OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook, Silver/Green, 2 Count

OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook, Silver/Green, 2 Count

For that extra hand all mommies need, the OXO Tot handy stroller hook is the perfect walking companion. The hook features a soft silicone grip that will keep your shopping bags from slipping, or offers a comfortable handle for big kids to hold while strolling. The hook also features non slip grips and an adjustable strap, so you can place it anywhere on the stroller. The convenient shape of this durable, lightweight aluminum hook allows for quick and easy loading and unloading. Use two hooks for larger bags, or for storing small bags on one hook while having your big kid hold the other.

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Better than King Mighty

These hooks are WAY better than the first pair I bought (The King Mighty Buggy Hook) simply because these do not slide down. On my grandson’s stroller the webbing that secures the seat to the frame keeps hooks from sliding down but on my mother’s walker there is nothing to prevent slippage. We always had to hunt for the King Mighty hooks when we needed them but these Oxo hooks stay where we install them. Plus they look great. So glad Oxo wax born. They make my life better.

Lauri Charlevoix, MI

Well Made, Well Priced

OXO specializes in kitchen and related products that are oversized and somewhat over-engineered, like can openers and measuring cups. OXO’s products often carry a premium price which is worth paying as the ease of use and build quality far exceed cheaper comparable items.Tot Handy Stroller Hooks are typical for OXO: well made, easy to use, and seem like they will last for several "generations" of baby caring duties.Pros:-Great build quality-Good size-Easy to useCons:-None

Ladonna Swartz, LA

durable and convenient

The best way to describe these hooks is, in fact, handy. They are great for handing off grocery bags, toys, even keys for a split second.They provide a nice grip and hook onto the stroller easily. They can be hooked up to almost anywhere on the stroller with the already existent velcro.No complaints thus far — good, durable product.

Georgia Cameron, NY

NOT JUST FOR STROLLERS! Great for adult “walkers” and for seniors needing to haul groceries

The instant I saw these I knew that they were way under described! I am a pastor of three small churches – and I have an aging congregation. Also, my Mom had to use a walker for several years before her death.So don’t just grab these for your stroller. Grab these for your grandparents! Wrap one on each side of the walker and you have instant hangers for them to use to carry a bag around. Perfect for purses, groceries in bags, or any bag of stuff they want to carry along.In fact, anywhere you have a pole and need a hook – these work.My husband had a cane and I hoped it would work as a hook to hang his cane, but the opening is too small for this purpose, and while it might work well to add a bag holder to the top of the cane, the shape of his meant it didn’t work well.The velcro is highly adjustable making this a super tool for anyone. I can only imagine how super it would also work on strollers!

Marianne White Mills, PA

Multi-purpose must have!

When I first pulled these out of the package and got ready to attach them to the stroller, I was afraid they were going to be a complete failure. The Velcro attachment seemed too small for the stroller handle and I had this feeling that my kids were going to buck the system and pull these things right off and we’d have a nightmare on isle 7 and it would be all my fault for trying something new.Thankfully, that didn’t happen.In fact, these things work so much better than I anticipated. The kids were surprisingly ok with holding onto their hooks and walking with me through the mall. The kids are always fighting over who gets to help push the baby, but they always get in the way when they try and walk in front of me, so this gives them both the chance to seemingly help push their brother while staying out of my way entirely. The hooks are also surprisingly sturdy. The Velcro held tight, and I even hung some bags on one of them at one point and it worked wonderfully.For any family with kids, these are a must. We all know that stroller storage varies, but it’s never enough for the diaper bag AND shopping bags, so even if you don’t have older kids you need to wrangle, these hooks are plenty useful for the parent in need of a free hand.

Erna Perote, AL

A variety of uses for baby strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. Definitely recommended!

This is one of those simple products that is surprisingly helpful and leaves you saying "Why didn’t I think of that?"I have one of those gigantic C-clips called "Mommy clips" that I got for our baby stroller, to hang shopping bags, purses, etc. It’s helpful, but these hooks are better, for the following reasons.First of all, there’s 2 of them. You can use one for shopping bags and the other one can be used as a handle for your child if they want to get out and walk, or if you have an older child. Or use both for hanging bags. Or 1 for your keys. Lots of possibilities.2nd, the hooks are open! You can just slide your bags on them with one hand while you hold your child in the other arm. The larger clip I have is difficult to open with one hand. The non slip finish makes it harder for bags or key rings to slip off.3rd advantage is the velcro straps allow you to move these around and position them in a variety of spaces. You can clip them on the side of the stroller if need be. I’ve also discovered that when I take my elderly grandmother out shopping or on errands I can take these clips off of the stroller and put them on her wheelchair or walker. If you fasten the velcro tightly the clips don’t move around very much.An unexpected bonus is the color matches our new stroller perfectly. :)I can think of a variety of uses for these hooks in addition to using on our stroller. I’m pleased that I will be able to find another use for them even when our stroller days are behind us.

Margo Hayward, WI

Easier Outings

Having four kids all needing to hold hands while on outings, the OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook is a great tool to keep them all together. With the youngest still in the stroller on longer walks, the hooks help to keep everyone together and close while walking. Whether it’s in the grocery store, mall, or just an outing around the neighborhood, it provides a sense of safety for both me, and my kids. I strongly recommend this product for any parent with any child. Not only is the product great for kids to hang on to, it provides a hands-free carrying of bags.

Elise Pinehurst, ID

Excellent hooks!

We use this with our Mommy Hook, I find its easier to use when carrying grocery bags as there is no latch/lock with the OXO, it is also nice that you can set it in 1 place and it will stay there unlike the Mommy Hook. However when my wife pushes the cart, she prefers hooking her purse in the Mommy Hook as it makes it more difficult to remove for any probable opportunity thieves.Overall, I would suggest the OXO as you can hang more items with these two and balance them out on both sides of the stroller.

Sonya Thorndike, MA

Much better than cheapo plastic ones

If you don’t want the metal "mommy hooks" or you have no place to hook them, this is a great choice. The web strap makes mounting it very easy and useful on smaller umbrella strollers.It’s made well and OXO has a great reputation. Easy slide on and off. If you are strollering, you might as well make use of the stroller and free up your hands.

Bobbie Laguna Beach, CA

I’ve broken enough to say these are good

As a mom of four, I’ve owned way more strollers than children over the years and even more mommy hooks. I’m tried them all. I can tell you that it doesn’t take me long to break them with a heavy load or shoving them into the trunk still on the stroller to crack and break them. THESE are different. The secret is they are velcro! The part that attaches to your stroller won’t just break because it’s not plastic! It is also not a mess to get on and off and can adjust to any size stroller arm! You can [I tried@] try to break them with a heavy load, but you can’t. Highly recommend.

Sara Patrick, SC


There is a limited amount of things you can say about portable stroller hooks. These are lightweight and secure onto a multitude of bar sizes via Velcro. The Velcro is more secure than I would expect. While I wouldn’t use these to do pull-ups, they should easily hold the weight that would be counter-balanced by a stroller.

Leila Wadsworth, OH

Worked best on a standard stroller handle, not as good on an umbrella stroller.

For me this is one of those situations that if you have a storage area underneath the stroller it’s best to use that, because anytime you put extra weight on the back handles of the stroller it’s going to flip once the child is removed. But for the purpose of the review these handles did work well for holding additional shopping bags or a purse on our standard stroller handles, but on the umbrella stroller handles we weren’t able to attach them securely on the upper part of the handle, so they went lower which ended up allowing some bags to drag and touch the ground.

Leticia Bankston, AL

Wife Needed It

The wife loves being able to hang a light bag and her purse on these hooks. It makes pushing the stroller and her accessing her purse while “strolling” that much easier. Just be careful not to hang anything to heavy on them as you might tip over your stroller. The Velcro works to keep to keep her bag in place and stops the hooks from flipping over. OXO makes great gadgets and this one is a winner in my books. I highly recommend it.

Sharlene Bainbridge, IN

Very handy

This is an actually useful baby gadget. I’ve got four kids and 99% of the baby gadgets out there are skillfully designed to be useless shortly after you pay for them. But here, for $15, you can get something that can go on any stroller, and hold a reasonably sized bag. This is really handy – I actually use it. They are worth the money.

Keisha Huntington, MA

Great hooks

I had just bought a Mommy Hook and was having trouble with it (it’s awkward to constantly clip and unclip things), but I LOVE these. They are perfect for hanging bags off of a stroller without much fuss and all. They pretty much stay put because of the non-slip feature. When you put really heavy bags on they do slide down some, but it’s not drastic and they’re easy enough to slide back up and tighten.My favorite feature is that they are just the right size for kids to hold onto, so if you have multiple kids it’s perfect to tell them to just grab a handle. It makes sibling interactions smoother.The only design feature I would change is that I think the velcro strap is too long. I don’t know what kind of strollers they were planning on but these are REALLY long. They fit around my skinny stroller but there’s about six inches hanging off. I’m not into appearances much so I don’t care, but if you care about that kind of thing you might want to reconsider.Overall a top notch super practical product.

Cristina Durbin, WV

Great design!

I have twins and find myself sticking the bottle bag on both sides of the van at different times. I’d been looking for a hook to hang on the handle bars behind the driver and passenger seats. I tried using the big carabiner-type stroller hooks, but they’re a bit of a headache when your hands are already full.After ordering, I was assuming that the nylon straps would slide around on the handlebars, but that they should be good enough to hold the bottle bag. Not so. The nylon strap area that actually attaches to your stroller (or handlebars in my case) actually has a rubber grip mounted to the top of the hook, AND the nylon strap has a rubber square attached to it, so the hooks don’t slide or shuffle around at all. What a great touch!The hooks themselves are ‘closed’ enough to hold my bottle bag without it flying out, but open enough that I don’t have to use two hands to pull the bag strap out. It’s really a fantastic design overall. They can also easily be mounted facing either direction. I’ve been really happy with these hooks, and intend to get another set for the stroller!

Eileen Bloomington, WI

So handy

These are so handy for going to the mall. It is great to hang your packages on the stroller. I am careful that they are not too heavy so it won’t tip over.

Geneva Sheridan, IN

Practical, Useful, and Long Lasting Accessory

The OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hooks are a fabulous must have accessory that I found made going out and about a whole lot easier. Who would have thought something as simple as a hook (or two in this case) would simplify every shopping trip, stroll at the park, and family outing? Certainly, not me!The hooks are made to fit a wide range of stroller bar sizes. The strong Velcro straps I found to have fit roughly an approximate of 1-1/4" or less in diameter bars. I placed them on several of my strollers just to see how the fit would be and the fit was perfect every time.As far as I know, the hooks only come in the color green for the soft silicon grip and are also made out of a light weight silver aluminum. The grip is PVC, BPA, & Phthalate free which is great for us and the environment!The hooks which can be placed anywhere on the stroller bar do a great jot of keeping shopping bags, my diapers bag and my purse in place without slipping around. The large size makes for easy loading and unloading too! I will note that I found for bigger bags like our over sized diaper bag two hooks did the job better than one.You can also use a hook as a handle for an older child to hold onto while out and about. I tried this out with my five year old daughter and she said the hook was quite comfortable and much easier than for her to try to hold onto a part of the stroller not designed for that purpose while walking beside it.It’s definitely an accessory I keep pondering why I had not invested in sooner! I totally appreciate the extra hand and imagine others will too. The cost is reasonable and note that even after your kids outgrow the stroller age, you can use these hooks in so many other ways too. Satisfaction is guaranteed by the company and they certainly have my vote in a practical, useful, long lasting accessory that I imagine will last and be used for quite a while!

Jane Bethania, NC

carry it all. Tote bag, grocery bag, diaper bag, stroller walker hooks.

These little hooks are so versitile. They come with a velcro strap to attach to stroller or any where needed . They will also attach to walker or even handle on wheel chair. They are strudy and will hold heavy bags like purses, diaper bags or tote bags.

Marjorie Ewing, MO

Came just in time for a big trip

I received these via the Amazon Vine program. We use a City Mini stroller, which doesn’t come with any "extras" like a cupholder or bag holder or tray. I was able to use these to hold our backpack (stuffed with food and change of clothes) easily. You do have to be careful that the weight of the bag is not greater than the weight of the stroller (alone or especially with the kid in it!) But attaching them (or removing them) is super easy, and I am happy to have these now.

Louella Goodman, MO

GREAT utility hooks for stollers

I have used several stroller hooks and I have to say that the OXO stroller hooks are great. At first, I thought "how much different/better can these be?" The answer is "A LOT"! Some of the reason that these hooks are so much better:+ Hooks stay in place – straps are made of nylon webbing that doesn’t stretch; the base is solid and sturdy so you can firmly attach; and there is a small friction pad that helps keep the hooks from moving when attached to cylindrical structure+ hooks are wide – easily hang multiple items onto the hook without the bags getting bunched up+ hooks double as a handle for kids – INGENIOUS!! why didn’t anyone else think of it?+ sold as a pair – I started with a single hook, within two uses, I wished I had 2As usual, OXO takes a simple appliance and applies it usual level of refinement and usability. This product is well worth the premium for the functionality it provides

Estela Fortine, MT

A convenient feature to add to a stroller

Each of these stroller hooks velcros on to a stroller, and provides a sturdy hook to hang shopping bags, purse, etc from. While "velcros on" does not sound sturdy at all, these actually attach just fine (the strap loops through another closure first and the Velcro is just an extra to prevent any slipping at all).The stroller hook is a really good thing to have. Strollers are frustrating in not having storage. I have a jogging stroller, where the pocket under the stroller is tiny and also has a metal bar blocking me from putting anything larger than a clutch purse in. No way to carry diaper bag, except over my shoulder. The stroller hook fixes that issue. Stroller hook is something I missed, even before I knew it existed. Now that I have it, it just blends in and prevents so much frustration.These particular stroller hooks are sturdy and easy to attach to my stroller.So, stroller hook is a good product to have, and the OXO ones are good quality stroller hooks. This is a good buy that will get the mileage, if you are using a stroller even occasionally.

Katrina Brown City, MI

Great for travel on a suitcase handle!

I attached one of these to my suitcase handle for travel and it is fantastic! Strong, sturdy and it gives me an extra hand to carry my purse or another bag while I’m rolling my luggage along.

Lila White Lake, WI

Mom needs like 6 extra hands!

Whether using it to keep a child close to a cart or stroller or as a way to hang much needed bags from the stroller – these are a life saver! Grocery bags work very well – just be careful on very light strollers so the weight doesn’t tip them backwards. Potable and easy on and off! You might need more!

Elvia Lewes, DE

Great sturdy hooks that work with a variety of strollers

The OXO Handy Stroller Hook is exactly that – very handy! I use a lot of OXO products in my house, so it makes sense to look to them for baby items (for my grandson – who visits with me Monday through Friday each week.) I have both of these hooks on the back of a stroller and can hang lots of things from them – from his baby bag to my purse. I love that the straps are adjustable so I can put them right where I want them.I recommend the product and will probably pick up another pair for my daughter to use with her stroller.

Lora Pomona, MO

I got these for another use, and they work great

I have to admit I got these for another purpose then hanging on a stroller to hold bags, etc. Now I will say for that purpose these would be excellent.But what I got them for was actually to have hooks on my ladder. I have the little giant ladder and along the top of the "A" frame part is a thin metal bar that goes across it. These fit perfectly on that par and add hooks to my ladder so I can easily hang a bucket, or tools like saws, etc from the ladder while working.Even though these are being used in a way they were not intended for they work perfect and because they work great for my ladder I can assure you they would work great holding a bag on a stroller. They appear to be built very well and can handle a good deal of weight.

Josefina Black River Falls, WI

Simple and easy!

These are so simple and easy to use. Just strap the velcro around the top or sides of the stroller. They are durable and hold a lot ofweight. My kids enjoy holding onto the sides and it helps them not "pull" on the stroller that way! It is so nice when there’s not a lotof room in the bottom for extra purses, bags/etc or when you’re out shopping. Highly recommend!

Isabella Nora, IL

Easy and Useful

These stroller hooks were easy to attach and surprisingly durable. The hooks make running small errands with the baby a breeze. Going to several places in the mall, no problem. Want to buy a few things from the grocery store, bring your own reusable bags and hang from the stroller. Just remember you can’t load the hooks too much as they might tip over the stroller. As others have mentioned, I think these could also come in handy for other uses after the stroller is no longer in use.

Becky Pine Valley, CA

OXO, don’t limit yourself to strollers for these hooks

In a brushed aluminum and white plastic with wide black velcro, the green non-slip grip of theOXO Tot 2 Count Handy Stroller Hook, Silver/Greenmatches other OXO Tot products. More than others in the line, this one has countless uses and I’m just scratching the surface with affordable applications. My Dad uses a cane daily and my sister used one for about a year, so I first visualized it to hold a small bag on a sturdy cane. It’s not the safest there, but on a walker, it would be perfect. I imagined these being used by the dozens in my Dad’s Publix, strapped on the walkers and wheelchairs that fill the aisles. The handle is shown with the hand of a toddler gripping it, but elders can also hold onto this while walking with a companion. As the velcro is very long and adjustable and the closures appear to be very sturdy. Sold in a package of two, it’s possible to even use both for heavier items. I’m looking forward to using these on a grandchild’s stroller, but for right now, I’m using them for myself. I attached one to my purse strap for a trip to Trader Joe’s and I was able to be hands free while placing the few lightweight items I needed into my reusable bag being held onto the hook. I think it would work on a belt more comfortably than on my purse, but because it was so unusual, it made for conversation as shoppers asked where I got my, “cool hook.” I’ve used a pair for holding grip gear on a video shoot, attached to a larger rolling bag. It would work well for travel on a suitcase because it’s easy to remove if need be by releasing the velcro and removing the strip. I tried one attached to my kitchen utensil rack for holding potholders but thought it was better used elsewhere. These are just a few ideas I’ve tried with the pair I received — I guarantee I’ll come up with more because I really like the stroller hooks. They are handy.

Kimberley Simi Valley, CA

Sibling holders

These are great for carrying bags, especially the plastic grocery type. But they are also excellent for giving older siblings something to hold onto so they don’t get misplaced OR underfoot while you are pushing the stroller. They are worth it for that purpose all by itself! They stay on quite well, too, even with all the pulling.

Lillie Rupert, WV