OXO Tot Mini Dust Pan And Brush Set, Orange

OXO Tot Mini Dust Pan And Brush Set, Orange

Reach for the OXO Tot Mini Dust Pan and Brush Set to clean up spilled cereal or other snacks. The Brush features a soft, non slip handle that is comfortable to hold while sweeping. A flexible lip on the Dust Pan provides maximum surface contact so crumbs are swept into (not under) the Dust Pan. When not in use, the Brush nests neatly in the Dust Pan for convenience and compact storage. Keep this handy cleaning tool in a kitchen drawer, glove compartment or even in a diaper bag for restaurant outings.

Main features

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  • Soft, non slip handle for a comfortable grip
  • Flexible Dust Pan lip for maximum surface contact while sweeping
  • Easily clean brush bristles using built in ridges on dust pan
  • Compact size for easy storage in the home or on the go
  • Ideal for sweeping around the high chair and under the car seat

Verified reviews


Great product but must be age appropriate.

My daughter loves this and so do I, but at age 2 (not quite), she likes to sweep the floor and then stick the bristles in her mouth (she’s not quite outgrown this habit). As a sweeping tool, it works quite well and I would recommend it for any small space that you need to clean up (countertops, bathroom floor, etc). The handle fits snugly into the little dustpan and does not fall off like the big one I have does (regularly). Great item – I am going to put it aside until she is old enough to use it without grossing me out.

Michaela El Nido, CA

love it!

I have a kitchen island that has tile top – which makes it difficult to clean especially when there are crumbs on it. This little dust brush and pan does a perfect job picking up all the crumbs from the surface and even the ones trapped in between tiles in the grout. It is small enough that it fits perfectly in a small shelf under the island.

Neva Otley, IA

Little and Cute

I’m an OXO fan, so I had to have this. The bristles are durable and are still holding up after a year. I use it all the time for little spills and messes. It doesn’t miss any dust or particles. I love it.A definite must buy!

Tommie West Wardsboro, VT

Great Diaper Bag Essential

We keep this in the outer pocket of our diaper bag and consider it essential for going out to eat. Our toddler thinks it’s hilarious to throw food everywhere while eating out and I’ve learned that I really can’t do much to stop him from making a mess – he’s 2 that’s life. So now if he is being more messy than I feel our server should have to deal with, I sweep up the mess myself. It is cute, small and functional.My little ones now love to use it to sweep up any mess they make at home so that’s awesome for me too.

Gilda Bosler, WY

good for both mom and toddler to use

works well, picks up food pieces hard, soft, dry, wet- picks them all up. perfect size and easy for toddlers to use. and for the price, it’s a great addition to keep by the highchair.

Rosalinda Flushing, NY

Serves its purpose perfectly.

Well done! I like this to keep at the dining room table. Easy to clean up after baby without having a huge eyesore broom out all the time. It has little grooves in the pan to get the crumbs off the brush, but that just makes them fly about. I like that I can just clean it quick with a rinse in the sink. Awesome.

Alisha Baggs, WY

Smaller then you think

really really tiny. Make sure you break out your ruler (the small pen size one is fine) to understand the size. Good for sweeping junk of a small table, but that is about it.

Mallory Wapanucka, OK

Perfectly sized for toddler hands!

I purchased this mini dust pan and brush set for my toddler, in the hopes that it would make clean-up time more fun for him. He LOVES it. The brush is perfectly sized for toddler hands, the set is very high-quality, and its fits nicely in with his little play kitchen set. XOXO Tot products are really durable and easy for kids to use.

Caitlin Osburn, ID

Perfect for toddler travel

I brought my toddler to an open house at my veterinarian’s office, and they were serving snacks, which was great because I forgot to bring some. Unfortunately, brownies plus toddler equals ungodly mess, one that gets stepped on and smeared on the floor if not handled quickly. I had wipes to clean his face and hands, but the staff had to scramble to find a broom and dustpan and I felt embarrassed that we had made such a mess. After that, I went looking for this type of handbroom and dustpan so we could clean up after ourselves at others’ houses, etc. Restaurants expect mess, especially when kids are involved, but for places that such chaos isn’t anticipated, I’m happy to be able to sweep, dump, and keep on going. It fits beautifully into a diaper or tote bag, and my son loves to play with it at home (hooray for the helpful phase).

Faye Spring City, TN