OXO Tot Expandable 2 Pack Dresser Drawer Divider, White

OXO Tot Expandable 2 Pack Dresser Drawer Divider, White

Slide open a dresser or changing-table drawer and find your baby’s socks, onesies, diapers, and all their wee clothes neatly stacked and in their place. It’s easy to organize with the OXO Tot Dresser Drawer Dividers. Dividers are four inches tall and expand from 11 inches to 17 inches to fit most drawers, front to back or side to side. Install the sturdy mechanism in a flash – it doesn’t require a single tool. You can open and close the drawer as often as you like – the button secures the Divider in place so it won’t budge. Tame all the drawers around the house with these Dividers and you may never open a messy sock drawer again.

Main features

  • Helps organize clothes and accessories
  • Unique mechanism allows easy no-tool installation with the simple push of a button
  • Sturdy dividers expand form 11″ to 17″ to fit all size drawers
  • Non-slip ends protect drawers and add grip to the locking mechanism
  • Dividers make great changing-table organizers for diapers, ointments, lotions and more

Verified reviews



These are perfect. They do just what they are supposed to…divide a large drawer into smaller compartments to help keep clothes organized. They are easy to use and remove and look clean and neat. The rubberized ends will not damage the inside of your drawers. I bought one pack to see if I liked it and ended up buying three more 2-packs. Do not hesitate to get this item.

Danielle Sherrard, IL

Easy and stable

These dividers were easy to install and very stable inside the drawer. I use them in a couple of my baby’s room drawers and they are great. They are thick though for small drawers. Check the size before buying. Would definitely recommend them.

Jasmin Cape Neddick, ME

love it

Good for organizing the dresser… I wish I had purchased more. Its easy to install and looks great. I love it

Leigh Evensville, TN

Loved it

Very nice, Does the job. Very easy to assemble, does not move or slip. Would buy again if it wasn’t $20 a pair

Lauren Buck Hill Falls, PA

Just what I needed!

I needed drawer organizers that were going to stay in place and not shift around. These are sturdy and adjust to fit any drawer. Love these!

Nola Pleasant Valley, IA

Perfect for organizing changing dresser

These are a fantastic addition to organizing and adding even more space to a changing table/dresser for a nursery. I highly recommend them. They are well made and easy to use. You could use them for any drawers. Great product.

Elva Coulterville, CA

Baby socks

I’m a fan of oxo in general, so I had high hopes for these drawer dividers.They did not dissapoint. I believe they are as close to a real divided drawer as you’re going to get without a handyman. They’re not perfect, and they can pop out of you don’t put them in tightly enough or put them in too tightly, but I have these to organize my infant’s dresser and they’re great.I have 3 sets going on 3+ months now. Each set is 2 dividers, and I actually used a full set in each of 3 drawers.Top drawer (which now becomes 3 compartments): undershirt type Onesies, Sleepers, SocksMiddle drawer: Pants, Tops/Styled onesies, SweatersBottom (deep) Drawer: Towels/washclothes, Swaddles, hats/bibs/mittens/other accessoriesWorks for me – I’m happy and recommend these highly. Easy to use and install, and hold up well. Turned my 3-drawer dresser into 9 compartments

Maxine Penfield, IL

Great drawer divider

This drawer divider takes a second (or so) to install. You expand it to the full width of the drawer with the control tab open and then once it is firmly expanded to the edge of your drawer you push down on the control tab to expand it just a bit more and lock it into place. It is sturdy once installed (I have a different drawer divider that remains a bit flimsy so not as good). The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is the price. At $20 (or even the $16 I paid) it seems expensive for what it is. But it works and is sturdy so I bought some more (since my alternative was to make some out of wood and I didn’t have the time).

Johnnie Durham, ME