemine, LA

Good product, functions well.

I bought this because I was having issues finding safe products for my baby when it was time to transition to solids. So many of the big name brands contained harmful chemicals. I tried to look at other options and materials like glass, but I just couldn’t find anything that seemed practical. These are free of BPA, phalates and PVC. They also work extremely well. They seal tight and the tray keeps them upright and organized. I’m very happy I went with these.

Cherry Mount Airy, MD

breaks easily

good storage and small perfect portions for babies just starting out on solids. However the green closing lid is very thin and breaks very easly if dropped. escpecially if it falls out of the freezer. I now have more lids than containers because once the green lid is broken you cannot use it anymore

Alyson Rome, MS

I love This Set

I love this set for the baby food that I make. This is the second set that I have purchased. It is of high quality and they are handy little containers for keeping in the freezer or carrying with you.

Cathryn Looneyville, WV

Dishwasher safe – love the snap lids – love the tray

I love that the lids snap on with an audible click so you know it’s closed. I pop these into my diaper bag when I head out for lunch with my baby and I’m comfortable knowing that I won’t end up with a bag covered in pureed spinach.I’ve run these through the top shelf of the dishwasher at least a dozen times and they still are crystal clear with no signs of wear and tear.I love that they fit snugly into the fridge tray. It keeps my fridge nice and tidy.

Caitlin Kendalia, TX

Four Stars

Great set for starting out making and saving your own baby food

Charity Jerry City, OH

perfect storage for food and snacks on the go!

I love these, I tried all different types, and these are the easiest and I feel like the food stays the freshest

Tonya Collingswood, NJ

Perfect Sizes

Great if you are making your own baby food! The sizes are perfect and fit in the fridge so nicely, love them!

Dora Leesburg, FL

Love love love these when making baby food

Love love love these when making baby food. I still use them to store food/fruit/snacks/etc. and they are small and easy to store in my purse or diaper bag and they do not leak.

Earline Melvin, IA

Great for freezer

I love these! They are the perfect way to store baby food in reasonable serving sizes. I bought three sets, and they now take up an entire shelf in my freezer. These can also be washed in the dishwasher which is helpful.

Bette Bernard, ME

Great for making your own food

These are great for making baby food, easy to store in freezer or fridge and have measurements marked on the side. Love the tray they come in to keep them from falling all over the place. Great seal, no leaking and dishwasher safe.

Dena Ocean Isle Beach, NC

The best storage for homemade baby food

I wanted to use glass for all of my daughter’s food, but daycare wouldn’t let me send it in, so I tried these. Well, they have been way better than the GreenSprouts glass containers in the long run.Pros: Multiple sizes. Measurements/markings won’t rub off. Tight seal. Stack nicely with or without the tray. Haven’t stained or cracked. Lids come apart/go together easily. Easy to clean by hand or dishwasher (see below). Room on lids of both sizes for a Dr. Brown’s dot label.Cons: Not 100% leak proof in every situation (but pretty close). Will etch/pit if overheated (This happened at daycare; we only heat on 1/2 power at home). If using the dishwasher (or at least a crappy one like ours), gunk can get stuck in the lid, so it’s best to hand wash or take the lids completely apart (I recommend doing this often anyway).My daughter is no longer eating soft foods, but we still use these to portion her meals for daycare. And the 2 oz container makes a fantastic salad dressing holder for my own lunches!

Freda Walterboro, SC

Love these

These are great quality containers! I like that this set came with two different size containers. Very convenient and easy to use.

Debra Hot Springs National Park, AR


I like this set but one of the blocks cracked on the top after the first use. I can still use it but I’m disappointed.

Patty New York Mills, MN

Easy to use

Super easy to use and washes up nicely in the dishwasher. I use a bistro chalk pin to label the containers, which washes up easily after use.

Connie Tiff City, MO


Love this product. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and easy to stack in the freezer. I have bought multiple

Lorrie Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

Perfect for homemade baby food

I started making homemade food for my little one and these containers have been perfect. The lids lock and stay closed even when dropped. They stack great in the refrigerator or freezer. To warm the food I just put the whole container in a dish of warm water, works great!

Roxanne Saint Mary, KY

These are just great!

Very convenient for us do it yourself baby food makers out there. Love that they come in 2 oz and 4 oz. love the convenient stackable trays. These are wonderful and look very durable. Great purchase.

Jacklyn Churubusco, IN

Tot food set

This works alright. I like that it comes with the base to keep everything together but the lids aren’t quite what I expected. It may be for a reason but they are looser than I prefer. In hindsight, I could’ve just used my tiny-sized Tupperware containers that were part of a set I already owned.

Leslie Matewan, WV

Not very practical

I bought these to store my homemade baby food. They ended up not being a very practical purchase, especially for the price. The small ones are smaller than I was expecting, and so I would need to fill 2 of these for a meal for my baby most likely. I also like to make baby food in large batches, and it just wasn’t convenient to put it in all these small little jars. They also took up more room in the freezer than I would have liked.Instead I chose to freeze my baby food in ice tray style trays, and then once they were frozen, pop them out and store them in ziploc bags. This was a better method for me. Then I could also have access to lots of frozen baby food, without taking up much space.

Lillie Thayer, IL

Awesome Baby Food Holder

Perfect size and love that the lids can be air tight shut which I do not have to worry about spills. This is definately a great purchase…two different sizes to choose from. Great for on the go snack puree for baby. Dishwasher safe.

Lesley Krotz Springs, LA

Meh, my baby’s grown out of them already.

So the smaller tubs are useless to me now because it took my 9 month old about 2 months to start eating way more than that. He will finish the larger tub in no time flat and would still eat more, so I’ve just opted for the Take ‘n Toss tubs because they hold more.The pros of these are the lids, which separate so you can really clean inside the lids easily to get that food left over.I would only recommend this if you want to maybe freeze some fruit purees for snacks, or you are just starting out feeding your baby solids, only doing 1 -2 feedings a day.

Kelley Acton, CA


I absolutely love these. I ordered 2 sets of these and ended up ordering 2 more about a month later I loved them so much. They are very sturdy, hold up really well in the frig, freezer, and microwave. The lid stays on tight and doesn’t leak in any way. They are good quality. Well worth the money.

Sheena Aibonito, PR

Sturdy and durable

Just started to use these about 4 weeks ago for my LO, so far I haven’t had any issues. They freeze food well, can easily be cleaned and great for storage. They come with a tray which keeps them in place instead of tipping over or falling. Also easy to write on with an erasable marker to put the date on it. These are the best!

Monica Dickinson, ND


Easy, perfect portions. Simple to wash, dishwasher safe, all around a great purchase. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Thank you.

Leta Alton, IA

OXO baby food containers

The bullet glass holders that come w/ their starter pack says not to freeze…so got these to use w/ the baby bullet mixer. Haven’t used yet but think they will perform well. Esp. like the idea of the trays…And they are stackable…good use of space in freezer and easy see what’s what.

Frankie Bath, SD