OXO Tot Foldable Tub Kneeling Mat

OXO Tot Foldable Tub Kneeling Mat

No (k)need for sore knees. Save your knees at bath time The OXO Tot Tub Kneeling Mat is constructed of three layers of dense, resilient foam that provide ample cushioning and support, making bath time more fun for everyone. Magnets secure the Mat in the folded position for storage under the sink or in a closet and a convenient hanging loop makes it easy to hand behind a door. The Mat is constructed of durable, water resistant nylon that is easy to clean.

Main features

  • Three layers of dense, resilient foam for cushion and support
  • Magnets secure Mat in folded position
  • Durable, water resistant, easy to clean exterior
  • Hanging loop for storage

Verified reviews


best kneeling pad for bath

This is great and helps tremendously when bending over the tub to bath the baby. It pads my knees well so that I can focus on what I am doing and folds away small for between bath times. It also has great grip so that it doesn’t slid nor do I slid on top of it. I would definitely recommend this product and thought it was a great value. I use this frequently. I only wish that it came in other colors so that it better coordinated with our color theme, but that is not a priority I guess.

Diann Elmer, MO


es buenisimo, super comodo para bañar a mis nenas, lo recomiendo 100%.no mas dolores de rodillas.esta bueno que se cierra con unos imanes.calidad muy buena

Cortney Laurel Fork, VA

Saves my knees every time!

As soon as my son started taking baths in the bathtub as opposed to the sink, I realized I needed something to take the pressure off my knees. Every parent knows the stresses our bodies take lifting and bending all day. Instead of adding to those pains, I opted to buy this mat and I’m very happy I did. It’s very thick and comfy on the knees. You can open it for a wider base or leave it shut for more thickness (although this doesn’t seem ideal to me). It has a strap to hang it on the wall (we just put it on top of a cabinet) and its small enough to be out of the way and barely noticed in the bathroom. Highly recommend this to parents looking to take the stress off their knees during bath time!

Ramona Covington, OK

Great kneeling pad and saves laundry!

I had been folding up 2-3 towels and creating cushioning to protect my knees from my tile floor, but my bathroom always looked messy and I always had wet/dirty towels on the floor. It worked okay, but thankfully I discovered this kneeling mat. I love that it is extra thick and covers a good amount of the floor. I also like that when I am done bathing the kids and it’s time to get them out I can fold it up and lean it agains the wall (alternatively you can hang it on a hook) so it’s out of the way. It dries very quickly and I haven’t had to clean it at all, unlike the towels I used to use.

Kathie Eitzen, MN

This saved my knees and stores away easily

My family of 3 lives in a smallish house from 1945, so we only have one bathroom. Therefore, all of the baby bath stuff is in the same bathroom we use AND our guests use. Not only is this product super comfortable to kneel on, it folds up and stores away easily. It even has a great loop to use if you prefer to hang it.I was a little concerned that since the item folded, it wouldn’t give as much support in the middle (due to the crease) or that it would move around underneath me while I bathed by daughter, but I haven’t had a single issue. It provides the right amount of comfort and cushion without being "too soft."Before we purchased this and the Skip Hop Moby elbow rest, I had definitely been in the camp that these types of items were just extra "stuff" that wasn’t really needed (and therefore a waste of money). However, while this item is not absolutely vital in caring for a child (like say food and clothing), I can absolutely say this is one of the best and most used "extra" baby related products my husband use. Every time we give our daughter a bath I am thankful I purchased this!

Maribel Grand Chain, IL

Best $15 EVER!

We have tile floors and this has saved my knees from bath time and from cleaning baseboards around the house. Totally worth the money, you will love it!

Tessa Nobleton, FL

Love it

Does what it’s supposed to do, we have 2 – one for me and one for daddy to bathe our son together.

Savannah Hurlock, MD

Nice product, comfortable & practical

I nearly bought a Fisher Price bath mat (which I believe was from the Rainforest or Healthy Planet line), but I tried it out at the store. It was a major disappointment. After a few seconds, my knees became painfully aware of the fact that the store had a concrete floor underneath the mat. This OXO mat is much thicker and more comfortable than both the FP and Safety First mats I tried at the store. I am so glad that I found this and tried it! It is a quality product and made to help my knees withstand kneeling on the mat with all of my body weight on them. This mat is thicker and therefore firmer than one of the standard gardening mats or kneelers you can buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but it has enough give to make it comfortable. I like the fact that it folds and holds closed. It is easy to fold and stow away when company comes and I don’t want it in plain view. I’m 5’10” and it is roomy enough to comfortably accomodate me. If you are super-tall, you might want to pay attention to the dimensions and consider whether or not it will work for your knee and leg length.I am puzzled about the fact that another reviewer gave it one star and stated that it can be a safety risk for children. It might be a risk to a newborn if a newborn had the strength, coordination, and dexterity to get his arm or fingers caught in the mat as it closed; however, I cannot imagine this being a real danger to an older infant or a toddler. Plus, a responsible parent is not going to give a child a bath and leave the child unsupervised while the mat is in use. Maybe I am dense, but I can’t fathom this product being a safety concern when used properly and with supervision.

Concepcion Inglis, FL

great mat, nicely designed

This works great on our tile floor at bathtime, and I love the magnets keeping it closed when it’s on top of the over-toilet cabinet. It would lightly stick to the side of the tub if that was a convenient place to store it. Very good addition, our knees thank us.

Marion Dudley, GA

Perfect for baths

I used to stand in tub and break my back so afraid my son would topple over but now that he’s 10 months I use this mat every time he gets a bath…and my back is thankful.

Bobbie Lukeville, AZ

Not as comfy as I would like

Pros:folds in half to save spacefabric seems very durablestrap to hang on a hooksofter than kneeling on the floor, and raises you up a a bitCons:the fold falls where you likely will be kneeling, which can be annoyingthe fabric is not very softI wish the strap snapped or had velcro so it could hang from towel bar or curtain rod (don’t have available hook to use)Not as soft as I hoped for… IMO, may as well kneel on a folded towelAlso, I was looking for a bit more lift, which is why I chose this one. I assumed I could use it folded and essentially double the size. You can do this, however it provides a much harder surface as you end up kneeling on the part that is meant to touch the floor.Bottom line: I wanted to like this, but it just wasn’t comfortable enough. I exchanged it for theSkip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler, Bluewhich isn’t as thick as I would like, but is much softer and features a snapped loop, so I can hang it from the curtain rod.

Glenna Lecompte, LA

So far so good

We’ve been using this for almost 2 months now (usually it’s my husband who gives our baby a bath so he uses it most). It does it’s job and helps our knees. It’s a good size and hangs on the bathroom doorknob when not in use. No downsides to it that we can think of yet. Hopefully it holds up as time goes on.

Shana Lu Verne, IA


It takes up very little space and it is very comfortable to kneel on. It is also inexpensive which is also important.

Jerri Hulett, WY

Comfortable and compact

This product opens folds up and hangs discreetly behind our bathroom door. The mat is actually very comfortable — make sure you use the flat side, not the rounded side.

Margie Nesquehoning, PA

We use it every day and it’s great to have

Great to have for bath time. It’s very thick and it’s nice that it folds in half for storage. We keep a hand towel over it during bath time so it doesn’t get wet from our daugther splashing water.

Jami Lansdowne, PA

Like it, works well

It works as expected. Could have been bigger (not many may agree). I mainly say this because when you use it especially when you are giving your toddler a bath, you keep moving and there have been times when my knee came off the mat and I hurt myself. So works well as long you are in one position

Esperanza Randolph, NE

key bath time helper!

I use this every time I bathe my baby. No way do folded towels feel the same. This mat stays securely under me, even when I am lifting the baby out of the tub. I though the mat collapsing at the fold might be a problem or a design flaw but so far that has not been an issue at all. I have bony knees and when I first received this I thought this mat might not be soft enough but it truly cushions and supports well and saves my knees from a lot of pain. I agree a snap loop would be great because then I can hang it on a towel bar to store. However, I just keep this at the side of the tub and toss it down to the floor when I get the baby’s bath ready – every easy/swift motion for daily tasks count!

Donna Indian Wells, CA

Better than kneeling on tile, but not great

Okay, this mat is NOT very soft, no matter which side you use, and it’s SUPER thick so I don’t know how they couldn’t manage a softer mat. Also, I’ve learned, as I’m bathing baby in the tub now, I tend to kneel at times, or sit down during play time. It would be nice to have a bit bigger mat. I should have gone with my husband’s advice and just used one of our yoga mats!

Christy Three Springs, PA

Better than nothing

I don’t think there is a product like this that would be perfect. This is a nice height, and is much better than kneeling on the floor. I like that you can fold it in half and then hang it on the doorknob to get it out of the way.

Althea Hunter, ND

Great product

The padding is firm, but not uncomfortable. It needs to be firm or you would sink to the bottom and what’s the point in that! I like that it folds in half and opens up to a size comparable to other mats. The magnet is strong enough to keep it together. It takes some effort to open, but not much. There is a loop to hang it away. I have had this mat about 5 months, use it daily and have no problems with it.

Leta Waco, KY

OXO Tot Tube Kneeling Mat

I normally place our daughter’s baby bath tub inside our bigger tub. My knees have been paying the price for that. After buying this mat, my knees no longer hurt while bathing our daughter. I also like the fact that it folds up and I can hang it up to get it out of the way. So I definitely recommend this product!

Adele Greencastle, PA

Four Stars

Could be bigger.

Corina Powder Springs, TN

Works for Me

I bought this when we moved our baby’s infant tub to the big bath tub since she was splashing water all over the kitchen counters. It is definitely helpful on my knees when I bathe her- it’s thick enough to support my knees when I bend over to bathe her. My only complaint is that it’s short width wise. My knees fit easily on there, but there isn’t much room on either side to move. Luckily this isn’t an issue now, as she isn’t moving a lot in the tub. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the purchase.

Rosanne Maupin, OR

Saved my knees!

I bought this because we bath our son in the tub and I wanted to make it easier on myself. My husband thinks it is unnecessary but I use it every time we give our son a bath and am glad I bought it anyway!Great design–like how it folds and hangs, and love the color!

Hope Montpelier, VA