OXO Tot Divided Feeding Dish, Orange

OXO Tot Divided Feeding Dish, Orange

Spinach and carrots? Cereal and mashed bananas? Never mind juggling two bowls of baby food. The Oxo Tot Divided Feeding Dish frees you to give your little one two foods in one contoured, comfortable to hold Dish, with its non slip base and grip. Each section holds four ounces, the perfect size for stage two jars of baby food. Easily guide pureed food onto spoons with the Dish’s outer ring, then use its handy lip to remove excess food. Just pop on the lid and conveniently store leftovers. All parts snap together for storage and separate for easy cleaning. Microwavable. Top rack dishwasher safe. BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

Main features

  • Plate has two sections, each with 4 ounce capacity
  • Contoured to fit comfortably in the hand while feeding
  • Ring helps guide food onto spoon and provides a lip to scrape off excess food
  • Soft, comfortable non stick base and gripping area
  • Removable lid pops on to store excess food

Verified reviews


Fell Short

I was very excited about this product and all its features and was willing to give it a try even though it was an expensive container. I take my toddler to a babysitter every day and I pack her food, so I am always looking for good containers with lids. This product fell short. The container is small, and holds very little food. Maybe this is good for a 4-6 month old baby but certainly not suitable for a lunch for a 12 month old. I freeze my homemade baby food in ice cub trays, and you cannot even close the lid because it is not deep enough for an ice cub. However, my biggest complaint about this container is that the lid does not actually stay on. It will not close tight and her food spilled out on several occasions. We use this at home, but can no longer trust taking it in a lunch bag for outings or day care. On a plus side, the gripping bottom is pretty neat, and I do like the rim feature, it makes it easier to get the food out with a spoon.

Iris Fentress, TX

Feeding Plate

This is nice plate for babies- it is light and holds well. My one issue is the comparments are advised to hold 4 ounces each and I don’t see how that is possible. Each side holds at most 3.5 ounces. Otherwise I like it alot.

Jennie Robertsdale, PA

Ok, but not in love with it

I bought this dish and a Sassy divided dish around the same time, to try them out. I wanted a dish that was at least divided into two: one side for baby’s cereal, one side for baby’s pureed fruits or veggies. I’ll admit that I ordered this because it looked cute. It’s cuter (in my opinion) than the Sassy dish. I wanted to love this dish, but it’s just ok. It does what I wanted, but I would not buy another one or recommend it to others. Often, when I’m mixing up my son’s oatmeal cereal, some of it creeps into the other half of the dish. I think it’s because the dish is kind of shallow. This does not happen when I’m using the Sassy dish, which is deeper. Plus I like that the Sassy dish is ergonomically friendly. I actually went out and bought a second Sassy dish and will just use this OXO Tot dish as a back-up if my two Sassy dishes are dirty.

Sondra Cayucos, CA

The best dish!

I purchased one to try out and LOVED it so much I got another! The rubberized bottom keeps it in place during feedings and the divided sections provide feeding options. The lid is great for saving food for later. I haven’t had any need for the extra lip around the bowl so I just keep that off. The OXO Tot feeding spoons are also the perfect match for these dishes. Highly recomend both!OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Green

Janis Lamartine, PA

Perfect except….

You can’t microwave it. What’s the point of having a lid to store leftovers if you can’t microwave the leftovers? I still love the quality of the bowl and would buy it again though. That removable ring around the bowl is genius for babies learning how to scoop with a spoon. BONUS: If you snap the ring on top of the lid itself instead of the bowl, you have yourself a plate! If I could microwave this, I would give it 5 stars.

Priscilla Elkton, TN

Good size for snacks or small meals

Love the fact it has a lid, and the non skid bottom is great. Have not needed to use the removable rim yet, but I am sure that will come in handy when baby starts to feed herself.

Sara Mallie, KY

Very practical for a beginner.. Both mommy(or daddy) and baby will love it!

Very small but okay for a four/six months baby who does not eat a lot. No need to use several bowls to feed baby; both vegetables and fruit have their own compartiment. it is also easy to wash and the bright color is attractive for our little one. The cover keep baby’s food away from germs so I am very happy I got this bowl for my son. Would recommend it for a baby starting solid food.

Ola Martinez, CA

Good, but not great

Really wanted to love this dish. It’s heavy enough that it feels durable, has two compartments, the non-slick rubber bottom, and the easy grip detachable ring. However, it really doesn’t hold much. If it’s filled too full (meaning, almost to the edge of the bowl) the lid won’t stay on. In fact, it’s near impossible to snap it into place. So there’s a lot of wasted space in order to create a leak-free dish. We still use it when we don’t need much food for our LO (e.g. snacks) but as far as lunches are concerned, we have to use something a bit bigger.

Doris Stephensport, KY

Easily stains & too small

I usually like OXO products, but not this one… It’s very small, even for my 7 months old. Also more than 2 partitions would have helped. What I didn’t like the most was that after the first use, the color of the carrots and squash stained the white bottom of the plate! I think I’ll have to get another one.

Marguerite Trafford, PA

Imagine a flat dish with a lid – that is what it is

Pros:+ very nice design, the bright colors are exactly how it is pictured. Look-wise this is by far the best looking baby feeding dish/container I have seen so far.+ good quality, so far no scratches, stains, or cracks. Survived my son’s abuse+ the shape and rubber makes it easy to hold while trying to feed a struggling toddler+ rubber below the dish prevents dish from sliding when my son was starting to learn how to self feed. I think for older toddlers that are 2+ years old would require a dish with a suction.+ the ring around the dish helps with toddlers learning to feed on their own, the ring around it is similar to theCaliBowl Non-Spill Toddler Suction-Base Bowl with Lid, 12-Ounce, Sky Blue. except for the OXO ring is removable.+ easy to washCons:- not a container to pack foods for on the go- Not sure if it is air tight, I have packed this feeding dish once and had a bit of puree food leak out- not for pureed foods, better for finger foods and foods for toddlers to learn how to self feed (rice, macaroni etc.).- divider is pointless. this dish is way too small and shallow for a divider to be useful. you would have to put very little amount of food on both sides so that it wouldn’t go over the divider and be mixed togetherOverall great for 6months (starting solids) to 1 years old. I can’t complain about it being too shallow, as it is a dish, not a bowl.*********DO NOT BUY IF:- you are looking for a container to pack foods for your baby on the go. As one reviewer noted, you can’t pack much since it is technically a dish. You can’t even pack snacks since it’s too shallow and too small/ anything as watery as a puree (slightly leaks).- you are looking for a feeding bowl (this dish is not deep enough to be considered a bowl for food)

Jan Bradner, OH

perfect for new eaters

18mo old loves this, as do I. Easy to clean, micro, dishwasher safe, cover for easy to store leftovers – plus splash guard food grabber thingy makes it great for new eaters. worth the $.

Sheree Ionia, NY

great but a little small

I like the plate but it is a little on the small side. This one comes with the lip and the cover. I wish all OXO plates came with a cover.

Lily Old Greenwich, CT

Love this bowl.

Great for feeding, easy to store leftovers. We only needed one because we wash and dry after each use. I recommend this one to my friends.

Laura Waterford, ME

great for travel

Love this dish with a travel top and the divider keeps his food separate. He likes to pick up finger foods from it as well and keeps the food mostly in the dish and less on the floor while we are out!

Lupe Maple City, MI

VERY small

This dish is really really small. One meal for my 7 months old baby does not fit in it. I wish I read the measurements. I’m not sure what to use it for.

Carrie Buckatunna, MS

Like it

I like this plate, it’s pretty small so it fits nicely on our Keekaroo high chair tray. The grip on the bottom helps prevent the plate from slipping, and the lid covers the food really securely. I guess my only complaint is the white seemed to stain a little after a tomato-based dinner one night. It’s not super noticeable anymore…

Aisha Paulsboro, NJ

Breat feeding bowl.

Perfect as a first dish to both feed baby from, and also to put tiny pieces into for the baby to help themselves to.

Milagros Wausau, FL

An everyday feeding staple

I purchased this because it had a lid and I needed something to stash in my diaper bag for eating out.When we first received it, I gave it a trial run at home and liked it so much that it has been the go-to bowl for all meals at home, so I may now have to purchase a second one for outings.The divided design makes for a great grip underneath, which comes in handy when baby wants to grab everything. The size is just right, and even though I usually stick to one meal that doesn’t need to be divided, I like to use the other side for puffs or tiny pieces of food for baby to self-feed if she wants a break from being spoon-fed. The plastic looks like a good quality and is easy to clean and rinse off after a meal.

Charity Millerton, OK

One of our favorite bowls

This has been a wonderful bowl. I use is mostly for our sons dinners, so I can make him a few different things and let him have taste a new food. Each side of the dish holds about 3 oz of food, or 4 if you make a mound of food. Of course, if you want to put the lid on to take the food with you, you can only fit 3 oz of food on each side. I usually don’t use the ring. I have the oxo spoons and can scrape the bowl clean just fine without it. When I have used the ring, my son finds the bowl more amusing to play with, which usually results in a stolen bowl and food on the floor and walls.We have been using the bowl for about 3 months now, and it has just recently started to stain. Of course, that could be because my husband “forgot” to wash the dish and left sweet potato goodness in it overnight.

Peggy Flossmoor, IL

Love it

I have two of these bowls because I liked the first one so much. I like that it has two compartments in case I want to mix a veggie and fruit and the lid is super useful to put leftovers in fridge

Lupe Hinton, WV

Simple & Functional

-Sturdy- Simple color and you can get other items that match it or remove the rim and it is plain white (I prefer plain colors rather than crazy, multi-colored cartoons as some others can be)- It comes with a lid! I didn’t see it before I ordered it, but this product comes with a nice little lid so you can put food in it for later and throw it in your bag, knowing it won’t leak! That was my favorite feature.- I cut my little boy’s sandwiches into triangle quarters. With the divider, it nicely holds two quarters in place without squishing the bread but the sandwich still doesn’t fall apart. (He only eats half a sandwich at a time, so that was a plus for us)- The lid touches the divider so as long as it’s not totally liquid foods, they won’t mix if it gets shaken around.- The removable rim makes it really easy for my little boy to push food onto his fork or spoon!

Laurie Burton, TX

nice quality, but very small

This was really nicely made, but it was so small. The lid and divider are nice features, but this is only big enough for a small snack for a 1 year old, if that.

Wendy Dryden, NY

What can I say, It’s OXO…

With out a doubt, OXO has the best R&D kitchen implement department. I’ve yet to purchase anything from them that I didn’t like, and this is no exception. I love the non-slip bottom and the removable lip. It also comes with a lid for keeping leftovers in the frige. Go for it!

Lessie Winnsboro, TX

Nice feeding dish

This is a great dish to travel with, although a tad small. It’s perfect for a baby eating about 4 ounces, but we’ll probably have to upgrade to a larger traveling dish soon. The lid is a nice convenience as well!

Sharlene Myra, KY

functional design but tad small

This is my favorite feeding dish without question. The dish grips onto the table top very well and it is very nice looking!The dish comes in three parts; base dish + lid + curved ring to help scoop food for toddlers. The three parts easily come apart for washing in a dishwasher (top rack).Several minor comments… Because the lid secures onto the base dish, it doesn’t provide enough room inside the dish to fit ice cube sized home made frozen foods. I think either the lid should have been designed to go on top of the ring, or the dish could have been designed deeper to accommodate the ice cubes.Having said all of this, I own three feeding dish fro OXO TOT and I use it daily. They are my favorite. If you have a baby who loves to feed themselves, this product is a must have!

Nan Rockwood, TX

nice small bowl

These are perfect "bowls" for my twins. Easy to use, the non-skid works well, and they go right in the dishwasher/microwave.

Valeria Reeds, MO

Like the softness

The color is lovely. It is soft and easy to clean. The lid is tight and no leak. Good product!

Nanette Loves Park, IL

Cute dish–sad when it turned orange

I am a pretty big fan of OXO Tot because they are very thoughtful in their designs.Pros:- The color is great- The portions are perfect for a young baby- Love the no slip rubber bottom of the bowl- Very comfortable to holdCons:- The dish turned orange from the carrots and yams that my daughter eats out of it.

Adele Potter, NE

Don’t let the sun…

A little small! Don’t leave near the sun: the rubbery green part in the botton started to burst into flames in the balcony next to my kitchen’s window.

Saundra Waimanalo, HI


The size was not what I expected. The quality of the brand is uncontestable and I have many other products.

Lela Switzer, WV