OXO Tot Divided Plate, Orange

OXO Tot Divided Plate, Orange

Help keep your child’s food safe in just the right place, in just the right amounts, with the OXO Tot Divided plate. The Plate’s three individual sections take the guesswork out of portion sizes for proteins, vegetables and grains, and give your tot a balanced meal that’s neat and easy to eat. Kids will love the Plate’s center dipping section that invites them to have fun with their favorite condiments and sauces. An outer ring helps peas, pasta and more stay on the plate and guides food into the little ones’ utensils. The ring can be removed when tots have mastered self-feeding. Features: Plate and ring separate for easy cleaning BPA, phthalate and PVC free For 6 months + Top-rack dishwasher safe Microwaveable

Main features

  • Plate is divided into recommended proportions for proteins, vegetable and grains
  • Center section convenient for dipping sauces and condiments
  • Plate transforms as child grows and develops
  • Removable plate ring helps keep food contained and assists when using utensils
  • Weighed non-slip base minimizes spills

Verified reviews



I like the snap-on rim that makes it easy for my daughter to feed herself with her hands, but it turns out that I’m not really a fan of divided plates. Since the whole point of this is to give my daughter food in a plate from which she can easily serve herself, it seems a bit silly to bother with the dividers because she ends up mixing it all up, anyway.I sometimes use the other non-divided OXO Tot plate (I like that better), but I usually just give my daughter food in our regular dishes and she does just fine with those, too.We have Fiesta dishes and wood floors, so I don’t worry about my daughter dropping a plate and breaking it — otherwise, I’d probably mostly use the OXO Tot non-divided plate.

Debra Chokio, MN

Not bad for a plastic plate

I’d been looking for a small divided non-disneyfied plate for a while, so when I saw this, I preordered it. Was getting sick of washing 4-5 bowls after every meal. It’s a nice size (our tot just turned 2) and my picky eater was visibly impressed when delivered her first meal on this plate. (exact words: “ooooo”)We don’t use the removable rim, I found it not terribly useful, and we revert back to bowls for messy things like mac and cheese, since the half moon shape is hard to chase food around in anyway. I like that it is designed to grip a bit on a table, but will still slide a little too, not like a suction cup. A few months in, it seems to be holding up well in the diswasher– it has a smooth surface so things don’t get stuck on or stain easily, hopefully it will hold up over many washings. I would still really love to find something similar but in something non-plastic, but this will do for now. We will probably order another eventually.One year update: back to buy spare. The plate has held up VERY well considering how much we use it. It has scratched a bit (my fault, I was using a sharp knife to cut food directly on it) but other than that it’s great. Now that we have other larger divided plates, I’ve come to appreciate the smaller portion sizes on this plate and the dipping section in the center. I have wished *many* times over the past year that this plate came with a lid, so I could use it as a portable lunchbox or store leftovers easily. But still overall a very good product.

Gale Wilsonville, IL

Very Helpful

The ring around the top of this plate is perfect for little ones learning to use spoon and fork because it allows them to “scoop” against that ring. Really like the non-skid on the bottom. Ring is removable and easy to clean.

Roxanne Thayne, WY

Love it! Microwave safe!

I love this plate! It is the ONLY plate I could find that is microwave safe (sugarbooger and other popular plates are not). The only drawback is that it does scratch when you use a sharp knife and I do agree that I wish it had a lid. Personally, I never use the rim. I also love the non-slip surface on the bottom!

Gloria Whitehall, MI

Eh. Not sure about the dipping section

The Sugarbooger Divided Suction Plate is better. This was very so so. No suction. No grip, no better than any other plate.Im not sure about the center dipping bit either. McNugget sauce? Random.

Kelsey Norwood, CO

Cute plate

Maybe my son isn’t old enough to get much use out of this yet, but I thought a 13 month old who eats a variety of foods each sitting would enjoy this. Instead, the dividers don’t work very well and we end up with veggies mixed with fruit mixed with peanut butter (dipping section) mixed with crackers, etc. He has figured out how to grab the plate and toss it and has done so on many occasions! It’s a cute plate, dishwasher safe, and is weighted well (it doesn’t scoot all over the tray) but I think he’ll get better use out of it later. For now, it’s in my cabinet! I’ll update in a few more months!

Lynne Valley Head, WV

Almost perfect

We were watching my daughter accidentally push peas off her plate instead of onto her spoon one evening when my husband said, "she needs a plate with an edge that curves back." I figured if there was any such thing we’d find it on amazon, and there was the OXO. Perfect concept, and I love the little spot in the center for her "dip-it." The rest of the compartments actually seem a little small to me though, and the plastic scratches easily. We’ve had no problem getting the ring on and off. It’s almost the perfect toddler plate.

Keisha Lake Como, FL

Great Bowl

We need a bowl with something for my daughter to push against, while learning to use silverware, we also needed a bowl that wouldn’t slide. This bowl does both!!! The green lip removes as she improves, so that she no longer has something so big to push against and can work at using her utensils more delicately. I would recommend this product.

Sophie Daniel, WY

Wish it came with a lid!

I bought this and the two section divided bowl. I really like this plate and it’s easy to feed baby from (she is not feeding herself yet), but since it holds so much food it would be nice to pop a lid on it like the bowl and stick it in the fridge for next time. Very high quality construction and no staining yet.

Tammy Kwethluk, AK

Love these plates!!

I really love these plates but I’d love them even more if they came with a lid!! These are perfect for my 4 month old now, and I know she’ll be able to use them for at least 4 years. I wanted something divided so I didn’t have to use 3 different bowls. And I needed something microwavable so I can put frozen homemade baby food in and heat up. The portion sizes are small enough for a baby but also a good size for a toddler. I use the dipping section & two smaller sections now. My 6 year old doesn’t eat too much more than this plate could hold. The bottom is rubberized which is nice. I was a little worried that the rings would get annoying, but they snap on nicely and clean well too. I bought 3 of these and I know they’ll last a long time.

Betsy Eureka, MO

nice plate

I like this plate because you can microwave it. Comes totally clean in the dishwasher. I wish it had a cover. I just have to use plastic wrap. The other small plate that OXO makes does come with a cover. I sure wish this one did. Oh, well. I still like this plate.

Marie Grand Junction, IA

Good Plate for a Two Year Old

I have been using the Oxo toddler plate that is not divided and really liked it. When I saw this plate, I thought I would give it a try. I do not use the removable lip on either plate. The divided plate seems to work well, and I really like the non-slippery surface on the bottom. That is my very favorite part of the Oxo plate and bowl collection. They also clean up nicely, and are dishwasher safe.

Rosalinda Ravenwood, MO

My new favorite toddler plates!

I bought 2 of these for my 17 month old twin girls, as they are starting to eat their meals at the toddler table instead of highchairs. I do not use the ring with these, as I don’t find it to be necessary. However, I love the division as my girls like their items to be separated. I also find the middle ‘condiment’ section of this plate very useful. My girls love ketchup and it’s a perfect place to put it so it doesn’t run into anything that it shouldn’t. I have put these plates through the dishwasher a few times – no trouble at all. Love these plates!

Pearlie Smoot, WV

Great for tots

We love these little plates! My daughter likes to try different foods and eat them separately, so this is perfect for her. I also like that i can use the ring it helps keep her food on the plate and not all over the place!

Nikki Darragh, PA

OXO Tot Divided Plate PERFECTION!!!

This is awesome!! Heavy duty, sturdy and great for our grandson. Easy to grab but has slip resistant bottom. Cleans up easily and the green ring comes off when he doesn’t need it to assist in getting the food on his fork/spoon.

Millicent Aplington, IA


Love the center area….works perfect for dipping sauces such as ketchup. Bottom is slip proof so this is perfect for little ones just learning how to eat with a fork or spoon. We own a few of these!!

Georgette Raywick, KY

a divided plate that’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe! Perfect for your toddler

We love the OXO plates and bowls! This plate is the perfect size for our toddler, and the dip section in the middle is great! We got this plate after using the Re-play divided plates for a while (http://www.amazon.com/Re-Play-Count-Divided-Plates-Orange/dp/B007HZBOFG/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1366400888&sr;=1-1&keywords;=replay+plates)We just needed some plates that we could microwave as our son’s food was getting cold (and to him, unpalatable) very quickly. We haven’t used the rim on the plate yet. The plate does have a rubberized bottom to prevent slipping. It still slips a little, but works well enough to keep the plate mostly in place. An added bonus is that they’re dishwasher-safe. Definitely on the expensive end as far as toddler plates go, but we’ve already bought a second one because we like them so much.

Freda Sandy Level, VA

Perfect for meals

I loved, you can use in microwave and in the washing machine. Perfect size for meals and very hard to drop food off the plate. I recommend this product!

Renae South Windham, CT

No mess, easy to clean

I got this bowl once baby started eating multiple solids per meal and haven’t regretted it. The lip prevents spills, the color is vibrant and stain resistant, and the whole thing is so easy to clean the baby could probably do it if I’d let him. If you’re looking for a great ‘first’ plate, this should be it.

Kerri North Bend, OH

great first dinner plate

easy to clean, dishwasher is no problem (we use unscented detergent), they don’t slide around on the plastic high chair tray, good size for our almost 2-year-olds, we use the plate without the ring (while it helps keep the food on the plate, it is kind of in the way); the kids seem to enjoy eating more with the different foods all separated instead of all bunched up together in a bowl, and they like to try something from each compartment; i really like that the different sections encourage me to offer my kids several different kinds of food; too bad that it doesn’t come with a lid

Yesenia New Salisbury, IN

Great little plate

I like the partitions on the plate because it keeps the foods from tainting each other. Now, I’m not so sure if my daughter really appreciates the partitions. Also, she has not yet made use of the "lip" that is meant to aid with the scooping, but I still really like the product.

Adrian Norlina, NC

Somewhat odd

I like their bowls better. I bought three of these. I thought it would be nice to have divided plates for my boy in the future, but I rarely use these. The size is a little small and the divide sections are little odd…and inconvenient. I wish these came with covers. The spill-preventing ring thing just doesn’t work and very annoying to store or clean…

Rosalind Loomis, CA

Simple & Functional Design

Functionality:- It’s a nice plain color rather than some of the plastic cartoon character children’s plates that are out there. Without the rim, it’s just a plain white sturdy plate. The non-skid bottom is colored but not noticeable. (I personally prefer the more simple kid stuff –I find the other types a little tacky when it’s one thing after another of plastic colors that don’t match.)- The rim makes it possible for my little boy (almost 2) to use his fork or spoon (also OXO products) to scoop up his food by pushing it up against the rim. (Rather than having it fall over the sides when he tries to scoop it.)- The rim is removable for cleaning and easily snaps back on!! I didn’t realize this until I got it!-Dividers are nice because my little boy is one of those “funny” kids who doesn’t like his food to touch –just like his daddy :)- Perfect size for kids. Big enough for plenty of food, but still small enough that it’s “kid size”… my little boy likes things that are like mine but “his size” :)All of the OXO baby things I’ve ordered have been SO perfect! I ordered this based on the quality of other OXO products I’ve used ( first for my kitchen, I hadn’t heard of OXO baby things before). This plate far surpassed my expectations!

Mollie Kingman, ME

Great OXO Product

If you love OXO you will love this child’s plate. The colored rim comes off if you want it to. Thick plastic with rubber bottom does not slip on table tops.

Mollie Seaside, OR

Another winner from Oxo Tot

I love the Oxo tot line. This was bought for a friend. We have the plain toddler plate, but my friend commended that the divided plate really made it easier for her son to eat effectively since the food did not slide all over the place. The divided plate has the added benefit of separating different foods if you happen to have a picky eater that insists that different foods don’t touch. The non-slip base is good and keeps the plate firmly in place.

Coleen Boone, IA

Love this brand!

We have many products from this brand.This plate is a good size for dinner or a good snack plate with all the divided areas.I wish it came with a lid so we could bring it along places with us.

Jordan Accident, MD

Fantasic for Mealtime

I use this plate for my son everyday. Its nice quality, durable and allows for plenty of food to fit on the plate. I only wish I bought more! I love that I can throw it in the dishwasher, and I must say that the OXO baby products are great in general, I have a number of them, and I love them all.

Luz Troy Grove, IL


I know some people think the microwave is the devil – this wouldn’t really help those people then. But for those who believe in the convenience of heating food in under 30 seconds, there are very few microwaveable segmented dishes out there for babies. This is one of them. And that is why I love it. $8 for a single dish seems crazy and it may be, but for the convenience and peace of mind of being able to microwave it, I suppose it’s worth it, (for 1-2 dishes, I wouldn’t buy an army of these but I do have 2). They say if you microwave for < 30 seconds the dish won’t stain but I’ve had them for several weeks and I’m seeing some pinkish/orange discoloration (I feed my little one tomato-sauce based dishes and also indian food often) but it doesn’t bother me. These are also dishwasher safe. I still feed my LO with a spoon myself so I haven’t had to use the ring so no comment on that. A tip: don’t use the rough side of a dish scour on these, they will scratch. Other than that, I use them every day and am happy with them.

Selina Hanna, WY

Love that this is microwavable and dishwasher safe

Love that this is microwavable and dishwasher safe. Hard to find small dishes that are. I am wondering if the green ring is supposed to come unattached to the white part. Mine does.

Jill Mohawk, TN

It’s okay

We used mostly the OXO Tot bowl set for baby food which we loved. We did buy this plate and used it a few times but ended up prefering the non divided plastic munchkin plates.

Cathy Ephraim, UT