OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers – Green

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers – Green

OXO Tot Baby Blocks give homemade baby food the same care you put into preparing it. Easily portion, store, freeze, heat and serve the meals you’ve cooked especially for your baby using these convenient containers. Each container fits into the freezing tray, and has measurement markings to make portioning a snap. On the go? The containers are airtight, watertight and leakproof. Peek at the clear Containers to identify the contents, then pop one into your bag for simple defrosting and feeding when you’re out and about with your tot. An easy-open, easy-shut lid makes the Baby Blocks a carefree choice. The Little Things Make the Biggest Difference: At OXO, we consistently develop products that address even the tiniest of pet peeves, because we know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. As parents ourselves, we know life as a new mom or dad is very hectic, so it was important to us to develop a container that would be easy to grab and go for days out and about with your little one. Features & Benefits: Perfectly portion, store, freeze, heat and serve baby food with these convenient container sets An airtight, watertight and leakproof seal makes Baby Blocks Ideal for storing large batches of pureed foods, and serving baby on the go Measurement markings and clear containers take out the guesswork for busy moms and dads Convenient storage tray rests flat on a freezer shelf or in a freezer drawer and can be stacked to save space BPA, phthalate and PVC free Top-rack dishwasher safe Microwave and freezer safe Good Tip: If you’re interested in making your own baby food, consider a salt- and spice-free variation of your own meals. This way, you not only introduce your little one to new flavors, but you save time in the kitchen that you can spend together as a family. OXO Tot provides thoughtful products that help guide, nurture and care for your little ones. How do we do it? In five years, 25 babies were born to OXO employees, making for many users of all things baby! With so much growth comes a lot of opinions … and a lot of ideas. The collective group of new parents set out to create a line of baby and toddler products, developed with the specific needs and pet peeves of moms and dads in mind.

Main features

  • Portion, store, freeze, heat and serve baby food with ease
  • Ideal for storing large batches of pureed foods and serving baby on the go
  • Airtight, watertight, leakproof seal prevents messes; easy motion to open and close
  • Clear lid and body keeps contents easily visible
  • Polypropolene body is PVC, BPA, and phthalate free; dishwasher and microwave safe

Verified reviews


Nice product for freezer storage

I bought multiple sets of both the 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. Like others have said, this is a well thought through product. Lightweight, seals tightly, easy to clean, no issues with freezer burn or ice crystals. Also the tray is great for organizing. I usually put a little piece of masking tape on top and write what’s inside and the preparation date with a Sharpie, and that works great for us.I agree that the 2 oz size is only useful for a couple of months after your baby starts eating solids (but it is pretty handy to have for those first few months), so I would recommend getting only one set of the 2oz containers and a few (1-3, depending how much you plan to store) sets of the 4oz containers.I only use this product for freezer storage or for foods that don’t require microwaving (e.g. cereal Os on the go), because I just have a personal preference not to microwave baby food in anything plastic. For frozen foods, typically I’ll remove a cube from the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge overnight, or just let it sit out at room temp for a few minutes until it defrosts enough to be able to pop out the food. Then I transfer to a glass container and defrost/warm in the microwave. For anyone interested in doing something similar who is looking for recommendations on small glass containers, I like the little Pyrex custard cups (with the scalloped open top) for food you’re going to heat and serve immediately, and the Wean Green / Snaplock glass containers for easy fridge-to-microwave storage.

Roseann Grantham, NH


these do not last very long. the plastic edges started to crack which could have fallen into the food. i would not buy these. not worth the money.Update after 2 yrs: half of the lids are cracked. I do not use these anymore. if you can find the small pyrex containers those are the best. they are fine for freezing, too.

Becky Milo, MO

Easy to Clean, and Stores Cleanly

We are very happy with this product. Easy to use/open/clean. The only thing that we noticed is that the rubber gasket is difficult to remove when cleaning. Sometimes, it seems to just pop out on its own, otherwise, we do not even attempt to get it out, because it is a fruitless endeavor. Also, I accidentally dropped one of these when I removed it from the refrigerator, and it cracked when it hit the tile. So, beware, it is not the strongest/flexible material.Update:These are rugged. We have been so satisfied with this product that we ordered 3 more sets.

Lillie Unity, ME

great product

As a full time working mom I needed a product that would help me conveniently make and store large quantities of baby food at once. Would definitely recommend these!Pro’s1. No freezer burn2. Durable…I dropped them several times with no crackling3. Portable…just make sure the lid is secured properly4. Comes with a convenient storage tray for stackingCon’s1. Very hard to remove food once frozen2. Lids can be hard to secure

Bette Belding, MI

Using it Daily

These containers overall is good – helps prevent freezer burns, just the right portion for beginning solid, microwaveable, and comes with a try to keep food organized. It can be a bit difficult to clean – especially when food gets trapped in the lid portion (the lid can be taken apart in 3 pieces). However, I can live with that once you get used to the assembly + disassembly. The biggest drawback about these containers is that it stains easily. I made pureed peas, sweet potatoes, prunes, and carrots so far, and it all stains these little containers. I never microwave these contains, so I don’t see how it can stain by just being in the fridge. I don’t want to use any abrasive cleaners on them, so I guess I just have to live with them looking a bit “dirty” all the time.

Tammie Edwards, MO

Great size for sending food

I have been using these for about a week. I wish I had more as my little one uses everyone, every day. They pieces come apart for easy clean up. The square size seems bigger than other 4oz containers.

Rosario Gulf Hammock, FL

Perfect for your baby’s needs

Great freezer containers. I use these to store the baby food I make for my baby and send to daycare. I’ve put all kinds of food in there and aside from pasta with red sauce, they don’t stain or warp. They ONLY stain if I keep the pasta in there for 2 days or so. Otherwise, it generally washes out pretty clean.If you put too much food in them, the lid will pop open in the freezer, so be careful not to fill it to the top. I usually fill it 7/8 of the way full and that allows for expansion in the freezer. It’s a bit of a pain to wash because you have to remove the silicone sealer but not a big deal. I’ve been known to be clumsy so this is the best alternative to glass and much lighter.

Trisha Winnetka, CA

I agree with the 1 and 2 Star Reviews….

after buying these freezer blocks, my one advice for new moms are:Don’t buy freezer storage containers specialized for baby food until you have tried putting food in breast milk storage bags or lock n’ lock freezer safe storage instead.initially, i wanted these storage blocks because they looked nice and practical. If you are curious, buy only 1 set, just to try it out. I am so glad I only purchased a set of 4!Pros:+ looks nice+ dishwasher safe, BPA free, phalate freeCons:- I can’t agree with the 1 star and 2 star reviews more, after 2 months of use, the lids on the blocked cracked.AND I NEVER: put them in the dishwasher (even though it’s dishwasher safe), heated them on the microwave, nor have I tried to over fill them either. I always fill the containers up to half the space, giving the pureed foods space to expand to prevent cracking.- the lids are hard to wash. there is a space between the rubber seal and the plastic that can only be reached by a sippy cup straw cleaner! I really did not want to spend time slowly cleaning each one.water also gets trapped in there so it takes a longer time to dry. If i weren’t so wary of their quality, I would of just put them in the dishwasher.- the rubber on the lid came off after 3 months of use.Please read the 1 and 2 star reviews, you will save yourself a lot of time caring for these containers! the only reason why I gave it 3 stars is because of the aesthetics :o******Note: I brought these in January 2012, they may have updated or improved these containers.

Francine Hessmer, LA

Loved them for about 4 months…don’t put in dishwasher!

I bought several of these, both 2-oz and 4-oz. When my daughter first started eating, I was making homemade purees and freezing them in the 2-oz containers. They worked great and the storage tray made it very convenient to store in my freezer. I also hand-washed them every time, and didn’t have any problems with them. Gradually the 2-oz containers became obsolete for us since they are so small and she was eating more. We used the 4-oz containers for freezing purees for a while, but now that she eats “real” food, I just use them to store cut-up fruit, leftover mac & cheese, etc. in the fridge. She is almost a year old, and the 4-oz are still a nice portion size for snacks/sides. Since we go through them a lot faster now, I began putting them in the dishwasher and because of that, the lids are starting to fall apart. If I could go back in time, I would probably only buy one set of the 2-oz containers and more of the 4-oz. I would also be sure to hand-wash instead of putting in the dishwasher.

Liliana Oakley, IL

Break easily

Didn’t even make it to the cabinet before the tray slipped out of my hands and hit the floor. To my surprise, the short 3 foot fall broke one of the containers and the tray. Total bummer – the glass containers that I have are more durable and easier to clean.

Sabrina Lebanon, OH

Great Seal, Great Size

These are easy to seal and easy to open. The 4 oz size is the only size you need; the 2 oz size is only useful for 2-3 weeks before baby’s appetite is too big or as salad dressing for Mom and Dad.Comes apart easily to clean. Works in the dishwasher. Favorite baby food storage. I like having separate storage for the baby’s food because it’s easy to see in the fridge. We’ve used these for 6 months and had no problems.

Juliana Olivebridge, NY

very cheap lids

At first i thought this item was great, however after using it now and having several lids break within a couple of days made me change my mind. The green lid is very thin, so when you freeze the baby food and if it drops or falls out of the freezer the lid breaks and then you can no longer use it to store baby food.

Betty Yazoo City, MS

Perfect solution for freezing baby food.

We make all of our baby food and have been very pleased with the functionality of these containers. We ended up ordered some in the 4 oz size as well. They are really easy to pop off unless the food is frozen. Then you just need to zap them in the microwave for under a minute to get them off. They are easy to pack on the go and small enough to take purees on planes, being under 3 oz. They come with trays that make them easily stackable in the fridge or freezer, and I use the tray as I am feeding my daughter sort of like an artist’s palette. It allows me to hold multiple foods at once without having to go back and forth. I would recommend these containers to start feeding your baby.

Elba Saylorsburg, PA

Good, But There’s Better

Bought these to store and freeze my homemade baby food. They work great and stack well in the freezer. Only thing I don’t like is that it’s really hard to get the frozen chunk out to put into freezer bags. I needed to do this in order to have some empty ones to store more variety of food I was making. I think the freezer trays will better suite my needs. The trays are less expensive and easier to use. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money on these.

Beatriz Montgomery, NY

These are GREAT

I use them to freeze my homemade baby food, and they were perfectly! I would DEFINITELY recommend getting the 4 oz. over the set with a couple of 2 oz. containers (those 2 oz. containers are tiny!)

Leslie Harrington, DE

Good buy…but…

Definitely useful to store baby food and very convenient. Very little ice crystals while freezing. The tops do get a little difficult to pop open and it is not always easy to get the washer out to clean.

Bettie Penn, ND

Great to use!

I use these freezer storage containers (I bought the 2 oz set and the 4 oz set) to store home made baby food in the fridge and freezer. The containers keep the food very fresh and no freezer burn or ice crystals. They are easy to clean and store in the cabinet well. Now that he’s 14 months, I also use them for snacks on the go!

Janice Taft, CA

These are fantastic!

I’ve been using these for about 3 months now & these work great! We have the Brezza & the storage ones they have leak when you travel with them (although to be fair they probably weren’t meant for travel). These don’t leak at all & they are easy to open too. When I forget to put one in the fridge to defrost overnight, I can take it straight out of the freezer & pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds without taking off the lid. The fruit is defrosted & still cold. Have I mentioned that they don’t leak? 🙂 Love these things!

Joan De Queen, AR

Kind of cheap

I broke a couple of them within the first two weeks. They are not very durable and also are rather small. Spend the extra money and go for the glass containers like Wean Green, which I ended up getting after several of the OXO broke. Glass is also much healthier than plastic.

Rosanna Lima, OH

Excellent design

High convenience and usability. Recommend it. After they are frozen i sometimes pop them out into freezer bags to make room for new frozen food. A good way to pop them out is put it in a bowl of warm water or run it a few seconds under a hot tap then squeeze the containers and the food slides out. To heat, i never heat directly in the containers, i take it out in another glass container that is microwave proof.If you rinse them immediately after taking out the food, you dont end up needing too much soap and sponge. They usually rinse clean under hot water. They are also dishwasher safe it seems.

Vilma Dacono, CO

Great product–sturdy and seals well

After reading all the reviews for baby food containers that pop open, crack, or shatter when dropped, I was very happy with this product. The lids close very securely and stay closed, even when food expands in the freezer. Very portable, plus the rack keeps the containers upright in the freezer. Perfect containers for freezing baby food.

Lilia Valley Head, AL

Perfect for young baby snacks

For our 6 month old who is just starting solids this is a perfect size for meal time. Great for baby cereal or for loading up with small (cheerio sized) pieces of fruits and veggies. We send our now 8 month old daughter to daycare with 3-4 each filled with something different and that is perfect for the two small meals she eats every day

Rosalinda Maybrook, NY

Great containers!

These are great little storage containers. I use them to store baby food. I used to use the infantino bags with the squeeze station but now that I have to make more solid soups and purees i have to use containers.I like that it shows me the OZ on the side so I know how much food there is in these. I also like the closing system. It feels very secure and they don’t open. They stack up nicely in my freezer so its not messy. I also like that they are dishwasher safe.And… they look really nice!

Leanna Glynn, LA

Great baby food storage item!

These are great baby food storage containers! I have them in both sizes. I do not freeze baby food in these cubes, but rather store leftovers or thaw the ice cubes of baby food that I freeze. Some people have mentioned have issues with the lids. I found the lids to fit tightly to keep food fresh, but easily to open my ‘popping’ open one side!

Eula Colchester, IL

Great storage

These food containers are great for homemade baby food. They hold perfect portion sizes plus the tray makes it really easy to stick them in the freezer. The reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because the clear part of the lids (sits inside green ring) has a tendancy to pop out. Just a personal preferance that this is a little annoying.

Polly Wharton, NJ

Great product!

These are my favorite containers for baby food. I make all of my baby’s food and i just divide up in here- leave some in the fridge and some in the freezer. I put labels on the top. I love that it is BPA free- I will put the container itself in my baby food steamer or in a pan of water on the stove to warm up the food. Sometimes I use the container itself as a bowl for my baby. I love that it is versatile and safe and very easy to use/clean. Highly recommend.

Eugenia Embarrass, WI

Great for baby food

I bought these to thaw home made baby food and they are perfect! I use them for my toddler too now

Aline Alexander, KS

Nice little containers

I’ve used these for freezing baby food and carrying snacks. They work better for snacks than for freezing food, but I’m glad I got them, they’ve been handy to have around.

Julia California City, CA

Safe, sturdy, and easy to clean Storage Containers!

We purchased these OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers (4 ounces, set of 4 clear) from Amazon.com and are thoroughly pleased with the purchase, price, delivery and also with the containers themselves. OXO has made really high quality, food grade, safe and well designed containers. The separate lid and clasp mechanism made it very easy to keep the food sealed shut airtight and the containers are so easy to wash. We store baby food my wife makes for our 9 month old and it keeps extremely well, doesn’t stain the inside and so far every time we use it to thaw out or microwave the food in, the containers have performed outstandingly. We love the purchase and will not hesitate to buy these anytime we need more. We bought the 4 ounce size as it was not too big and not too small for the portions we wished to serve at each meal to our infant. Clearly deserving of all 5 stars in our book. We’ve only ever hand washed them, but I am sure they’ll hold up as well in the dishwasher.

Sally Ontario Center, NY

Wish I had them sooner!

I wish I knew how easy and cheaper it is to make baby food. I would have done it for my first. And these little blocks are perfect. I made some veggies and they’re in the freezer right now. They look really nice, and survived the top rack of the dishwasher last night.I like the ones my Mom got me so much, I bought 3 more today.

Earnestine Jamestown, MO