OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set with Soft Silicone- Green

OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set with Soft Silicone- Green

Open wide: a spoon gentle enough for baby’s mouth. When it’s time for solids, try the OXO Tot Feeding Spoon. This stainless steel Feeding Spoon has a protective food grade silicone coating which is gentle on baby’s gums and mouth. The soft edges of the silicone can be used to scrape the last bit of sweet potato from the bowl or jar or to gently wipe applesauce from baby’s face. The shallow Spoon prevents feeding baby too much food at once. A contoured handle is comfortable to hold and angled for easy feeding. Set of 2. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Silicone spoon feels soft in baby’s mouth
  • Spoon shaped for easy scooping of food
  • Contoured handle angled for easy of feeding
  • Sturdy stainless steel for durability
  • BPA, phthalate and pvc free

Verified reviews


A pleasure for old(er) parents

As a 39 1/2 year old 6 foot tall foster mother with large hands and a 9 month old…these spoons are perfect. I had been using the long Gerber ones with the incredibly thin handle and my hands would literally cramp mid meal. A touch of early arthritis doesn’t help. I already know I’m getting up there but I really don’t appreciate a spoon reminding me of it. Never would have spent this much on spoons but didn’t hesitate when I saw them in a store. Used one for the first time today and I think a tear of joy rolled down my cheek.

Maura Polk, OH

Best spoon out there!

This spoon is great! It really gets the food into your baby’s mouth in a way that prevents it just falling right out. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I would love if it were somehow made of eco-friendly/organic materials rather than plastic.

Germaine Elkton, MD

Good ergonomics.

I like these spoons a lot:-my hand doesn’t cramp,-silicone coat is save for baby’s mouth, softer than plastic (my son can safely play with it),-dishwasher safe; no sings of wear at all after 5 months of everyday use so far,-deep enough to scoop food and liquid, but not that deep to leave some food after every bite (like Munchkin colorful 6 pack).

Althea Bloomingdale, IN

Sadly, didn’t like these

Given all the high reviews, I bought these spoons along with the Munchkin ones, thinking these would be so much better. Our little one doesn’t like these at all. The rubber part over the spoon isn’t smooth, it’s a little bumpy, and she hates the texture. From my perspective, the spoon is way too shallow to get any reasonable amount of foot into/onto it. I’m really bummed we bought these. My advice is to try the Munchkin ones first (they’re great!).

Alexandria Fort Laramie, WY

better than munchkin silicone spoons

i bought two of these and two of the munchkin silicone (love) spoons and these are the winners. i like the fact that these spoons aren’t as soft as the silicone ones and they are narrower making it easier for food to enter his mouth. i’d buy more of these instead of the munchkin ones in the future.

Marisol Hancock, NH

Much more than a shovel for the mouth

We first tried the Munchkin spoons that turn white when the food is too hot, and I thought they were great until the rubber coating started to get a little harder than when we first got them. I thought to myself “a spoon is a spoon, why pay more than $1.00 for a spoon”. Then I read the other reviews for this spoon and figured I’d give it a shot. Oh man, what a difference these spoons make! They are pretty much like curved spatulas and are exactly perfect for feeding babies. Heck, I wish they made these in an adult size! Probably the best thing about them is the silicone coating that allows you to scrape the last bit of food out of every nook and cranny in the baby food container. Also, the shape of the curve in the spoon is just right; our daughter doesn’t even have to try to get all the food off of the spoon, it’s perfectly shaped to all come off when she bites down. Who knew a spoon could be awesome?

Georgina Linden, WV

Love these spoons

I absolutely love these! I bought these and the Munchkin ones. I’ve been using the Munchkin ones, but I finally used this spoon this past weekend, and I’m never going back. It’s easy for me to feed bub. He gets all the food off the spoon. No hand cramping. Naturally curved when you “swish the food in and lift up” motion.I did notice one of them had cracks. Not sure if that happened in the dishwasher?

Patti Padroni, CO

Great spoons for first time feeder.

These are the first spoons I purchased for my daughter and they are great. Quality is nice, and color is as expected. The curve is nice because I can feed with the spoon facing forward or sideways. The silicone coating is great for her gums, but also makes a great squeegee for her face! A great buy, you won’t be disappointed.

Freida Clayton, MI


I have tried the Gerber spoons, the Munchkin spoons, and now the Oxo. First off, the aqua color on the spoons is not as bright as it looks in the pictures. It’s more of a grayish aqua in person. I thought they would match the feeding dish better, but the color of the spoon underneath shows through a lot on these. These are deeper than the Gerber spoons but not as deep as the Munchkin, or rather they are shaped a bit different than the Munchkin. I find them extremely easy to feed with. They are shaped perfectly to get the food into the mouth. It’s easy to “scrape the sides” of the mouth and get the extra food as well.These are almost the length of the Munchkin and quite a bit longer than the Gerber, which makes them easy to get in and out of the “drop zone” before my son grabs them with his eager little hands. The handles are thicker and much easier to pry out of his fingers if he does get ahold of them.These are probably my favorite out of the three, tapered to the mouth, soft, and just the right depth.

Leann Kinsale, VA

best baby spoons

I love these spoons. I have purchased several different brands, some less expensive and some more, but these are always the first ones I reach for. They are soft for my baby, easy to hold, and cute! I loved them so much after I received them that I went back for more!

Rena Howard Lake, MN

Great for baby food

These spoons are very soft and dishwasher safe. They worked great for feeding baby food to my son. Once he started eating solid food this spoon was too small.

Selena Camp Meeker, CA

Very nice! Handle a bit long for baby to use.

I really like the angle of the spoon for introducing purees. It works well for my son who has not yet lost the tongue extrusion reflex. I can place the food far enough in the mouth that he doesn’t spit it out right away. My other twin also uses it well (she has lost the extrusion reflex). She likes to grab the spoon and shove the silicon portion into the back of her mouth, and hasn’t sustained any injuries due to the nice protective soft tip. The only issue I can foresee with this spoon is that it is too long for baby to hold and manipulate by self for awhile.

Kayla Big Pine, CA

Not for long term

Maybe used these for 2-3 months before the spoon bite size was frustratingly small to feed the baby. The quality is really nice though and they are attractive.

Dora Belle Mead, NJ


I wash them in the diswasher and use them regularly… The are awesome for baby and parents. Easy to use!

Tia Cypress Inn, TN

Expensive, but worth it

These spoons were much more expensive then the normal baby spoons, but worth it. We started feeding our baby with a simple plastic spoon and she soon got redness around her face from us scraping the food from around her mouth. No such problem with this spoon. The silicon part (the green part) is very gentle on baby’s face and great to get the last bit of food from a bowl. It is also soft enough that baby can bite it, yet strong due to the metal part underneath it.I found the design of the head weird initially, sort of shallow, but it worked out great, it helps the baby get all the food in.

Kristina New Auburn, MN

Perfect baby spoon!

I LOVE these baby spoons. They are a pricier than other baby spoons, but we find ourselves just using these ones over and over again instead of our other ones. The spoon is perfectly shaped to hold the right amount of food and for baby to get all the food out of the spoon. With other spoons, I find that there’s always a little food left in the bowl of the spoon after he takes a bite. This spoon gives the perfect bite of food every time – cuts down a lot on the mess! I also like that it has a soft silicone tip, so it’s easy on my baby’s gums. We wash them on the top rack of the dishwasher and have never had any problems with them. Great quality and great design!

Beverley Luxor, PA

the BEST spoons!

I initially started out with just two of these as well as the traditional silicone spoons (5-pack) that have been around for ages. After a week or so, I found myself always handwashing these two after every meal because I LOVE them. I’ve bought 2 more packages since and they are the only spoons I use. They are the perfect size to fit in my daughter’s mouth (she is a tiny 12 pound 6.5 month old), are soft so as not to bother irritated gums but they also have a deep well that somehow makes feeding less messy than the other spoons. I love these and highly recommend them.

Vivian Greenwood, MO


Love these spoons, purchased four for our baby boy. A bit on the spendy side, but I prefer to buy things once and feel that these spoons will last. They are durable with a nice shape that makes it easy to feed my baby. Would buy again and recommend to friends.

Kristin Prattsville, NY

easy to use

These are great for me to feed my 8 month old with as the handle is easy to grip. It also is large enough for my daughter to easily grip when she tries to “help” feed herself. The plastic handle is sturdy, as I let her chew on it for a couple of meals before we started trying solids to get used to the spoon. Those oxo folks sure know what they are doing. I haven’t been disappointed yet

Marie Greenacres, WA

Worth the price

These aren’t the cheapest spoons out there, but they are definitely the best. I bought a couple other brands (cheaper brands) before trying these, and finally decided to try one pack of these. I’ve since bought 3 more packs of them because I don’t like to use any of our other spoons anymore.My daughter loves to chew on them when she’s done eating, too – bonus, they act as a teether toy! They show no signs of wear, no staining (like the other spoons have), and have a larger handle which makes them easier to hold. They are also great at getting the last bit of food out of the baby food containers.Don’t waste your money on the cheaper spoons – go with these from the beginning!

Luella Middleton, MI


Love these spoons! First used them at my sister in-laws and had to order them! The spoon fits a lot of food on it and it easily slides into my sons mouth.

Neva Accident, MD

LOVE these!

If it wasn’t so wasteful I would just ditch the other spoons we got as presents and ONLY use these. The handle is great and the blunt spoon end is great and the depth of the spoons are great! If they could make them change color if the food is too hot that would be great too! but totally not necessary. I wanna buy another set! they are pretty $$$ the only down side.

Deloris Loop, TX

Great design!

We love the OXO products and this was no exception. I would buy more of these spoons. Not really much to say–does the job and the shape of the spoon holds enough food while remaining easy for baby to eat from.

Regina Erwinna, PA

Love them!

I have quite a few different spoons from friends. These are the only ones I purchased and they are great! Great to hold and soft for LO. I highly recommend it!

Frances Elizabethtown, KY

I love it.

By six month old loves this spoon. He chews it and he doesn’t have those weird reflexes when you put a spoon and almost choking. I love it. I give him one spoon and feed him with the other one. he thinks he is eating food himself and we often change spoons 🙂

Yesenia Burlingame, CA

Best Spoons Ever!

By far the best baby spoon. Easy to hold. The angle of the spoon, weight, size, etc is perfecting for feeding little ones. My daughter also loves to hold the spoons and try to feed herself (she is 9 months).

Susanne Sacul, TX

Very good baby spoons

These are my favorite baby spoons! We’ve had them for almost a year and they’re always the ones I pull out of the drawer first. They’ve held up well, I love that they are soft, and he can get all the food out because the scoop is shallow enough. They also make a great spatula for scraping food off of a baby’s face (just sayin’), and they’re comfortable to hold.

Anna Mc Neil, TX

Waste of money, baby does not like it, me neither

Far too expensive for a spoon. The shape is very inconvenient, it’s too bent. Halt of the food remains in the spoon and half on baby’s mouth, hardly making it into the mouth. I bought Nuby spoons, set of 5 for about the same price (or even cheaper) and they are perfect.

Ivy Birch River, WV

Great spoons for first time “eater” and teether baby

I purchased these for my 6 month old daughter to begin feeding her solids. So far ( 3 weeks later and daily use) I really love them. They are easy and comfortable to hold, the amount of food that fits onto the spoon is adequate and the consistency (silicone) of the "spoon" part is great for little gums. I also love the shape of the spoon as it works wonderfully for "cleaning" the bowl and scraping food off of little chins. An additional detail that I like but is not that important to many people is how they look and the colors avaialble. They are cute but yet still chic which is important to me. Overall, a very nice product albeit a bit expensive but worth the price.

Angeline Gwynedd, PA

Good product, very functional.

I love these spoons. They are safe from harmful substances like BPA, phalates and PVC, yet more practical than some of the other options I found including wood, bamboo and even metal. The shape is easy to use and I love the deep spoon well.

Kimberly Skipperville, AL