OXO Tot Feeding Gift Set

OXO Tot Feeding Gift Set

The OXO Tot infant feeding bundle is perfect for anyone with a new baby, whether it’s their first little one, or they’re seasoned veterans of parenthood. The baby food freezer tray is perfect for freezing and storing homemade baby food in 3/4 ounce cubes, making it easy to pop out one portion at a time as needed. The baby blocks freezer storage containers hold up to 2 ounce of baby food, and are leak proof, so they’re perfect for tossing into diaper bags for on the go feedings. The feeding spoons are shaped and sized for comfortable feeding, and the soft silicone is gentle on baby’s mouth and gums. The roll up bib combines soft, comfortable fabric with a wide, food safe silicone pocket to keep even messy babies clean during feeding time. The sippy cup set has comfortable, removable handles and can transform from a regular sippy cup to a training cup, and even a regular cup, as your child grows. For snack time, the flippy snack cup features a soft, flexible opening that gives little hands easy access to snacks, while keeping even small snacks off the floor. The twist on lid stays secure and the shape of the non slip handle is just right for tots.

Main features

  • Set includes: tot sippy cup set with training lid (7 ounce), baby blocks freezer storage containers (2 ounce), feeding spoon set with soft silicone, roll up bib, flippy snack cup with travel cover and baby food freezer tray
  • Baby food freezer tray is perfect for freezing and storing homemade baby food at home, and the leak proof baby block freezer storage containers are great for taking it on the go
  • Sippy cup with non slip grips and removable handles is shaped for little hands to hold and transforms to a training cup as your child grows and develops; Once your tot masters the training cup, the lid can be removed to be used as a regular cup
  • Soft, silicone feeding spoons are gentle on baby’s mouth and gums while the roll up bib has comfortable fabric and a wide silicone pocket to keep baby clean; Spoons also neatly roll up into bib for on the go transport
  • Flippy snack cup features a soft, flexible opening that gives little hands easy access to snacks, while keeping even small snacks off the floor; The twist on lid stays secure and the shape of the non slip handle is just right for tots

Verified reviews


Several great items, all bundled together

I have to say that it was the bib that drew me to this bundle. We already own the same one and it’s a great bib, so I figured the other products were definitely worth a test.The sippy cup is a nice size and easy to hold for small hands. It also transforms into a standard cup when the child is ready. The spoons are sturdy, with a soft bite and easy to clean. The snack cup allows for little fingers to grab snacks without as much mess. The freezer tray has a good portion size, the food is removed easily to be stored and then served in the containers and it cleans up easily. And last but not least is the bib I already loved. It folds up small to pack it on the go, quick cleaning in the sink and catches so much more than the average bib.

Jenifer Halsey, NE

Great combo product to give as a gift!

OXO products are good quality, which steered me in the direction of trying this OXO Tot Infant Feeding Gift Bundle. It is a very nice baby feeding set and is BPA free, which is important to my family. The freezer tray is especially interesting, because the compartments are constructed so that the food will slip out easily. Other components are standard baby feeding equipment, but all are well constructed. Everything is a great shade of lime green. I am giving this set to my daughter, who is having her first child in May. My only objection was the sloppy, dirty packaging, which was actually a re-used box with an existing label on it. I will have to repackage for gift giving. Otherwise, I am happy with this set.

Hope Inarajan, GU

excellent bundle for baby

i got this for my niece who is expecting her second baby and intends to make her baby food from scratch more than she did with the first baby. the feedback i received from her was it was like a "treasure" of items that she can use for her little one from the bib to the containers to the food tray and storage containers. she was very excited and pleased to have this lovely set ready to go when its time to start solid foods.

Bobby Red Bud, IL

Nice Bundle If…

This is a nice bundle if you know the mom you’re giving to is looking forward to making her own baby food at home. As a new mom, I hate receiving gifts that is loaded with other people’s ideological suggestion: like I should be breast feeding instead of giving formula, use organic cotton cloth diapers instead of using disposables, I should be doing this versus that… So from that perspective, the food containers and food feeding tray could be conveying something to your gift recipient that you are intending or not. Just thought I’d point it out.Aside from that, each piece is quality made, thoughtfully designed, useful, and will transition as your baby grows.Food containers-they are the smaller 2 oz ones. When babies first start on solids, they don’t eat much. But as they get older, the 2 oz. portions will be too small. That’s ok. You can put all sorts of thing in the containers. Use them to pack snacks to go. I put pacifiers in mine to keep them clean in the diaper bag.Food/icecube tray-has a lid to keep contents from touching stuff in your freezer. It is not air tight thus not intended for long term storage. Once food is frozen, transfer them into the containers. Once you grow out of this, yes…you can use this as an ice cube tray, probably sort your pills with it, too.Spoons-my favorite item of the bundle. The spoons are just so wonderfully designed. They are a milliion times easier to use than other spoons. Sturdy, wash up great. Picks up just the right amout of food. The silicon is so soft and smooth. I just the edges to easily squeegee the mess off my baby’s face.Sippy cup- Nice as far as sippy cups go. I prefer Avent though.Snack cup- Very useful. I love the design of the soft cap/opening.Bib-Well made and high quality materials. But I don’t use it. Too heavy and rubbery. I prefer another brand.I did the caluculation and you can buy each of these items from Amazon today, separately, and the total would be about $1 dollar less than this set. So although the OXO products in this bundle are all very nice and good quality, I’m taking off 1 start for the fact that I can just buy all the items separately for less and not have to get items I don’t use much or want. I would have gotten two sets of spoons and no bib.

Joni Kegley, WV

Excellent Feeding Set

OXO products are not only a good friend in your kitchen, but a good friend for your baby as well. This OXO package gives you plenty of bang for your buck and best of all, these useful items are all BPA free!To make a good thing even better, you get 6 freezer cases that will last you a lifetime. They will work from the high chair to the lunch box even to your lunch bag for when you take your lunch to work. The cases are well sealed so you can keep out air and water. They wash easily as well and are dishwasher safe. On a related note, you get an ice cube tray so that you can store food for later feedings.The cup with the travel cover makes for easy beverage transport. The lid will stay on good and proper, even when a little one drops it. On a related note, the 8 oz sippy cup makes for independence in drinking from a cup easier. Two handles grace each side so that the child can hold it comfortably. The cup has a lid with more than one opening to make for an easier transition from bottle to cup.I loved the bib. The bib is very sturdy and you can Velcro it easily around a baby’s neck. I like the little tray at the bottom of the bib to catch crumbs and spillage. You might want to rest one of the spoons in that portion of the bib during feedings should baby drop the one being used.All in all, an excellent set for babies/toddlers. While I was not overly fond of the green, that was picayune when compared to the wonderful accoutrements and full "feeding set" you get with this. I give this a solid 5 star rating.

Muriel Swartz Creek, MI

Simple Cute Useable

As a mom of 4 I love making homemade baby food for my kids and we do lots of travel snacks and bibs ; ) So I washed everything and it washed well. Cups hold well, bibs a little tight for larger toddlers, but great for babies. Spoons work great. Love the little cups for baby food, perfect size. You can’t go wrong with this unisex kit.

Tamara Huson, MT

mixed bag, but pretty good

I tend to like the OXO brand so I was excited to try out this set.First, the good: I LOVE the spoon. Its kind of a weird shape and wasn’t sure about it to begin with, but it has quickly turned into my favorite spoon. Its just the right size, shaped well and the material reminds me of silicon (not sure what it is…kind of like a cooking spatula). Next, the bib. I really like this bib and find it to be one of the best. It is big enough to provide good coverage, has the "food catcher" pocket, is super easy to clean (literally you can wipe it off or rinse it off and let it air dry) and it even rolls up neatly and snaps in place, so its extremely handy to take when eating out. It also has a large Velcro strip so you can get a perfect fit and it will grow with the baby. The food storage containers. If you or a mom you know is going to make home made baby food these are a nice gift. The tops snap on well and I didn’t notice any leaking. My only criticism is that they are a little on the small size. In my experience these are a perfect size for a beginner eater, up through several months, but after a bit they will not hold enough. I still liked them and used them, but overall, if I had to choose a single set of food containers I would pick one that is a least a little bit larger.The okay: The sippy cup. Oh, how I want to love the sippy cup…and in some ways I do. The valve system is great — when it works. However, many times I find the valve floating in the water and the sippy cup contents dripping on the floor. No matter what I do to that valve system it seems to find a way to pop out and that is why I can’t call it good. The snack cup. This is a pretty cheaply made little cup that does not feel too durable and frankly doesn’t work all that well. The opening is difficult for my little ones to use so we end up taking the top off, whereby it simply becomes a bowl. The ice cube tray. There is nothing exciting about this tray other than it has a sliding top, which you don’t normally see with trays. I did use the tray to freeze some homemade baby food and it was perfectly fine, but no better than my regular cheap trays.

Melinda Mesilla, NM

Excellent set with a long useful life

I’m well pleased with all of the items in this set. The price of the set seems to be somewhat less than buying them separately. This would make an amazing shower gift, especially if the parents are also avid home cooks (see below on the freezer and storage containers). And the gender neutral green is bright and cheery without being obnoxious.The bib is outstanding–great for a messy baby, and also excellent for a toddler working on self-feeding skills. The big trough at the bottom can even hold a great deal of spilled milk! There’s a good size range with the adjustable velcro. Our toddler has been using one since she was very small and I’m still happy with it. Just spray it down then wipe the cloth off and hang it on the high chair, and it’s dry by the next meal.The sippy cup works well, is easy to clean, and does not leak. In fact, it’s so effective that when my daughter tucked it, half full of milk, into a disused tote bag, I didn’t find it for several weeks because there was no smell.The snack cup is fantastic, successfully coralling cheerios or other small snacks until they’re pulled out, a couple at a time. There’s an extra travel lid, but I’ve thrown it in my bag without the lid, and had no stray cheerios.You’ll probably outgrow the freezer tray really quickly for baby food, unless you’re starting really early. But it’s excellent for freezing fond, pureed herbs, and compound butter once your baby is eating more than just a wee bit.Ditto the little containers. Our baby outgrew the 2oz cups pretty rapidly, but they’re still very handy for general cooking use. I think they’ll get another life when she’s in school for snacks and condiments (or for an adult who takes her lunch).While I love the silicon-coated spoons for scraping up everything, and being gentle on teeth, they’re just too small for everything but first meals. If I fed my toddler with that dinky thing, I’d be at it all day. The coating is inspired, but a teaspoon-sized spoon would be much more useful.

Jeannette Boyd, WI

Good, useful set for getting started

This is a great starter set for new parents and includes most of the basics one will need for feeding once baby starts to eat solids. I haven’t priced out the individual OXO brand pieces, but you could probably get most of these pieces individually for a lower price. That said, you wouldn’t necessarily guarantee BPA free. The set includes:One Sealed Ice Cube Tray – This is basically just an ice cube tray with a cover, but it’s OXO brand and BPA free. We used these to freeze pureed baby food and the cubes are a good size. The lid fights on tight to prevent spills (although sloshing can still occur inside the tray before freezing if you’re not careful. And on the plus size, you can continue to use this for ice once baby no longer needs homemade food.Six-Pack of individual baby food freezer containers -Small (a couple ounce) Tupperware containers with lids that can be used to again, store baby food, either freezing or small amounts of fruit, veggie or other foods you’ve prepared. The amounts are good for about the first two years and there’s a underneath tray, so if you want to keep them together in the fridge or freezer. Because of the small size, the tops can be tricky to get off, but otherwise very useful.One Snack up with lid – This is great when baby is 9+ months. It has a handle so baby can hold the cup themselves or be hooked onto a backpack or stroller and a twist top so it won’t make a mess, but baby can still get to the snack thru the lid flaps – great for cheerios or puffs.Two baby spoons – These are two metal spoons with silicone lips. Good for when you’re trying to feed baby, a bit too long for when the baby gets older and wants to feed themselves.One Sippy Cup – An 8 ounce sippy cup with two handles. Basically the standard OXO sippy cup. Great that this is included, but you’ll need a lot more of whatever sippy cup works best for your child.One Silicone Bib – With my first child, I didn’t understand this type of bib, until I tried it. When you’re first feeding baby, all the food goes straight down the chin, because of the wide trough at the bottom that always stays open, this bib is very helpful. Easy to wash and fast drying.

Shanna Garcia, CO

Love this great toddler feeding set bib spoons, bowl,sippy cup, storage cubes & ice cube tray that grows with family for years.

Perfect new mommy or mother of toddler gift. This is a great set of items form OXO not just to infant or toddler. Everyhing but the bib cna be used for many years. All are BPA free and come with satsfaction guaranteed.Whats included:OXO 1 SEALED ICE CUBE TRAY – for freezing baby food or anything else you want to freeze. Love the slide over top that keeps the ice or drink or what ever fresh tasting.OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray, White/Green6 Pack INDIVIDUAL FREEZER STORAGE CONTAINORS OXO TOT “BABY BLOCKS” – These are awesome and can be used forever, lunchboxes, anything you want to store. Airtight, water proof, Leakproof,Freezer,Microwave,Dishwasher,Food safe storage 2 ounce containors great for portion control. They come with a tray to keep them in when freezing. Great for Bento box.OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers 2 Ounce, Set 6, ClearOXO 1 TOT 8 oz FIPPY SNACK CUP WITH TRAVEL COVER – Twist on lig won’t pop off, even when dropped. Travel cover snaps on to keep snacks contianed whitle on the go. Non-Slip handle with hook on stroller and is esy for small hands to hold. Soft comfortable flaps provide easy access to snacks and keep snacks in cup, off the floor. Top rack diswasher safe, not for liquids. A snack containor that can be used by anyone for years.OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Cover (8 oz/235 mL) Green, 2-PackOXO TOT FEEDING SPOON SET of 2 WITH SOFT SILICONE – A set of 2 metal spoons that have been dipped in silicone to make a soft spoon end. Handles are large white contured handle for easy gripping. These spoons work anytime anywhere for anyone, so great for feeding baby or even older adult or any one who prefers a soft spoon end.OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, GreenOXO TOT 8 oz SIPPY CUP – this is a cute cup that has 2 handles, one on each side of the cup. Cup comes with a sippy cup lid with extended lip to fit in child’s mouth. It also has an extra lid for with openings all aroun to use when training child to drink for regular cup. Great for nay child or disabled who need a little extra help.B.box Essential Sippy Cup in Green – 8 OzOXO TOT ROLL UP BIB- Top of bib is a silky thick parachut type fabric with velcro closure to fit around a babies neck. Says age 6 months + but looks very small to me.bottom section is a silicone cup to catch crumbs etc. It is soft and you can fold down the fabric and top flap of cup down into the bottom of the cup. Ther is an oval cut out on edge of cup that is made to fit over an oval extension on the back of the silicone to basically hold the bib in a folded shape. Great for travel and keeping the dirty bib in itself.OXO Tot Roll Up Bib, Green

Alyson Bell City, MO

A good bundle of products overall

This is a nice bundle of products that will be useful for babies that have started to eat solid food. Although this specifies that it is for "infants," the current recommendation by medical experts is that babies not be fed any solid food until 6 months of age, so this gift bundle will be most useful beginning at that age. The snack container is particularly useful, as are the spoons. The bib is a bit big and pretty unwieldy for small babies, but it would be useful for toddlers. The 3/4 ounce freezer cubes are useful, but I wish they were just a bit bigger…maybe 1-2 ounces. The sippy cup isn’t my favorite design for a sippy cup (I prefer the Zoli sippy cups), but this one is workable. All in all, this is a good bundle with some parts being better than others.

Adrienne Kinsman, OH

Other than the leaky sippy cup…

I like most everything I have bought from OXO, and I like most everything in this set. The set of six lidded food jars are great for a lot more than just baby food – they make great condiment containers for a packed lunch. The lids stay on tight, but can be removed with little effort, and yet never leak. The ice cube / frozen food tray is thoughtfully designed, in a way that permits removing a single frozen cube at a time as the lid is withdrawn. The bib is a bit on the heavy side, being made from a surprisingly thick rubber. The snack cup is a nice size and better than some of the more hand-grabbing finger-traps we’ve tried. But the sippy cup would just not stop leaking, no matter how we attached the lid.

Kerri Pine Level, AL

Nice beginner set.

We are on to baby #3, so we’ve tried a whole lot of baby feeding gear. OXO, in my opinion, makes quality products, and that craftsmanship translates to this set well. The items are solid, durable, and BPA-free.By far, the best items in here are the spoons. I love that they are covered in silicone (not plastic), but still hold their shape and easily scoop up food. That isn’t always an easy feature to find. Just fyi, Amazon sells theOXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Green–and all the components of this set, actually–separately, too, and in different colors.The bib with the “bowl” at the bottom is handy. For some reason, however, my kids have never taken to wearing this bib design, and even though I’m sure a bib like this would make clean-up easier for me, I haven’t pushed the issue. I do like that OXO’s bib is slightly smaller than theBABYBJORN Soft Bib, Yellow, but that means it will probably work best for younger children.The snack cup, freezer tray, blocks freezer storage containers, and sippy cup are all functional and useful. I really like the flexibility of the snack cup’s top coupled with its ability to keep small snacks inside the container. In other words, snacks are contained but very easily accessible to little hands. I might even like this cup better than my other favoriteMunchkin Two Snack Catchers, Colors May Vary.The freezer tray is great for storing homemade baby food. The lid is so easy to slide on and off, and, of course, the frozen food just pops right out of the tray when you are ready to heat it up. I’m not 100% sold on using the blocks freezer storage containers for frozen baby food, though. I know the product is BPA-free, but I just don’t like heating up food in plastic containers–and the food, once frozen, is very difficult to remove from the containers. I will probably just use the blocks containers as small, on-the-go snack holders, honestly.Last, the sippy cup is pretty great. If you hold it upside down, it will leak, which I know bothers some people. I don’t happen to mind a little drippage, as it means my kid can easily get liquid through the spout without resorting to biting. (Important for breastfeeding!) I also like that the cup is easy to hold and can be switched to a training drinking cup as my child gets older.Ultimately, this is a nice set and there is no doubt it will get a ton of use. My only wish is that Amazon carried it in different colors, as the green color is okay but not my favorite.

Judith Attica, MI

Excellent Products

Anyone who is familiar with OXO Tot products will love this set. Anytime I come to Amazon to purchase an item for my baby, I always check to see if OXO Tot makes the product first, because I’ve come to love their products and I’m also obsessed with their awesome green color!Although, the packaging left much to be desired, I really love this set. I have used the baby food storage tray and cubes, as well as the bib for months now, and all of these products are wonderful! My son has just started using a sippy cup, so we are practicing with the OXO one in this set.All of these products are excellent! I wouldn’t give it a second thought to purchase each of these items individually.My only issue with this set is that in the title, it says that this is a "gift bundle" – Keep in mind, this set is not packaged appropriately for a gift. It comes in a generic box with the items just thrown in. You will likely need to re-package these nicely to give as a shower gift if that is what you are purchasing this for.

Kristine Bay, AR

One of the nicest bundles available!

The OXO Tot Infant Feeding Gift Bundle is hands down one of the nicest bundles available within the ~$50 price range! The materials used is sturdy but soft and durable enough to withstand the baby to toddler years. All of the included items have good, solid construction and all are very useful!The sippy cup will come in handy. We’ve actually put it in the microwave before and all is well.The spoons are solid and with the soft, nibby tips that won’t scrape baby’s mouth. To be fair, the size and depth of the scoop is really too small to spoon any real amount to feed with.The bib is our least favorite item. Well constructed and decently constructed, the bowl or catcher of the food particles usually gets in the way and is a rather constant annoyance for baby.The storage cups were our favorite. Useful. Very, very useful for keeping all that food you’ll be making at home for baby!The snack cup was nice too. The opening is big enough for baby hands but keeps snacks from spilling out.The frozen food baby tray was also very, very useful for keeping homemade baby food.Very highly recommended purchase!

Justine Frostburg, MD

Love OXO products

We own multiple OXO products, both for kitchen and baby, and love them all. We already had the bib and the spoons from this set, but having some extras is nice. The spoons are my favorite baby spoons, better than Nuk or Munchkin, and the bib was the only non-cloth bib my son will accept. We tried the Baby Bjorn bib and he screamed bloody murder every time we tried using it. The cup is awesome too. I love how you get the sippy spout AND it turns into a great training cup. We love both options for different things, as my son is still prone to throwing his cup. We use the sippy part in the car and the other part in the highchair. The baby food items we have outgrown, but will definitely use for the next baby, as I made my own food last time around. I like that you have two different options, the ice cube tray for mass producing, and the six pack of larger portions that are great for daycare/travel. The snack cup is better than the Munchkin snack cups, too. We have both and the Munchkin cups are easier to dump. Overall this is a GREAT set that will grow with your baby to the toddler years. Every item is worth owning IMO, which doesn’t happen very often in these sets. OXO makes great toddler silverware and feeding dishes, too.

Audrey Oxnard, CA

Perfect set for the new mom

This set looked like something my DIL, a first time mom, might find useful as she plans to make and freeze her own baby foods. The set has just about everything one might need when solid foods are introduced. The BEST part about this set is the "quality". EVERY item in the set is a quality product and so useful. I’ve looked at similar kinds of sets in Babies – R-Us and none compare to the OXO Bundled set.Quality product, set has it all and reasonably priced as a bundle. )also the color – apple green is so pretty.Recommended

Vilma Partlow, VA

Great Quality Products

The OXO products really impress me. This set is especially nice if you’re making your own baby food. The 2oz storage containers are perfect for portioning and freeze really well because of the seal. The bib is my favorite of all OXO products because it makes dining out so much easier. The little snack cup is great for little fingers and the sippy cups are wonderful. This is an excellent set that any mom would be thrilled to have.

Nettie Stockton, IL

4 out of 6 are great!

Oxo has a great idea here in packaging these items together. It would make a great shower gift. However, we’ve found that the sippy cup valve doesn’t stay in – maybe it’s a defective one, but it’s been frustrating. We’re using it as a toddler cup, though, and my granddaughter loves it! The spoons are the absolute best we’ve found – and we’ve bought a lot of them over the past 6 years!!The bib – I have to say that the bibs with the big plastic pockets are the BEST at keeping your child’s clothes clean! I’ve been buying the Baby Bjorn ones, but find that the kids don’t like that stiff plastic around their necks, and it really rubs under the chin of a smaller child. So Oxo has solved this problem by keeping the important part – the great pocket to catch the food – and making the top part a different material. NOW we have the perfect bib for a messy eater!!The snack cup has some problems – it’s great that it has a lid, but we find that the child has trouble getting their hand out of the cup, since the plastic flaps are rigid and not at all flexible. I was sad about this one.If you’re interested in making your own baby food, the small 2 ounce containers and the ice cube tray are great products! Actually you could use the small containers for lots of things, not just baby food. And since many moms freeze baby’s food in ice cube trays, the COVER for the ice cube tray is a GREAT addition. It’s not air-tight, but it protects the food from other foods in your freezer until you pop them out for storage.

Arline Rose Bud, AR

All these items are good, but not necessarily the best

If you’re looking for a set for a baby starting solids, and whose caretaker aims to make some foods at home, this makes a nice gift set or one-step starter kit. If you’re looking for the best items or most budget-friendly ensemble, you can do better. It’s hard to say what the best version of any item is, because as with most baby products, the "best" is whichever baby prefers. These are all strong exemplars, but most are not my favorites.The exception, for me, is definitely the travel bib: this is a favorite, or nearly so. We don’t use this bib at home, because it takes a while to dry, but it’s a standard part of my diaper bag, and I’m always grateful to have it. It rolls up very compactly and the little snap keeps it from messing up the other items. The material, once wet, does take time to air dry. In general, I prefer the Bumkins Superbibs, but I appreciate the snap here. This has a silicone pocket at the bottom which is a bit better at catching fallout than the Bumkins or other flat pocketed bibs. I prefer this to the Baby Bjorn bibs, as it rolls up. Also, my son hates the Baby Bjorn bibs, although clearly many parents and babies are happy with them. This is a great alternative if you like the sturdy pocket but want a softer bib.The containers here are very small: 1/4 cup. This is great if you’re making baby food or decanting from larger containers (applesauce, yogurt), and later useful for storing Cheerios, etc., in a go bag. They are very leak-proof and can also be repurposed for sauces or salad dressing for lunches.Sippy cup is hit and miss. My son likes drinking from this. He can drink from it without much difficulty, and he really likes the shape of the (removable) handles. The valve, when in place, does a great job of preventing leaks. However, the valve tends to fall off more than any other sippy cup (this never happens with the Playtex cups). This is a big annoyance, my son ends up drenched in water/milk.The snack catcher is useful and keeps snacks from falling out when dropped. However, the large flaps make it easier for my son to dump everything onto the floor. I prefer Munchkin, with more small flaps.The spoons are nicely weighted, very solid. We didnt’ use them because my son is past purees. This is for spoon-fed babies, not self-feeding. I don’t think we would have cared for them, though, due to the very deep/curved shape of the spoon’s bowl. We preferred Munchkin here, also.Freezer tray works great,and the lid is very easy to slide on. It’s just secure enough to stay in place without causing a shake/spill to snap it together. The shape is very easy to pop the frozen food out of. If you are making a lot of food, this is a great feature to have. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, a regular ice cube tray with saran wrap works fine.

Elma Cottonport, LA


Love the OXO Tot Infant Feeding Gift Bundle–it is everything one needs for storing, serving, and travel. I like the "Green" green color, too. Makes you feel like the environment is thanking you. Items bundled together like this make it easy to give as gifts, or to have extras on hand for the car or grandparent’s houses.

Jodie Girard, TX

Quality items, makes a great gift

Let’s just say that I would have loved this bundle as a new mom…but would honestly have had no idea what to do with it. Great gift for a baby shower, yes, but tell the mom-to-be that she can stash it for at least 6 months. Big props to Oxo for choosing the gender-neutral green and making it a nice shade too. As for useability, let’s go through all the items.-Freezer tray and storage cubes: These are the stars of the set — which I say because I found it easier to make all my own food while my son was starting solids. 2 oz. is the perfect serving size, and any pureed food frozen into cubes makes life so much easier (Protip: yes, you can even puree a poached chicken breast and freeze it in perfect-serving cubes!) for serving, combining, and letting baby discover their tastebuds. The storage cubes are elegant and pretty leakproof — they have a great second life as snack containers for the inevitable toddler you will soon have. Take note, you parents who decide to skip the freezer tray and go straight to pre-packaged squishy pouches.-Snack cup: See previous comment about the storage cubes–honestly, they are better at snack portage & consumption. This cup, while great in theory, is seriously the most frustrating cup we have in the arsenal, although this could be less so for a younger child. My 2-yr-old son’s hands get stuck in the opening; food is difficult to remove, and having only one handle on the side makes it really hard for a toddler to manipulate the cup him/herself. Honestly, this cup works best as an unbreakable mini-mug for my son to have "tea" from in the morning "just like mommy" with her ceramic mug.-Pair of spoons: Brilliant design for babies starting solids. Silicone covers are great and the narrow bowl is good for the tiny mouth. Handle is long enough for actual parent control.-Bib: The roll-up feature makes this a good "spare" bib to always keep in the diaper bag. Easy to clean.-Sippy cup: Great idea with the interchangeable lids, but beware, new parents! Leave a note for yourself or something as to where you stored the "training lid" because I guarantee you will *not* find it in a year after baby arrives! The baby top is the classic design; some parents may decide they prefer a weighted straw-style (in which case this cup will become just another fun thing for baby to chew on.)

Ophelia Newberry, IN

Very useful set!

I literally received these products at the exact right time. I am trying to teach my son to feed himself, and these items have made it SO much easier! I have tried 5 or 6 different sippy cups, and the one in this set is so much better than all the others. (You can even buy additional parts to turn it into a straw cup.) It doesn’t spill yet is easy for my son to drink from. The spoons are also very easy for him to use – they have big, ergonomic handles and they are narrow and shallow so it’s easy for him to get the food off into his mouth. I also love the bib – no more food in his lap and it’s very easy to clean up!The items I found not as useful were the treat cup, food cubes, and food freezing tray. The treat cup’s lid has the opening cut so it’s easy for treats to be spilled, and the cubes and freezing tray hold small amounts of food. My son is 16 months old and eats a lot of food now!Overall though, I really like this set, and it would be a great gift for someone who is just starting to spoon feed their baby. I’ve ended up buying extra spoons and straw cups. I’m very impressed with OXO’s design of these new baby products – they seem to have really put a LOT of thought into them. Highly recommended!!!

John Pelican, AK