OXO Tot Flip-Top Snack Cup, Green, 5 Ounce

OXO Tot Flip-Top Snack Cup, Green, 5 Ounce

Tote snacks for tots in the OXO Tot Flip Top Snack Cup. Its petite size and non slip grips make it easy for little hands to hold. The compact shape is perfect for tucking into a diaper bag or a stroller cup holder for snacks on the go. A generous opening provides easy access to the munchies stored inside, and the lid stays attached so it won’t roll into the sandbox and disappear. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Perfect shape and size for snacking on the go
  • Non slip grips shaped for toddler’s grip
  • Flip open lid for easy access
  • Lid stays attached
  • BPA, phthalate and pvc free

Verified reviews


great, if you like picking snacks up off the floor

Just plain not very good, for two basic reasons:1) It’s too small. 5oz may seem like a lot, but once you get your hands on this snack cup, you’ll reevaluate. (For wet snacks like apple sauce or yogurt, it would be a great size, but this snack cup isn’t water-tight.)2) There’s nothing to prevent little ones from just dumping the contents. The lid pops open, and there’s nothing else to hold the snacks in. If it were a little bigger, i guess it could be used to store snacks that you might give your child one-at-a-time, but it’s too small for grown-up hands to reach into easily.And as much as they want to toot their own horn about the non-stick grips, for little toddler hands, handles would be much better. This cup is too big around for little fingers.I’ll stick with theMunchkin Snack Catchers, as they’re bigger and keep more snacks off the floor (and have handles).

Myrna Fall Creek, WI

Oxo Tot Snack Cup is Handy, but Limited

Oxo Tot Flip- Top Snack Cup is a semi- handy snack container for small children and adults as well. This snack cup holds a small portion of your favorite snack, takes up little space, and is sized just right to fit into small hands.I have two little girls and, like other youngsters, they are often in need of a snack. Giving them a large box of their favorite chip or cracker isn’t a wise move, as I have discovered on more than one occasion. With a small container like this, the young ones can carry their own snack around with them and serve themselves. Since the container is small, it also limits the amount they can eat.Adults can also use this snack container and many will like it for its compact size. It can fit into purses and other small spaces without any problem, so it is handy for storage of small, bite- size portions. However, the small size is also a liability, from the perspective of an adult, because the amount of food this container can hold is very limited. If I want to snack on, say, some peanuts, I don’t think I would even bother using this container. The amount of peanuts I like to eat is about two to three times what would fit inside the Oxo Tot snack cup.One other problem with this cup- and this is probably the most significant- is the fact that the flip- top opens with relative ease. Now, I realize it needs to open up fairly easily considering that children are the ones most likely to use it. But the lack of a firm seal means the flip top is likely to pop open when the cup is dropped. This has already happened to me, and it immediately brought attention to this flaw in the design.Overall, the Oxo Tot Flip- Top Snack Cup is a decent container but it does have restricted use and it does have a tendency to spill its contents when mishandled. It is good enough to recommend, but keep in mind that it is very small and its uses are limited.

Sandra Elmer, NJ

Much better than a Baggie!

As a mom of four children ages 8 down to 10 months, I can’t get out the door without bringing some type of snack or drink in my bag. I do not use a traditional diaper bag because they are just too big. I just use my purse, but lately I find that my little baggies of pretzels or Cheerios become dust when sloshed around with my wallet, sun glass case, keys, etc… This snack cup is great. It keeps the snacks fresh and intact while not taking up much space in my purse. The snack cup is a nice size-about the size of a small orange (I’m so scientific in my measurements). It has a flip top and so far it has not come open while sloshing around in the bottom of my bag. There are grips on the side if you decide to have your little one hold it him/herself and eat. I haven’t used it in that manner so I cannot comment on how well it works. All in all, I think this is a worthy investment. I don’t many gimmicky items gears towards moms and kids, but this one was a practical investment.

Karla Jolo, WV

Nice little snack cup; durable, easy to open and clean

I got this snack cup through the Amazon Vine program.The lip snaps open easily and my three year old son had no problems getting it open and shut. The rest of the lid removes with a little more force for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.I liked the rubber grips on the outside of the cup. My son immediately tried to throw the cup across the room (thinking it was a ball that would be good for throwing) and the cup seems pretty durable; it didn’t dent or crack or anything.There are a couple things that bothered me with the cup. The first is that it is a bit too wide for my son to hold comfortably in one hand. If it could have been just a little less wide he could easily hold on to it with one hand and eat with the other. The second thing is that the clear plastic feels and looks pretty cheap. Although it survived some throwing about so it seems to be durable enough.Pros:- Toddler can easily snap open lid for snacking- Top comes apart nicely for cleaning; but not easy enough that a toddler can pull it off- Durable- Rubber Grips help prevent dropsCons:- Too wide for a toddler to hold in one hand- Clear plastic feels and looks cheapOverall it is a great snack cup and I am sure it will find lots of use in our family.

Bobby Rehoboth, MA

Replaces the standard `baggies’ for all ages

As another reviewer said, this is perfect for all ages. I love the fact that I can use the snack cup myself or pack it for my daughter. I have the orange color one which is very vibrant and can’t be misplaced. It is perfect to put cheerios in for the little ones or for myself I put snacks such as bigger cereal (Frost Mini Wheats) and it holds a handful so you do not overeat. I feared the lid might be hard to open but it is easy to open without much effort but yet holds a wonderful seal. I have only hand washed the cup but I like the fact that it is top shelf dishwasher safe. Other bonuses are you can see through the cup if you have it on a surface, you know when you are getting to the bottom. It fits perfectly in my cars cup holder and I can just grab a bite without having to look away since the lid opening is so generous. The fact that it is BPA/PVC free I feel a lot better when using it with my daughter. Also, as someone else stated, this replaces those dreadful baggies. Anything you put in a baggie ends up smashed to pieces. In the cup, snacks are well protected. I love the cup so much I am going to but other pieces that match the set. OXO is a trusted brand that I use in my kitchen already and they thought of everything with the snack sup. A wonderful cup with so many purposes.

Deidra Montpelier, OH

Convenient little cup!

This seems to be a nice quality snack cup. The lid opens a little more than 90 degrees. It is about the diameter of a can of soda/pop and 2.75 inches tall.On the packaging it says it is BPA- and PVC-free, which is definitely a concern with a plastic cup. It also says it is top-rack dishwasher-safe.We’ll be using it for snacks on the road![UPDATE 11/2010] We’ve found that the lid has opened and spilled a few times unintentionally. It would be better if it latched shut a little more sturdily…

Mara Poplar Branch, NC

Could be improved

I pack snacks for my son when he goes to preschool and have been using small lidded Rubbermaid containers that were easy for him to open. Problem is, they need to be closed just so to stay that way, and a lot of times, I found leftover snacks spilled inside his lunch bag (he’s a stickler for getting things just right, so I’m certain that he didn’t just throw the container in his bag without trying to close it first). I got the Tot flip-top snack cup, figuring that it would be exactly what he needed: easy open, easy close. Before I got the chance to use it for his snacks, I packed some of my daughter’s puffs in them. In less than 12 hours, I had found that they had gotten stale. I did notice that the flip top did not provide a tight seal, but figured it could keep the puffs fresh at least for a day. Perhaps this design is what makes it easy for kiddos to open and close the lid. I’m hoping that my son’s less moisture-sensitive snacks won’t get stale before he gets to enjoy them at school. Four stars for not being at least kind of airtight, and as a previous reviewer noted, the clear plastic looks and feels cheap. Still, I’m a big fan of OXO products, so I will continue to purchase and try items from their Tot line. With their lifetime guarantee, what’s there to lose?

Bettie Mineral, IL

Lunch box size for adults but not toddlers!

The top opens too easily, probably meant for little hands to open and close with no problem but when your toddler drops it, contents will go everywhere. The cup was taken away from him because once he saw the excitement dropping his snack cup from the highchair he thought it was cute to do it over and over. However, I really like it for my lunch. I’ve used it for fresh fruit, fruit granola snacks, nuts, etc for myself. I’m very happy with this product but not so much as advertised for the toddler. Way to much of a mess waiting to happen.

Ina Brook Park, MN

Don’t expect much

After seeing and owning a few OXO products in the kitchen, I have high expectations from the company. For the price, sure it’s easy to discount the flaws. But I’d rather they charge a bit more to have a higher quality of material and build.It’s a basic flip-top snack cup in various colours. I like the see-thru functionality so I don’t have to guess if it’s empty and what else may be in there.The problem is that the lid is easy to flip open. You can’t just expect to dump this in your bag/baby bag without fear that the contents will scatter inside sooner or later.Then there is the see thru plastic that dents easily. The cup pressed against something inside the bag and there is a permanent dent on it effectively making it look even cheaper.It doesn’t help that the feel of the plastic part is also cheap to touch. It’s not like the OXO products I know. I hope this is not indicative of where OXO is headed.I don’t use it to hold the snacks. I just dump objects in there like a pacifier for my baby.I really can’t recommend this product unless they make improvements.

Leslie Beverly, NJ

Lid is not tight

Lid pops open when dropped, which is frequently.

Melba Sylva, NC

Great little cups

I do not use these as snack cups, instead I use them to store homemade diaper cream (Half Aquaphor/Half Maalox-it’s a miracle) and they work wonderfully. They are easy to open and access the product but stay closed when my boys decide to play with them.

Virgie Kenefic, OK

Perfect size for travel snacks

Perfect size for travel snacks, and I trust it to stay closed so I don’t find cheese crackers all over my purse.I’m trying to avoid single serve packaging, so this lets me put just the right amount of crackers in a reusable container for outings. I keep it in my purse, and somedays the crackers are for a mommy pick me up at work too. The only thing I don’t like about this container is the lid is very secure when closed, so if my 2 1/2 year old tries to open it, there are crackers everywhere. Which also means it’s a secure seal too.I’ve given this as a shower gift many times.

Lucia Uniontown, KY

Great product, multiple uses

I purchased this product for when my baby is older however I currently use it to store 2 of his pacifiers while in the diaper bag. Keeps the pacifiers clean and easy to open. Love that as my son gets older I’ll be able to keep snacks air tight. It’s also so easy to open that he will be able to do by himself at a relatively young age. Great materials, durable and easy to clean.

Kelley Peterstown, WV

Cute & Useful – even when the lid gets loose!!

I know some reviewers complained about the loose lid and also how it’s not air tight. here’s why I still give it 5 stars:Pros:+ I like the overall design:+ it’s easy to grip for my 9 month old (it has non-slip grip around the container)+ it’s small enough to make him want to hold it by himself+the flip lid doesn’t snap tight for a reason – so that my baby’s fingers won’t get slammed on or hurt in other ways+ great way for babies to learn how to open and close own container for snacks+ it’s cheap and safe for babies+ easy to wash+ small, so it fits in the diaper bag+ I like how the lid is attached to the container so I don’t have to be looking around for the lid if my son happens to throw it somewhereCons:- the lid is not airtight -> it’s fine for me because I have plenty of containers that are air tight that i don’t want my babies hands to get into (I don’t want lids to snap onto his fingers by accident)- the lid gets loose overtime and food falls out -> my baby is brutal with the lid for the past few months and we luckily have not encountered this problem yet (though other reviewers have).so when the day does come when the lid becomes loose, I plan to put his small teething toy inside. Letting my baby retrieve it from this container as an activity to keep him busy while I wash dishes.- don’t buy this if you intend on keeping liquidy stuff like fruits inside, for sure it will leak out.+++ I brought this container only for the sole purpose of letting my baby learn how to open and close containers to grab his own food. If that is your purpose as well, then you will definitely agree it’s a 5 star product. It’s cheap, cute and safe. cannot resist!

Benita Morongo Valley, CA


Great product! This matches our other OXO products we love too! This is perfect for small treats for our little one.

Nancy New Buffalo, PA

Cute, but the cap is too easy to flip open by accident

I got this for my 3 year old and it fits perfectly in his car seat cup holder. A bit too perfect, in fact, it’s gotten stuck before. The flip lid doesn’t feel secure enough to me. I feel like it could easily get knocked open inside his backpack and spill the contents everywhere. Otherwise, I like the design of it. My 3 year old can’t open it by himself (yet) so that’s a plus.

Margery Eldena, IL

Perfect snack cup

love these snack cups, we have a small one and this larger one. Perfect for our almost 2 year old to hold and feed himself snacks like goldfish etc without spilling everywhere. Cleans excellent too in the dishwasher top rack. Top OXO item (I really wish the oxo sippy cup’s where as great as these snack cups).

Sabrina Heathsville, VA

Good for the price

I have had this cup for my six month old for a month now. It works as expected and was good price. I am buying another one. We wanted a cup to help our son drink that would help him get use to cups since our doctor recommended skipping sippy cups. I would pay more for thicker plastic but couldn’t find one. It’s easier for taking with us when we go out. Good purchase and worth the price.

Dayna San Felipe, TX

great idea…..difficult to open

Bought these for my toddlers to take on a road trip. Great idea but flip up lids were super difficult to open even for me and my spouse. We were always turning around from the front seat to open them up for the kids who liked to close them then whine when they couldn’t get them opened. Easy to clean, easy to grip….hard to open.

Annie Grand Portage, MN

OXO Tot Fli-Top Snack Cup — Very Nice

I purchased this along with 2 each of the Fisher-Price Meal on the Go and Fisher-Price On-the-Go Placemats. For some reason I only ordered one. Now that I’ve seen it, I’ll be ordering a few more for certain. These are nicely made and are the same color as the Fisher-Price stuff I got (for those moms who want the contents of the diaper bag to be color-coordinated). I can see this being used for many years.. even beyond the stage when the opening needs to fit little hands only.I rated this as 4 stars only because this is a shower gift, so I’ve not been able to test it out. I’ll try to post more details and possibly raise this to 5 stars after we get to actually use it.

Angelia Smithdale, MS

Good for Toddler

My son loves flipping the lid open and pulling his snacks out. He makes more of a mess with this cup than the pointy flap munchkin cups we have, but this cup provides some entertainment for him which I occasionally need while we are out and about. These cups are really cute and hold a good amount of snacks and I imagine as my son gets more skilled with his grabbing that this cup will be our favorite go to for all snacks.

Chris Divernon, IL

Great snack storage for infants and toddlers!

These snack cups are great – and quite useful – for what they are. They do a great job of holding snacks for the little ones, and are made with the traditional OXO quality that we expect from all of the OXO Tot products. They do a great job of keeping snacks fresh – for example, we can put some raisins in them and find the raisins still soft and fresh days later. We do this all of the time – leaving snacks in these containers in the "snack bag" in our car, so we’re always ready for whatever comes our way.The only comment that I’ll make is that these containers are not designed to be "anti-spill" or "spill-proof" in any way – it’s quite easy for an infant or toddler to turn these over and spill the contents everywhere. In our house, that’s why we own a Shop Vac.

Celeste Montville, NJ

Good, but the top can easily pop off and cause spills

I love the feel of the rubberized grips and the color is great. The top has a flip up lid for easy access, but in truth, the entire top pops off way too easily. I bet baby would have no problem prying the lid off, because it easily came off while just transporting it in my bag, spilling the contents everywhere. It would be better if the lid screwed on instead of just being snapped on, and I predict spills will be frequent as a result. You’ll find dozens of similar products at the 99cent store, but will they be lead and toxin free? Overall, great quality, but the shoddy lid could have been designed better.

Chris Santa Isabel, PR

Nice little cup for lunches

I bought this for my four year old to have in her lunchbox–I hate plastic bags and I am not giving a 4 year old a glass container, so this is it. I like it because it is BPA free and easy to clean (dishwasher). She likes it because it is a cute little cup and she can open and close the lid easily (but not too easily–a 2 year old has a bit of trouble). Anyway, recommend anything OXO Tot, this included!

Marissa Murdock, MN

nice cup but opens when dropped

The OXO people made a cute little cup that looks so nice. I love that you can see how much is inside and the no slip grip on the sides. Also, the matching sippy cup is great. I just don’t like that if baby drops it then it opens and stuff goes everywhere. I hope the new snack cup is better.

Bridgett Dudley, PA

Cute item, but plastic a bit thin

This item is cute, very compact, and a great idea for little tots. I like the colors that it is available in. The clear plastic is a bit thin, I was expecting something like a nalgene bottle. It’s only slightly more dense than a disposable water bottle. The finger grips are nice, but I think it adds to the aesthetics more than the functionality. The pop top is not exactly the strongest, though, I”ve had it pop open when in a purse full of stuff. On the other hand, it holds up way better than my current strategy of using plastic ziploc snack bags for my kids’ pretzels, crackers, cereal, etc. which tends to get crushed in my purse or diaper bag.Then again, the snack bags are much much cheaper. And I don’t have to wash them. And I can toss them once we’ve eaten up all the snacks at the zoo/museum/library/grocery store/etc instead of having to bring an empty container home.In general, it’s a cute concept. My kid much prefers eating from a cup container than a snack bag. But it’s really a wash unless you have the disposable income. Can you live without it? Sure. If you have the money to spend on these sorts of things, then the bonus is that it’s pvc, phalate, and bpa free. Yippee!

Alissa Downey, CA

Great for travels

This is one of the few cups I found with a hinged top and I really like it. It’s the perfect size for the diaper bag and my son can open it on his own so I can hold it while we’re in the shopping cart or something and he can just open and snack. It’s great because it’s small enough for one hand to hold, his hand fits in it easily, and because I am able to hold it then there’s not spilling on the Target floor.

Juliet Bartonsville, PA

Love These Snack Cups

We had the smaller version of this cup and love it so I finally got this one and it’s great as well. These are easy to tote around and my son can open and close them on himself. This one also holds a lot of animal cracker, etc. so it’s perfect for larger snacks.

Tamera Quebradillas, PR

OXO Tot Large Flip-Top Snack Cup

This is a very good quality snack cup for on-the-go. My only gripe is that it had scratches all over it when I took it out of its packaging. There not too noticeable, so I’m going to keep the item and not return it for an exchange or refund. It’s an attractive lime green color.

Brandi Otis, OR

Clever, but not spill proof!

This is a good snack container. It is small, so it is best for short outings. The flip top works well. Note that once open, this is totally not spill proof, but is basically a really nice plastic baggie replacement. My small issue is that my toddler has a hard time squeezing her hand into the container to get out the last few cheerios.

Latonya Saint Paul, OR