OXO Tot Cutlery Set for Big Kids, Aqua

OXO Tot Cutlery Set for Big Kids, Aqua

A baby? No, a big kid. OXO tot cutlery set for big kids is perfect for when your tot is ready to progress beyond toddler forks and spoons. The fork, knife and spoon look just like grown up utensils, but are safe and effective for your big kid. Contoured handles are shaped and sized especially for kids ages three and up, while the touch points on the fork and knife assist with comfortable, efficient cutting (seriously.). Stainless steel cutlery heads effectively capture and cut food, minimizing messes and promoting independence. Used together, the plate, bowl, cups and cutlery for big kids will help teach them to eat and drink like grown ups do. For best results, consult miss manners.

Main features

  • Perfect for training and transitioning tots to the grown up table because handles are appropriately sized and shaped for big kids
  • Stainless steel cutlery effectively captures and cuts food, promoting independence
  • Fork and knife include touch points that assist with cutting and designed for dexterity of children 3 plus
  • Looks like grown up cutlery and dishwasher safe
  • Coordinates with OXO tot bowl, plate and cups for big kids

Verified reviews


Great for 4-6 year olds

I got these for my 5 year old and he loves them. They are great with helping to encourage a finger eater to use his utensils! Good shape and fork prongs are sharp enough to pierce food yet dull enough to be safe for a learner. Perfect size for 4-6 year olds. I plan on getting another set in pink for my daughter when she is 4.

Ana Barrett, MN


Cute and useful. My daughter is at the stage of wanting to help out in the kitchen and cut stuff. The knife is great for this.

Imelda Minatare, NE

Perfect for toddlers

It is excellent for the toddlers when they start to learn how to eat using knife. They are safe, very good size.

Clarice Lindsey, OH

Good cutlery set for preschoolers

We have several sets of theOXO Tot Fork and Spoon Setthat have served us very well as our older child’s cutlery since she started self-feeding at around a year of age. She’s approaching 4 now and had been asking to use “grownup” cutlery, but had trouble even with the smallest forks and spoons in our silverware drawer. When cruising Amazon for OXO Tot baby spoons and bowls for our baby, I saw this cutlery set and ordered it on a whim.She gives it two thumbs up! She likes that the appearance of the spoon and fork are more like our silverware rather than the toddler spoons and forks that she’s used to using. She’s tried using the knife but isn’t quite ready for it yet. These utensils are very sturdy and well-made and are totally fine going through the dishwasher. They match her newOXO Tot Plate for Big Kids,OXO Tot Bowl for Big Kids, andOXO Tot Cup for Big Kids(yes, we got her the entire set). It’s sized best for kids from around 3-6, although I could see it being used by slightly younger and older kids as well.It’s slightly expensive for one set of spoon/fork/knife, but I think it’s very worth it to have this set for a preschooler or early school age child who has progressed beyond toddler utensils but is not yet ready for full-sized silverware.This is another win for the OXO Tot line – between the two kids we own most of the feeding items and have been thrilled with everything we’ve tried.

Bertie Mears, MI

good for older toddlers

These are almost adult sized and the knife actually works, so they are perfect for an older toddler/pre-schooler. Good quality.

Fanny Fort Necessity, LA

Another awesome OXO product!

I love everything we purchase from OXO and just like all the other items we have, these are made well, they are visually really cute and perfect for our 3 year old to use. The toddler forks no longer worked for us as the prongs were too flat and wide for our daughter to spear food with, but an adult fork was too big for her – this set is the perfect in between and the little grip pads teach her how to properly hold and cut.

Dorothy Brohard, WV

My young kid loves this set

My kid is under a year old but detests anything that looks like it is "for kids." These look adult-like, and I hoped these would help him learn to use a real fork. The knife and fork are functional and yet safe. (The baby forks I owned before this had prongs that are wide at the base and narrow at the tip, and food would just slide right off every time before it reached my kid’s mouth – lots of frustration and tears.) The knife is sharp enough to slice fruit, etc, so I carry this out and about with my kid’s snacks.

Louise Jefferson, NH