OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon with Travel Case- Green

OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon with Travel Case- Green

Whether you’re going across the street or across the country, be ready for baby’s next meal. The soft, silicone Feeding Spoon is gentle on baby’s gums and mouth. The shallow Spoon prevents feeding baby too much food at once, while the contoured handle is comfortable to hold and angled for easy feeding.  The Spoon fits neatly into the convenient Case that is compact enough to tuck into diaper bags, stroller caddies or handbags. Plus, the lid stays attached so it won’t disappear during your travels!

Main features

  • Case conveniently stores Feeding Spoon for on the go meals and the compact size is perfect for diaper bags
  • Silicone spoon feels soft on baby’s mouth and gums
  • Silicone edge on spoon is soft yet effective for scraping food from bowls, jars or messy faces
  • Spoon is shaped for easy scooping and the shallow spoon head prevents feeding too much at once
  • Spoons contoured handle is angled for easy feeding
  • Case conveniently stores Feeding Spoon for on the go meals and the compact size is perfect for diaper bags and handbags
  • Silicone spoon feels soft on baby’s mouth and gums
  • Silicone edge on spoon is soft yet effective for scraping food from bowls, jars or messy faces
  • Spoon is shaped for easy scooping and the shallow spoon head prevents feeding too much at once
  • Spoons contoured handle is angled for easy feeding

Verified reviews


Worth The Money

My husband didn’t want this initially because it is expensive, but it’s totally worth it. Restaurants only ever have huge spoons and my son only has two teeth so I wanted a real baby spoon for our outings. It has such a nice spatula quality, the silicone is soft but not too soft, and it’s easy eat off of. It just has this really nice feel in your hand and is just plain enjoyable to use. Scooping up food with this is so much easier than with our Munckin ones. You wouldn’t think there was so much difference between baby spoons, but there is. I plan to buy more.

Rosa Marcellus, MI

Get one for your bag.

I like these. Don’t like plastic handle, steel makes spoon very hard and it’s pretty thick. Not the best for scraping bowls. Rounded edges so so soft on face. Holds right amount of food easily, nice color. Cannot beat the case tho. Snaps tight, very convenient. Tip is silicone so better than other travel options, great great price.

Aline South Prairie, WA

good size

this works great for my 7 month old. she’s small for her age and the spoon is not too big, plus she can grab it and try to feed herself, which she LOVES! Also, I like the case. It’s nice that I can keep the spoon with me or just keep it clean and safe in the drawer.

Jerri Eckerman, MI

Best spoon for the diaper bag!

I have an 8 month old.. I always carry this spoon in the diaper bag. The quality is great and the case makes it perfect!

Graciela Isabel, SD

Soft tip and functional travel case

I purchased this on-the-go feeding spoon so that I would have the travel case to protect the spoon when I need to toss and carry for when feedings were outside of our home. Not only do we really like the shape, size and soft texture of the spoon for our little baby’s gums, but the travel case was very handy for when we have made (2 so far) trips out of town. I could wash up the spoon and put back into the case and not be concerned that it would get dirty while packed away until next use. I will probably pick up a few more spoons too because we like the shape and size overall of the product.

Selena Ocean Shores, WA

Great for on the go

We love how soft this spoon is and that it comes in a case (great for on the go). The food does tend to sit in the curve of the spoon where little one can’t get to.

Shirley Dover, KY


Love the color, the soft tip of the spoon, the travel case. The shape of the spoon is great and allows me to feed my baby easily, even sneak in bites quickly as he is constantly moving his head all about. A bit on the spendy side, but I prefer to buy things once and feel that this spoon will last. Hopefully I can keep track of the case for a while too!

Carolina Fairfield, OH


I bought 2 of these spoons to use at home and realized it would be so convenient to have one for my "diaper bag" of baby necessities. And, voila, I found this. It’s great, the container seals well and stays closed so no surprise messes inside my bag await me. Convenience in a tiny little box.

Maude Shelby, IA

great product

Soft, and right size. Nice grip, too. Great for taking my baby’s food out when we go to a restaurant or to visit friends.However, the end of the spoon got torn and taken off after a few months. Probably because my baby chews on it very much, but still..

Flossie Salix, IA

Great travel or home spoon

This is another great item from OXO Tot. The head of the spoon is nice and soft, the handle is long for easier parental feeding, and the travel case is great. It’s easy to clean and a cute design. Highly recommended. Probably not the best spoon for self-feeders b/c of the length.

Jamie Jasper, TX

Love love love it

I have tried a few other spoons before but this is by far the best. I’ve been using it for over 3 months feeding my son. This is the only one that I feel it fits his mouth perfectly, not too big bites, or too little. The silicone cover is great to scraping the food from the container that we use, round or square. And I wouldn’t feel it’ll hurt my baby’s mouth and face when scraping food that landed outside of his mouth. Travel case is also a big plus, that means I don’t need to put this into yet another ziploc bag before putting it into the diaper bag. I do feel the hinge on the case might be flimsy though, like it could break into 2 pieces if I’m not gentle with brushing it during wash. But so far it’s been holding up ok. Even if it breaks into 2 parts, it’s still usable so I’m ok with it. 5 stars!!

Sharon Salisbury, MO

Good idea but don’t like the spoon

I like the idea of a spoon you can carry in a case but I don’t like the spoon itself, it’s a little too hard for my son’s mouth. I like the NUK rest easy spoons much better.

Dayna Bridgehampton, NY

Perfect for traveling

This is perfect for having in the diaper bag, the case keeps it clean in the diaper bag and it is super easy to just throw back in there.

Lila Vernon, AL

great first spoon

this is a great first spoon. it has rubbery texture so there is not harm to baby’s mouth or gums. i bought it for the shallower part of the spoon and the dip is perfect – not too deep, not too shallow. it’s so easy to clean and the color looks exactly like picture. love the carrying case too, comes in very handy and keeps spoon nice and clean in diaper bag. definitely a good choice when i decided to buy this over the one with 2 spoons.

Michele Hudgins, VA

Best infant spoon I’ve tried

These OXO Tot spoons are the best infant feeding spoon on the market as far as I’m concerned. The size and shape are perfect and they are non-toxic to the baby. The quality is superior and I love the design. These are the only infant spoons that I will purchase. It’s just too bad I can’t find them at any retail stores and have to order them online and then wait to receive them.

John New Providence, IA

Great product

I got tired of taking my spoon in a plastic bag, and this is a great solution.I also love this spoon. I tried it myself and it feels very soft and smooth on the lips.

Jo Zanesfield, OH

Love this spoon

This has been my go to spoon even through we have tons of others. I like how you can easily just put food on the tip for the little baby mouth and when he decided to bite down on it (like he always does ) its nice soft rubber instead of hard plastic. We have multiple of these so they are always handy whether traveling or at home.

Shari Stebbins, AK

Diaper bag must have.

I loved the OXO spoons on their own, but this one with the case is a necessity for anyone needed to feed a baby outside their home. Keeps a clean spoon clean and a dirty spoon from getting everything else dirty.

Julie Wrigley, KY

Bought for my baby, now I use it.

My daughter loved feeding with this spoon. The flexible head makes it easy on the gums. Now that she’s graduated to regular silverware, I use it for eating my yogurt. It works greta for getting every last bit.

Lynne Lake Isabella, CA

MUST HAVE for diaper bag!!

-Convenient carry case for diaper bag to prevent transfer of residual baby food-Soft silicone head-Oddly enough, perfect shape for holding baby food and scraping off baby’s face-Breeze to cleanCannot emphasize how strangely ergonomic it is to use! I just recommend any OXO baby product. Period.

Fannie Rexford, NY

Perfect to start solids for babies

It has the perfect size to fit in the mouth and is soft. I used since the first solid meal of my baby and really loved it. The case is excellent to carry and very easy to open when needed.

Ruthie Stayton, OR

Must have!!

This is a perfect, must have, item for your diaper bag and/or purse! The spoon is very sturdy and easy to hold. The rubber end protects tender gums and prevents that terrible teeth on metal sound. I love the slender case. The spoon works great for basically any food, with the exception of something that is really liquid, and runny. I would highly recommend this product. You’ll probably want more than one.

Eula Fife Lake, MI

Nice, compact, ergonomic, and perfect for travel

Great spoon in nice compact case. I loveThese spoons for the soft top, but ultimately the design is ergonomic do you don’t have to lift your arm in an awkward angle to feed the baby.

Jeanie Rock Tavern, NY

Love the case and design

I bought 2 sets and 2 others without case. I love these silicone spoons. The case is very useful, totally worth the purchase.

Maxine Norcross, GA

Perfect on-the-go spoon

I love this on-the-go spoon! It’s great for traveling and very cute too! It’s the right size and is of good quality.

Janell Ickesburg, PA

Love love love

I bought this for the case because I already had the spoons, which are my favorite. (It does include the spoon though.). The spoon/case is very convenient to store in diaper bad in case you have to feed your baby while out. These spoons make it very easy to pick up food for side of the containers and from my baby’s face! Plus the spoon is deep enough to hold a lot of food but shallow enough that food won’t stay in spoon (if that makes any sense). Even though they’re expensive, they’re worth it

Willie Fairfax, MN

Perfect for on the go

I love having a case for my spoon on the go. Sure beats loading up plastics bags. Also the softness of the spoon and the shape also make for easy feeding. love this!

Bianca Chillicothe, MO


This comes with a hard plastic protector to keep the spoon clean. I like all OXO products and this one does not disappoint. It is sturdy and has a perfectly sized spoon size. My son is 6 months old.

Amparo Reads Landing, MN

Great for travel

I got this spoon for when we were on the go. The case snaps shut well and is a great size to keep in the diaper bag. The shape of the spoon is a little different and has taken a little getting used to and is a little on the big size for an infant, but it is made very well.

Celina Loyal, OK

Good angle on spoon for feeding

Love this spoon. Not too wide and has a good angle on it. I will likely buy more. Great for travel too with the case

Kerry Astor, FL