OXO Tot 4-Piece Feeding Set, Green

OXO Tot 4-Piece Feeding Set, Green

The OXO Tot Feeding Set is perfect for when tots are ready to feed themselves. The Fork tines capture food effectively (really) and safely, while the deep Spoon head easily scoops and contains food, easing the frustrations of learning to self feed. A flat spot on the handles prevents the Fork and Spoon from rolling off the table or high chair tray and the soft grips are shaped to keep them from sliding into bowls or plates. OXO Tot Plate minimizes the mess and frustration. A ring keeps everything from pasta to peaches contained and helps little ones guide food onto utensils. Weighted for stability, the Plate features a non slip base so it stays on the table. The Plate ring is removable for when tots have mastered self feeding. Large, 12 ounce, Bowl has straight side walls to help little hands guide oatmeal, yogurt or other foods onto utensils. Stable, non slip bases help prevent tips and spills at the table, and snap on lids keep snacks contained or leftovers fresh. Bowl and plate are top rack dishwasher safe. Fork and Spoon are dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Fork and spoon have soft, non slip handles that are easy for little hands to hold
  • Bowl has high walls to facilitate scooping food onto utensils
  • Plate ring helps keep food contained and assists when using utensils and can be removed when tot has mastered self feeding
  • Plate and bowl have non slip bases
  • BPA, phthalate and pvc free

Verified reviews


Sturdy and cute

I do like this product and it’s a great sturdy set for my son. I’m giving it four stars because it is not microwave safe. I have seen in some of the comments here that some people think it is. Nowhere on the box does it say microwave safe it says diswasher safe. I also went on Oxo’s website to see if it was. It would be a little more convenient for me if I could use the bowl in the microwave. However, I still recommend the set especially because of the bottom. When my son self feeds the bowl doesn’t move around too much in his high chair.

Krista Caspian, MI

easy to clean/use

love ’em! the colors are pleasing and they are easy to use and clean. don’t love that they are made in china, but they claim to be made of safe plastics. the outer rim of the plate is removable for cleaning but, stays put while your child is eating. the bottom is solid and non-skid. the fork and spoon are curved for gripping and also have non-skid material on the bottoms. we have had them for a week so far and they are holding up well. good purchase.

Bianca Hustle, VA

Great for Toddlers & Parents!

I was very skeptical about spending $20 on a single feeding set, but after doing a ton of research I decided to give it a shot. My son is 15 months and is ready to start learning how to feed himself. First, they are BPA and PVC FREE which is wonderful. The plate is genious. It is bottom heavy with a non slip base. The best part about it is the removable ring around the top. It makes it easier for young toddlers to learn how to get the food on the fork, it is removable for easy cleaning and for older kids that don’t want it on there. The bowl is really nice because the sides come straight up so it helps put the food on the spoon and the lid is super handy for easy storage of leftovers. The bowl is also bottom heavy with the non slip grip base. Lastly, the fork and spoon both seem very easy for young kids to use, and the bottom side of the top of the handle has flat spots so they can lay flat instead of sideways. The green color is also very nice. My son is doing really well learning to eat with this set and I plan on purchasing at least one more set for him.

April Clarksville, FL

I like it…except it stained

I received this set as a gift and haven’t used the plate or the utensils. However, I’ve been using the small container with lid to feed stage 2 solids to my 8 month old. I’m not sure if it’s the Earth’s Best Carrots but it stained the bowl. I was so upset! The stain seems to be fading but I can still see it and I’m disappointed that this happened 🙁 I own so many Oxo Tot products from their high chair (great and I recommend it to anyone!) to their awesome feeding spoons (I bought 3 sets!). If it weren’t for the staining, I would’ve loved this bowl as well. Even the cheap Nuk bowls did not have this problem. At this price ($19.99) I believe their product should be superior. I am contemplating contacting OXO.

Vonda Gasport, NY

Best feeding set yet!

I have several children who are very young, and a baby, so we have tried just about everything out there, as far as feeding supplies. This is by far our favourite! I will be going back to get the turquoise and orange ones now. Very pleasing design, aesthetically, and great smooth feel to them. Good weight, and nicely designed. Easy for our baby to feed herself, and the ring around the top comes off when they don’t need it anymore, but doesn’t have a rough edge underneath. Really lovely colours, and well designed utensils. Will be buying more and highly recommend to anyone! The bowl is also nicely weighted, so it doesn’t tip easily, and both plate and bowl have grippy type bottom, so they don’t slide around like some of our other ones. I wish I’d had these years ago when our others were small!

Abigail Thurman, OH

Fantastic for learning 1 and 2 year olds

This is a fantastic product. Simply made but does the trick. It comes with a spoon, a fork, a bowl with removable top, and a plate with removable lip. It’s made of dishwasher safe plastic, although I do recommend top rack only with all of these sort of children’s products.Both bowl and plate have rubber bottoms which prevents movement. The child would have to pick them up and toss them over the tray for it to dump everything out. The corners are rounded but not so much that they will tip over. The utensils also have a rubber bottom on the handle which is great for small hands to learn gripping skills.The spoon and fork have rounded metal parts which is helpful for picking up small items and wont hurt if poked in the face or against another sibling. The area of the spoon and fork are not so large so picking up bigger items will pose minor difficulty. The tines are not so far apart on the fork so really it’s more like a small semi-spoon.The bowl is a simple bowl with nothing special – it has a lid that you can use for storage. The plate is where the magic happens. It has a rounded lip that enables children to pick up food with one hand (no more dirty two hands!) by bringing the food to the lip and lifting up, thereby containing the food on the fork, similar to if you were catching a baseball with one hand containing the ball in the glove as you caught it. The lip removes relatively easily once your child has graduated past this.It is BPA, phthalate and PVC free, which is important for your child’s health. Always try to get children’s products which are absent of these key ingredients in the manufacturing process as they can have harmful effects on your child’s health.The colors are cute and comes in a variety of options. You can buy for different genders or color preferences.

Belinda Pawcatuck, CT

Best bowl & utensils

• utensils form are excellent in helping them learn to feed themselves. my child usually tilts the utensil downwards and all the food falls off. due to it’s upward arch form, it helps to keep the food from falling off.
• The lip is a huge help from having food all over the place. don’t get me wrong food did escape, but not nearly as much as if there wasn’t the lip.
• the non-slip surface was key to helping the bowl from sliding all over my child’s high chair.Cons:
• wish the big plate had a cover, in case you wanted to take the food out with you. however it does come with the bowl w/ a cover.even though the plate didn’t have a cover it didn’t stop me from giving this product 5 stars. I would definitely recommend this to any parent. In fact I’m planning to order another set. I’ve always loved OXO and of course…they haven’t let me down. Even with their tot line! Excellent product, I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Tricia Donaldson, MN

OXO Tot Feeding Set

Love this set. Our daughter right away grabbed the spoon and pretended to eat with it. It’s usually such a struggle to get her to use utensils, but these are the perfect size for her. The lip on the plate helps her get food on the spoon and the rubber bottom keeps the plate in place. I like that the bowl came with a lid so I can store what she doesn’t finish, I wish the plate came with a lid too. Also wish the fork tines were just a liiittle bit sharper to grab food better, but the baby doesn’t seem to mind much. In the end I ended buying another set for grandma’s house.

Debora Hatboro, PA


I love this feeding set. Silverware is easy for my 12mo to use. The rimmed plate make it easy to take on and off and help my child learn to feed himself. The bowl with the lid is awesome. Only down fall is the rubbery material (blue portions) stains VERY easily, for instance with pasta sauce. I’ve even stained the insides of the set with pasta sauce. Other than that awesome product. Great price. And will last for yrs to come. Highly recommend.

Frances Annapolis, IL

No other set can compete

This set exceeded my expectations. A friend recommended the spoon and fork for ease-of-use and now that I’ve seen my son learn to eat using this set I can’t believe how inadequate other cutlery is! The bent handle and the "spork"-like shape of the fork are really helpful for learning. I stopped using the other sets we had and just wash the fork and spoon multiple times each day. (Should probably just get more!) The plate and bowl are great as well and all the pieces have held up well over a year of daily use. The plate is not too large to use on a small tray (like in the Fisher Price booster chair, for example) and the bowl has steep sides and the lid snaps securely in place. Really, this is the only set you should get. Get a few if you have the storage space!

Mara Hiawatha, UT

I like oxo

I like oxo, finally can give a child with, and he also liked today use them to eat dumplings and porridge, used well will recommend my friends to buy.

Earlene Mappsville, VA

Great fork bowl and plate, not the spoon

Pretty great bowl/plate for a toddler to learn self feeding. They are heavy and don’t slide around. The utensils are easy to hold for my 18 month old. The spoon is enormous for her though. It’s a shame.The product package doesn’t tell me if the utensils are dishwasher top shelf safe only or not. It leaves me guessing.

Merle Lowmansville, KY

Worth it and utensils work

18mo old loves this set as much as I do. Bowl with cover is great for leftovers. Easy to clean. Fork actually works, unlike many others we’ve tried. Micro and dishwasher safe. Worth the price.

Luella Rock Valley, IA

Great for my children

I have two boys, so they are always jumping and moving, sometimes they mistakenly hit the plate and it stays on what ever surface

Madge Middletown, IN

Great Set!

I have several divided plates from various manufacturers, and I was looking for a plate that was not divided. My young toddler would prefer to eat only the food that was in the divided section closest to her. We eat at home so I have not used the lid on the bowl for transport, so I’m only reviewing the aspects that I have found useful.Pros:Dishwasher safe (top rack)So far no staining (even after serving spaghetti with sauce)Spoon and fork have thick round handles that are easy for baby to hold.Fork has rounded tines, but not too dull to stab foodBowl and plate do not scoot around the tray during useRing on plate is removable for easy cleaning, and later when no longer neededCons:Not microwave safe according to the manufacturer. (I reheat food in another bowl or mug and then transfer it over)Cutting on the plate leaves scratch marks. The scratches aren’t deep enough to trap food/bacteria so I’m still using them, but now I just cut up foods on the plate I use to heat it up and then transfer it over.Overall I am very happy with this set. It’s my go-to for serving food for my toddler, and the ringed plate has made it easier for her to practice her skills with her spoon and fork.

Jaime Elm Creek, NE

OXO Tot 4 piece feeding set

This was fabulous. He uses these items every time he’s at our house. The fork and spoon are perfect for little hands that are getting more used to handling utensils for eating. They’re great quality as well as trendy looking. We love all of it.

Betty West Columbia, TX

And they’re microwave safe…

Perfect set for a toddler. The official website says that the plate and bowl are microwave safe (wonder why that information is not on Amazon).The base of both plate and bowl are made of a heavier material so it stays in place easily.The design of the plate is fantastic because of the founded age and the detachable ring the food really stays in place while my toddler scoops it out.She doesn’t like divided plates, and I think these ones are better so she learns to eat all of her food without getting a preference for "that group of strawberries at that section of the plate… mom!"The spoon and fork: fantastic. Deep, rounded, will get enough food and keep it there.I hope this helps you make a good decision 🙂

Florine Waukee, IA

Love it!

I was a little hesitant to order this oxo tot feeding set for my 2 year old because I’ve had a poor experience with the oxo tot sippy cup (plastic broke after being dropped once). However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received this set.The plate has a grippy, weighted bottom without being too heavy. The rim helps to keep food on the plate, while at the same time helping my son get food on his spoon/fork. The spoon and fork are nice and solid- they don’t feel “cheap”. The spoon is a good size- many baby spoons are too small and my son has a hard time getting enough food to fit on them. The fork prongs actually work without being too sharp for little ones. The bowl comes with a snap on top to keep my child’s snacks/meals fresh.Everything looks and feels durable, so I’m hoping they last for a long time. Overall, I am very happy with this feeding set and would recommend it.

Audrey Sheffield, PA

Great for teaching my baby to feed himself

Our 16 month old started trying to feed himself after 4 tries with this set. I’m ordering another to have as a back up

Patty Milroy, PA

Good even thoough not microwaveable.

I purchased this because of the detachable collar on plate (green rim). I am teaching 2 year olds how to use utensils. The collar allows food to fall into spoon/fork so that they can scoop into mouths. I wish the plates were microwaveable and that the set came with a cup/sippy. Very satisfied with product and appreciate the bottom grip that keeps plate/bowl from sliding on table.

Justina Wheatley, AR

Wonderful set

My infant uses with ease. the pieces are easy to clean and travel well. I use daily. So glad I found this set – highly recommend

Carolina Miston, TN

i love it

I bought the Green Sprouts divided plate and the Munchkin Stay-Put bowls at the same time, and the Boon ones have the best suction by far. In looking at the description for the green sprouts plate again, it actually says "non-slip" which I guess suggests that it doesn’t actually STICK, which isn’t so helpful with a young toddler learning to self-feed. The Munchkin bowls do claim to suction, but I’ve only gotten them to work well on certain surfaces. The Munchkins don’t stick well on our plastic OXO high chair or most restaurant tables, though I did get them to stick well on a metal table. I did, however, appreciate that they have a lid for each bowl. But unless you have a metal table in your kitchen, in which case any suction bowl will likely work, I’d recommend the Boon bowl. Plus it has a cute design!

Rae Lakeland, MN

GREAT feeding set

Love this set. Love the plate and how the removable blue rim helps coral the food onto the spoon. BRILLIANT!

Tabatha Romeoville, IL

Great toddler set

My almost 19 month old does great with this set. The fork works really well for him and the lip on the plate really does help him scoop up the food. He’s not that great with the spoon, but that’s just him. We got him 2! He was very excited when the box came and played with them on the floor right away pretending to eat.

Ruby Kit Carson, CO

Good beginner set

Remember to disassemble the plate and its rim when washing; if not, food particles and odor will be retained. Otherwise, good. Because it’s not ceramic, the white part of the bowl and plate will show signs of wear/tear after awhile and may stain.

Tricia West Wareham, MA

Love these dishes!

They have held up to several years of use and I would recommend them. My son is almost 2.5 and needs a more functional fork but that would be the only issue with it.

Valeria Parsonsfield, ME


Very good products! Excellent quality, the spoon and fork are very easy to use by a toddler, the bowl is great for cereals. They indeed stay on the table and don’t move.

Julia Clinton, AL

Good little set

This is a nice feeding set. The whole set have rubber bottoms and are fairly weighty, so they stay in place while a child is eating. The fork and spoon have nice, rubberized grips and rounded metal heads. The plate comes in two parts, with a removable rim to help a new self-feeder nudge all of his or her food onto the spoon/fork. Once cutlery usage has been mastered, the rim can be removed. Lastly, the bowl comes with a very handy cover so that leftovers can be tossed in the fridge painlessly. The plate and bowl are dishwasher safe and BPA free.Overall, a good little set that’s easy for everyone to use.

Krystal Colorado City, CO

I love this set

Meals can be quite stressful in our house but now they are a little less messy. My daughter likes to throw things including her dishes. With these she has a much harder time since the entire base is rubber. The side lip around the plate that is removable helps keep her food in the plate and get it onto the spoon.Great dish set even though it’s pricey.Highly recommend!

Odessa Poncha Springs, CO

Love the spoon and fork

We love the spoon and fork but I agree with other reviewers that it would have been nice to have a lid for the plate.

Roberta Charles Town, WV