OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Green

OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Green

Six to eight feedings a day? Make sure clean bottles are ready for the next feeding with the OXO Tot Bottle Brush. The Brush features soft and firm bristles for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing and has a soft handle that is non slip, even when wet. Tucked inside the handle is a silicone Nipple Cleaner that cleans tight spots like bottle nipples and breast pump parts more effectively than bristles can. The Brush has a flexible neck for easy reach inside bottles of different shapes and sizes. Keep brush in easy reach with the included Stand. The Stand keeps countertops neat and dry, has a pour spout and comes apart for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Brush head has two types of bristles for gentle cleaning and serious scrubbing
  • Fits most bottle sizes; flexible neck for easy reach to get a deep clean inside bottles
  • Silicone nipple cleaner gets into tight spaces and is ideal for bottle nipples, sippy cup or breast pump parts
  • Ventilation holes help nipple cleaner dry quickly
  • Soft, comfortable grip won’t slip out of wet hands

Verified reviews


OXO Tot Bottle Brush w Nipple cleaner and stand

Pros:- PRICE- soft bristles that clean well- stand w drain is handy- vents for nipple cleaner- no metal parts to rust (this was my problem w my last cleaner)Cons:- bristle head a little too soft (bristles are bent out of shape < 1 month of use; maybe i press too hard?)- nipple cleaner not very practical, it doesn’t get into every nook and cranny i’d like, so i have to use a separate little brush for some parts- stand could be heavier/wider so it’s not as easy to tip overOverall a good bottle brush and I’m happy with my purchase. I just wonder how long it will last since bristles are already getting bent out of shape.

Betsy Pittsburg, KS

Love the bottle brush, dislike the nipple “brush”

The bottle brush is really nice and the stand is a nice way to store the brush. The bristles are soft and do not spray too much when you pull it out of the bottle. The brush holds soap well and cleans bottles quickly without falling apart like the munchkin foam topped brushes. The base is able to be drained so that stagnant water isn’t sitting in the stand.The nipple “brush” is just a rubber poker type contraption. It doesn’t clean nipples at all and is difficult to use. I was hoping for a more standard type of nipple brush. The nipple brush doesn’t lock in very well so when you are cleaning bottles the handle keeps unscrewing which can be obnoxious.

Dorthy Dumont, TX

Not using

Another waste of my money. Easier to wash by hand and dry. Wish I could return this item too. Never used and don’t plan on it. Sorry I bought it.

Tasha Minot Afb, ND

Nice bottle brush

I would give this 5 stars but I don’t like how there are bristles around the entire brush. The reason is because as I take it out of the bottle the bristles fling water everywhere including me! It looks like the only company that makes brushes like that is the avent one but I like this one better because:it has it’s own stand. The avent one, I put it in a vase next to the sink and because it was sitting in a vase, I felt the tip was dirty (which was the nipple cleaner) and hence, didn’t use the nipple cleaner. This one has a cute little stand with a rubber lining so it doesn’t move much and it’s easy to clean.I kinda wish the nipple cleaner could be removed by snapping it out verses a screw. Sometimes when I’m cleaning a bottle it unscrews itself just a little.But overall this is a great bottle cleaner.

Petra Pecatonica, IL

looks great , performes alright!

its an ok product! nothing special. i do like the stand so you can drain it but that about the only ‘special’ thing about it ! good price though

Lorena Hartley, IA

Rusted after 6 months of use

I liked the brush initially. It has soft bristles and gets the job done. 6 months later, I started seeing rust and discoloration coming up by the bristles and it got progressively worse. So I had to get rid of it. Hope they fix the issue because otherwise I liked cleaning with this brush. The small brush was useless for Dr Brown bottles so I can not comment on it.

Brigitte Spruce Pine, NC

not good at its job

I was kinda dissappointed with this brush. It splatters water and soap all over the place when you pull it out of the bottle. I don’t feel like the bristles really scrub it clean. And the nipple brush isn’t a brush at all. Its a pointy piece of rubber. Not sure how that’s supposed to clean a bottle nipple. I like that it has a stand but you have to make sure to drain the water out of the bottom tray or else it gets gross. I’ve tried a lot of brushes and the one that I’ve found works the best is The First Years Double Sponge Bottle Brush. Its cheaper and works 100x better.

Roxanne Saint John, WA

Soft nice bristles, HORRIBLE nipple cleaner

I like the softness of these bristles. they hold soap well and gently clean my bottles. I love the stand as well, very helpful in my kitchen. I HATE the nipple cleaner. its a hard long nub of rubber plastic. it doesnt hold soap and is a pain, I dont even use it. the part where the nipple wand screws into the handle is always loose to which is really annoying. I would buy this again if it were really cheap, but otherwise im shopping around for a different one where im satisfied with every copponent of the product, that cant be that hard to find, right?

Katina Chico, CA

Very good quality

I have 2 bottle cleaners, this one and another one that is from a more widely known baby brand. This OXO one is hands down, the better of the two. The other one has a foam end that is falling apart after only 2 months of use. The OXO one is a much better quality bottle cleaner. You can immediately tell the difference in quality.

Jo Compton, IL

Cleans efficiently, stand is handy, fits Medela bottles just fine

After reading a disingenuous review of this brush not fitting in Medela pump bottles, I usedPhilips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Brushfor Medela bottles, VentAire bottles (same threading and bottle diameter as Medela), and assorted baby items for months. While the Philips wasn’t bad per se, its limited brush surface area made cleaning bottles inefficient and cleaning inside of nipples impossible (both Philips’ & Oxo’s brush nipple cleaning “nubs” are questionable in cleaning ability).Upon finding out from a friend that the Oxo Tot Bottle Brush does in fact fit Medela bottles, I promptly ordered one and confirmed it does fit just fine! Since the brush head is 360 degrees, just a few small twists in up-and-down motion very quickly cleans baby bottles and evenly distributes soap suds. The brush head tip can be shoved in under nipples to clean (the handle-detached nipple cleaning nub is dubious), although I usually use the U-shaped mini brush fromOXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Setfor a full cleaning (probably overkill). In fact, I’m so happy with this brush that I’ve ordered theOXO Good Grips Bottle Brushfor tall glasses and stemware.The brush stand with integrated draining spout is ingenious. Water dripped from the standing brush is caught in the stand and drained by tipping the stand over the sink. The stand also frees up dish rack space by standing on the sink window ledge, out of the way.The only downside to a stiff nylon brush like this is the soapy spray when brushing very uneven surfaces, such as the lip of a baby bottle. Just brush along with the contour of the bottle lip and all’s well (you’ll know what I mean).

Goldie Hood River, OR

Crappy- comes apart when cleaning breast shields

Looks great and the stand is nice, but almost every time i clean one of the medela breast shield parts of the pump, it separates into its 2 components. Totally annoying. And there’s nothing to tighten to make it stop.

Willie Lancaster, PA

Too soft

I liked the matching oxo design, the stand with the water spout, and the color was smart, but the bristle is too soft on this brush. I bought a munchkin and kept the stand.

Lena Byron, MN

Great brush, not so useful nipple brush

Like many others, I like the bristles of this brush much better than three other brands of bottle brushes I’ve tried. The brush is the perfect size and the bristles are flexible enough to use even on narrower tubes without getting stuck. The slightly smaller head feels more manueverable insides baby food jars and bottles. I do have a problem when I twist the handle to clean as the nipple brush starts to unscrew. Maybe I’m using too much strength.My one major disappointment is the nipple brush. My silicone nipples need bristles to clean the fatty milk film. I don’t know where they came up with using this design because I don’t find it effective. The problem is that I can’t seem to find any way to buy a good nipple brush without having to buy another bottle brush!First a first version, it’s not bad, but I do hope they make some changes with the nipple brush in the next version.

April Tomato, AR

Best Bottle Brush Out There

This is by far the best bottle brush out there and I think I tried them all before this one! Let me tell you that any bottle brush with some sort of sponge attached will come apart. This works in everything that I have tried including the Medela breat pump bottles and the inner parts & nipple of a dr. browns. Wish I would have tried this one 10 brushes ago! It is like a cat, even if you think it won’t fit, it squeezes into everything!

Deloris Thurmont, MD

Very Useful Brush

I bought this brush in the aqua color- it is a really good bottle brush- it fits perfectly in the plastic Dr. Brown bottles. I like that the neck is flexible so that it can really get into every inch of the bottle. The fact that it has its own base was a huge selling point for me, so I don’t have to worry about it getting all scummy next to the sink- plus it keeps the bristles straight and intact, and I think it enables it to dry faster than if it were lying on its side. The nipple brush seems slightly useless to me- so I just use the ones that come with the Dr. Brown’s bottles. The main reason for the 4 stars, though, is because when I pull them brush out of the bottle- it has a tendency to fling water and suds all over everything. I really have to make a conscious effort to ease it out to avoid getting an extra shower when I wash out the bottles. That is really the only negative I can think of, otherwise it is pretty perfect.

Sharon Wolf Creek, MT

Wears out quickly

This brush wears out quickly and the nipple cleaner is totally useless. It is not a brush it is a long plastic stick.

Roberta Dorset, OH

Had to get another one

We were given one of these as part of the baby shower gift showcase and we loved it. We didn’t want to keep lugging around the one we keep at home so we purchased one in prep for our Orlando trip. We’ve used bottle brush (with nipple cleaners) from two other brands and this one trumps them all.

Natalia Susquehanna, PA

Great Buy

Love just wish it held up longer, as in we go through one of these about every 2-3 months. Maybe we just wash a lot, either way I don’t mind. I love that it is standing and not touching anything to cross contaminate etc. Great buy.

Octavia Winter, WI

Love this bottle brush!!

It’s awesome. I’ve been using it with Dr. Brown’s and now sippy cups. It lasts. I don’t use the nipple cleaner because it sucks. I have a separate nipple cleaner. Would recommend this product to anyone.

Britney Clarklake, MI

Very very nice.

Very nice and matches the boon grass/lawn perfectly. I initially bought the blue one which itself is a very nice color. But after having bought the lawn, I decided to go ahead and buy another one in green. It looks so nice on the counter top. It has it’s own draining base which is very nice. The bristles are not too stiff. A really really nice brush. I haven’t used the silicone nipple cleaner because the brush itself cleans the nipples just fine. I use the avent nipples so it may not work so well with other brands.

Lucia Cherry Creek, SD

Works great, will buy another when needed

I got this as a gift from my registry. The bristles are quite a bit softer than I thought that they would be, but I have liked that as I use this to clean my pump pieces as well. I have not used the nipple cleaner tool, I just make sure that some of the bristles get up in the nipple and use a sponge on the outside of the nipple. Yes, the softer bristles do deform easily, but well worth the tradeoff for not scratching what you are trying to clean, I think.I have used this brush to clean:Playtex BPA Free VentAire Wide Bottle Newborn Starter SetAmeda Purely Yours Breast PumpAmeda Flexshield Aereola Stimulator – 2 packMedela Value Pack Bpa-free Feeding Gift Set : New Wide Base NipplePhilips Avent 3 Pack 4oz BottlesNo complaints here. I haven’t used any other cleaning brushes, but I’m very happy with this one. I do love that it comes with a stand. Wish it came in more colors.

Erma Moravia, NY

Would definitely purchase again

I have only been using it for a short period of time but so far really like it. It cleans well and I love how the stand has a lip in it for run-off liquids. I wish that it had a small brush for nipples instead of the silicone tip but that would be my only complaint.

Noreen Asan, GU

A bit bulky but a solid product

Reasons why I like it:1) Feels like a superior product, solid–not flimsy–and high quality bristles that actually get soapy for use and aren’t too stiff so they get into the nipples to clean them2) Cleans in dishwasher, so has a longer life cycle than similar products you need to throw away3) Stands up without making the nasty suction mark on your sink/counter4) Base comes apart so you can clean it, no yucky stuff pooling in the baseReasons why I don’t love it:1) It’s actually feels a bit too tall/bulky. It weebles and wobbles, and sometimes it does fall down.2) Initial price .. initial because it feels pricey but I was throwing away competitors and having to buy new ones so it does save $ over time

Sondra Clanton, AL

recommended over other bottle brush cleaner

I use this brush daily for bottle cleaning. You can put any where convenient as it stand by itself. The nipple cleaner is made of rubber and does its job cleaning. The only inconvenience. Is that u have to unscrew to use nipple cleaner.

Glenna Maynard, MN

Works for me

It’s a brush… not that much to review about it, really, but it does what it’s supposed to! The stand is nice. I would have given it 5 stars except I don’t really understand the nipple cleaner. It’s weird and doesn’t really seem to do anything. I just clean the nipple by shoving the end of the brush up in there.

Vera Leadville, CO

Best bottle brush

These are the only brushes that get my como tomo bottles clean. I have tried many other brushes, but these are the only ones that work.

Hollie Bronaugh, MO

Works great, love the stand

Used this for my first son and bought another when my 2nd was born. It works great, I love the stand. The only con is that I don’t think the nipple cleaner works very well…unless I’m missing something, it is just a flexible rubber tip. A small bristle head would work a lot better.

Alexandria Farmington, MI

Great brush

This is a great brush, it is durable, doesn’t mildew and I really like that you can open the bottom and clean out the stand because that is the part that gets the grossest. The stand is great though, no more resting the brush on the sink and collecting germs. Would buy again!

Magdalena Joplin, MT

Good cleaner

The brush works really well and I love that it comes with a stand. The nipple cleaner works fine too.

Stacy Massey, MD

Great Bottle Brush

This is the best brush ever, i love the fact that it has its own stand that sold me there, and it cleans perfect i had the sassy bottle brush and that was horrible and then i had the munchkin brush and the bristles were way to stiff to clean and would scratch the bottles and not get up in the nipple, this bottle brush is perfect i bought another one.

Kirsten Maple Springs, NY