OXO Tot Flip-In Flex Lid Hamper- Gray/Green

OXO Tot Flip-In Flex Lid Hamper- Gray/Green

Make laundry time a slam dunk. Tossing clothes that need to be laundered into the Oxo Top Flip In Lid Hamper can turn into a fun game of slam dunk. The Hamper’s lid flaps flex in when clothes come their way, then flex back to keep its contents out of sight. The sturdy board and fabric construction ensures the Hamper maintains its structure. Cushioned handles provide a comfortable grip for trips to the laundry room.

Main features

  • Lid flaps flex out of the way when laundry is placed in hamper
  • Sturdy board and fabric construction maintains hamper’s structure
  • Soft, thick handles are cushioned with foam for a comfortable grip
  • 14″ square, 21″ high

Verified reviews



This looks cute in my son’s nursery, but clothes have to be pushed into it to make it go in the main container. So what usually ends up happening is there are a bunch of baby clothes piled up on top of the hamper until I go push them down. Not quite what I was going for.

Ila Ravinia, SD

Nice hamper

It’s not too small for a toddler’s room, unless you like to let laundry really pile up. Glad I didn’t get the taller one instead, which I considered, because the height of this makes him interested in using it. The packaging shows it being used for toy storage as another option. Which is fine… but if you don’t want your kid doing that, unpack it away from the kid. Mine just wants to throw all his stuffed animals in it (like th picture mom!!) and it took a while to convince him it is just for clothes that need to be washed. Sturdy. The lid slips in inside the hamper (not around the outside). Pretty obvious and it is in the instructions, but nevertheless for a minute there when I was putting it on, I was thinking, what the… it doesn’t fit…

Miriam Orrington, ME

Great kids room hamper!

I have this hamper for my daughter’s room in green/pink and it is great! I previously had a collapsible hamper with the mesh inner bag that you remove, but found it wasn’t durable enough to hold a full bag of dirty clothes. This OXO hamper is well designed – you can easily toss in clothes, the lid comes off easily when you are ready to carry the dirty load to the laundry room, the handles are well placed, and the hamper itself is very durable and cute looking too. You can also wipe it clean, and this is a plus with kids! Now I just need one for my son’s room and we’ll be set.

Phyllis Jefferson, ME

Nice and functional

I didn’t realize it would be so difficult to find a hamper that was:1. Not one of those weird folding bags-on-a-frame2. Not a basket3. Not covered in a pattern or other characters.I just wanted something that held a decent amount of clothing, would blend in rather than sticking out or clashing with the other fabrics in the baby’s room, and wasn’t a basket because I am always snagging my clothes or poking myself on those darn things. Enter this hamper. I can’t exactly gush about it because all it does is hold clothing, but it’s really the only thing I found that fit my criteria. I like the flip-in top, which makes it easy to toss in clothes without being completely open, making it more attractive than seeing spit up-stained onesies. The handles are also very comfortable and it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry to the laundry room. The fabric also wipes down well, though I would prefer if the bottom were removable for washing so I don’t have to bend over into the hamper to clean it.

Concepcion Cardwell, MO

Perfect for our modern nursery

It looks good and is functional. We got grey/green, and I think on a photo the product is lighter gray than what we got but I like it anyway!

Ivy Neeses, SC

Wonderful for the Nursery!

I needed a nursery-friendly hamper for my son’s room. This is truly one of the more creative items in the nursery. It is very sturdy, exactly as described and I think can last until my son moves out – he is 2 years now 🙂 It is very very durable and easy to clean.

Wendy Coopersville, MI

Great Hamper!

Perfect light weight hamper for our son’s nursery.

Jaclyn North River, NY

Great hamper

I bought this for my son’s room. It looks great and holds a lot of dirty clothes. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

Brandie Barrytown, NY

Nice hamper

I bought this to replace my son’s hamper that kept falling apart. It was one of the types that was on a wooden frame with a fabric body and mesh liner.The hamper is nice looking and easy to use. I would love if it had a washable liner, but I am happy with it nontheless!

Jannie Bothell, WA

Great hamper!

Bright, cute, and definitely durable. I purchased this for my daughters room and it matches perfectly. Colors are true to the picture. There is no sagging of the bottom when the hamper is full. Great buy.

Olive Harris, IA

this hamper is great

I love this hamper the color is great and it is very light weight and easy to clean I would recommend it for a nursery

Francis Corn, OK

great hamper

I love this hamper for my daughters nursery. Like other reviewers have mentioned the lid fits perfectly inside the hamper. I really like the design of the cover because it keeps things looking neat by covering up the dirty clothes but the opening in the middle allows you to toss the clothes in without lifting the cover. I noticed one reviewer mentioned not liking that sometimes the clothes rest on the cover, this does happen sometimes if you toss the clothes they won’t automatically fall in. However, if this really was a problem for you you could just leave the cover off and it would still look like a nice hamper. My daughter likes that the clothes just rest on top because then I toss the clothes over and it is her job to go push them in.

Debora Fisher, AR


This hamper was just what we needed! Light weight but not too flimsy. Good structure and really easy to carry up and down the stairs. Very well-packaged and easy to put together–my kids love to play in them, too. This deal was a lot better than the fancier nursery hampers out there. Less expensive and a lot more sturdy. I am a very happy mom!

Carmela Techny, IL

Adorable for our nursery!

We learned early on that to maintain a clean nusery room we needed an easy-to-use hamper that looks cute and hides the fact that I have waaaaay too many baby girl clothes! This does the trick and more. It is very cute and I love the hot pink edging. Colors are exactly as advertized.Can’t say much about the “play” aspect of the flip-in. It has pretty rigid flips so you have to put some pressure on them in order to get clothes through — you can’t just toss and expect the clothes to end up deep in the hamper. Not a big deal for us as we wanted the top to hide the mess and not serve as a basketball net.

Isabelle Warwick, GA

Pretty good but a bit heavy

We’ve used this for year and it’s held up pretty well. One con is that it is kind of heavy with nothing in it. I would have preferred it to be a big lighter but it has durable sides. We ended up taking the cover off because we do laundry almost every day. The handles could be made rounded though so it doesn’t hurt your fingers when it gets heavy but all in all we like it and it looks nice.

Leann Carrolltown, PA


This hamper is great. Very sturdy, looks pretty. Haven’t had any problems with the lid as some of the other reviewers. I’ll be buying one for my daughters room as well.

Cara Pine Grove Mills, PA

GREAT Quality Very Sturdy

I was concerned that this product would be flimsy on the top, but that was not the case. The X is reinforced with silicone tubing so it retains its shape. The sides and top are study and we have come to love this product! I am so glad I purchased this!June 12, 2012After a year of continued (hard) use this OXO Hamper works the same as when we first bought it!

Maggie Stockdale, OH

no muss hamper

I bought this hamper two years ago for my first daughter and recently bought a second one for my second child. It unfolds from the packaging in a snap, is sturdy, and has a no muss no fuss design, which I like.

Emilie Frankton, IN

Perfect hands free hamper

I love this hamper. The opening at the top is the perfect size: large enough to put clothing in, but not so large that odors leak out. Nice size and convenient handles on the side make carrying to the laundry room a breeze.

Ella Indio, CA

Great compact hamper

We’re using this for our daughter’s nursery and we couldn’t be happier with it.The top seems to be the perfect size and shape to just toss dirty clothes at – magically they all just go in and yet it’s solid enough of a top that we can set things on its edges in a pinch (it served as a side-table for a day or two when we were first starting out).The handles make it easy to carry and it’s sturdy enough to be carried full, without being heavy.

Carly Gordonville, TX

Great little hanper

We are using this for our baby girl’s hamper. I like that the top springs back into place, the padded handles, and the cute colors.

Nelly Lynd, MN

Would buy again and again

I LOVE this hamper for my little girls room. It holds a great amount, is easy for me to put things in the hamper, but very difficult for her to remove things from the hamper to scatter it about her room like she does everything else! It is very sturdy like I’ve found everything else in the OXO line, and has held up well in the nearly 1 1/2 years I’ve been using it. It also is nice that the lining is fairly water proof, although I’ve tried to not throw things that are wet into the hamper without keeping the wet part from touching the hamper walls. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but if I do and find that there is a problem I’ll update my review.

Mara Scio, NY

Love this hamper

Call me lazy, but having to flip up a hamper lid with a dirty diaper in one hand and a dirty outfit in the other is challenging. Now I can just throw the outfit in the top of this. It’s an attractive green color and sturdy. Love!

Martha Louisville, KS

Good Quality

This item is perfect for a kids room and I’m sure the larger one would be perfect for an adult room. My daughter loves it because she gets to stuff her clothes in the little hole. I like that it’s a GREAT quality and hides the mess. I can’t think of anything bad to say about this product.I had to come back and remove a star because after time, the quality is not as great as it was in the beginning. The lid does not fit properly anymore and leaves gaps when it is on. It still does the job though.

Allison Baytown, TX

Well Made

This is very sturdy and well made. We bought two for both of my children’s rooms. The look is great. We’ve had it for a few months and it is holding up well.

Shana San Antonio, TX

Excellent hamper

We ordered this hamper to replace our JJ Cole one that started to fall apart soon after we bought it & this one seems to be much sturdier. I recommend this!

Addie Bulan, KY

It’s exactly what it should be!

The hamper is great. It is sturdy and stylish and the colors are vivid and as pictured. The opening is small and rigid but still east to get stuff in but clothes don’t fall out if it tips over. It is a great size for baby and toddler, will probably be too small for older kids. This hamper is perfect for our baby’s room, both in form and function. Definitely recommend!

Lilly Payson, UT

Perfect, just as I expected!

I JUST now received this in the mail and had to hop on the computer to write a review. This is a really good quality hamper. It is small but I knew it would be as it was going to go in my sons nursery. It is perfect in there. The photo makes this hamper look like it may actually be gray. But I took the chance anyway and went ahead and ordered in hopes that it would actually be brown. Well, it is brown so I am very happy. Also, I saw a few other reviews that say that people were mad because the top of the hamper did not fit over the bottom. Well, here is what the-short simple- instructions say : 1. Open the hamper then lower the bottom flap on the inside to secure Hamper in upright position. 2. When placing lid on Hamper, make sure inner lid is on the inside of the Hamper.THAT’S IT! Those are the only 2 instructions. So obviously whoever wrote that they were upset were the ones who could not follow directions. The lid fits perfectly. Really, perfectly. I am going to purchase two more of these for my and my husbands bathrooms in the full adult size.Hope this helps!

Carey New Harmony, UT

Great hamper – easy to use, stylish and neat

This is a great hamper – no complaints. Stylish, easy to use, and has kept its shape well over the past year.

Lorrie Bapchule, AZ

Cute and functional

Love the looks of this hamper. Great construction. Love that clothes can just be thrown in instead of having to lift a lid while holding a baby.

Glenda Wallingford, PA