OXO Tot Bottle and Accessories Drying Rack- Orange

OXO Tot Bottle and Accessories Drying Rack- Orange

Rack ’em high for a quicker dry. Keep bottles elevated, secure and upright with the OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack. The Drying Rack accommodates at least eight bottles and corresponding parts. Raised ribs on the bottom of the tray ensure items don’t sit in a pool of water, keeping them clean, sanitary and dry. Additional space at the front of the Rack is useful for small parts. A removable cup can be attached to multiple areas of the tray and is ideal for kids’ utensils, straws and medicine droppers. The corners of the tray are optimally shaped to easily pour out excess water, and elevated non skid feet at the bottom of the tray make it easy to lift.

Main features

  • Fits at least 8 disassembled baby bottles and their components
  • Deep walls contain water and corners are shaped to easily pour out excess water
  • Flexible tines elevate bottles, nipples and breast pump parts to allow for ventilation
  • Open area with raised ribs provides space for small parts and keeps items away from water at the bottom of tray
  • Cup attaches to multiple areas of tray and is ideal for utensils, straws and medicine droppers

Verified reviews


I can away rely on OXO!

I am very happy with this produce. Never went wrong using OXO. Holds everything in place.

Octavia Woodward, PA

really helpful

After using a drying mat for bottles and parts for a few weeks, I finally got this and it’s SO much easier! The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that there is no drainage lip, I have to remember to take everything off of it then lift it to drain out any standing water, then put it back with the removable cup. Otherwise, it’s pretty nifty and I’m quite happy with it.

Mitzi Cedar Falls, NC

Found it!

Found this & the dishwasher basket set brand new for $15 at Marshalls!!!! Cant wait to order the rest to have the full line. Babys due in March so I will write an update about it once I use it. 🙂

Lenore Knox City, MO

Did not find this usefull

Did not find this useful.. If you have dishwasher I don’t really see the point of having one of these..

Candice Scranton, NC

Great for Bottles

Great rack for drying bottle and all the parts. The rack is dishwashable which really helps since it is hard to get a brush between the elevated drying pins.

Kaye Cochiti Pueblo, NM

Awesome except…

I like this a lot. It is probably one of the best drying racks I’ve had, but I think OXO could have made built in a slight angle and got rid of the lip at one end so it could drain into the sink. The water needs to be emptied and you have to remember to do it or it gets a bit slimy on the bottom. Not a problem for me anymore, I have a ritual at night where I clean it and flip it over on a dish towel to completely dry out over night. I don’t think that needs to be done, that’s just me going over board. But you do have to remember to drain it.

Bethany Mifflinburg, PA

Love it.

Great drying rack. love how it has the grooves so nothing sits in water. The design works great for any bottle system you’ve chosen. Just wish it was bigger.

Sophia Baldwin, IA

We like it better than the grass

I bought the "grass" first and still needed more drying space, so bought this second. My husband and I both like it better than the "grass". The little bowl is good for small parts and spoons, whereas if you put those in the "grass", it may fall in and disappear. The bottles seem more stable on this rack too. Overall, even though OXO products are always a little bit more expensive, I always find that the quality and the design justify the price.

Elsa Mallory, NY

Great drying rack

I purchased this when I went back to work and had to start bottle-feeding. We don’t have a dishwasher and have to wash everything by hand.We can fit as many as 6 Medela 5oz bottles, 3 Avent 4oz bottles, accompanying caps, rings, and nipples, plus the pump parts at once. That’s more than we need to wash in a given day, so for us it is perfect.

Lorrie Holmes City, MN

Very convenient

I kept Medela bottles and pump parts on a small mat next to the sink. Now, when I discovered this drying rack, I will recommend it to everyone who wants to keep their "feeding"/"cleaning after" area clean, organized, and nice looking.

Billie Ballard, WV

great for glass bottles

I’ve tried three different bottle racks and this one is the winner! I love that the bottles don’t have to tilt out at an angle, they dry straight up and down saving counter space and preventing broken bottles.

Candy Six Mile Run, PA

Holds standard width bottles perfectly

They go over one peg and are held snugly by the 4 pegs nearest it. There is plenty of space to hang nipples, vents, etc. and the side area is good for those awkward items (flat caps) that don’t hang.

Ruby Pontotoc, MS

Very useful

Large enough to fit all baby stuff. Easy to wash, looks nice. Very useful for a newborn. Go for it

Frankie Scotland, MD

Must have item

I wasn’t sure if this was a necessity, but I’m very glad I bought it. I use it daily with all the baby bottles and pump equipment. I like to keep it separate from my regular dishes. I like that it has no drain holes so I can use it on the counter. I put it in my strainer once a day to air dry and it’s been fine. I don’t use the little cup because it seems like one more thing to have to dry and keep clean- I just lay everything out of the tray. Highly recommend.

Renae Jackson, LA

Love the orange

Love the flat part of this dry rack works best for our kitchen the color is as displayed orange it fits my medela bottles and all it’s parts

Jeanne Cashtown, PA

Awesome durability

I love this! It’s much more durable than other bottle racks and fits many of our playtex bottles. Easy to wipe or wash clean. Definitely worth the money and nicer than the junky "tree" bottle rack I had.

Lenore Jackson, NC

Great for bottles and pump gear

I really like this drying rack, holds all sorts of shaped bottles and pump parts no problem. Its sturdy and can’t be knocked over (unlike the tree type racks), and it is easy for me to rinse off.There is no hole or spout for excess water to run off, which could be a knock for some (we live in a dry climate so it dries quickly for us). Cleaning between the prongs can be a bit difficult, but I keep it rinsed often so it hasn’t been a problem thus far.

Edwina Wentworth, MO

Very useful

I exclusively bottle feed my infant, and this rack has been very useful. I don’t really use the little cup since he is still too young for any utensils, but it’s very easy to wash (just pop it into the dishwasher top rack) and it holds all of my bottles, nipples, caps, and pump accessories just fine.

Lenore Hawleyville, CT

Low profile, great looking & functional

I ordered this because none of the other bottle racks seemed to sit low-profile on a counter, or they were just too weird looking. This rack holds my Born Free wide neck bottles as easily as the smaller breast storage bottles, plus breast shields, falanges, nipples, collar rings, lids and whatever else you want to put there. And it is easily put away in a pantry shelf when I want to clear the counter for company. I highly recommend this product.Update 2/14/2013: Done with babies but still using this great drying rack for wine and champagne glasses!

Elba Hillsdale, NY

My favorite bottle drying rack!

I’ve used the munchkin spinning bottle rack and found that it collected the water in the bottom and grew mold if it wasn’t handwashed often which was a pain, and it didn’t have much space for accessories to dry so I purchased this one. I am very happy with the look of it being so modern and adult kitchen friendly, it also holds 6 bottles and all the parts as well as two bowls and silverware very nicely. I like the grip on the bottom so it doesn’t slide all over the counter. It is also dishwasher top rack safe which makes for easy cleaning! I would definitely recommend this!

Jamie Elkton, VA

Wonderful Bottle Rack

I have had and used this rack for over a month now and I absolutely LOVE it. I bought it with the intention that once the baby outgrows it, we could easily use it for other things (cups, small plates, etc). It is very well made; no cheap plastic. The bottles sit well on it and the ridges are deeper than I initially thought, so none of the items are touching the drained water. While there is no drain spout, I don’t really see that as a problem. I always give the bottles and other items a quick “shake” to get the excess water off before racking them, and so when I’m done with my batch, there’s not a lot of water accumulation. I only wish that it was bigger so it could hold more since I have breast pump parts and all its doodads to go on there too.

Keisha Whitesville, WV

Exactly what I needed

It’s big enough to hold enough bottles and pieces and it conveniently fits in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The grooves where water gathers can get a little messy so it probably should be cleaned at least once a week.

Colette Lima, OH

Great for baby bottles!

This drying rack works great for baby bottle and breast pump parts. I run everything through the dishwasher, but often the parts are still wet and I leave them to dry on the rack. The little cup is great for keeping small pieces from going missing.

Janette Horton, MO

Love this for breast pump supplies

I love this bottle drying rack for drying our 5 oz bottles and also for drying my pumping parts between use. It’s big enough to hold 12 medela bottles or 6 bottles plus my medela parts as well as lids and nipples.

Savannah Boutte, LA

Great drying rack!!

This is a great drying rack! I love all of OXOs products! High quality and makes drying your bottles a lot easier than trying to stack them inside the sink or on a towel. I love the way the cup comes off and you can put it anywhere on the drying rack. Would highly recommend to anyone needing a bottle drying rack!

Lorene United, PA

Great Rack Easy to Clean

Love this rack. It is way easier to clean than the lawn. Like the heavy duty plastic and cup for small loose parts.I like the OXO bottle brush as well.

Theresa Machias, ME

Better than the rotating ones

Accommodates variety of baby feeding equipment, glass too. Easy to use & clean. I recommend this over the couple of rotating ones we tried.

Susanne Eleele, HI


love this item just the right size and the same oxo quality expected from oxo! wish thou it could be a little bit more collapsible for storage

Socorro Armstrong, MO

Love this

I use the santi wash feature on the dishwasher and then put the bottles on here to air dry. Very convenient

Ola Griffin, IN