OXO Tot No-Tip Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories

OXO Tot No-Tip Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories

Tired of losing bottle nipples, sippy cup parts, detachable straws and removable valves in the dishwasher? Try the OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket. The doors of the Dishwasher Basket accommodate up to 8 bottle nipples and open symmetrically to help prevent toppling during loading and unloading. Internal flip down straw holders keep sippy cut straws secure and upright (not lost and melted) for proper cleaning. Basket is space efficient to maximize the number of items that can be cleaned at once. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

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  • Holds small parts for baby bottles, sippy cups, straw cups and more for safe and thorough dishwashing
  • Symmetrical door opening helps Basket sit securely on countertop when loading and unloading
  • Doors accommodate up to 8 baby bottle nipples
  • Flip down straw holders hold sippy cup straws upright to assist with cleaning

Verified reviews


NOT necessary!

I purchased SO many things before my baby was born. So many of the items, including this one (I bought three of these!) is NOT necessary at all. You may want to wait until you are home with hour little one before buying. Things you thought you needed, you don’t. Things you never knew you would want or need, you do!With amazon prime, you get them in two days, even on Sundays sometimes, so just wait to see what you really need.

Molly Ballwin, MO

Meh, wish I didn’t buy it.

It appears to be more useful than I found it to be. I have Dr. Brown bottles and they won’t fit in the white part. I guess it is good to wash the smaller items of the bottles (nipples, tops) and baby spoons.

Leigh Amherstdale, WV

great product from oxo!

i mean its kinda hard to give a detailed review about this..its a great solid item from OXo.. i trust most of their products anyways.it holds a fairly decent amount of stuff without taking up alot of space.latch seems like it ll last a long time too.. that was our only concern.a good buy for anyone.

Joann Evansport, OH

well-designed and well-made

I consider this type of basket a must-have for parents of babies and toddlers unless they want to do a lot of hand-washing. Not just bottle parts but also pacis, utensils, sippy cup parts, pump parts and even small toys make it worthwhile. Most are supposed to be in the top rack of the dishwasher only, and this is the best way to keep all those little things up there.The OXO basket seems to be well-designed and well-made. That said, which basket works best for you is largely a matter of your dishwasher and exactly what you are washing. The fact that the nipple compartment built into the lid opens down the middle does help stabilize the basket and make loading easier – but makes it hard to open if you load it with little utensils that get turned sideways. I find it perfect for pump parts, but largish bottle nipples don’t fit in it at all. The straw holders (slots for 8) are inside the basket but fold well out of the way when they aren’t in use.I find this to be roughly equivalent to theMunchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket Colors May Vary, which I also own. The OXO version is more expensive, but also about 1/3 longer, so probably worth it if you need that space. Munchkin’s lid compartment has the same issue with being too small for bottle nipples that are on the large side. In the end I might favor the OXO basket slightly, but find them very comparable in value.

Lottie Grand Rapids, OH

Oxo Tot Dishwasher Basket Cleans and Protects

Are you tired of washing baby bottles and cups by hand? Most people are tired of this task, but continue to clean in this manner because they worry that the small pieces that combine to form a bottle, sippy cup, etc, will get thrown around in the dishwasher. Oxo has solved this problem with its Oxo Tot Dishwasher Basket. It offers a dishwasher sanctuary for these small items and eliminates the need for hand washing.Oxo Tot Dishwasher Basket is actually a simple idea that should have been created a long time ago. The way it works is easy enough: You open the basket from the middle, insert bottles, nipples, lids to sippy cups, straws, and other small, fragile items. You then fold the sides shut and place the basket on your dishwasher rack. The basket keeps items safely in place while your dishwasher cleans them like it cleans other, larger items. These items come out of the basket clean and ready to use, eliminating the annoying task of washing by hand.Oxo created this item specifically for the problems associated with cleaning baby and toddler feeding devices and utensils in the dishwasher. However, it can be used for other things as well. I find it very handy for adult utensils. Often, my utensil basket does not have enough room to hold all of the kitchen utensils I need to wash. When this happens, I reach for my Oxo Tot Dishwasher Basket. I simply open the basket, place the utensils inside, on their sides, and close. I now have an additional utensil basket and my problem is solved.Washing small kiddie dishes by hand isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can be time consuming. Oxo has answered the wishes of many parents with this, the Oxo Tot Dishwasher Basket. It handles the tiny dishes, the bottles, the small forks and spoons, and even the little plugs on a sippy cup, keeping them safely together while they are cleaned inside your automatic dishwasher. It’s a handy product and one I’m happy I got the chance to try.

Belinda New Creek, WV

Useful addition to any dishwasher

OXO’s Tot Dishwasher Basket is designed for washing baby bottles and other small accessories in the dishwasher. Normally these items are not suitable for dishwashers because they can drop to the bottom where the heating element is. To solve this problem, OXO basically gives us a plastic basket with securely closable lids and a lot of reasonably large but still small enough holes. These two features work together to make sure that whatever goes into the basket does not come out. The idea is very well conceived and makes you wonder if really no one has thought of it before.However, I must note that there is no reason to limit its use to baby items only. In fact, we had great success using this basket to wash other items that used to fall down to the bottom occasionally. Try measuring spoons and silicon rubber spatulas (especially those that comes apart into a silicon tip and a plastic handle).

Mariana Allen, NE

A very useful and handy product

This is a great idea and Oxo did a remarkable job in executing it. It fits very easily in the top rack of dishwasher and can adjust upto 8 pacifiers/nipples in one go. The inside space has holes to line up the straws. You can fit 2 bottles tightly or mostly only one inside. It will be lot easier to use it once you see a few pics on the amazon customer images and their video on using it properly. And yes it is free of toxic materials in plastic and hence is very baby-friendly.

Bette Murphys, CA

Works but doesn’t fit well in dishwasher.

I have tons of top rack dishwasher safe items for my daughter (like baby spoons) that could easily get lost in my dishwasher without a basket like this. This definitely does the job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit very well in the top rack of my dishwasher. I have it wedged in where it’s kind of lop-sided. My dishwasher is a standard size. The position isn’t pretty, and it takes up a bit more space than I’d like because of the odd fit, but it certainly does what it needs to.

Lourdes Clawson, UT

If it isn’t on your registry, it should be.

If only I had known how much easier my life could have been…This basket is simply awesome. From the day you bring your baby home, this is a useful item. I almost literally smacked my forehead when I saw the cleverly-designed nipple holders on the top of the basket. “Why? Why hadn’t someone told us about this two years ago?”But even with a two year-old, this is an absolutely brilliant item to have. The rubber nubs inside the top of your sippy-cups? Totally safe. Hard plastic straws? Holders along the sides. If you’re concerned about exposing your baby to detergent and dishwasher has a “sanitize” setting, you can toss your gear in the basket, run the cycle without detergent, and be reasonably sure that you’re not going to wind up with a plastic mess from parts bouncing around your dishwasher, or coming too close to the heating element.The basket openings are small enough to keep any common baby item safe, but large enough to let everything get clean. And like many other OXO products, the overall construction quality is great. Not to mention the basket is BPA-free.

Eleanor Bradley, WV

Saves SO Much time!

Bottle nipples, pacifiers, valves, lids, rings, and other bottle accessories– All in the dishwasher. Nice and easy for mom and dad. This nifty box has saved us oh so much time!

Felicia Arlington, AL

Must Have

This dishwasher basket is a must have for anyone that has to wash small baby items like nipple holders, sippy cup tops, etc. I think it’s awesome that the basket is BPA-free; nothing fell out during the wash and the openings were wide enough for everything to get cleaned well.Seriously ingenious item – it’s cheap, convenient and will save you from digging around the bottom of the dishwater for tiny items. I’ve also used it for non-baby items such as bottle lids, tea infusers, water bottle caps, etc. Can’t recommend it enough.

Darla Springfield, KY

Would definitely buy again- or maybe even another one

Simple, durable, and so convenient. I started using this so much I don’t just put pacis and pump parts in it. Anything I think will get lost in the dishwasher goes in this guy.

Luz Stockton, MN

Good product, wish it were deeper

This has helped with bottle and nipple washing. But it seems like all my bottles (4 and 5 ounce ones) are just a quarter inch too tall. If the product were just a tiny bit deeper it would fit them much better.Also, if you use Breastflow bottles, the nipples won’t fit in the nipple compartment.This makes it sound like I don’t like the product, but I do. I still use it pretty regularly to help clean baby’s bottles. Even with it’s flaws, it’s easier than the endless scrubbing and soaking in boiling water I’d been doing up till this point.

Rena Tannersville, NY

like this, it works

I use this almost daily. It works as intended. The nipples and small bottle parts fit inside. No problems so far. I realized before purchase that this is for smaller items so I use it in addition to the prince lionhart toddler size basket. Between the two of them I can wash all the items I need to.

Cortney Rye, NH

Doesn’t quite fit

I chose this over the others based on reviews that I read. This does what it should – it’s big enough to hold all that I need it to – sippy cup lids – utensils – baby bottle parts. It just doesn’t quite fit right in my dishwasher unfortunately and for that reason it doesn’t close all the way. Hasn’t really been a problem yet but if you have a 10+ year old dishwasher keep it in mind that it probably won’t fit right!

Claire Driscoll, TX

Not bad

While this basket is large it doesn’t fit all types of bottles and nipples. I have the Philips Avent bottles and nipples and they don’t fit in here perfectly. Neither do the Ameda storage bottles but that’s OK. We still put them in there and run the washer. They come out fine. Just a little funky shaped is all. The quality of the plastic though is great!

Reva Trezevant, TN

Great basket for small items

This basket is great if you have small items that may otherwise get lost in the dishwasher. Since it is about the same length as a normal sheet of paper, it allows more room for various items than other competitors. I like that it feels sturdy, and the many openings allow plenty of space for a thorough cleaning for the items inside.

Rosie Fields, OR

Just Buy it

If you make and store your baby food in 2 oz containers just get this product. It helps me keep the containers from rattling around the dishwasher and has a space where the lids can be stored as well (we use the spot for nipples). Lets me wash all baby’s small pieces with ease.

Desiree Cornell, WI

Didn’t think I needed this but it is a must have

We use this to clean and keep track of our pumping parts, bottles, and pacifiers. It makes mornings run more efficiently and keeps small parts from falling through dishwasher racks. It is well constructed and easy to use. It doesn’t take over too much space in the dishwasher rack. We often fill it to the brim but don’t think we would have bought something larger.

Kerri Cabery, IL

Huge timesaver

This thing saves us a bunch of time with the bottle washing. My only complaint is we use Dr. Brown’s bottles and blue tubes/straw things dont fit real well but it is a minor nuisance.

Coleen Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful Dishwasher Basket

A lot of baby things fit in this basket. 5 oz bottles (measure 4 oz. plus room at top of bottle) did not fit standing up on the bottom, so we put them on a top dishwasher rack alone. The bottles would fit laying down on their sides, but then food particles can collect in them. The basket can fit all sorts of bottle tops, nipples, binkies, but I found the mini OXO dishwasher the best for Avent nipples. It depends on the size of your baby equipment what you can fit where, but we were pleased with this purchase. Well worth the purchase price.Shake out to release excess water when dishwasher cycle is done. I suggest the Munchkin Drying Rack, as this is also an excellent quality product.

Letitia Belcher, LA

Works great!!!

The basket is perfect for bottle components. Once we get the the sipply cut and straws phase there are special slots for this components are well.

Lorrie Arizona City, AZ

If Only It Were a Little Bigger

Great idea, works well. Space for eight bottle nipples in the top (orange) section, with room in the white basket section for other assorted bottle parts. We’re using the Born Free bottles, and while parts for eight bottles are a tight squeeze, they do fit. I just wish this basket were a little larger, but otherwise I’m pretty satisfied with this. I haven’t had a chance to use the straw holder feature, but it’s a nifty idea, and I’m glad I’ll have the option when the time comes.

Adele Otter Lake, MI

Great help

This is a really helpful unit!If you do not have a compartment like this in your dishwasher you NEED this!It can be used on any shelf, I like the top shelf for safety against losing the proper shape etcIt has more compartments in it to hold those odd shape, or tiny bottle/ cup parts safely. They do not ” escape” and end up at bottom of dishwasher in this. They have from the units that came with the dishwasher however So I now use this as my primary baby items or any small item I am cleaning holder/ protectorIt is thicker than the units that came with my dishwasher and it has all of these different shapes to help latch items and protect them from getting lostI have nothing but good to say about this. I love it and use it daily

Hattie Wycombe, PA

Very useful

I liked it better than the munchkin one. The nipples don’t fall on this one also its bigger. Good purchase! If you’re wondering which one to buy between the munchkin deluxe or this one I would definitely get this one. Specially if you want to wash more than 6 bottles at a time.We use the playtex ventair so aside from the nipple and cap there’s 3 pieces per bottle the munchkin one gets full and it makes you wonder if the bottle parts are getting washed thoroughly with this one since its larger you don’t have that problem.

Lolita Breeding, KY

New Moms will love this !!!!

I bought 2, one for me (Gramma) & one for daughter’s house. Also 2 of the OXO Tot Mini’s. it’s great!!! Great size and well built materials. Fits nicely in dishwasher & cleans perfectly. Works great for pacifiers too. Wish i had these when my kids were young. You won’t be disappointed 😉

Dorothy Fishers Landing, NY


No doubt I got my moneys worth. Fit quite alot and I am happy with it. It also fit great in my washer

Corinne Mattaponi, VA

Love it!

Very big, fits easily into the top part of my dishwasher, holds up to eight nipples and eight small parts. I have Dr.Browns bottles, ANC I can wash eight bottles at a time. Awesome!

Sherry Cosby, MO

dishwasher basket

We have a few of these baskets, I am not sure it is significantly better then another dishwasher basket, but I liked the colors and the quality.

Cherie Paxton, IL

Simple Yet Perfect

Since having a child a few months ago, we have had many little parts to run through the dishwasher. We were using a plastic tray that you could set things on, but it didn’t fit in the racks well, and stuff would often fall off of it.Enter the Oxo Tot dishwasher rack. It’s a plastic (feels software, somewhat ‘bendable’) rack that fits perfectly in our (and I think it would in most) dishwasher. It has a nicely designed opening mechanism, a set of doors that also double as a place to put pacifiers/bottle nipples/etc. Inside there are clips on each side to allow hooking straws, etc in.It’s a very simple product, but you can tell a lot of research went into. It’s miles beyond what we were doing before, and it makes washing pacifiers/bottles very simple.It appears as the Oxo Tot line is emerging again, previously just had a few products, but now they are launching with a full line of great products. I was worried that they wouldn’t be as great as the Oxo kitchen products we already love, but if this one is any indication, they definitely will be.

June Dillingham, AK