OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Protective Cover

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Protective Cover

Freeze perfect portions of homemade baby food with the OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray. A patented cover lets you release one cube at a time. A patented cover lets you release one cube at a time or as many cubes as you need. The innovative tray design releases cubes easily, and the cover also makes it easy to stack multiple Trays, and eliminates freezer odor from permeating your cubes so baby food stays fresh. Makes 14, 3/4 ounce cubes. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Cover allows release of as many cubes as you want
  • Cover lets you stack more Trays or other items on top
  • Cover keeps cubes from absorbing freezer odors
  • Rounded cube shape releases easily
  • Fill and freeze 14, 3/4 ounce cubes with pureed fruits, vegetable, yogurts, fruit juices or water
  • Fill and freeze 14, 3/4-ounce cubes with pureed fruits, vegetable, yogurts, fruit juices or water

Verified reviews


Lid Doesn’t Seal

There is a large gap between the base and lid, which is loose and lets in air. The size is also clunky. I much prefer the Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Freezer Trays With Lids, which have an air tight seal and stack compactly in the freezer. They are Phthalate, BPA, Nitrosamine, Latex, PVC free. I purchased several and leave my frozen food stored right in them, which you can’t do with the oxo or the food will get freezer burn due to air exposure.

Michell Greenleaf, ID

not impressed

good idea liked it in the beginning .. but when i got it i thought they were waaay too bulky!! i returned both of them

Jacklyn Hudson, NH

Great Trays

I looked at lots of different baby food trays before settling on this one. I liked the fact that it has a lid (most don’t offer lids). Once food is frozen, just let the tray sit in rm temp for a min, then twist gently and all the cubes come right out. They stack right on top of each other, saving space in my small freezer. Making baby food isn’t hard but still takes time, and the tray makes it even easier. They are BPA free and relatively easy to clean. I got two and couldn’t be happier. Best of all, these are decently priced!

Ginger Locust Grove, VA

Does not seal tightly

I guess the cover is only to keep things from falling on the food in the freezer. It doesnt seal tightly so odors and freezer burn still set in. I make better food with a regular ice cube tray covered with saran wrap.The cubes dont pop out of this tray when you turn it upside down, you actually have to lightly poke one side of the cube to make the other side pop up. This makes it take longer to put the cubes in freezer bags (which you will have to do because the lid doesnt seal the food). With regular trays I just twist and dump into freezer bags.Overall its kind of a waste of money. Just use the inexpensive ones with saran wrap, or pay the extra money for the rubbermaid.

Emilia Booth, WV

Cover is useless

The cover is too tight and it is difficult to put it on when the tray is filled. It is also not air tight so I have ditched the cover and use cling film. The trays are good and the shape of the pocket makes removing frozen food easy. Wished it came with two trays instead.

Kimberly Mount Meigs, AL

Easier for some foods than others

I have four trays because I like to make large batches of baby food at one time. These are great. I was skeptical that the cubes would pop out as easily as the description and pictures made it look. My conclusion is that it depends on what food is in it. Some fruits pop right out, but other things take a little more effort. If you find it’s not popping out easily, you can of course put the lid on, flip it over, and run the bottom side under warm/hot water to loosen the cubes up. No big deal.The one thing I think is misrepresented on the description is the idea that you can just slide the lid back and get one or two cubes at a time. Hardly anything I have made pops out that easily. I have to set the trays on the counter and hold it down with one hand while I push with the cubes out with my other thumb. It’s not hard; it’s just "logistics." I can’t get them out with the lid on. BUT, you don’t really need that feature anyway. I make my baby food and then empty the trays into ziploc bags that I label with what the food is and what date I made it. Then I just keep the baby food in the ziploc bags in the freezer. That way I don’t have to leave the trays in there all the time and I can make more baby food whenever I want without having to use up what’s in a tray before the tray is ready to be used again. It also means I can have a variety of foods made for my baby not to eat the same thing several days in a row.I have done fruits, veggies, mixtures of fruits and veggies, and mixtures of fruits and veggies with chicken. These have been great for everything. I’m pleased.

Virginia Fairplay, MD

love it

it’s easy to clean, has a lid to cover my frozen food, easy to pop out. I got a bunch of these to make kids food, each cube is about 15-20mls, which makes re-heating faster.

Katelyn Ellenburg Center, NY

If only it “seals”

I bought this to freeze homemade baby food. I love that its a rounded bottom so it’s easier to clean since a square bottom would mean trying to get into every corner and groove. It’s a durable plastic and so far I’ve made puréed green beans and puréed sweet potato. Both worked well with this tray and pops out easily. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish the covers actually seals the container.. I would rather it be air tight like a Tupperware instead of it loosely sliding open and close. Other than that I’m very happy with my purchase

Eleanor Pray, MT

Would’ve saved so much money on baby food if I had these sooner

I have used the cheapest ice cube trays to freeze my health drink (just blended fruits & kale) and it was impossible to get the frozen cubes out. I also ordered the OXO store, freeze, and serve cubes for my daughter’s baby food BUT it even though they are great you’d need to spend a large fortune to buy enough to make your own baby food. So I researched and found these. THESE ARE PERFECT. Tonight I prepared cut up soft carrots for her finger food along with pureed butternut squash (very thick – no water added). I thought for sure because the carrots were frozen in bunches of cubes and not pureed and because the squash was so thick, that they wouldn’t come out of the tray easily, BUT they slid out like butter! I of course would not recommend keeping baby food in this tray and taking it out one at a time, because as the other reviewers say, the lid is not a tight seal, but why would you want to do that when you will need the trays free for freezing more baby food. Just use freezer bags to store your cubes of frozen food in and label and date the bag and ta-da! I wish I would’ve gotten these earlier. You can also overfill each cube and it will come out just fine (obviously with something thick like pureed squash or cut up carrots). Anyways I recommend these for any mom to be who needs to save $ or wants to make sure their baby is super healthy with fresh foods.When my daughter no longer needs separately prepared foods I will just use these to freeze my health food drink that I prepare in big batches. This is great if you’re looking to make frozen cubes of anything besides water/juice, for which a normal cheap ice cube tray will do.

Blanche Jolon, CA

perfect food cubes

This is perfect for storing your home made baby food. If you fill the cube level you can just push on one side and it will come right out. If it is rounded over it is hard to pull out. Once frozen it is better to move the cubes to labeled freezer bags. If you store the cubes in the tray very long they get a litle gummy.

Tasha Fairview, MT

These are my favorite so far!

I’ve tried theFresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Traysand these, and so far I think I like these the best. The slightly rounded bottoms of the cubes make it really easy to pop the food out, especially if you just want to pop out a few at a time. None of the food I’ve made so far has stuck to the trays, they’ve all come out easily. The lids slide on from the ends, and ‘snap’ in position. However, I don’t think there’s any real ‘seal’ to the lids such that the freezer burn might be worse. I freeze batches and put them into various freezer bags within a few days, so it hasn’t been a real issue, but just to make it clear it’s not a very tight, air-proof lid in my opinion.

Ingrid Tyner, KY

nice freezer tray

Good freezer tray, I like the cover, because it keeps the flavors in and the other smells out. It makes little half-circles of food, much like ice cubes in ice-makers, and it is easier to slide them out of the tray. Also good for making flavored ice (tea, coffee or juice) for smoothies.

Alejandra Pageton, WV


These are perfect. They pop right out no problems at all. I was worried as a few reviews said they didnt pop out as expected but it works fantastic for me. I freeze the food in them, then pop out and put in a plastic freezer bag and fill more trays with more food! I have twins so I’ve got a lot of food to make! 🙂 very happy.

Nicole Inverness, FL

Why do they make this without a good seal? Spills breast milk very easily!

I bought this tray to freeze breast milk. I was producing so much when my milk came in that I used up all of my milk storage bottles. I needed something that could be reused. I pumped into bottles & froze in this tray. Each hole fits 3/4 ounce of milk. This tray freezes easily & after running some warm water on the bottom, the "boobsicles" pop out easily.However, the lid only slides on. There is NO seal. So when I was moving the tray from the counter to the freezer, I had to be extremely careful. Our freezer is on the bottom of our fridge & I am always nervous about shutting the door because it could shift around & spill the milk.This is a great solution to buying lots of breast milk storage tubes & less waste than breast milk storage bags. I just wish there was a good, tight, spill-proof seal! I will be using this again when I being making baby food again.

Karina Mount Carmel, IL


I was very excited to try and puree my own baby food and these are not only super helpful, but also very cost-effective. These are great to freeze puree into perfect sized cubes and then transfer them in to a freezer bag – awesome product!! I did notice the same trays (yes, same exact trays from what I can tell) with BLUE lids at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are said to be for ice cubes…seem to be the same thing and were the same price so if you’d prefer blue, you could try those as well, but these are great!

Latonya Valencia, CA

Great tray

I have a couple of these to freeze my baby’s food. it works great, perfect size cubes. Some of the negatives are: 1) I still get some freezer burns on the food especially the ones close to the two edges. 2) The smell from the food tend to stick to the plastic even after multiple hand washings, and the grease is sometimes hard to wash off.

Erin Chatham, NY

Don’t like the lid

This OXO tray is just OK, the lid doesnt keep the food very well stored, ice goes inside. I don’t recommend it.

Pearl Grants, NM

Does the job

There isn’t much to say, it’s an ice cube tray. It does its job very well. The material seems solid and durable. We have been using it to store baby food for about 2 months now and have had no problems. The somewhat strange design of it helps when trying to get a cube out, you just flex the ends.

Hilda Streeter, ND

Great ice cube tray

I used this tray frequently to freeze baby food for my daughter. The cubes pop out pretty easily and I like that it has a cover.

Kris Paint Lick, KY

Long term use anticipated…

Am very pleased with this Oxo Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray.The slide top is so much more manageable than snap on tops.By preparing and freezing small amounts for baby, we are able to insure that more healthy choices in organic produce are readily available and fresh frozen.The unit did not form ice crystals. I even froze water just to see how well it kept the cubes.The tray will keep food for a few weeks if needed. However, I felt it best to use the frozen little cubes in a timely fashion.Little cubes pop out quite easily after letting the uncovered tray rest on my counter for a few seconds. Then the remaining cubes with their easy slide on tray cover can be returned to freezer.Anticipate that down the road, when not used for baby food, this tray could be used for special cubes with fruit in beverages, as well as pesto, herbs etc.It would be nice if regular ice cube trays had such a slide on cover…!

Vanessa Shiro, TX


I really enjoy cooking and preparing the baby food that we feed our 6 month old. I purchased two of these trays to try, and think they’re great for the intended use. However, I found that reheating food after freezing in cubes resulted in too watery consistency. I also freeze food in 4 oz containers, and haven’t had a problem when reheating food in those. I may try again when our baby is eating more solid foods, but will put them away for now- the 4 oz containers work great for my purposes. As other reviewers have mentioned, these trays don’t seal. I started to notice freezer burn on the cubes if I didn’t remove them from the trays and store them in plastic baggies within a couple days. The cubes are a good size, and I always had an easy time removing them from their trays.

Maxine Newalla, OK

Great for Making Food

We started making food and needed something to put it in. This is great because it makes small little portions You can just take a few out and put in a bowl or add to cereal. We put a plastic bag over the whole thing since it doesnt have a tight close. Or we freeze and right away take the cubes out and put in plastic bags.

Camilla Ardmore, TN

Works as advertised.

Does what it says. Note that the cubes are only .75 ounces and a standard tray is 1 ounce. The sliding cover is very nice for stacking them all in the freezer and the cubes pop out well (I store them in a ziplock bag)

Tabitha Gill, CO


I love that I can twist it to break the cubes free without worrying about the food popping onto the floor (much to my dog’s delight). For some reason, though, bananas won’t release. Also, it’s not an air-tight seal, so if you don’t go through the food quickly, you’ll definitely want to put it into a sealable bag to prevent freezer burn.

Molly Tunas, MO

Does the job.

Yes, it’s just an ice tray with a cover. The molds are 3/4 of an ounce which is a perfect portion for baby food.

Sallie Troy, PA

Very convenient!

These have come in very handy since I have been making baby food for my daughter. They are easy to fill and the cubes are a convenient size and easy to remove. The kids make it easy to stack them in the freezer to save on space.My only complaint is similar to others I have seen in here- the kids seem to get a little warped and might be a bit of a PITA to get back on the tray after a few trips through the dishwasher (they say they’re dishwasher safe), but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal yet.

John Montevallo, AL

Great for freezing. Not meant for storage.

These trays are great in that the frozen cubes of baby food come out nicely, without any effort. However, since the lid of this tray is loose it is mainly for protecting the food during the time it needs to freeze and for stacking. I don’t mind the loose lid since I would much rather store food in ziploc bags to maximize freezer space. At $5, it is a bit expensive (you only get 1 tray) since it is a glorified ice cube tray but I think the minimal effort (and breakage) of the frozen cubes is worth it. Plus, the tray can be used for ice cubes post-baby food!

Reba Masonville, IA

it’s pretty good!

I love the tray for it’s size and stackability. I only wish it came in different colors or offered a space to write on because during this early stage of baby food making, a lot of the foods are orange and i keep forgetting which tray has what in it. otherwise the portion sizes are good and food slides out pretty easily.

Amber Granville Summit, PA

Way better than a regular ice cube tray!

I ordered these to use in making babyfood for my daughter and although skeptical, I now feel they are indeed better than a standard ice cube tray. Two reasons -1) once you twist the tray slightly to loosen the cubes, the round bottom really does sllow youto just push on one end of the cube and it slides out easily.2) the cover keeps the cubes from debris in your freezer.I just pop one or two out the night before and put them in a container in the fridge and they are reasonably defrosted within about 12 hours depending on the temperature of your fridge.

Juanita Fort Valley, GA

Perfect to store small cubes of baby food

I have been using this tray for more than 6 months. I put baby fodo in there and freeze it. Easy to clean up and store.

Jeannette Holloway, MN