OXO Tot Cup for Big Kids with Non Slip Grip – Aqua

OXO Tot Cup for Big Kids with Non Slip Grip – Aqua

A baby? No a big kid. Help your tot transition with the OXO Tot cup for big kids. The cup is clear to look more like grown up cups, with a soft, comfortable ring to give unsure hands a secure grip. The shape and size is easy for big kid hands to grasp and the clear construction helps them see how much liquid is left, minimizing spills. Used together, the plate, bowl, cups and cutlery for big kids will help teach them to eat and drink like grown ups do. For best results, consult miss manners.

Main features

  • 5 oz cup is perfect for training and transitioning to adult drinking glasses
  • Soft, non slip ring and curved shape for a comfortable, secure grip
  • Clear cup allows kids to see how much is left to avoid spills
  • Durable, non breakable construction of BPA and Phthalate free Tritan
  • Coordinates with OXO Tot cutlery set, plate, and bowl for big kids

Verified reviews


Not as expected

I put Toddler Glass into the Amazon search and this was the first that popped up. I did not fully read the description. This cup is plastic. I returned it.

Myra Ladd, IL

Perfect Little Cup for Toddlers

I really like this little cup. It has a nice grip for little one’s to hold so the cup is less likely to slip out of their hands. There is 1/2 cup liquid when filled to the bottom of the grip, so I am guessing it could hold maybe a 3/4 to 1 cup. I never fill it past the grip just in case it spills. It is also dishwasher safe which is a huge plus.

Debra Whitesboro, OK

22 Month Old LOVES this as much as his Mommy does!

I wanted to introduce my son to drinking out of a cup when he was 22 months old. He has the coordination to do it, but I was underwhelmed when with options when I tried to find a cup that was appropriate for his little hands. I’m glad I found this wonderful little cup! He can easily manipulate it with one hand and drinks from it with ease. It is very sturdy and the rubber band helps him to get a grip even when his hands are covered with his lunch! As a Mom I love that the base of it is flat so when I run it through the dishwasher it actually comes out dry. There isn’t any little reservoir for water to get stuck in. He has a few other options in cups but he far prefers this one to any other option. Something about the rim of it helps him to sip from it and not gulp and choke.

Barbra Hat Creek, CA

Super cute!

Will be buying more of these, I wish they had orange too! They are super cute & my toddler loves them! They have been a huge confidence booster for him! They are perfect size for a little kid!

Rosella Chagrin Falls, OH

Perfect cup for little hands.

I needed a little cup for my daughter so she can practice using one, which are surprisingly hard to find. I decided on this one to go with her OXO 4-piece feeding set. She’s 17 months old and small for her age, and yet she’s able to grip this cup and hold it with one hand. The wider rim makes it easy to practice drinking. It’s thick plastic and has made several trips off the high chair onto the floor and through the dishwasher, and it still looks as good as new.

Marian Slade, KY

These cups are the perfect cups for Toddlers.

I tried given my child other cups to practice, but they didn’t work out like this one. They are shorter so they are easier for them to tilt with less spill. The grips enables them to hold onto the cup with slippery hands. They are solid little cups too.

Gail Glen Wilton, VA

great for little hands

Great for my toddler’s little hands as she’s learning to drink from a cup and I don’t have to worry about her breaking it.

Beverly Reamstown, PA

Love it

I’ve only had those cups for about three weeks, but so far i’m totally smitten! Perfect size for little 2,5 year old toddler hands, good rubber grip, nicely transparent and not prone to breaking since they are plastic. I wash them in a dishwasher and i’m very much interested how they will hold up in long run. I’ll update my review, if things suddenly go for the worse.

Gail Redig, SD

Easy to hold

Easy to hold. Has withstood a few drops. Perfect size. No complaints. Like oxo line of products. Might purchase another.

Lucille Birchwood, WI

easy for my toddler to drink from

cute, easy for my toddler to drink from. We use it in the bathroom!

Jeanette Zortman, MT


My son is 4 now, we bought 2 of these when he was 3. They are small, 4 oz cups, perfect for little ones, in my opinion, 8 oz is too big, and more likely to get spilt. Love the grip to help keep ands from slipping too. I recommend, I like them, my son likes them, durable plastic, thumbs up.

Carlene Peace Valley, MO

Great cup!

I love that this cup is more solid that other plastic toddler cups. It has more weight to it, so it’s not completely flimsy feeling. My 3 year old uses it with no problems…excellent transition cup! The price is a little high, but it’s definitely a quality item.

Jacklyn Quitman, AR

Great starter cup for tiny hands!

We love this cup! My daughter is 18 months and LOVES drinking out of cups now. We found that the flared top is perfect for helping them control the flow of liquid and causing less spills and frustration. It holds about 4-6 oz but if it held anymore than that and you filled it, I think it would make it heavy and more difficult for your toddler to "control" when drinking… we learned this by letting her play with cups in the bathtub.I would recommend this to anyone as a starter cup for their toddler.

Emilia Pickford, MI